The Office Board Games

Here is a list of all The Office board games released since the beginning of the show.

The Office Trivia Game SequelThe Office Trivia Game Sequel (2010)
This is just like the original, but incorporates Seasons 4-6 with updated questions and characters!

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The Office Monopoly GameThe Office Monopoly Game (2010)
The Office Monopoly Game combines the classic deal making game with popular items and locations from The Office!

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The Office Clue GameThe Office Clue Game (2009)
You must determine WHO “killed” Toby, with WHAT office weapon and WHERE the crime occurred.

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The Office Trivia GameThe Office Trivia Game (2008)
Test your show knowledge by answering trivia questions and visiting favorite Dunder Mifflin characters’ cubes.

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The Office DVD Board GameThe Office DVD Board Game (2008)
Answer trivia questions using your DVD remote control and moving around the game board.

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  1. I was wondering when they’d come out with this. I can’t wait to get it. Thanks, Tanster, for posting!

  2. Ahh! Sounds so much fun. I want both of them. But I highly doubt any of my friends would want to play the trivia game with me. ;)

  3. i love jim’s old school hair on his game piece! if i can’t get my husband to play trivial pursuit with me how will i get him to play this?

  4. btw, tanster or other tallyheads: does anyone have any input on which game is better? thanks!

  5. The DVD board game definitely wins because Toby narrates the game! I don’t know if it’s Paul Lieberstein or someone who sounds just like him, but it’s cool.

  6. The DVD game is really fun! Except I don’t know why the description says $1.00 in Schrutebucks, because in the game it says players have to have 20 Schrutebucks (and make it all the way around to Michael’s office) to win. Maybe there’s some kind of currency exchange there: $1.00=20 Schrutebucks?

    My favorites are the little game pieces. They have almost all the characters! Except in the tutorial, Toby reminds us that not “everyone can be Jim.”

  7. Does anyone have the games and want to review them? I can’t decide which one I want!

  8. I AM SO getting that trivia game, and I expect fully to be made fun of by my family and friends, oh well! :)

  9. Someone just bought both of them. Me. It was me. I bought both of them. I don’t think they’ll arrive for a while though.

  10. you can also get the DVD board game at for 24.99 i believe. not sure about it being in-store

  11. That’s a ridiculous question, Dundie All-Star. Everyone know that the value of one SchruteBuck is one one-thousandth of a cent.

  12. sigourney, it is not in stores yet.
    trust me.
    i checked everywhere today.


  13. OMG – the Trivia game box says “The rules are unflinchingly rigid.” That is adorable!

  14. I ordered a trivia game on Monday and it just arrived (and I live in Canada!!)
    I can’t wait to play it with my family.

  15. so it takes one american dollar in schrute bucks to win, huh? It seems as though a round of the trivia game might take… a year. or seven. I wonder how they pack over 10,000 schrute bucks into a game box? hm… still, I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  16. I’m happy to report that IS Paul Lieberstein–not a Toby imposter– doing the voice over in The Office DVD game.The manufacturer has confirmed that the info on his wiki is true!

  17. Hey! So that IS Paul! I kick ass at that game. 8 Schrute Bucks. I wish we could actually play it, though. But then who would buy it?

  18. Joy! If I’m being honest (and I am), Paul’s little comments make this so worth getting. Now I’m going to snag these soon… :)

  19. Hmmm…it seems too easy…plus very few people would want to challenge me at either of the 2 games.

  20. littlekidlover, I know how you feel haha i think that only tallyheads could play with one another.

    If any chicago tallyheads want to get together some time and play let me know!

  21. Those questions do seem too easy…or is it just people (like me) that know more about The Office than a normal person would?!

    I’m going to have to buy both :)

  22. I like the DVD Game better, since it doesn’t ask “Office” related questions all the time. Some of them are pretty challenging such as some history questions, which keeps it interesting. And how can you deny the voice of Toby…

    The DVD game is 100% dawesome!

  23. “Schrute Bucks are illegal in many countries. Including this one.” HA! Oh, Toby, you might have gotten back on my good side with that line.

  24. I have both the DVD and the board game and have now played both. Gotta say, I prefer the board game. The DVD game has its fun elements–the Toby narration, clips, and the tasks where you have to run around and assemble an office olympics medal, or some such. But, I found the DVD questions to be too easy. In the game we played there was only one question that had me puzzled for a few minutes. Also, I didn’t like that the DVD game only went through season 3. I’ve played the board game a few times, and love it! The questions are challenging, and it goes all the way through season 4. I love the “support the rabid” bracelet, which you must have to win, and the “That’s What She Said” tokens add a fun element. If you’re trying to decide between the two, and you know an obscene amount about The Office, then I’d go with the board game.

    [from tanster: great review. thanks for posting!]

