The Office: Fundraiser, 8.22

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The Office Fundraiser David Wallace

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy makes a splash at a local fundraiser — unemployed Andy crashes a fundraiser for the Senator and winds up adopting twelve disabled dogs. Dwight discovers that winning an auction means losing money, and Darryl teaches Nellie how to eat a taco. Guest stars: Jack Coleman, Catherine Tate.

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In a poll conducted April 26-30, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.05/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Ryan: Smokey’s dead.
Pam: Smokey the Bear?
Pam: Tracks of My Tears, and, what else, what are some more, what’s one more.

Ryan: I’m sorry I’m not a fan of Jason Mraz, or the Beatles…

Oscar: It says here the Smokey Robinson dead thing is a hoax. It’s on CNN as of two minutes ago.

Ryan: Paul Anka? How can they let the Smoke Man play with someone like that?

Pam: Tears of a Clown.
Ryan: Don’t call me a clown, Pam. You’re better than that.

Robert: I feel like I’m being strangled. Like I’m at some erotic asphyxiation sex club over on I-84, the Red Room, say? Or Dominic’s?

Angela: It is going to be a who’s who of the northern 22nd district.

Dwight: There is a disgruntled ex-employee sitting in his car in the parking lot.

Dwight: Could be a series of guns, all lined up to shoot parallel.

Nellie: Everybody told me if I moved to America, I’d be murdered.

Angela: We think you might kill Robert.

Nellie: The only thing standing in our way is the contempt he seems to feel for me.

Andy: Where do I look? It’s been so long since I did one of these things.

Kevin: I just bid $20 on six jujitsu lessons. No one’s raping this guy.

Dwight: You guess the price, you win the prize. Have you never been to a Quaker fair before?

Ryan: Oh this guy’s having a breakdown.

Senator Robert Lipton: I’m more likely to pick up at night, say, after 9.

Oscar: This confirms three things: I’m right about the senator, I still got it, and poor Angela.

Robert: So Thomas Oregon is an evil figure?

Meredith: Hey, Jabroni, show some class.

Andy: Why don’t you quit harshing our mellow?

Jim: Isn’t it possible that he was just schmoozing a voter?

Jim: Life isn’t Downton Abbey.
Pam: Life is Downton Abbey.

Dwight: Like candy from a baby.

David Wallace: I poured myself into this ridiculous vacuum for toys, called Suck It, then suddenly out of nowhere, the U.S. military bought the patent from me for 20 million dollars.

Nellie: What I wouldn’t give for a big mess of tacos. Right now.

Nellie: As long as they’re not slimy, and please god, don’t let them have eyes!

Andy: I’m going to take that bitch home. That is a female dog reference.

Oscar: I’d have to be a monster to root for that. A lonely, aging monster.

Erin: This is my life now. I’m a dog nurse.

Dog guy: I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t get to be in a lot of human conversations.

Kevin: All times. All the time. Every of the time.

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  1. Wow, there’s a spoiler if ever I saw one! Andy’s unemployed?! OMG! Really wish I hadn’t read this.

  2. Ok, so spoiler alert!!
    Looks like Andy is going to lose the fight against nellie.

    And, am I the only one who thinks that the plots of recent episodes are a little weird? I mean, look at that!

  3. Wow, I guess Andy is fired, I hope so much that Catharine tate is not going to be on next season. I doubt it.

  4. Not happy about Nellie still being here, I mean I like her-and certainly don’t hate her, but I’d rather see a story revolving around Kevin, or Meredith, or Erin, no more new characters!!

  5. Well, at least we get to see Nellie eat a taco. Really? THAT is part of a plot? Also, this seems like a strange list of events. Dwight learns you lose money at an auction, and Andy adopts 12 dogs? Unless Andy’s drunk or something, this episode is gonna be shotty.

  6. okay, seriously, are the writers having a collective nervous breakdown?!
    I mean, I’m all for the Andy unemployed thing, it could be interesting if played out correctly
    But adopting 12 dogs? Why are they making everything so over-the-top sitcommy?

    And Darryl teaching Nellie how to eat a taco sounds more like a running joke on an episode instead of an actual subplot, no idea why they actually took the time to write it out on the summary.
    Not lookin good for this episode…

  7. There are enough episodes left this season for Andy to be re-hired. (Hopefully.)

    Perhaps this is part of Robert California’s plan to get rid of Nellie for good. I am not worried that Andy will stay fired.

