Office Emmy buzz from ‘Ask Ausiello’

In TV Guide’s Ask Ausiello column today:

Question: Jim and Pam finally got together! Any scoop on The Office’s Season 3? — Daniella

Ausiello: No, but can we just pause for a second and talk about how heartbreakingly sweet their climactic kissing scene was? One of the best TV moments of the year. And “just once” may go down as the best TV line ever. And although I’m still not supposed to discuss our Dream Emmy Ballot before it gets unveiled next week, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Based on someone’s performance in the Office finale — his initials may be JK — we had to make a last-minute change to a certain supporting category (my apologies in advance to Doogie).

The Emmy nominations will be announced on July 6 at 5:30am. You bet I will slap myself awake to cheer on our show!


  1. It’s too bad that it took that scene, though stellar, to turn their heads. When I think back to him on the booze cruise (remember how uncomfortable it was at the table w/ the two couples? His pause with Pam on the deck? His break-up w/ Amy Adams?), his entire performance from ‘The Dundies’ with drunk Pam and Michael the buffoon? The whole episode after the booze cruise when he had to play nice w/ Michael (at Hooters) as to keep him fro mentioning anything aloud? SO great!

  2. Here’s hoping someone whose initials may be JF is already firmly cemented in the other supporting category. I’m going to be more than a little frustrated if not.

  3. I’m sure Steve Carell will get a leading nod, and John definitely deserves one in supporting for every minute of his performance this season. Rainn Wilson, though, also totally deserves a supporting nomination. There is no one crazier than Dwight.

  4. I’m surprised Mr. Ausiello even watched the finale, let alone liked it. (He had mentioned on a recent TV Guide podcast that he didn’t think The Office was all that funny.)

    I think John, Jenna, Rainn (and of course Steve) all deserve Emmy noms for acting; and if Steve gets a writing nom for the finale, that would be amazing, too!

  5. I really hope Jenna gets the nom for supporting actress, because the magic of that confession scene in the finale would not have been without her INCREDIBLE reaction. I especially love that subtle change she makes when she utters her first “I…can’t.” Nothing in her face really changes (and yet EVERYTHING somehow changes), but her voice just carries that line in this way that shows she’s moved from anger to confusion. John’s performance certainly blew me away, but I hope Jenna’s isn’t overlooked, because I’ve always seen her as the strongest cast member thus far (and that’s saying A LOT).

  6. I respectfully disagree with your comment, Plain White Jim. I can’t think of anyone else who could play Jim with such incredible subtlety. JK is so expressive with his voice and facial expressions with just the slightest changes. He’s really brilliant. It’s a lot easier to make a character memorable when you are given dialogue and behavior that’s over the top. Jim is an ordinary guy, and when you can make an ordinary character memorable, that’s talent.

  7. PWJ, I respect that you can admit that your opinion might be based out of jealousy or denial. Way to show ownership of your emotions. :-) I’m totally serious.

    However, I’m going to go with the other ladies on this one: John is irreplaceable.

  8. Well said proudgirl. My adoration of Jenna’s acting started even before it clicked in my head that she’s really really attractive. Does Steve deserve the best actor nominee that he’ll amost certainly get? Sure. He may not deserve to win it, even though he seems to be most likely to bring home an award.

    John has had the best moments this season, but Rainn has been solid throughout. Both would be considered supporting actors I presume. My vote would go to Rainn.

    It’s kinda weird, but if Jenna doesn’t win or at least get nominated for best supporting actress, I don’t want to see John get nominated for best supporting actor for a couple of reasons. One, the two are one on the show. Two, I’m envious. Too much swooning goes on over him even though he seems to be rather ordinary looking (and I’m ordinary looking, so that should mean ladies should be swooning over me :-P). And there might also be some sort of crazy Oedipux Complex-type thing involved that finds me bearing potential hostility toward anyone involved with Jenna in real life (James Gunn) or on TV (John).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love John on the show. I just don’t see the role of Jim being much different had someone else gotten the role. Nobody would be able to play Dwight like Rainn can, nobody would be able to play Pam like Jenna can, nobody would be able to play Angela like Angela can, and nobody would be able to play Michael like Ricky Gervais could, although Steve comes close. John does a good job as Jim, I’m just not so sure the role would be drastically different if a similar actor held the part.

  9. PWJ, I know we just met, but may I whack you upside the head? ;)

    “I just don’t see the role of Jim being much different had someone else gotten the role.”

    Are you kidding me?!

    I think Kate explained it beautifully.

  10. As I said before, a lot of my reasoning is likely based on envy and denial. :-P

    I’ll take John as Jim over Martin Freeman as Tim, but I still stand by my initial statement. Perhaps I’m also not in the best mood right now, and, separately, am more than slightly annoyed at the mind-numbing overanalysis of the final five seconds of the finale going on at the site I have as (one of) my homepage(s).

    I think I just need to get my bobblehead, get my coffee mug (just ordered, even though I don’t really drink coffee), finish tearing through the complete British series for the first time, and then take a brief hiatus to avoid burnout. Unless, of course, that “special promotion” is indeed really special. ;-)

  11. I really hope that all goes well. Really. Pretty much anyone on the show (except BJ) deserves a nomination. Nothing against BJ, he just didn’t really do much this season. And the Office Minor Characters should win an award. Because no show has minor characters as cool as The Office does.

  12. It’s funny how ever since the finale and the ensuing gushing over the kiss, it didn’t really occur to me how strong the performances of Jenna and John (and everyone else) were as individuals. Like most Office fans that are guys, I too think Pam is adorable. There’s no denying it. As for John Krasinski, however, I really do think he is amazing. Just watching his interview on Leno last week, I couldn’t help but think how humble, funny and genuine he was out of character. In character, he is very cool. He puts forth an extremely likeable character, and having reflected on all this, I have to say hats off to John for his outstanding talent.

    I will eagarly look forward to the announcement of nominations. I think The Office will be well-represented.

  13. I loved the finale, but did I miss something? The reference to the line, “just once” confuses me. When was it said, by whom to whom?
    Someone please answer soon, it’s killing me !

  14. Donnie, Donnie!

    “Just once” was John K’s line to Jenna after he told her he was in love with her. He said he just wanted her to hear it “just once.”

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