1. I’m afraid my universe may implode upon the contact of my favorite and least favorite TV shows…

    [from tanster: i completely understand!]

  2. Yay! I’m excited, but it means I have to sit through Deal or No Deal. (Let’s Make a Deal. So, what is the deal?).

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

  3. Though it is a show I would normally never watch, I will be tuning in tonight. Too bad it was filmed so long ago. I was hoping to get a glimpse of Angela’s “baby bump” (as the tabloids love to say). :)

  4. For those of you who don’t want to sit though Deal or no Deal, I’ll be recording it (while I watch Pushing Daisies) and get it up on YouTube sometime tonight!

    [from tanster: i’ll post the link here as soon as we have it. thanks denise!]

  5. phyllis*farm I completely agree. But I can understand NBC and it’s uh..cross promotions, for a show with currently no new episodes…makes me sad. :(

    I, too will be watching Pushing Daisies, so thanks Denise for recording it!

  6. Thanks so much Denise! I have an exam tonight so I wouldn’t have been able to see it. I never thought I’d be so excited to watch Deal or No Deal…

  7. Pushing Daisies is my second biggest TV fandom this year, so I thank you, Denise, for recording this for us!

  8. I’m confused! I sat through the stupid show and didn’t see anyone from The Office.

    Ugh. :(

  9. Oh god… just checked the guide… THE OFFICE one is on at 8… I may shoot myself, I sat through the first one for no reason.

    Congratulations Howie Mandel, you win.

  10. Just to let everyone know- it’s the 2nd episode tonight (9 pm est) Brian, Angela and Oscar came on about 20 minutes into the show. Yes- I watched it that long just to let everyone know lol.

  11. lol when the guy went to high five the accountants, it looked like he smacked poor Angela in the face

  12. Ayyyy, 80,000! Good for him!

    –Tanster can you combine this comment with my other? thanks.

  13. I loved how Oscar is really good at guessing. If he really was an accountant, that would be a good quality to have, don’t ya think?

    I also thought it was funny how Howie never really asked the guys real family to help him. He always asked for Angela, Brian, and Oscar’s help. Good call Howie. :)

  14. YouTube is kinda being a pain in the butt right now and won’t seem to upload videos for me. I tried last night, and I’m trying again this morning. Hopefully sometime it will work for me!

  15. Until he found the psychic thing to occupy himself Oscar looked downright bored. I don’t blame him, though.

    And Kevin just seemed to be staring at the models all night. Don’t blame him, either.

  16. Just realized I wrote Kevin instead of Brian. Wow. Damn that blog of his, it confuses me so.

  17. I couldn’t believe that Oscar kept guessing which amounts where in which case and was getting them right! I’m telling you if I were to ever be on that show (not that I’m planning on being) I’d want him on my support team!

  18. If or when I go to Deal or No Deal or Las Vegas, little Oscar is going to be with me. That’s all I got to say about that.

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