The Office: Angry Andy, 8.21

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The Office: Angry Andy

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Claire Scanlon

Summary (NBC): Andy returns to the office to quite a shock — Andy returns from his romantic quest to find his manhood in jeopardy. As he and Nellie duke it out over the manager’s chair, co-workers share unwelcome advice on how to… perform. Meanwhile, Kelly is torn between the perfect man and not-so-perfect Ryan. Guest stars: Catherine Tate, Sendhil Ramamurthy.

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In a poll conducted April 19-23, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.84/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Phyllis: Everybody’s being so nice to me today, I’m really happy being here.

Andy: What happened to ol’ Salty?
Dwight: Nellie let me bobblize him. His name is now Captain Mutato.

Dwight: I’ve written quite a bit of X-Men fan fiction. Captain Mutato is half man, half mermaid. So he can fight crime as a man, and make love as a mermaid. Most of my writing involves the latter.

Ryan: Also, little tip, never shake the baby.

Ryan: Her new boyfriend seems awesome. If you’re into Indian people. I’m not.

Ryan: I’d rather she be alone than with somebody. Is that love?

Robert: Buffett operates the same way.

Erin: Hey, we’re going to have a nice, hot date.

Erin: I was definitely not my normal sexy self.

Ryan: All I remember is how pretty you looked taking those pictures of me.

Erin: I don’t know what the technical term is. Penial. Softiosis.

Dwight: Washington Monument. Eiffel Tower.

Kelly: He pointed to my latte and he said, “Kelly, that will be the color of our children.”

Dwight: A good informer doesn’t judge what’s worth passing on.

Nellie: I just wanted to take the man’s job, not his manhood.

Nellie: “Take a man’s job, but leave him his balls.” Margaret Thatcher said that. Probably. Don’t know. Don’t read. Didn’t see the movie.

Creed: How old? Jinx, buy me some coke.

Gabe: Erin doesn’t even like sex. Remember? You said it feels like getting tackled by a skeleton.

Creed: Haven’t heard any complaints. Wouldn’t care if I did.

Gabe: They say prostate stimulation can help.

Dwight: You know my rectal-electro-ejaculator is rated for bovine use only, but I could let you rent it.

Toby: HR’s a joke. I can’t do anything about anything.

Nellie: Small, bigger, biggest. Sexual innuendo not intentional.

Andy: Dad, go to hell, I’m taller than you!

Darryl: He does not like that wall.

Erin: Maybe we’ll get sent to anger management together.

Ryan: That’s your opinion and it’s her opinion, but it’s not my opinion.

Nate: Just having known you a short time, Brian, I prefer Ravi.

Ryan: Our love scares them. It screws up their cookie cutter world.

Jim: It’s good to see Kelly maturing.

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  1. Ah, anger management-hearkening Andy, we hardly knew ye…which is why it’s fantastic that they’re apparently going to pursue the titular storyline as a GvE battle (Nellie is the Evil, natch). And everything I’ve heard about the Kelly-Ryan story is very promising, from the riff on them as Ronnie-Sammi to just how very and honestly pitiful Ryan looks like next to someone who’s not a complete loser.

  2. This episode sounds extremely promising…though I didn’t expect them to name an entire episode after “Angry Andy”, but still, there are some awesome plot lines that I’ve been looking forward to in this episode!

  3. Sounds great! Not real thrilled about Nellie still being there though but at least Andy will finally get a starring role again.

  4. This show HAS GOT SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER! I miss Michael Scott as much as the next tallyhead, BUT this show has the greatest cast ever assembled that the storylines and humor could be endless! I can’t wait for the NardDog to get back to his ANGERED past!

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing Andy “lose his freakin’ mind”. It’s been a while. I still find it utterly ridiculous that Nellie could just steal his job, however.

  6. Hopefully we will get to see Erin launching Angry Andy at Nellie with a slingshot. Weeeeeeeeee! :-)

  7. I love Pete’s enthusiasm about Erin and Andy. I also love them although I know the writers didn’t handle their relationship well.

    I guess the “Welcome Party” episode will happen when Andy is still on the road trip.

  8. @9
    Thanks Lita! Unlike JAM, Erin and Andy as a couple is all about the will-they-or-won’t-they kind of awkwardness. It is hard to imagine them having a romantic closure.