  8. Okay, why is the documentary crew following Andy if he’s no longer working at Dunder-Mifflin? If that’s allowed, I wish they had followed Michael…

  9. Everyone needs to understand that when they filmed these final episodes of the season, many of the performers had not signed contract extensions (including Krasinki, Fischer and Helms). Adding that to Mindy Kaling’s and Paul Lieberstein’s uncertain future (because of pending work on other series)…they MUST write a season finale story that leaves almost EVERYONE’S fate up in the air. That seems to be where they’re headed…

  10. Andy should start his own paper company..that’ll show them. But yeah, I agree that is a weird plot summary.

  11. Ugh. What show is this? Please make Andy, Robert California, and Nellie go away. 90% of this season has been so disappointing.

  12. Unemployed Andy? Nellie still here, and we have to watch her eat tacos? In the words of Michael Scott: NOO GOD! NO. GOD. PLEASE. NO. NO!!! NO!!! NOOOOOO!!!

  13. I’d put down $25 that Andy is back as manager by the 1st episode of Season 9.

  14. The Dwight auction stuff sounds like a repeat of the episode in Friends where Joey bids on a boat and finds out that he actually has to pay for it….how low The Office has sunk.

  15. Unemployed Andy? That’s a bit of a major spoiler, eh?! So he was either fired or he quit. Oh, I really do dislike this storyline. Isn’t Ed Helms out of contract though? I suppose the writers need to leave Andy’s story open in case Ed decides not to return. I read somewhere that Hangover 3 starts filming in September.

  16. @Gazzoo – They have followed Michael, remember the whole Michael Scott paper company?

  17. I don’t think Andy is gonna lose his job. He’s the top manager this season, and Nellie is crossing the line with everybody in the office. Save the Nard Dog!!!!!

  18. NBC really spoiled it for the audience. Now we know that Angry Andy didn’t work out in the end for Andy. I guess it’s a way for Ed Helms to be out next season if the contract is not renewed.
    I can’t believe they even wrote a taco plot.

  19. It is pretty shocking to think that the florida storyline was so good and everything is going back to normal.

    Maybe this show shouldn’t even be in that office anymore. It seems to only produce unfunny things.

  20. I hope Ed Helms can renew his contract, because his Andy character is the best on TV, and I would hate losing the Nard-Dog. I feel the same way with Jenna Fischer, and her Pam character, if she doesn’t renew her contract. I don’t wanna lose them both.

  21. In previous seasons, they generally didn’t leak plotlines/storylines in this manner, because people would tune in to find out.

    Now, they’re leaking the storylines in hope people will tune in and watch the conclusion they already read about.

  22. I don’t think that taco plot is going to happen. It’s not the first time we get summaries and something in there doesn’t happen in the show. Although, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  23. When I read the taco part I thought of my uncle visiting us as a child. He never had any type of Mexican food and didn’t know what a taco was. Maybe it’s something along those lines. Not sure that is worthy of a storyline.

  24. I’ve loved this season so far. The comedy is much more subtle. No way Andy won’t end up as boss by the end of the season. What I wonder is what they will do with Nellie and RC. PLEASE don’t make Nellie the new CEO after RC leaves… PLEASE! Nellie is like a female, British Michael Scott, which means she’s too much of a caricature. I will bet money that Ed Helms returns next year as the boss.

  25. I love #27’s comment. He didn’t mean to be funny, but it made me laugh out loud. To say the “humor” this season is subtle is an understatement. The “humor” is completely nonexistent!

  26. I don’t agree with 28’s comments… but since this show has been on, It’s been clear to me that everyone has a different opinion on it, and I respect 28’s. I hope the show gets better for you… if you still care to watch it. :)

  27. Well, Andy lost his job, all right. But he’s not giving up that easy. Let’s see if this fundraiser party he throws is gonna give him hurrahs from his former (for now) co-workers.

  28. Guys, did you not watch the last minute of the show last Thursday? It clearly shows Andy walking out of the office with his stuff in a box. This wasn’t a spoiler by NBC. Andy was fired for saying no. But yeah Nellie is lame, but I actually am a fan of Robert California’s dry and very awkward sense of humor. His cut away scene when he said “…and I almost didn’t come in today” made me lol.

  29. Hey #31, you do realize those people commented before the episode aired, right?

  30. I feel like the show has turned into the Andy hour. I’m ready to have some other stories that don’t involve him with or without Erin.

  31. Where are the promos for this episode!?? It airs tomorrow, this is unusual. Are you slackin’ Tanster or has NBC just not released any?

  32. @Adam NBC has been busy promoting the Community Law and Order parody and the live 30 Rock; both of which sound more promising to NBC than Fundraiser.

