The Office Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2009

The Office Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentHallmark is offering The Office Keepsake Ornament this year, available only at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores!

It’s called “World’s Best Boss” and plays four different Michael Scott clips.

Audio clips
Ornament details

Tipster: Melissa in NC

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  1. I bought it the day it came out. It’s awesome!! Office fans will not be disappointed.

  2. I bought one this past Sunday and it is wonderful. I don’t plan on using it as a Christmas ornament though. Michael Scott’s desk will forever sit on my desk as an everyday ornament.

  3. I bought mine about a week ago. It’s so awesome! Definitely worthy of staying out all year long. It has found a home on my dresser next to my Pam bobblehead.

  4. GASP!!!!!! I hope my Hallmark store has this! I’m taking a long lunch hour to find out. And like Denise and Jamnicity, this will be on my desk year-round.

  5. I will get that! I saw it a few weeks ago, just wasn’t ready to buy Christmas ornaments quite yet… now I am!

  6. Just picked up mine. Super cute! Love how you press the little mouse button to hear the audio clips.

    Question for you Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collectors: are these ornaments limited to the current season only? So they won’t be selling this particular design next year?

    The Office Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

  7. I’m a tipster! WOOT!
    To answer your question Tanster, the Hallmark ornaments are limited to the current season and the design is unique to each year. What’s left after Christmas does get marked down but the selection tends to be “picked over”. The new ornament catalog comes out every April.

    Here’s hoping they will do a different Office ornament every year!

    [from tanster: thanks, Melissa! as Hallmark is sponsoring the ornament giveaway, they are definitely reading your comments, so if you love these ornaments and want them to continue making them new ones next season, please let them know here! :) ]

  8. The best ornament ever! I bought one for me and my sister (her’s is for her birthday shhh.) Best Christmas ever.

  9. Aww, I thought I scooped this months ago when the Hallmark Ornament catalog came out. I guess I wasn’t fast enough on the e-mail trigger. =(

    I saw it in the store last weekend but we have so little storage (and cash) after buying our annual Hallmark ornament allotment. May pick it up once it gets marked down. I also have my eye on the “Hippopotamus for Xmas” and “Ralphie in Bunny Suit” ornaments.

  10. Oooh! My boyfriend’s mom works for Hallmark Canada head office… I hope they have these in Canada too, I’ll have to ask her to find me one!

  11. From front and center on my Christmas tree, to front and center on my desk. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! :) Hope the series continues for plenty of Christmases to come!

  12. Aw, I also sent in this tip days ago, guess someone beat me to it. I work in a Gold Crown Store and I picked mine up weeks ago. Now we need an ornament featuring the whole cast! Great work, Hallmark! (Also, while you’re looking to pick up your ornament, be sure to peruse the cards. We have a quite a few Office birthday cards.)

  13. I’m dearly hoping this ornament is just the start of a new series for Hallmark. They could feature a new character each year. I’d buy them all! I even bypassed my usual Wizard of Oz ornament (I’m a collector of those) to get this Office one instead. Please, Hallmark, please keep these coming!

  14. Money-wise today, I had to choose between the ornament or the daily calendar; I went with this…and I am very happy with it!!!

  15. I received the Office ornament today. I love it! It’s really great. Thanks again!

    [from tanster: awesome! isn’t it cute? :) ]

  16. I, too, have my Office ornament displayed on my work desk…I love it! Plus, listening to Michael’s quotes are a great boost during the dreary work day.
    Thanks, Hallmark!

  17. I bought mine while I was in Maine this past weekend. Does everyone’s have the hook on the front of the computer? The picture on the box shows the hook on top, but on mine it was on the front of the monitor and it just doesn’t look right.

  18. Hallmark employee here! Jody, the hook should hang from the top of the monitor as shown on the box. You may have purchased a defective model. Bring it on back to any Hallmark and they will surely exchange it for you, free of charge. :)

  19. Thanks, Meghan. I knew it didn’t look right. I’ll take it back this weekend. Also mine was wrapped in tissue paper, but another ornament I got from Hallmark was in plastic.

  20. So I tried taking back my ornament yesterday and I couldn’t because they were all the same. There was one ornament on display and two new ones in boxes and they all had the hook coming out the front of the computer’s monitor!! I wonder why they’re like that?

  21. I got one of the ornaments as a gift at our work Christmas party the other night! The co-worker who gave it to me said she had to go to 3 Hallmarks before she found one!

    #25 Jody – and others who have commented on the defective hook sticking out of the front of the monitor…. When I read your comments, I immediately checked mine and it was the same way! I, too, tried exchanging it and found all the others were the same. The ladies at Hallmark were surprised at first, but then logically we all came to the same conclusion – we think it does belong there. The ornament is oddly shaped, but with a hook or string in that hook, it hangs straight and balanced. I think that the photo on the box and in the catalog just shows the hook on top because it looks better.

    Does anyone actually have an ornament with the hook on top as shown in the pictures? I can’t believe we’d all have defective ones, all over the country. I think we’re good!

  22. Has anyone in the Atlanta area had any luck finding these? I’ve been to three Hallmarks and they are all sold out! I want to buy one for my boss who is a huge Office fan. Thanks!

  23. It’s been confirmed that Hallmark will do a 2010 Keepsake ornament for “The Office.” No pictures avaliable at this time, but it is of the Dwight bobblehead.

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