The Office Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2010

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dwight BobbleheadThe 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collection includes a Talking Dwight Bobblehead ornament, and it’s available in Hallmark Gold Crown stores now!

Head “bobs” when touched. Battery operated. 4-1/2″ tall.

Listen to sound clips here.

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Tipsters: jmj, Meggan


Congratulations to Ryan (#24) — you have won the Dwight Talking Bobblehead ornament!

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  1. Yay!! I’m so glad that Hallmark has put out its second Office ornament. I hope this is one of many more to come. I hope they have them in Canada now too.

  2. A Christmas tree that instead of using ornaments and lights as decorations, uses Dwight’s weapons!

  3. I think a great item for an ornament would be a Dundie. You’d have to miniaturize it, of course, but it would make a fun ornament.

  4. The painting of Pam and Jim that Michael gave them as a wedding present would make an awesome ornament!

  5. The jello mold or world’s best boss mug. For a more Christmas-y feel, maybe the homemade oven mitt or tea pot.

  6. I think a figurine of Phyllis dressed up as Santa (like she did in the Secret Santa episode) would make a great ornament!

  7. Here I thought I was being so creative when the first thing I thought was “Stapler in Jell-O!” and then “World’s Best Boss mug!” Apparently these are things other people would like to see too.

    However, I would love to see one that plays Andy singing “Take a Chance on Me” to Angela.

    Also, this would be grotesque, but Office fans often have a weird sense of humor: Dwight holding Meredith with a bag over her head. When you push the button, the bag moves and you can hear the bat flying around inside and Meredith shouting. Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like rabies.

  8. I think Mr. A Knife would be the perfect ornament to adorn your Christmas tree

  9. I would love to have an ornament of Michael’s “Salesman Of The Year Award”.

    OR my own personalized DUNDIE Award

  10. I think a Dundee award is a definite “must” for next year’s ornament. This is especially true since they are rumored to be coming back this season!

  11. I think Dwight’s massive key ring from the season premiere would make a cool, jingly ornament. Either that or a miniature version of the ball they toss around in Grief Counseling.

  12. I think that a great Christmas ornament would be a Princess Unicorn doll that when you press it plays her theme song, “My horn can pierce the sky!” :)

  13. I would like to see a Dundie award. I would also like to see a stapler in jello. Thank you.

  14. I think that maybe a mini blow up doll with Michael’s face on it would be a pretty great ornament.

  15. The yogurt top medals with paper clips made by Pam for the Office Olympics would make fantastic ornaments!

  16. The painting that Michael did of Jim and Pam for their wedding gift, with that quote of Michael saying he kept the one of them in the nude.

    Or possibly a miniature copy of Threat Level: Midnight with a sound byte of Michael saying, “Michael Scarn!” in the way that he does.

    But really, I have to agree with everyone else, the next one should be the stapler in Jell-o, for sure. “He put my stapler in Jell-o! Discipline him!”

  17. I think a great ornament would be the seen of Dwight vomiting on the hood of his trans am after he hit the light pole in “the accident”

  18. It would be great to have an ornament of Darryl with sound clips of him telling Michael Scott what “gangsters” say

  19. I thought that if I could get any kind of office related goodie, Jim and Pam WOULD be involved. So I thought a cute idea would be the Maid of the Mist with Jim and Pam on it (with her head on his shoulder). Another cool thing might be Pam’s veil and Jim’s tie on a heart (Haven’t thought that far yet)
    And now that I have the wedding on the brain, Andy icing his balls could be a fun one too. :)

  20. I know others have said this, but a stapler in jello is the first thing that popped into my head! It may not be original, but it “is” the Office.

  21. I think Princess Unicorn would make a good ornament or Andy’s banjo. When you press the banjo, it’ll play random clips of Andy’s singing.

  22. The stapler in Jell-o is the best idea but I’ll throw in an ornament of the Christmas card where Michael photoshopped his face in (Carol & kids) – love that!

  23. I my first thought was the stapler in Jello (seems to be pretty popular!). It’s very iconic of the show and represents Jim (since we’ve already had Michael and Dwight). Something for Pam should also be next (her candy dish, maybe?), but I also wouldn’t mind a Dundie or the World’s Best Boss Mug, even though we’ve already had something for Michael.

  24. I would like to see the Medals from the “Office Olympics” episode with gold and blue lids so you can flip them.

  25. I think a great Christmas ornament idea would be a rock with “you suck” on it, or some sort of wedding favor or baby shower favor with jim, pam and cece’s names on it.

