1. i generally try to avoid all squeeing and fangirlishness with regard to mr. krasinski, but that was about the most precious interview i’ve read in a while.

  2. Please forgive me for this . . YOWSA! Hubba hubba! *Wolf whistle* . . . Could he possibly be cuter? I don’t think so.

  3. Now that I’ve gotten over the beautiful photos of him – what a down to earth guy. How refreshing. And I love that he says he writes poems!

  4. A great interview. And so far so good with John keeping his head on straight.

  5. Lovely, almost overwhelmingly so! It’s so great to be able to see the writer and director sides of John, since we’re already so familiar with the actor side of him! Can’t wait to get a hold of this magazine when it comes out!

  6. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of his favorite books? I didn’t think it was possible for me to love him about a thousand times more, but I guess it is. Not to mention the fact that he’s “sexy hot.” :)

  7. Your catcalls are funny Ungrateful Beeyotch! He is soo adorable, humble, intelligent…

  8. I wanted to say something smart and intellectual..but all I came up with was…..SQUEEEEE!

  9. I laughed at the part where he called how he looks in a photo “freaking awesome”. I know what he meant but still it came out funny.

  10. I never thought i could love this guy any more than i already do. i stand corrected.

  11. The “sharing of his Starbucks almonds” made me laugh because that is too cute. I could totally see him doing that. What a fantastic guy!

  12. I think John is going to be huge in Hollywood. He has that whole Tom Hanks, hard not to like quality about him. He also is building up his career the right away. He’s not rushing into any stupid parts like so many up and coming actors do.

  13. I’m normally not a JKras fangirl, but even I had to admit he looked really great in this. I think it’s the old-fashioned looked that did me in. Beautiful eyes, wow. I might be converted yet. :o)

  14. ‘freaking awesome’ is such a massachusetts-y thing to say. i love it.

  15. Wow……seriously! I love JKras. Pictures are gorgeous and he seems so down to earth. Awesome.

  16. Forgive my ignorance here, but have you all bought this already or are you reading the article online?

    And, he is freakin’ awesome! Zoppity.

  17. Three of my favorite things:: NYC, typewriters, and John!! The only thing missing is one of my other favorite things:: John’s huge smile! But they are “freaking awesome” pictures!!

  18. 26—> you can read scans of the article at GMMR (Tanster linked it at the bottom of this entry)

    also—> I want to have his babies. His adorable, shaggy-haired babies.

  19. Hm, call me stupid, but I can’t figure out how to actually read the interview..[on the internet].. Some help, please?

  20. 29 | Adelaide — Follow the GMMR link. She’s scanned the article in as photos. You have to click on the various pages to pull them up individually, then you’ll have to click two more times to get them large enough to read…

  21. He is AMAZING!! Great pics, Great article, Great guy.
    and you can read the article by clicking on the picture 2x..it then becomes large enuf to be read. The article is at the bottom in like 3 separate photos…great article..well worth the time

  22. Please for the love of God, tell me where I can buy/find this magazine. I’ve searched even ‘ebay’ and have found it nowhere.

  23. I was recently at an airport looking to purchase Mean at one of those newsstands that look like they have every periodical in the United States wallpapering 3 walls . . . couldn’t find Mean. I found it at a Barnes & Noble. Even the clerk had never heard of this magazine. Good Luck!

  24. I’ve been to like 2 different Borders and 3 Barnes and Nobles and they all say they carry the magazine but none of them have it in stock. I can’t believe it would be sold out already… I mean I know there are a lot of J Kras fans but I can’t find it anywhere and its killing me!

  25. After all that searching, Borders finally got in a bunch of copies! If anyone wants one and is having trouble finding any, let me know and I can put some up on eBay.

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