Office nominated for 2007 Writers Guild Awards

The Office has received three nominations for the 2007 Writers Guild Awards:

  • COMEDY SERIES. The Office, written by Steve Carell, Jennifer Celotta, Greg Daniels, Lee Eisenberg, Brent Forrester, Ricky Gervais, Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, Stephen Merchant, B.J. Novak, Michael Schur, Justin Spitzer, Gene Stupnitsky
  • EPISODIC COMEDY, any length, one airing time. Casino Night (The Office), written by Steve Carell
  • EPISODIC COMEDY, any length, one airing time. The Coup (The Office), written by Paul Lieberstein

Read the full list of nominees here.

The awards will be presented on February 11 in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Steve, Paul, and the rest of the writing staff!


  1. That’s awesome!

    I am a bit surprised the The Coup was singled out for a nod since there were some bigger standouts from this current season (like Branch Closing & The Merger & Gay Witch Hunt) – though I’m not sure what the cutoff date for qualification was.

    Totally agree with the Casino Night nod, for sure.

  2. I hope they all win for their writing efforts, but I really really hope that Steve Carrell wins for Casino Night, that man is a genius.

  3. Best writing of any comedy currently out there, but that’s due to Arrested Development being murdered by the morons at FOX.

    Still, the nominations are well deserved.

  4. The Coup? Interesting, especially since CN was the other nominee. Totally different types of episodes. (also my most and least favorite!) At least there is a big diversity in nominees.

  5. That’s funny, because The Coup is right behind Diwali for my least favorite episode this season. It was good TV but it didn’t feel like an Office episode to me personally, still good news for the show though.

  6. Yeah, I also thought “The Coup” kind of sucked (by Office standards). But when I think about it, what I didn’t like about it was Rainn’s overdone-even-for-Dwight performance, from the stupid waffle thing to the drool after his mea culpa. It was a well-constructed-enough episode though; Michael’s reaction to his betrayal was very well-conceived.

  7. And, yes, Casino Night must win. Just a brilliant piece of work, subtle foreshadowing, recurring motifs, and every scene a gut-buster (one way or another).

  8. I’d have nominated Branch Closing over The Coup as well.

    I wonder if being nominated for two episodes hurts the chances of either one winning.

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