    George, I hope Andy does not resort to that kind of violence. It would be more fun for the office to scare Nellie away with antics. :-)

  9. Honestly, Nellie is a terrible fit for the flow of the show. I know her character is supposed to be awkward, but she dries up every scene she is in. She’s not a good fit, and I sincerely hope they drop her role.

  10. @11
    Pete, I actually want to see how the Andy and Erin relationship works out, they were quite funny in “Happy Hour”. I hoped it would work out longer than Season 6.

  11. I hope this means that Andy gets fired (or at least asked to step down as manager). I hate Nelly AND the new Andy. We need somebody new as manager. Somebody actually funny.

  12. I rather keep Andy as a manager (like I did with Michael) than some other power-mad idiot over the face of the earth (including Dwight and excluding Jim, maybe).

  13. If they want someone competent as the new manager, they should simply promote Jim.

    If they want someone hot, they should dig up Charles Miner (the man-crush-worthy Idris Elba).

    I guess Andy is not bad, but if Ed Helms is not staying around…

    They may as well make Erin the new manager. She may think a supply chain is literally a chain but it will be funny.

  14. I don’t think Jim is ever going to be manager, because Paul Lieberstein has said that Jim’s character didn’t really work in the manager position in Season 6, and also, John Krasinski has said that he doesn’t want Jim to be manager, as he’s more fun as a slacker employee. I think Andy is the best choice as manager. I can’t see Nellie lasting, she’s too crazy, and being from the UK, I’m not sure how things work in the US, but how she went about getting the job can’t be legal!

  15. @18 Jessie, I think you are right. Let’s hope that Ed Helms stays on the show. I used to like Nellie but that is wearing off.

    (I do enjoy watching Jim being a slacker! That is really cute with Pam. The co-manager bits in Murder was really good though.)

    Andy appeared to be manning up in Welcome Party. Hopefully we will see more growth in him as the manager.

  16. I already hate this episode. Nellie has ruined this series. This might be the last episode for me.

  17. Awful episode. All the erection talk at the meeting? Come on. Everyone in the office on team Nellie? Over a man they’ve worked with for, what, six years? Best part was Andy and Erin’s tirade and expressing every feeling I’ve had about the biggest piece of crap to enter the office: Nellie.

  18. YES. I don’t care if other people don’t like this episode, but this felt like easily one of the best episodes of this season. The awkwardness was top-notch, and I felt real emotions during this episode. I was ACTUALLY angry at Nellie, and I felt genuine sympathy for Andy! REAL EMOTIONS! That hasn’t happened since Goodbye Michael!!

    also, Robert was surprisingly funny!

  19. GREAT episode

    -Loved Creed’s “Jinx, buy me a coke”. A call back to Jim and Pam?

    -Apparently sex with Gabe is like being tickled by a skeleton.Lol

    -Ryan/Kelly storyline was well done, with an ending that was classic Ryan/Kelly

    -Plenty of good Pam and Jim interactions

    -I thought everyone shined this episode

  20. Oh, come on.
    They can do better than this. Half the people reading this could do better.
    Stupid people telling sex jokes. whoopie.
    Where did that wonderful show that I used to enjoy so much go….?

  21. by far the funniest of the season! loved the flashbacks, loved Creed, and I thought Phyllis was even funny, hopefully they keep this up!!!

  22. This was the best episode of Season 8! It was amazing that Erin and Andy told Robert to go to hell.

  23. I personally can’t stand Nellie as a character. Not in a rooting-against-her kind of way, but a I-don’t-want-to-watch-episodes-she’s-in kind of way. And why are people in the office rooting for her?

  24. Dreck. Absolutely horrid. If they hadn’t already filmed the season finale, I’d be inclined to have them end the show in a few weeks. It just gets worse and worse.

    Pam and Jim at the end was the only bright spot.

  25. this episode was AWESOME! It didn’t feel like vintage office, but I mean that in a good way. This felt like what all new episodes should feel like. Plot progression, characters being true to themselves, and just an overall feeling of real stakes in the show! AMAZING!

  26. Although it’s not my favorite episode plot-wise, this is the first episode in a long time in which I was actually laughing out loud…particularly Darryl’s line about the wall.

