The Office DVD party contest and giveaway

The Office Party ContestDVD PARTY CONTEST: Universal Studios Home Entertainment is asking fans of The Office to host their own Season 6 DVD viewing parties for a chance to win a $3,000 VIP trip for two to Universal Studios! Runners-up will win 1 of 4 collections of NBC TV DVD sets worth $250 each.

UPDATE: the giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Juliet (#26) for winning The Office Season 6 DVD!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Host your Office Season 6 DVD or Blu-ray viewing party and take lots of pictures. The more creative, fun and Office-like, the better!
  2. Go to The Office Facebook page to register your Ultimate Office Party photo gallery.
  3. Get your friends to view your entry and wait for recognition, praise and winnings!

On Tuesday, September 28, five final entries will be selected by representatives from the show. Entries will be based on popularity, creativity, popularity and popularity, so be sure to get your friends involved. Fans will select the grand prize winner on October 5, 2010.

OFFICETALLY DVD GIVEAWAY: as a separate activity, OfficeTally is giving away one copy of The Office Season 6 DVD, courtesy of USHE! To enter, simply post a comment below with an answer to this question: “If you were to host an Office-themed party, what would yours be like?” Include a valid email address. U.S. entries only, please. Winner will be randomly chosen. Deadline to enter: Sunday, September 12, 11pm PT.


  1. Well, it will be fun and comfortable for the first couple of people who show up, but the latecomers will have to either stand or sit on the ground. We just don’t have enough seating for a lot of people to watch our tv. There will be very tasty dip, but no chips (It’s BYOC)

  2. My Office DVD Viewing party would be in my cube farm. Hang a screen in front of the copier, and everyone pull out thier desk chairs and watch. We would then set up 2 conference rooms with competing refreshments, and entertainment (for between episodes) and watch the fun begin!!!

  3. My DVD viewing party would be just like any Scranton party, cuz there ain’t no party like a Scranton party, cuz a Scranton party don’t stop!

  4. I actually thought about participating in the contest so if I had an Office DVD party at my house I would force my husband to dress as Jim and me as Pam and hang a big fake clown picture on the wall. “Baby Cece” would probably be there too.

  5. It would have to be on Monday (Moooovie Monday!) and include lots of popcorn that nobody wants. Between episodes someone will need to give a recap of the previous episode for everyone.

  6. An Office viewing party would never be fun without a game of Flonkerton à la the Office Olympics. Food: lemoñadé and pizza from Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe (or at least the closest thing to it). Goodie bags: items from Target $1 bins! And decorations: a recreation of Pam’s office drawing and a “Lunch Party!” sign.

  7. The party menu would include:

    Family-sized chicken pot pie
    Tiramisu that was found in the garbage
    Deer jerky
    No seafood
    No vegetables
    Pizzas that were not from Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe
    Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake
    Mung beans
    Sandwich platter
    Baby carrots
    Caprese salad in a sandwich bag
    Ice cream sandwiches tossed to the head
    Orange slices stolen at a Little League game
    Osso bucco
    Hot dogs – no mustard
    Shabakya cookies
    Devil’s food cake
    Peach cobbler
    Stuffed mushroom caps
    Fudgie The Whale cake
    Pretzels with 18 different toppings
    Uncooked sliced SPAM
    Cheese pitas
    Bologna, tomato, and ketchup party subs
    Fettucini alfredo
    Chocolate turtles with pecans
    Beet salad
    UTZ Cheese Balls

    Followed by passing out at the desk, not to be woken until 5PM.

  8. Large amounts of liquor, a dart board, and a black light. A true Philadelphia based Scranton party.

  9. My Office party would definitely be organized by the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch Party Planning Committee….the Pam and Karen version. :)

  10. My party will be called “Season 6 viewing party.” There would Karaoke with songs including the Little Drummer Boy. Then we would play Flonkerton and “who can put the most M+M in their mouth”. I would have at least 15 bottles of vodka to make orangejuicvodkas. The party wouldn’t be complete without presenting my guests with an excellent investment opportunity with Serenity by Jan.