  33. I have Dish Network and just checked the info for the episode. In the bottom of the synopsis it says “Catherine learns to eat a taco.” For some reason them getting her name wrong made me giggle.

  34. DAVID WALLACE! Yes, someone to save us from the black hole that is Nellie!!!

  35. Did anybody notice Champion the sweet three-legged dog from Parks and Recreation making an appearance as one of the shelter dogs??

  36. I thought this episode was better than the past few. The Silent Auction scene with Dwight was awesome. Then Jim made it 2x better with his reaction. Most I have laughed in a while.

  37. Glad to see an old face like David Wallace. It would be neat if Andy would go work with David. I think in Season 9, the core of the show should start their own company. I’m tired of Andy being the headline every week. His character is overplayed.

  38. Loved this episode!! 13 lols! I love David Wallace! He is one of my top three favorite characters on the office ever.

  39. I hate to be negative, but Nellie just has to go. Her character irks me to no end. Her voice, mannerisms and her “made for comedy” character is just too much. Don’t get me wrong, the office is my favorite show and will remain so. I just don’t want it brought down with characters like nellie

  40. Pros: Kevin, Jim/Pam, taco story wasn’t as ridiculous as I thought it would be, Oscar/gay senator, Ryan cold open

    Cons: Andy’s breakdown…not funny. The dog adoption was predictable, but I did like how he tied it back to his anger with Robert. Also Dwight’s story was ridiculous..Andy and the rock opera just led to awkward non-laughing silence in my house.

    Overall, 7/10, not as good as last week, but still tolerable

  41. Easily the weakest episode of the season. It was nice to see David Wallace, though.

    The writers tried to get us to like Nellie but nothing will work, at least on me. I cannot stand her character. If she is on next year, I am thinking of bailing on the show.

    I don’t think this season is as bad as some have made it to be, but this episode was really terrible, including the cold open.

  42. This would have been “The Christening”-level of bad, had it happened any other season. But for this season, it fit in just fine.

  43. Speaking as an English person, we really don’t know how to deal with tacos!

    That silent auction plot was lifted straight from Friends, right? You know, the episode where Joey accidentally buys a boat.

  44. Easily the weakest?
    Nah that award goes to Gettysburg….that episode was just horribly acted and didn’t produce any laughs.

    This episode was pretty damn funny.

  45. One of the best episodes of the season, but nellie is still horrible. Great to see David Wallace. Jim, Dwight, and Kevin were all awesome.

  46. This was another excellent episode!!!!! The only thing I can say is that I enjoyed the scenes when Andy was adopting disabled dogs for a little while and his friends convinced him to do the right thing after his termination. Dwight was such an idiot with the auction scenes and his speech. Oscar almost got it with the senator, very funny. I knew Jim and Pam wouldn’t bail out on Andy. But, most important, I’m glad David Wallace has returned. Maybe he’s the guy who’s gonna support Andy in his process of getting his job back and kick Nellie’s ass for good.

  47. Worst episode of the season! Easily. What happened? I rather watch a re-run episode than this.

    Can we get back to Erin/Andy please?

  48. If Andy’s never ending arc would just be over this show would be 100% better. It just is not funny and brings nothing for any other character.
    Dwight was funny even if it’s pretty ridiculous he wouldn’t know what a silent auction is.

  49. This episode was okay, but somewhat disappointing. Easily the golden age of season 8 was the Florida arc and a few episodes (“Christmas Wishes”, “Trivia”, “Jury Duty”) before it. I didn’t laugh that much in this episode, and I honestly thought that the highlight was David Wallace. I hope the few episodes left this season have more to offer.

  50. #48, I wish I could disagree, but I’m afraid you are right. It was an improvement over the last few weeks, but still very weak. Nothing about Andy is interesting or funny. Up to and including Erin.

  51. This episode was pretty weak, but I still thought it was funny at times.
    This was one of the few episodes where I’ve actually liked that Kevin had more lines.

    And is it just me, or is anybody else annoyed that they keep using the shortened version of the theme song?

  52. The look on Jim’s face was fantastic when he realized, “Wait a minute! Dwight’s out over thirty thousand dollars and I had nothing to do with it? I have to be a part of this. Speech! Speech! Speech!”

    I also think it’s great that Kevin thinks that he’s the smart one in the office.

  53. First time posting. I loved seeing David Wallace, since the cameo came out of nowhere for me.

    Nellie? I hate Nellie. There is absolutely nothing I like about her. She’s positively the worst character that’s ever been on the show. I’m honestly thinking of bailing if she becomes a regular. There’s no way I’m buying her stealing Andy’s job the way she did.