  25. thanks #37, i played the demo and thought all the questions were quite easy. i did love the toby narration and all but, i want to be challenged. now the real question is, could i ever get anyone to play it with me?

  26. tuna^3! I am having the same problem! No one wants to play anyone that has the unfair advantage.

    Perhaps I’ll buy the game and try Dwight’s tactic: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Do it! Now!

  27. I hear ya, #38 and 39, about trying to find someone to play the game with you. It’s hard when all challengers assume they’re heading for defeat. The nice thing about the board game is that the question cards have two different levels of difficulty. My husband watches the show with me every week, but he is in no way the rabid fan that I am. So, he gets the easier questions and I get the harder ones, and that really leveled the playing field. In fact, the first time we played he won.

  28. I have to say I didn’t like the DVD game. It wasn’t challenging enough, and was rather slow. The DVD took way too long to load between questions and scenes, making it almost boring (gasp!). I know one of the DVD questions was wrong too, so I wrote the NBC about it. I thought it would be more like SceneIt games, but it falls way short of that. (I love the Harry Potter SceneIt – it’s fast and furious!) I wish I had gotten the more challenging board game :(.

  29. We bought the Trivia Board game because it can have more players than the DVD game, which was a big deal to us. We LOVE it! The best thing is that every card has two levels of questions (Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager). That way, even people who aren’t as obsessive about the Office can feel like they can compete with their friends. We’ve had a blast playing the whole game through several times.

  30. I agree with Jamnicity (37); if you’re going to buy one, I’d chose the board game. The DVD is pretty easy for hard-core Tallyheads…my three-year-old son loves playing it! He dances to the music and it’s his favorite thing in the world to play. He calls it “Schrute Bucks” and we even use it as a reward. If he’s not behaving, I say “No, stop (fill in blank) or you can’t play Schrute Bucks later!” He thinks anything Office-related is Schrute Bucks, actually. He’ll point to my Season 4 DVD and say, “Mommy’s Schrute Bucks!”

  31. #46 Pam’s BFF–
    OK, a little off topic here, but I love that your 3 year old is so into The Office. My almost 2 year old son loves to watch Jam vids on YouTube with me, so maybe by this time next year he’ll be the mega fan that your little one is. Here’s hoping! :-)

  32. I’ve had the DVD game for a while but I still haven’t played it yet. None of my roommates will play it with me because they know I’ll win.
    So I have to wait for a fellow Office-obsessed friend to come visit me next weekend.

  33. Jamnicity — too funny! Our little Dunder Mifflinites! While driving in the car, he’ll often repeat lines, but in his own little language. “Dunder Miffin, dis is Quinn” or “You hearned three Schrute Bucks!” No one else has any clue as to what he’s talking about… :)

  34. Woot, found the trivia board game at my Walgreens and bought it today! Looks pretty fun. And also confusing, but maybe I just don’t play board games very much.

  35. I am looking at The Office DVD game as a gift for someone but it seems there are two versions. Anyone know of them both? Amazon sells them both–the Pressman one (ASIN: B001546WRU), that I think was reviewed here, and one from ‘NBC Universal East’ sold by (ASIN: B001FATPHI). Anyone know which is more fun/better?

  36. I got this game for xmas and played last night. It is easily the worst game i’ve ever played. The clips are the same ones over and over even annoying me towards the end of the game which only took 15 minutes. The trivia was only good when it was The Office trivia and that was only about 20 % of the questions and more than easy for anyone who watches the show. I will never play it again and will probably re-gift it.

  37. We just got the trivia board game and we don’t know how to play it right. We can’t figure out where to move with the number/color die. We just resort to going to the color station. I know, it’s embarrassing to admit. Any help???

  38. hey i have the same problem as 58….the Trivia Board Game doesn’t provide good instructions to show how to move player. help!

  39. This game was disappointing for me because I am a huge office fan (I own every season on DVD, and watch the show weekly)

    Roughly 10% of questions did not have anything to do with The Office. For example, one question was “What year did the television show ‘The Apprentice’ first air?”

    In my copy of the game, every “stapler” question (1 of 7 categories in the game) was the same, i.e., roughly 15% of the questions were repeats.

    Also, the “glasses” category (another one of the 7 categories) required the use of objects that were not included in the game, i.e, scissors, tape, paper (things that were are not available in my living room/family room where I would normally play a DVD trivia game)

    Also, there are video clips from the show that keep being repeated, and after playing this game just one time it became annoying.

    Sorry to write such a poor review, but I was horribly disappointed with this game.

  40. Really disappointing. On the second game after opening it one category (the dwight one)repeated EVERY question. The new game became how many times until a new question and we finally used a different category’s question after something like 15 trials.

  41. The DVD board game is a terrible waste of money. You are far better off spending the money on the DVD of the show and simply re-watching the episodes.

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