1. Dwight is looking mighty dapper. It must have been his grandfather’s suit. The one they buried him in. Mose dug it out and spiffed it up a little for the special occasion of Dwight buying the Office Complex?
    I can just see Scranton News at 11 covering the buyout.

  2. Hah! That awkward pause was hilarious. Ellie’s funny.

    I REALLY want to know why Dwight was dressed like that!

  3. I am an Ellie fan, she is going to be a star, she is totally funny and talented. She can totally become our generation’s Madeline Kahn (a legend I love). She and Steve are comic gold, but they rarely appear together on screen. But, I hope that in the not so distant future they will make a film together. And can’t wait to see Amy Ryan.

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