  27. I actually really liked this one! Nellie is horrid, and I could do without knowing anything about Andy/Erin’s sex life – but the storylines were funny.

    Kelly/Ryan had a storyline? Yay! Ryan declaring his love, but putting all of the conditions on it throughout the episode, was hilarious. Kelly saying she “loved” Ravi then making out with Ryan was classic them. And Jim & Pam getting emotional over Ryan’s poem? Gold!

    I also laughed a lot at the conference room scene.

  28. This episode overall was kind of eh for me just like the last few have been. There were lots of individual moments I liked but as a whole the episode felt like it was missing something. I liked the Andy and Erin story, especially angry Andy. I thought Ed Helms did a great job. Jim and Pam were great. Being in HR, I really loved Toby’s line about not HR being a joke and not being able to do anything about anything. I think that gave me the biggest laugh.

    I wanted to like Nellie because I love Catherine Tate but she is just too obnoxious in this role. Her character could have been utilized in a much better way I think. And Robert California just keeps going down the drain. He was much better to me in the beginning of the season.

  29. I was pleased with this episode. I loved the cold open and the Ryan/Kelly/doctor plot, as well as the Jim/Pam material that went along with it. Andy’s story was great, we finally get some insight into Robert’s motivations with Nellie (did you catch it?), and although I knew from spoilers that Andy would quit/get fired, I was still tense as the episode ended. Very much like the time(s) Michael lost his position.

    Didn’t care for the (literally) oversexed conference room meeting, but The Office has always had its uncomfortable moments! But I loved the callbacks to Andy’s anger issues, most especially Darryl’s line about the wall…I exploded laughing after that!

  30. I really enjoyed this episode. It made me feel anxious and outraged for Andy. I loved Erin shouting at Nellie. The wall punch and Daryl’s subsequent comment were epic, obviously.

    Just one little nit-picky comment though: how come Erin can walk straight back into her job? Did they really not have a receptionist for the last month while she was in Florida?

    Anyway, obviously this whole storyline is contrived in case Ed Helms leaves. I really hope he doesn’t. He was fantastic in this episode, as ever.

  31. I really liked this episode. I loved to see Andy back to his anger to get even with Nellie. She’s not really cut out for managing, but for mindscrewing.

  32. Erin and Andy just keep getting better! It was quite obvious that Erin was faking her anger to make Andy feel better. Her _real_ anger was quite different emotionally in Secretary day. Great acting!!

  33. Did anyone else think that Creed’s “jinx, buy me a coke” was both a callback to Jim and Pam in season 2 as well as Creed actually wanting Robert to buy him not the soft drink but actual cocaine? I mean it IS Creed after all, lol!!

  34. I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the whole angry Andy and Erin scene was hilarious. Hopefully Andy will get his manager position back by the end of the season though. I also thought the Ryan/Kelly storyline was pretty funny.

  35. While there were some laughs, the only storyline with even a vague connection with reality was Pam’s efforts on Kelly’s behalf. Everything else seemed like a “who can be more absurd” contest from the writer’s room. There used to be a feeling that these characters existed within a recognizable universe with some crazy aspects. Now everyone is Creed.

  36. Three cheers for Angry Andy! And yay for Angry Erin! Suddenly they are a great team! I enjoyed this ensemble episode — nice Jim/Pam moments — thank you, writers.
    All in all, one of the better eps in S8.

  37. Despite the over the top writing (the conference room scene especially), I actually laughed during this episode. I think it’s better than last week.

    Erin/Andy made a good couple about being angry.

  38. loved when Nellie asked about little Chumbo – audibly laughed out loud! classic office awkwardness

  39. I was surprised and delighted with this episode. I’m happy to declare it one of the best Office episodes of all time. Everything worked. The one-liners and magical moments just kept coming and coming. Andy punching the wall again and Darryl’s reaction was classic. Creed and Robert saying the same line was hysterical. Also lots of Kelly! And more Nate.

    The conference room scene seemed over the top at first, but then became equal to the classic conference room scenes of the Michael Scott era. This was 10/10 for me. I can’t wait to see how the multiple cliffhangers play out.

