Tonight’s delicious comedy sandwich

I’ve been using the term “delicious comedy sandwich” ever since I heard Mike Schur say it in his ESPN interview. When food and comedy can come together in one tagline, I’m all for it.

Are we excited for tonight? — two new episodes of ‘The Office’ sandwiching the series premiere of ‘Parks and Recreation.’ It’s a veritable feast!

And … I’ve just been told “make sure to tune in for the very beginning of ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’ — it’s brilliant.”

OMG I’m so excited! It all starts at 8pm!

P.S. I also just added one little picture to the Spoiler page.


  1. eep! I’m so excited. Hopefully that will make up for my crazy stressful day.

  2. Come on. You need to tell people visiting OfficeTally to tune in for the beginning? I usually have to suffer through the tag of Kath & Kim to make sure I see it all…of course I’ll be there!

    [from tanster: true. i am merely overstating the obvious. :) ]

  3. 12:02 pm
    Break-in at NBC unsuccessful. Master tapes still not acquired.

    2:37 pm
    Attempts to sleep the day away to make 8:00 come sooner have come up unsuccessful as well. Tylenol PM?

    5:40 pm
    How many more times can I read the synopses of tonight’s episodes?

    6:52 pm (right now)
    I’m beginning to believe that “painful anticipation” may be an understatement at this point.

  4. Mike Schur called it a “delicious comedy sandwich”? I honestly just called it that on my Twitter less than a half hour ago and I never even heard that interview. It’s actually a pretty funny coincidence (unless of course I read it somewhere else on Office Tally or something and subconsciously remembered it, thinking I came up with it on my own (in which case I’d feel rather silly)). But yes, I’m very excited- I can already tell this’ll be worth the two week wait :)

  5. OMG I’m so excited TOO! It feels like an eternity missing a week.
    I’m very curious to see how P&R is as well!

  6. What a coincidence – I was just about to head to the store to get some yummy snacks to enjoy during tonight’s television feast! Food and comedy always complement one another perfectly. ;)

    I’m so excited! Less than two hours now!

  7. I am so excited too, Tanster! I am so happy that you got to visit the set! What do you say? Do you have it in you for a Parks & Recreation Tally?

    Only 30 more minutes until my comedy sandwich is here! I brought my appetito! Thanks!

  8. Nice. pretty great week, if you include last friday, which will forever be known as “Jay Day” here in Chicago. and now it’s capped off with two new Offices.

    and P&R… the crew sounds lovely and it sounds like a fun show, but i think i’ll just take the bread parts of the comedy sandwich. that’s how most of my sandwiches end up anyway.

  9. I’m so excited for tonight! I really don’t like having to wait so long between episodes (which happened way too often this season!), but 30 minutes I can handle. Sort of :p.

  10. Just watched P&R…it’s not The Office…but it’s not bad…I’ll continue to watch it!

  11. Boy, I wish I checked this earlier… What kind of people do they have working over there at NBC? I always make time at 9 to watch the Office… I assumed that the big “1 hour” started at 9 as usual… You can’t go switching things around on me like that! And what about the Morroccan Christmas special? Don’t they realize alot of people missed that because of the ice storm in New England? Stupid Comcast went out conveniently… They had time to play other reruns since that episode aired.

  12. I’m not happy! I still use a VCR! After I read the first episode aired at 8, I said screw the second one! Why bother watching it if I missed the first!

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