The Office: Gettysburg promos

Here are three video clips of The Office episode Gettysburg, airing November 17, 2011:

A promo:

Andy puts the office on a wartime footing — with a field trip.
[Video no longer available]

Robert California catches half the team by surprise.
[Video no longer available]


  1. I think that the first promo is the cold open. Awesome, although I wish this could have been another birth episode.

  2. My take is that is the last we see of Pam for quite awhile. I believe Paul said there would not be another delivery show. I’m going to miss Pam around the office. It’s not the same without her.

  3. What Ryan said in clip 2 is something that Michael would’ve said. He’s got some great lines this season.

  4. So based on this promo, I’m guessing-
    Gettysburg Group: Jim, Dwight, Andy, Stanley, Phyllis, Oscar, Darryl, Creed
    Office Group: Pam, Kevin, Ryan, Kelley, Meredith, Angela, Cathy, Robert

    Not sure: Toby and Gabe (aka, the annex boys)

    also, did Kelly’s line get dubbed or something? it sounds/looks really strange

  5. Literally everytime Andy has a talking head I think of Michael Scott. It’s as if Michael Scott was recast and renamed. Does anybody else see it? He’s practically Michael now.

  6. Any guess as to what Jim was looking at on his computer, that he quick shut off, when Andy said “what, they took another client from us”?

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