  40. I loved that so many characters got a chance to shine. Douchy, pretentious Ryan is so much more interesting than pre-season 5 Ryan. I loved that people finally told off both Robert and Nellie and I love that it brought Andy and Erin closer as a couple.

  41. Getting a solid 9 from me! I have always been an Erin & Andy fan, and Nard Dog anger is priceless! I think he may have been more angry than when Jim put his cellular device in THE FRIGGIN CEILING, lol. Office shines once again. I hate when they go to the conference room without Michael Scott, but this Impotence meeting was hilarious the whole way around the board. Yes Creed was great, but Gabe had me rolling with the getting tackled by a skeleton comment! Go Office!

  42. Sorry, I have to give a nod to Nate! That actor plays his role so great, and his line about Kelly’s new man was hilarious.

  43. I realized that the writers are lazy because of the fans being lazy. People dislike Nellie because she “took” Andy’s job? ANDY LEFT IT. He worked there for six years and said “gonna go get Erin!” and just left. The job was OPEN.

    Nellie = good.
    Andy = failed Michael Scott clone.

    It makes sense people moved on. Andy, again, left them without warning -to- Nellie who in turn gave them all raises and seems to keep to herself unlike other managers.

  44. Additionally, Erin’s anger was obnoxious. These people just don’t need jobs in today’s economy? Okay. So they can leave whenever they want, throw tantrums whenever they want, and keep their jobs? It’s not like Andy was good at his job anyway and Erin is functionally retarded.

    Get rid of both of them.

  45. OK, this was the first time I laughed out loud at an Office episode in a long time and it felt good! Even characters I’ve been “meh” about had funny lines, like Nellie with her Margaret Thatcher reference. My favorite, though, was Darryl: “Man, he does NOT like that wall!”

    Great episode!

  46. It seems that the writers are losing grip on the strongest characters while they search desperately for some other character that will bring back the Michael Scott chemistry and shock factor. If “Nellie” sticks around too much longer, I won’t.

  47. BTW, what has happened to the Robert California character? He went from being this intimidating force of a boss to essentially letting people run over him. Nellie just saying “no” to him? I get that the character likes the drama, but it’s totally opposite from where he started out in the beginning of the season. Surely the marriage stuff didn’t completely turn his character 180 degrees.

  48. I liked the Kelly new bf storyline. I would have liked to have seen that be more of the primary focus of the show. She and Ryan have been off and on since season 2; they deserved a bigger chunk of the show.

    Loved the Phyllis opening and the very end with Jim and Pam tearing up.

    The Nellie/Andy story line is so beyond ridiculous and lazy and unworthy of the Office. It is so far from even resembling what could be reality in an office environment, it just makes me sad. The impotence sequence was also such low quality. Ugh, so very disappointed in the episode.

  49. @#48. Yeah, why do these people still have their jobs? It’s almost like it’s a sitcom. Oh wait, it is.

  50. Robert California and Nellie are ruining the show. This is my favorite show of my life, and I will watch regardless. But my god they are horrible.

  51. I am curious what the fan rating will be. Last week’s comments were overwhelmingly positive, but the rating was one of the season’s worst. A lot of positive comments this week too so we will see.

  52. Funny episode sans the Impotence meeting. I feel as though the sexual comedy this season has been very blunt and in your face as if the writers review the script and say “here’s a spot we can add in a penis reference”. I don’t remember previous seasons being like this (or at least have done so subtly with TWSS jokes). May be worth to take a look and compare this season with the first 7 and see if my theory is correct.

  53. One of my favourites of the season. But not surprised since it’s Justin Spitzer, one of my favourite Office writers!

  54. This whole Andy vs Nellie thing is reminiscent of Michael vs Charles. Though I side with Andy, I don’t want to see him come back as manager.

    Robert and Nellie have become prominent villains that will be defeated within a couple of episodes.

  55. i cringed hard at the andy/erin go insane scene but overall i liked this episode

  56. I thought this episode had so much potential but the ending wasn’t that satisfying

  57. I loved the Phyllis cold open. I adore it when lesser characters get a moment to shine. How about a Creed cold open?

    Yes to this being an emotional episode. I HATED Nellie for docking Andy’s pay and was so glad to see both Erin and Andy stand up to her.