  26. I’d love a mini “Merry Christmas” banner with “Santa hates tears” in the lower corner.

  27. I would like to see an ornament of Dwight’s Desk all wrapped up and a string that you can pull to break it.

  28. Just a few ideas:
    Ornament bobbleheads for the rest of the cast
    Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” mug
    Pam’s DM building painting
    Kevin’s MnM’s Stash
    A stapler in Jell-O
    A Stanley crossword
    ‘Suck on This’ Rock

  29. I would love an ornament of Andy’s banjo. It could play clips of some of Andy’s singing on the show!

  30. I’m thinking world’s greatest boss cup?
    Maybe even in a “jello mold” aka resin.

  31. Andy with a Christmas hat that says:

    Deck the Halls song
    There’s a place in France…
    “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

  32. Next year’s ornament should be Jim’s desk, with his computer, a yogurt lid medal on it, a stapler in jell-o on it, and a picture or two…

  33. I’m really digging the idea of Dwight’s mega-desk and/or Jim’s Quad-desk, either as separate items or together/combined in an epic duel of monstrous desk-ness(?). Another idea could be Dwight’s Recyclops, either in his early or late stages. Just a couple of thoughts…

  34. Another Dwight bobble head but with his water backpack on or a Dwight bobble head dressed as a farmer with a cart of beets.. awesome!

  35. Great minds think alike—

    Stapler in Jello
    Maid of the Mist with Jim & Pam bobbleheads
    TWSS button
    Andy’s banjo
    Andy’s 12 days of Christmas gifts for Erin

  36. I think a headshot of Michael with his shoulder Michael counterpart would be a random and funny ornament! And of course, stapler in the jello.

  37. How about Date Mike wearing the hat? He could say “nice to meet me” of course. Or maybe Angela’s cat with a sign saying, “save Bandit”?

  38. I would like to see an ornament of Dwight in his gentleman attire from Counseling. He’ll have his pipe, three-piece suit (or two-piece suit with a vest), and all his memorable lines as sound clips.

  39. I have seen battery-powered ornaments that have assorted figures ice-skating across a reflective surface. I would like to see one based on “Michael’s Birthday” from Season 2, with all the characters skating around a rink.

  40. How about a Christmas Tree ornament of an undecorated Christmas tree. (From the “Secret Santa” episode I believe)

  41. I just thought of a better idea for an ornament then the one I just suggested. Can you please approve this one instead?

    An ornament of picture michael painted for jim and pams wedding. I’m not sure there is a better choice.

  42. What about some lemon~ade (like Ryan “makes” for the fiesta) or Kevin’s creme brulee?
    Or some people playing flonkerton?
    Or a clawed-up bag of frozen potatoes?

    (My first thoughts were jello-ed stapler, and the doll whose ‘horn can pierce the sky.’ I see I’m less creative than I thought! Way to go, Tallyheads!!!)

  43. I think the best Office ornament ever would be everything and anything that has Andy singing from it! lol

  44. Princess Unicorn would be great! It would be even greater if she was holding a jell-o mold with a stapler in it.

  45. Stapler in Jello, anything off of Michael’s desk (esp. the coffee mug), the “Office” sign that they show during the intro, or my left-field choice, andy’s cell phone that plays Rockin’ Robin :)

  46. My vote goes to the famous stapler in jello. After all, that’s what started it way back in season one.

  47. a phone/cell phone with the phrases: “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam,” Rocky Robin ringtone, Andy’s acapella group singing “Take a Chance”, any Michael Scott prank calls or corporate convos, Dwight’s secret CIA mission, etc.

  48. You could do a three part series of the Office Olympics medals. Or the mug’s Kelly gave out as party favors with everyone’s faces on them.

  49. I would like to see an ornament made like the teapot that Jim gave to Pam as a Christmas gift. Then, when the lid of the teapot is lifted, a little chip would be activated, and would play Jim’s heartfelt speech to Pam from “Casino Night.”

  50. A bobblehead of Dwight’s car or Michael under the cheese cart. Also, the teapot that Pam received from Jim would be great.

  51. The big red bear from Cornell. Or Oscar in a pair of ice stakes. Or Creed with his mung beans (or anything else he’s stolen )

  52. Since the Office has changed so much this year I have 2 ideas. 1) A Sabre printer, 2) A family picture of Jim, Pam & Cecelia.

  53. I think they should make a Princess Unicorn ornament. It could play the Princess Unicorn theme (Her horn can pierce the sky!)

  54. I think it would really cool to have a Dundie award or a jim and pam portrait that Michael gave them for a wedding gift.

  55. Looking at the previous ornaments helped me make my vote.
    Last years ornament had:
    Michael as the subject, a dundie and worlds best boss mug on the desk
    so scratch those off the list
    This years ornament has:
    Dwight as the subject and is a bobblehead.
    So scratch those also.
    So for the sake of having something different my vote goes to PRINCESS UNICORN. It comes from a Christmas episode and involves some new subjects.

  56. I just bought my Dwight ornament yesterday and it’s awesome! It now proudly sits next to Michael’s desk as well as the Pam and Michael bobbleheads and my Dundie!! :)

  57. paper-shaped pancakes ornament. Michael Scott Paper Company/Korean Hallelujah Church of Scranton van ornament. Kevin’s pot of chili ornament. Stanley sumo-wrestler ornament.

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