Office cast in TVG’s top stars roundup

Question: How many Dunder Mifflinites can you fit in a photo booth?

Answer: A whopping 16, yo!

The latest print issue of TV Guide includes a feature called My Big Year — “our annual roundup of the hot stars and even hotter shows that made 2006 such a beautiful TV year.”

The roundup, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our favorite show — and a cute cast photo.

the office steve carell golden globes


  1. Pauls head looks it too, but this is an awsome pic! I love anything candid (is that the right word?) with these people, they like my favorite group of actors!

  2. I think John’s suit jacket is getting pushed into him causing the bobblehead effect.

    On the flipside, Mindy Kaling looks STUNNING.

  3. awesome pic, it really comes through that these people all enjoy working with each other and it’s so great

  4. Wow, this photo is such an awful photoshopped job. Still, it’s kind of strangely fun to look at.

  5. JMO, but I don’t think it is photoshopped, but only because if it is why would they leave Creed out??

  6. Okay first of all this is a great picture
    And second of all…
    What! How is that really John’s head!? It HAS to be photoshopped. But…why would they do that? Kind of strange…

  7. I’m wondering if John maybe had a goofy look on his face or had his eyes closed or something like that … that may explain why he appears to be photoshopped, but Creed is non-existant.

  8. Maybe he just looks like a floating head because he was wearing all black. Maybe a black turtleneck?

  9. hahahaah so funny to look at. John’s face was totally photoshopped! A few others look it too, but Jenna looks really pretty (as usual, if only us other girls were so lucky lol)

  10. John is one of the tallest people in the cast and he would have to be sitting on the floor if this were real. I think John, Brian, Angela and Greg Daniels(if that is who that is) are photoshopped.

  11. omg, people. this is not photoshopped.
    it’s the lighting that makes it look like that.
    you all are so paranoid.
    it’s funny.

  12. Hahha yeah we are all paranoid, it’s true.

    But Matt you’re right- the bottom four guys were photoshopped in.

    They thought they could pull a fast one on us–pshh! puhleeeze, we know bad photoshopping when we see it

  13. Hey, I learned a new word {photoshopped?”}, but I see what it means. I miss Creed too, but love that Oscar is there. Hope that he is on the Christmas show. I miss him. LOVE, LOVE THESE GUYS! I LOVE THE OFFICE!!!

  14. I think the entire thing was photoshopped.

    The proportions just aren’t right, they just looked pasted on each other. Some of them are really together, but they weren’t all together for this.

  15. Totally not photoshopped – I’m sure they could pay people to do a better job. It does look kind of weird and the proportions do seem that way but they all kind of fit in around each other. Blah blah, who cares anyway!

  16. Actually, I think it’s the angle of the camera (not to mention all the crammed-in bodies) causing the distortion with JK. He looks REALLY pinched in there. Even Angela looms a little large, and Greg Daniels even larger. :)

    As a graphic designer, it makes sense from a perspective standpoint, as everyone seems to get smaller as you look from Daniels to Carrell.

    Can someone get the dimensions of the TV Guide photobooth? ;)

    Just goes to show you camera angle IS everything. And they said it was just lighting and makeup all these years.

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