    I think Robert has issues with strong women, especially those he’s attracted to. It’s his weakness.

    Phyllis’ one year orgasm? I laughed so hard!

  58. Can we just get an episode of cold opens? Those are the only things which have made me laugh in the last few episodes.

    Hey, writers…what happened to the Mrs. California/Andy subplot?

    This was painfully bad. Do we really need an episode focused on impotence? I now watch out of habit.

  59. @60

    I see your point about the Michael/Charles parallel, but that arc had at least some semblance of plausibility to it- the veteran of the job having to deal with some new face who changes the status quo of things. Nellie walking in and doing her weird voodoo on everyone is just plain silly, and I had a hard time getting behind that one.

  60. This episode seemed a bit off if you ask me. Though I loved the Kelly and Ryan story, I thought the Andy story was weird. Daryl was cute during the conference room scene. I also loved the opening with Phyllis. They should give her more lines! Same with Nate! He’s super funny!

  61. I can’t believe how much I hate Nellie. It’s not because she “took Andy’s job”, it’s just how unfunny she is. Also, the plotline makes no sense – a woman walks into an office and sits in the manager’s desk because he’s not present that day, and suddenly she’s the manager? How? That said, I loved this episode. All the other characters (except an oddly out-of-character Pam IMO) had at least 1 great moment – Creed, Darryl, Nate, Ryan, Kelly, Phyllis, Dwight, Toby, Oscar, Gabe, and of course Andy. Another great writing job by Justin Spitzer. 8.5/10, I’ll give it a 9 in the poll. But where was Kevin? Did I miss something?

  62. This episode made me laugh but it just isn’t the office anymore. There used to be a few voices of reason in the office(Jim, Pam, Oscar, etc.). Now it’s like they just gave up and started acting like all of the other crazy people. Like I said, I laughed but do you really think that Jim would tell the entire office that he and Pam had so much sex and was he too exhausted and drunk to go at it again? Same thing with Pam booing Ryan, sure he deserved it but that seemed much more like something Pam would do when she’s drunk.

    Andy was sort of funny being angry but why couldn’t they make him do something different instead of just punching the same wall again? Maybe throw his chair through the conference room window or something.

  63. i think it’s pretty clear to all us long-time office fans that the show is not anything like it used to be. when i put on the dvr recording today (because i don’t stay home on thursday nights to watch like the old days) i even sadly said to my husband “time to watch the bad office”. but i ACTUALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this episode! yes, nellie and robert are a freaking horror show, but andy’s meltdown was classic. and no one has mentioned my favorite part…where andy says something like “a lot of things are coming up all at once” and then picks up the phone and says “dad, go to hell, i’m taller than you!” i was CRYING laughing! good times.

  64. This latest episode of the office just proves that if you take a step towards love you get screwed when it comes to your career.

  65. @68

    I realise what you’re saying about the unbelievable “Nellie is now manager” plotline. But thankfully, against the odds, I think the plot has worked because of several Office peculiarities – Andy’s post-anger-management passivity, Robert’s amorous siding with Nellie (which she cleverly picked up on and exploited) and the tendency of the office staff to act like sheep in the face of authority. Like sucking up to Deangelo Vickers.

  66. As much as I never want The Office to end, after I watched last night’s episode I realized that it probably should have ended a while ago. I still love all these characters, but it’s strayed so far from the original, dare I say PERFECT show that it was in the first three seasons, that it’s almost like a completely different show. Pam booing Ryan? Out of character. Ryan’s horse? Funny, but unrealistic. Nelly is hilarious, but that whole story-line is ridiculous. The impotence conference room scene? Not believable. I’ve seen this happen to other long-running shows, but I thought it wouldn’t happen to The Office. How naive i was! Sigh.

  67. I was digging how dominant and sure of himself that Robert was in the beginning… rawr! Now he’s kind of a wuss… Ugh!! Nelly makes me want to peel the paint off of the walls. Bring back the original Robert “DOMINANT” California… yum!

  68. A real mixed bag for me. I can see why reactions are so mixed.
    I’m disliking Nellie more and more and finding it hard to watch with her, CT has taken over this show the way Nellie took Andy’s office. Why did everyone side with her so quickly – come on Dwight! The only way she would work is as the bad-guy who eventually gets her payback and leaves. RC wimped out. And what’s with the record penis & genital references? That meeting just turned juvenile and went waaay too far. What show is this?

