Kristin’s Office encounter at the upfronts

john krasinski
jenna fischer angela kinsey

Kristin of E! Online caught up with the Office crew at the upfronts this week in NYC.

These are some choice videos, because they actually contain a bit of spoilerish information about Season 3!

Click the images to view the videos. (Unfortunately, these are not very Mac-friendly.)

You can also find Kristin’s report here.


  1. jenna makes menervouse about season 3!! lol.

    but damn she looks cute doing it. and john. HOT. i can’t remember the last time someone made me laugh so much.

  2. Quite entertaining clips, even if they’re completely fluff pieces. JK appears to have gotten a haircut. In fact, he might have gotten them all cut. (That’s right, I went there).

    And I mentioned from the still photos I didn’t really like Jenna’s dress. I’ll redact that now and say that in the video, the dress is quite becoming on her… and you know how that joke ends.

    Looking forward to Roy putting up a fight in season 3!

  3. Wow, these videos are NOT playing for me. Stopping every other second. I’m on a Mac; tried Safari & IE. Help??

  4. Question:

    Kristin mentions a restaurant where she spotted John having breakfast, did anyone catch the name? I watched the video quite a few times but I cant make it out. Thanks.

  5. Kelsey, yes, I had the same problem on my Mac with the video skipping, not sure what can be done about that. Seems to work best on a PC with IE. :(

  6. PWJ, I bet you’ve used the word “redacted” more in the past two weeks than you have the whole rest of your life. ;)

    Heck, I had never even heard of the word until two weeks ago!

  7. Hi. This is my first time that I write here. I love this site.

    I think the comparison with “Ross and Rachel” is very annoying. I like Jenna’s smart answer. She is so adorable and really good actress.

    I don’t know why I didn’t pay attention to her before she appears in the Office.

  8. I think the restaurant Kristin mentions is La Conversation (say it with a French accent and it sounds It’s on Doheny Drive in Los Angeles. I think there used to be one in the Los Feliz area of L.A., but that closed last Spring. Not that we’ll be stalking John or anything…

  9. Likewise, tanster!

    I looked up the definition, and to redact means:

    1. to draw up or frame (as in a proclamation)
    2. to make ready for publication; edit or revise

    From its context in the episode, one would think it means to retract completely. Either way, it applies well to my statement below.

  10. Did anyone else find Kristin’s question to Jenna, “Do you think Jim and Pam are the new Ross and Rachel?” totally annoying?

    As always, Jenna handled the question with complete poise: “I hope we’ll become the new Jim and Pam.”

    You go, girl!

  11. oh that was so funny. I love how Steve kept popping up out of now where during Jim’s interview. And woo! More squeal-worthy moments at the beginning of season 3? Suppah sweet.

  12. I’ve been to La Conversation on Doheny in Los Angeles–it’s very close to the Troubadour concert venue. La Conversation has some decadent desserts and flavorful European salads!

  13. “Hi. This is my first time that I write here. I love this site.”

    Thanks, Big ears! :)

  14. Love Jenna’s response to Kristin asking about Pam jumping Jim’s bones:

    “Um, in REHEARSAL, definitely.” So witty, so ambiguous. How can you not admire a smart, funny, gracious, and gorgeous woman like Jenna?

  15. This is my first time commenting, so just wanted to quickly say I love the show and this site!

    Everyone on the show’s so flippin’ funny in real life…John, Steve crashing John’s interview, Rainn trying to kiss Steve…awesome people. I also thought it was kinda annoying the interviewer compared Jim and Pam to Ross and Rachel…there’s no comparison.

  16. Hey! This site is awesome. You do such a good job here & I’m so jealous you won the Lollilove dvd! Congrats! Anyway, I’m on a PC but I still can’t watch the videos. I’ve tried over and over again, and the descriptions are amazing and I want to watch them so bad…but they just skip to the next video? Helpppp

  17. Hi Tabitha, are you using Internet Explorer on a PC? I found that the videos did not play well on Firefox. If that doesn’t work, maybe try using a different computer?

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