  54. Not the worst of the season – that’s Gettysburg – but pretty bad. Kevin and Dwight were just insultingly, unbelievably bad. I thought that there had to be a twist to Dwight’s subplot, but it wasn’t to be. The humour was just so obvious and bland, with none of the show’s trademark sly wit.

    The only bright sparks were David Wallace and Nellie and the tacos.

  55. @47 – I completely agree, nothing will make me like the Nellie character. She’s not funny, and her style of comedy is painful to watch. I worry when I see the writers’ attempts to make us like her because I feel that means that she’s sticking around…please no, I love this show!

  56. David Wallace!!!!! woot woot!!!! That made me soo happy!!
    Also loved the ending with Kevin and the dog :-)
    We all realize that the show is not at the level it once was, but in my opinion, it’s still funny and my favorite show on tv. I am just happy to still be able to watch it. Probably in the next season, the office will end and lots of us are going to be missing all of our favorite characters. So I say, let’s enjoy seeing Jim, Pam,Dwight, Angela, etc while we can because sooner rather than later they will be out of our lives forever! When we nitpick every little detail of the show, it doesn’t help anything! Not saying that I don’t agree with what people are saying about the quality of the show now, but I think our negative comments are killing it! I have a much higher opinion of the show each week until I read how much everyone else hated it.

  57. This episode is on my worst list. No humane society would ever allow someone to adopt 11 dogs. Dwight paying full price for everything at a silent auction was ridiculous. David Wallace was the best part. Guess “Suck It” didn’t suck after all. :)

  58. Andy is sooo annoying!!! Such a shame, I loved him as a support character – he can’t carry the show.

    Nellie, finally a funny contribution with the taco bit – utterly useless up to this point.

    The ship is still sinking . . . Michael Scott, damn you for leaving.

  59. @ 57 him jalpert – nah it’s just you :) I love that they’ve shortened the theme song (it’s got to be one of the most annoying ones out there). Kevin and his new dog at the end was a great save for this episode, I really thought it was going to be another awful cruel animal story there. Also seeing David Wallace return was a real treat. Not a bad episode if judging it by S8 standards.

  60. @#69-Ginger,

    I agree!! David Wallace was the highlight of an otherwise lackluster episode!

    Wish Andy Buckley didn’t have a “real world” job and could come on full time as CEO of Sabre next season, replacing Robert California.

  61. I haven’t even seen the episode yet but the fact that there was a David Wallace cameo makes me want to watch it. If they get rid of Catherine and bring back David Wallace for Season 9 then the series is sure to improve over this year. She is simply just awful and she makes the show painful to watch.

  62. Great to see David Wallace, but horrible continuity decision. David Wallace doesn’t live in Scranton! There’s absolutely no reason for him to be there. Would have been great to see him brought back in another format.

  63. Was that Champion the 3 legged dog from Parks and Rec??? Also enjoyed the David Wallace bit and Pam calling out Ryan on his attempts at being a music aficionado. Her dislike of him was much more subtle this week and I thought it was more natural than last week when she was yelling at him.

  64. Oh, and Robert was really rude to Andy. They weren’t at work so he had no right to tell Andy to leave the fundraiser. Hopefully Robert and Nellie leave in humiliation.

  65. this was actually a pretty terrible episode. the last one was as well. I know there is a suspension of reality, but in what office would someone who’s the friend of the owner of the company just stroll in and take the job? If I was Andy, I wouldn’t have just punched the wall, I probably would have taken Catherine and Robert out. Either way, terrible story line, way worse than Charles Minor coming in and favouring Dwight, that at least was believable.

  66. The only things i enjoyed about this episode were David Wallace and Champion the dog. Also the downton abbey line

  67. Pam and Andy are my favorite characters of the show. Now that this season I’ve seen how he defended her from Robert and young bullies, the way she spoke to him about how bad replacing Erin and adopting a bunch of dogs looked for him, and when she improved his “Nard Dog” tattoo, I hope she supports him in his fight for recovering his manager job, with the help of David, before Nellie makes him miserable.

  68. Dog of an episode or average? I got a laugh out of a few parts like Dwight’s reaction to the auction donation, Andy’s “stupid dog” comment and a few other moments. The surprise inclusion of David Wallace was great, good to see him again. And I was happy to see Nellie pushed much more into the background and Andy still prominent despite leaving.
    But overall it still felt a bit contrived and predictable. Even Jim and Pam seemed a little flat. And despite Nellie’s small role she still annoyed me with her horrible caricature of a character, as someone said too much “made for comedy”. Every time she is on screen I get this bad feeling like this isn’t The Office I used to know, I just can’t watch anymore, and don’t even want to.