    OTOH there were very funny moments too. I found the Pam/Ryan/Kelly plot and Pam confronting Ryan quite interesting. I enjoyed how Andy and Erin made a great team here, they’re really settling in. And I loved it when someone finally just told Nellie to shut up and they paid out on her – I’m surprised it took Erin of all people (even if it was just to fire up Andy).

    I don’t know what to give an episode like this.

  69. This is such a difficult episode to rate in my opinion. I liked the cringe humor in the conference room. Also, Andy/Erin’s tantrums were undoubtedly hilarious and entertaining. Probably the highlight besides the tantrum was Nellie’s hilarious lack of knowledge for Margaret Thatcher’s quote. But at the same time, this episode feels rushed and lazy, as if the writers just said, “Oh, we’ll just make Andy mad again because Nellie is the manager” and just wrote the episode with a similar amount of work put into it. “Welcome Party” was an excellent episode, but I almost don’t want to rate this one.

  70. I am so irate right now, I can not believe what is going on with this show. If Andy doesn’t get his job back and or something happens to Nellie I will never watch this show again. I have been a fan since the beginning and that’s how much this infuriates me. I can’t watch a show where she can just take the his job and Robert just sits there and lets it happen. I’m disgusted.

  71. I have just watched the episode again. I really enjoyed how very unpleasant Ryan was! He had some great lines.

    Nate is marvellous too. More, please!

  72. Loved Erin and Andy’s tirade directed at Nellie and Robert! That was hilarious. Also, Erin and Andy’s “My Girlfriend’s Back” entrance was very cute. Andy hiding behind the box at the end was also hilarious. Great episode. My only complaint would be that Pam seemed unusually bitchy, meddling and “toxic” in this episode.

  73. For me, it may the worst episode of the entire history of the show, along with “Mafia”.
    The lack of support for Andy in the meeting room was totally unrealistic from what you know about these characters, especially Jim or Darryl, who usually have standards. What makes it even worse is that this attitude is completely at odds with the entire office being bold enough to rightfully take sides with Kelly and her new boyfriend against Ryan in the same episode.
    Nellie isn’t interesting or funny, she’s just obnoxious.

  74. This episode confirmed that I don’t care about a 9th season. What a disappointment and trainwreck the Nellie story has done to the Series.

    The show seemed to do great at first without Michael, but it totally has caught up to them. His character is missed entirely through all this.

  75. As much as I hate to admit it, this season is getting harder and harder for me to watch.

    This was probably my least favorite episode so far.
    There were some parts that I enjoyed, but overall there was a lot more bad than good.

    Hopefully they can pick it up in the next couple episodes and end the season on a better note.

  76. I thought this was a very funny episode and really held together well. I agree with folks: the show is not as good as it was (yup, S2 may have been just about perfect) but imo still one of the funniest shows on tv. Scenes that may be unrealistic – like the conf room impotence discussion – were hilarious so I am ok with that as long as it does not become the norm. Lack of support for Andy – I am ok with that also and do not think that was unrealistic at all. These people work together and are not close – does Stanley have a mustache or not?

    I also think JK has been hilarious this year and funny in a variety of ways. Kudos to him for a great job. Maybe someday he will get an Emmy nod.

  77. I hate Nellie; so I loved Andy/Erin’s tantrums. I’ll be leaving the office along with them if this Nellie stays on. It’s a shame because I’ll miss the show but there’s always facebook to entertain me.

  78. I hope that Andy gets the manager job back. I actually think that the show could go on with him as manager but I think that both Nellie and Robert should go. They just do not seem to be the right fit for this show. Maybe have Kathy Bates’ Jo come back and fire Robert and transfer her friend Nellie back to Florida. I like James Spader but just don’t really care for the Robert character nor Nellie.

  79. Best part of the episode was Andy punching the wall, but that was ruined by the promos showing it. I know they wanted to show something to get you to watch, but that was the funniest joke, such a good callback. And they ruined it by playing it in every promo.

