‘The Office’ fun and games

A few little fun items:

The Office Quiz

Link: The Office Trivia Quiz

In case you missed it the first time, I gave PARADE Magazine some updated questions for the quiz that I helped them with last year. But I know it’s impossible to stump Tallyheads, am I right?

The Office Golf GameThe Office Mini Putt Golf Game

This is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and costs $1.99. I have not played it myself, so I’m interested to hear your review!

The Office Limited Edition MouseThe Office Limited Edition Mouse Giveaway

John, former prop assistant for ‘The Office,’ wants his mouse to go to a good home, a real Office fan, and introduce everyone to his wife’s great new party site! Giveaway contest ends May 1st.

More from John:

This rare “The Office” TV show computer mouse was a gift given to the cast & crew after winning the Emmy for “Outstanding TV Comedy Series” in 2006.

“The Office” Mouse Description:

“The Office” computer mouse appears to be made out of a clear acrylic. A liquid-encased compartment contains floating shapes with the character faces and names of: Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Ryan.
Computer mouse has a right and left click button and a roller button between them.
The middle of the mouse sports “The Office” logo, loud and proud!
Never used and in mint condition with the wrapper still on the cord.
“The Office” mouse comes in an awesome storage box.


  1. Took the quiz…pretty easy. Of course when you live The Office that’s not a huge surprise.

    One question though, I thought Michael didn’t buy the chairs in the Stimulus? I thought he took the bonus and bought a fur coat at Burlington?

    That wasn’t an option to pick so am I wrong?

  2. Good quiz, Tanster! The fact that I got a 37/40 is just…wrong. SD needs a new hobby ;)

  3. Being a golf nut, I just played the mini golf game. Man, it is hard. TWSS!

    If you get 4 or more over par, the game tells you that’s pathetic. I think Dwigt was involved in making the game. :)

  4. 37/40

    Great Questions, Tanster!

    I love how they spanned seasons, and there was at least one (about which role Angela Kinsey originally auditioned for) that went beyond episode content. Great Stuff!

    Man, the “Jim’s contact” question got me. I could remember the moment in the episode, but the answers being so close together got me.

    Usually trivia questions aren’t half that good. Best one ever!

  5. This is the only place where people will care that I scored perfectly on the quiz… Obsessed? Yes, and proud of it!
    Ahh, OfficeTally, what would I do without you?!?

  6. 39/40. I’m a loser.

    Hadley. Michael did buy a fur coat in advance thinking a decision wouldn’t be reached between chairs vs. printer but they chose chairs. So he did buy one, just not with the surplus.

  7. 35/40 on the quiz, not bad, there were some pretty tricky ones on there, I was expecting to get them all.

  8. Totally not surprised that I scored 40/40 on the quiz. Perhaps I need a life. ;) Great questions, tanster! And I’ve played the online version of that mini-golf game. It’s extremely addictive!

  9. OH MAN I want that mouse! My mouse is so crappy, I was JUST thinking how I need to get a new one. How awesome would it be if I won that one?! Fingers and toes are crossed.

  10. I scored a 40/40!! I was excited and then I realized that I may have a problem. I am officially addicted to The Office! Although, it is an addiction that I am not going to give up anytime soon. My family needs to have an intervention. (;D)

  11. You get 4 9-hole courses in the iphone game. The courses are called Dwight’s Folly, Scranton Beach, Dunder Links, and St Michael’s Square. Very similar to the version on NBC’s website but there are more obstacles, like a rolling soda can. There is also a link to the NBC website to watch videos but it does not appear to be working properly and all I got was an error message. The reviews on the app store reflect the same problem, so hopefully it will be fixed sometime. Overall, the game is ok, but if it were not Office related , I would say it is probably not the best mini golf game out there.

  12. Re: video link inside the iPhone Golf Game, we sent a fix already to Apple earlier this week, and are just waiting for them to post it.

  13. I took the quiz–got 1-20 all right. Answered #21 (I know I answered it correctly; easy question)and then the next page didn’t have the quiz on it anymore!!! Refreshed to no avail. Even hit back and answered the question again–didn’t work. Boo! I wanted 40/40 and instead got (20+1)/20…

  14. Wow, I won that same mouse in an ebay auction last year! I’m glad to see the item description was legit! The quiz stopped working for me after the first question, so my score was 1/1.

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