  11. My Office-themed party would include:
    -Brownies (but not cookies, same category)
    -6 foot-long bologna, tomato, and ketchup subs (to clarify, six 1-foot-long subs, not one 6-foot-long subs)
    -Herr’s salt and vinegar chips
    -Grrrrrrrrrrape! soda
    -Brown streamers and balloons (definitely not orange or green for obvious reasons)
    -“It is a party.” sign
    -I can’t find the cord to my karaoke machine, but I do have a friend who has a keyboard. Song suggestions include, but not limited to: Little Drummer Boy, Rainbow Connection (pig-Latin version only, please), anything by Pink (the person), any song by the Police EXCEPT for Desert Rose.

    Oh, and it starts in the conference room in five minutes. No! Five seconds!

  12. My party would include everyone wearing a costume from one of the halloween episodes. There would also be a cafe disco dance off. Everyone would get a bobblehead, too.

  13. I would re-create the office in my living room and every guest would have to be one of the characters. I would be Jim.

  14. To be completely honest, we’d probably all just start singing “Ryan Started the Fire” on repeat until we gave up and started playing “Male Primadonna” on loop and started having an impromptu dance party.

  15. If I were to host an Office-themed party, it’d be the most epic party ever because the whole cast & crew & OfficeTally nation would be there. We’d have a Chili’s all to ourselves. Instead of Dundies, the cast & crew would receive the Emmys that went to other shows the past 6 seasons. Karaoke machine. Dancing. Games. Phyllis’ St. Louis cheesy gooey gushy cake.

    Awesome blossom!

  16. My ideal party would consist of beer, fights to the death, cupcakes, blood pudding, blood, touch football, mating, charades, and of course, horse hunting.

  17. Off the top of my head, I’d have everyone dress up like their favorite Office character and the food would include brownies and lemoñadé.

  18. Since Halloween is around the corner I would do a Halloween Office party. Costumes being Office Characters as they dressed up for Halloween. Music,Office Clue, Office Monopoly, and lots of Office viewing!

  19. My Office party would be in the dangerous warehouse, with alcohol and illegal gambling, catering by Hooters, on a school night. Is that enough? Should I keep going?

  20. My Office themed party would be a costume party. I’d have people RSVP with who they want to be so there won’t be any doubles. As far as food goes, I would make tons of brownies (Kevin’s favorite!) for dessert and some ‘za (great equalizer..) for the main course. Top that all off with 10 bottles of vodka and you’ve got yourself an Office party!

  21. At my Office party everyone would enjoy watching season six while eating jello, only jello. :) And I would probably make up some nifty goodie bags.

  22. I had this really awesome party planned out & now I realize that the deadline is the 12th! how lame! I know for sure I would have been top 5. I’m going to comment back soon with a link to all the photos i take. cause i’m still having this party, contest or not!

  23. At my Office DVD party, I would hire 20 Jim Halpert/John Krasinski lookalikes so we could all watch The Office and be totally cool.

  24. At my office party, I would serve mixed berry yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches, and double fudge brownies.

    The entertainment will include a Ben Franklin impersonator and a karaoke machine.

  25. The Office viewing party at my home would double as an opportunity to donate blood and receive a rabies vaccination.

  26. My Office Party would have tuna sandwiches, man meat, green M&Ms, Hers Chips, Chili that won’t be spilled over the floor, and a clean microwave to cook all of the food in.

  27. Moroccan theme. Because, after all, this isn’t your mother’s viewing party.

    Intervention optional.

  28. For my party the theme would be a 10-10-10 party. Karaoke, dancing and liquor. 12 bottles worth in fact.

  29. My Office viewing party would involve white out paintings, beet juice, and getting rid of mold in my kitchen.

  30. I’d invite my brother,my 3 cousins and nephew who love quoting The Office practically everyday,we’d wear our mustard colored shirts & we’d eat Mint Chocolate chip ice cream because it’s our favorite.

  31. I have thought of hosting a party but I always am going to other peoples houses to watch the office. At my party, I would have tons of snacks…grape soda, cheese puff balls, ice cream sandwiches, a big jar of m&m’s, maybe a hot dog eating contest. It would be a delicious party.

  32. My party would consist of a wedding theme. My girlfriend and I would dress as bride and groom with cut tie and all. All guests would have to dress in wedding atire. Nifty gifts would be handed out and the reception will be held in the conference room catered by Gino’s pizza.

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