  80. There were some absolutely hilarious moments in this episode and I laughed out loud the whole way throughout, but story-wise it did not feel satisfying at all. The Ryan/Kelly storyline came out of nowhere – it would have been much better to have built it up for a few weeks first. Why did nobody in the office side with Andy? Why didn’t anybody object to the horribly humiliating and completely inappropriate impotence meeting? And who in their right mind thought it was a good idea that Pam, the same woman who tried to encourage her husband to pretend he’d experienced impotence in order to help Andy save face, would then heckle Ryan to the extent that Jim had to try and restrain her?! Also, her confrontation with Ryan appeared more about personal dislike than about how he had treated Kelly. As a big fan of Pam, I found the way she was written in this episode extremely disappointing. She was basically all over the place, sweet one minute and verging on obnoxious the next. That being said, the tag with her and Jim tearing up was the best moment in the episode. It was both funny and in character.

  81. Not a huge fan of this episode. I also don’t mean to sound like a prude, but it seems like they’ve been pushing the boundaries this year in terms of their sexual humor. I liked it better when it was more subtle. It seems like this year has been nothing but extended discussions about impotence, genitals, etc. When you go for the easy joke, it’s a sign of weakness. “The Office” can do better and I hope next season they will.

  82. I just invented a deleted scene in my head where Pam explains to Jim that she’s so angry with Ryan because he reminds her of Roy. Now I feel much better about how she behaved towards him in this episode. (As a bonus, in my scene, Jim was really touched because Pam described Ravi as “Kelly’s Jim”.) Still trying to come up with something to help me cope with the horrible lack of support for Andy…

  83. I don’t agree with comments about Pam being out of character for being mean to Ryan. This isn’t anything new, but it was focused a lot in this episode.

    Pam and Ryan always had smaller exahanges such as “this is like crack” or “I want you to tell me a homeless guy should be our new manager” etc

  84. What made the Office so GREAT was the fact that it had a sense of “reality” to it – odd ball coworkers, dumb corporate policies, work place craziness – yet still – a sense of reality.

    That is now long gone – it’s become a comic book.

    Also, using that many “sex” jokes is weak – is that all you’ve got?

    The show is obviously in trouble.

    Take my advice – bring in GARY COLE – have him be the manager and the “bad guy” – and go out in a blaze of glory.

    At least one season of the cast doing Hogan’s Heroes around a jerk boss would be funny.

  85. #94, yes Ryan has always clearly irritated Pam, but the booing and heckling was over the top and clearly we were meant to think so, since they had Jim grab her her and tell her that was enough. I just don’t understand why, was it supposed to be funny, her losing all sense of decorum because of Ryan’s ridiculous, self-absorbed behaviour? It wasn’t funny, it actually made me cringe. I think the scene would have worked much better if Pam had been her usual level-headed and reasonable self in it – it would have shown Ryan up so much more. I love Pam, she’s my favourite character, but this scene upset me because she didn’t come off much better than Ryan in it. It was kind of awful that her husband had to check her behaviour, she’s never had to do that to Jim.

  86. How was Pam being excessive in how she treated Ryan? He’s an unbearbly pathetic and selfish person, and Pam, being who she is, has always disliked him and only recently has become outspoken.

    Have we also forgotten “The Michael Scott Paper Company”? She and Ryan were constantly bickering and it was old Pam back then. I’m just saying.

    Also, I hate the thought of Gabe and Erin sleeping together… eww! >.< I'm just going to pretend it never happened… Maybe Erin never let him get that far because he was such a creep :P

  87. #97, it’s not Pam disliking Ryan I object to, nor her confronting him, that is all perfectly in character and has been the dynamic between the two characters since Season 4, but in every other exchange, Pam has always been the one who has come out looking better – she always shows Ryan up. In this episode, she started off with a really good point about Ryan, but she got so wound up about him, she ended up acting in a really, childish, bratty way that was frankly undignified – that’s what was out of character.

  88. I think they should get rid of Robert California and Nelly, put Andy back down to sales person have Jan come back to run the office via a telemonitor, they can just roll her head on the tv into the office as needed. Get back to the stupid mundane office stuff

  89. I loathed this episode, but for anyone who still reads the parody Dunder Mifflin Newsletters that are produced once a month, there’s a poem by Ryan Howard about his relationship with Kelly that’s really, really funny.

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