1. I’m afraid my universe may implode upon the contact of my favorite and least favorite TV shows…

    [from tanster: i completely understand!]

  2. Yay! I’m excited, but it means I have to sit through Deal or No Deal. (Let’s Make a Deal. So, what is the deal?).

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

  3. Though it is a show I would normally never watch, I will be tuning in tonight. Too bad it was filmed so long ago. I was hoping to get a glimpse of Angela’s “baby bump” (as the tabloids love to say). :)

  4. For those of you who don’t want to sit though Deal or no Deal, I’ll be recording it (while I watch Pushing Daisies) and get it up on YouTube sometime tonight!

    [from tanster: i’ll post the link here as soon as we have it. thanks denise!]

  5. phyllis*farm I completely agree. But I can understand NBC and it’s uh..cross promotions, for a show with currently no new episodes…makes me sad. :(

    I, too will be watching Pushing Daisies, so thanks Denise for recording it!

  6. Thanks so much Denise! I have an exam tonight so I wouldn’t have been able to see it. I never thought I’d be so excited to watch Deal or No Deal…

  7. Pushing Daisies is my second biggest TV fandom this year, so I thank you, Denise, for recording this for us!

  8. Oh god… just checked the guide… THE OFFICE one is on at 8… I may shoot myself, I sat through the first one for no reason.

    Congratulations Howie Mandel, you win.

  9. Just to let everyone know- it’s the 2nd episode tonight (9 pm est) Brian, Angela and Oscar came on about 20 minutes into the show. Yes- I watched it that long just to let everyone know lol.

  10. I loved how Oscar is really good at guessing. If he really was an accountant, that would be a good quality to have, don’t ya think?

    I also thought it was funny how Howie never really asked the guys real family to help him. He always asked for Angela, Brian, and Oscar’s help. Good call Howie. :)

  11. YouTube is kinda being a pain in the butt right now and won’t seem to upload videos for me. I tried last night, and I’m trying again this morning. Hopefully sometime it will work for me!

  12. Until he found the psychic thing to occupy himself Oscar looked downright bored. I don’t blame him, though.

    And Kevin just seemed to be staring at the models all night. Don’t blame him, either.

  13. I couldn’t believe that Oscar kept guessing which amounts where in which case and was getting them right! I’m telling you if I were to ever be on that show (not that I’m planning on being) I’d want him on my support team!

  14. If or when I go to Deal or No Deal or Las Vegas, little Oscar is going to be with me. That’s all I got to say about that.

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