    I was glad that dog was alive at the end though!

  69. You know, Andy and David Wallace need to call Michael Scott.
    And who’s this English woman? Why is she here?

    She hates magicians but Michael Scott loved magic, and she applied for his job after his departure. Did they date? Some hidden romance that we don’t know about?

  70. This episode made it clear to me that the biggest problem is Andy. He can be funny as a side character, but anytime he’s the lead in a story I just find him incredibly annoying and at best marginally funny.

    I enjoyed the side stories here, even found Nellie tolerable, but the main storyline once again sunk the episode for me. Thinking back that’s the case every time Andy is the focus of the main story, at least for me.

    I feel bad because I like Ed Helms and I know he can be funny, but the character of Andy isn’t built to carry the load, at least as he’s been written.

  71. Boring boring till seeing David Wallace!! I think he would be a big help for Andy in the next episode “TURF WAR”

  72. I don’t think this episode was incredibly hilarious, but it had some pretty good parts to it. And even if it wasn’t hilarious, it reopened a lot of storylines that needed to be used. So even if it wasn’t that great to some of you, it still NEEDED to be put in the season to connect some loose ends.

  73. @73, Yes, that was definitely Champion! It must be one of the writers’ dogs! He was one of the best parts of this episode!

  74. I thought this episode was alright, nothing special. I think Nellie was the funniest character of the episode. Dwight’s plot was funny but Andy’s was annoying. The Office needs to pull itself together here.

  75. Robert’s line about getting strangled further solidifies my belief that his secret is that he’s the Scranton Strangler.

  76. david wallace is awesome, they need to bring back some people like jan, (maybe looking for michael), jo, and get more involved in other branches. a good episode would be nellie going to other branches for another lecture circuit. it would be funny if nellie and jim went to utica and saw karen.

  77. Kevin killed it in every scene he was in. The tag was the best. He was definitely the best part of the episode. Maybe Kevin should try being manager.

  78. Best part of the episode… They hardly let Nellie talk!!! David Wallace for CEO and get a different regional manager. I completely agree Andy does much better as a side character.

  79. #85 he can’t be the strangler. remember that toby was a juror on the case so he has been caught and toby would know

  80. Funniest line of the night…Nellie saying, “I’ve never eaten a taco. I’m not entirely sure what they are. As long as they’re not slimy, and please God don’t let them have eyes!”


  81. #77, George, I completely agree. I have also really liked Pam and Andy’s friendship this season. They’re very supportive of each other, and the actors have a nice chemistry, I think. I too hope to see more of this.

  82. I thought this was a very clever episode. You wonder if David Wallace may be coming back. Enjoyed seeing him and Andy. I watched this again and wonder if you replaced Andy with Michael, that there would be any difference. Especially the Rock Opera thing with Thomas Oregon. Still it does progress the story line and it was entertaining. Nice to see Kevin win and not as dumb as normal.

    I did enjoy the Ryan/Pam banter. Ryan is irritating as someone trying to be “cool”. Pam is a good foil for him, and the exchange seemed honest not forced. A great opening.

  83. @89
    At the end of Michael’s Last Dundies Toby says that he thinks an innocent man is being put to death before Dwight cuts him off with his sound board.

  84. Andy Buckley! woo hoo! Didn’t he used to post here sometimes? Maybe he can be convinced to make a guest post or comment!! (Tanster – can you arrange?!?) Is he still playing the dad on that teen drama show?

  85. The problem I have with Andy the last couple of episodes is he takes off for a week, two weeks? without clearing this and expects to still have his job. I know the fact that any of them still have jobs is part of the show but he really should have been fired and the fact he was offered a position at all is a good thing.

  86. Funny I was just thinking about David Wallace and his Suck It invention, must be something in the air. Yeah, I got sucked into thinking Kevin’s ideal dog was dead, so that was cute.

    Other than that, this isn’t The Office anymore – just an office. The Office that I knew and loved is long gone. As are the days of subtle humor (which made the broad comedy believable); complex, multifaceted characters; compelling or even realistic storylines, awesome call-backs, or any kind of continuity. No more of that edgy mocku-dramedy feel, only cheap “laughs” and shallow plots. The Office is a mere lowly sitcom now.

  87. @68 Sprinkles

    the theme song is awesome!
    i don’t find it annoying at all

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