‘The Office’ earns four WGA nominations

‘The Office’ has earned four nominations in the 2008 Writers Guild Awards!

Comedy Series

  • “The Office,” written by Steve Carell, Jennifer Celotta, Greg Daniels, Lee Eisenberg, Anthony Farrell, Brent Forrester, Mindy Kaling, Ryan Koh, Lester Lewis, Paul Lieberstein, B.J. Novak, Michael Schur, Justin Spitzer, Gene Stupnitsky, Caroline Williams, Larry Wilmore

EPISODIC COMEDY, any length, one airing time

  • “The Job” (“The Office”), written by Paul Lieberstein & Michael Schur
  • “Local Ad” (“The Office”), written by B.J. Novak
  • “Phyllis’ Wedding” (“The Office”), written by Caroline Williams

Congratulations, writers! Yes, a bit of good news this month!

The awards ceremony takes place February 9, 2008, in Los Angeles and New York.

Link: 2008 Writers Guild Awards Television & Radio Nominees Announced

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  1. Thanks tanster, I was just going to send you the WGA link instead of what I did send you.

    Anyway, my comment is:
    Congrats to the writers and let’s hope we have more to celebrate come tomorrow morning (after the Golden Globes nominations). :)

  2. Money should have been nominated, but I have no idea how it works, it seems there were 2 from season 3 and 1 from season 4, so I don’t know if Money would be eligible.

    Furthermore, hopefully the strike will be over with before February. Otherwise that award show might be pretty depressing.

  3. Congratulations to all the writers! Here’s to sweeping the comedy category again this year!

  4. I too wondered about Phyllis’ Wedding… I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the funniest episode of Season Three (and yet, it will still blow away any competition!) Personally, I really think Women’s Appreciation takes the cake… Or Gay Witch Hunt… Or all of them except that one.

    Local Ad was a GREAT choice though!

  5. !!!!!! So happy for them! They make up 3/5 of the noms! Our writers are made of WIN. :D

    But I have to agree with everyone on this one: Phyllis’ Wedding? Really?

  6. I agree somewhat about Phyllis’ Wedding — Michael is way too over-the-top in that one, and it certainly wasn’t as funny as some other episodes. That said, I do think it showcased some clever writing: thinking of “P&R,” the way the music got used (“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” sure wasn’t Karen singing about herself), and the way they paralleled Jim/Karen, Pam/Roy, Dwight/Angela, and Michael by himself. All that said, even the worst episode of the Office is still better than almost anything else, and I liked both other nominated episodes better.

  7. Why do I have a strong suspicion that the viewers reaction to Phyllis’ Wedding is probably what caused the folks to nominate it in the first place?

  8. #10… ditto that, my brother. Anyway, Congrats to the fabulous writers of the Office. You guys deserve it! I’m so happy Local Ad was one of the episodes. It was by far my favorite episode of this season. Just hope there will be more soon. Again, congrats on the nominations! Way to take the competition by storm!

  9. although i’m sad they didn’t get a nom from the golden globes at least the wga has them recognized!
    congrats :D
    i thought phyllis’ wedding was hilarious, in an embarrassing sort of way. but i’m pretty sure if we weren’t so attached to the characters the way most of us are and a newbie was watching it.. they’d probably find it pretty hilarious. hahah i’m talking about Michael though, he was so embarrassing to watch lol

  10. Yay congrats! Just wondering, does anyone know how this strike affects these awards shows, like WGA awards and the Globes? Do you think everyone will go? And how can they give awards when the season has barely even gotten going?

  11. I couldn’t remember if tanster posted this already, but back in November the Producers Guild Award nominations for TV shows came out and The Office was nominated in the comedy show category. I think they present that award in February. So at least the WGA and PGA know how outstanding The Office is!

  12. Whoa, how does the voting on this work? How can episodes from two different seasons be nominated?

    Anyway, hugs to our Office writers :)

  13. What better time to give out awards than when you’re on strike? They certainly have the time.

    If everything was as I, FutureDwight, would want it, strikers would be immediately replaced by the next in command…in this case, the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager.

    PS – I did think Phyllis’ Wedding was a bit too much nutty Michael, and not enough ensemble or plot. There are better episodes in 2007 than that…what about Beach Day?

  14. I’m glad “Local Ad” got nominated; that and “Money” were my faves this year. I agree with everyone that PW is a really weird choice.

  15. If they were going to nominate an Office episode, it should have been anything but Phyllis’ Wedding. I’m okay with Local Ad because that was brilliant. But if they had to pick season 3, it should have been Women’s Appreciation or The Negotiation. Also, these comedic writing awards should come down to The Office or 30 Rock. Their standards are just so high compared to every other show.

  16. I’m sorry, but the 2 episodes that aren’t The Job don’t deserve to win anything but “Lamest episode in a show that is usually of much higher standards” category. :/

  17. Wow. I’m so glad that even in the midst of all this negative stuff for the writers, that they are getting recognized for their hard work. Way to go. I’m rooting for them all!

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