1. Oh Phyllis and Angela just absolutely break my heart.
    I am beyond sad to see such a wonderful group of people go.
    I think, as fans, we owe our thanks to YOU, the cast. This show has brought families together, reunited old friends, disintegrated pain, and lightened many, many hearts.
    You will be missed deeply.

  2. These are really good. It’s great to get the insight that this wasn’t just a “show” for them, and it wasn’t just a way for them to make money or get a head in their careers, but it was a part of them. They invested a lot of time and energy in to making the show great and I can just see that it was truly important to them.

  3. “This is what you guys will get from this. This friendship.”

    Each of these videos hurts more than the last. I think the absolute breaking of the fourth wall between The Office cast and their fans is so much a part of this experience. We took the survival of this show to heart for nine years – and part of that devotion was a devotion to these people, who were not only funny on screen – they were real off screen. Part of protecting this show was protecting the idea that lovely, regular people could have a shot in this business, could bring something worthwhile and original to our screens and into American culture.

    We jumped with both feet in, and we were right. Nine years. Who woulda thunk.

  4. Sure do wish I had bought some stock in the company that owns Kleenex, because by the time this is over I will have gone through quite a few cases. :(

  5. Phyllis broke my heart. I wanna give everyone a big fat hug! Tomorrow is gonna be so tough.

  6. Can you imagine what it would have been like if they had shown these farewell videos at the end of the Scranton wrap party? I’m not a crier, but with these videos and the emotion of everyone else there, I would have cried so hard.

  7. @10 Bill –
    There are still a few others who haven’t been in that similar farewell video: Ed, Ellie, Creed, Andy, Craig. Maybe that one will be released soon and hope they cover all of them. Wondering if Steve would also be a part of that one too.

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