1. that was so great! Whoever made that did a terrific job editing. Thanks for sharing tanster :)

  2. That was amazing! Loved the part of Pam and Dwight on the hot coals from “Beach Day.”

  3. [full post…sorry tanster]

    Don’t know what it is but something about Dwight standing lifelessly with “LIAR” in this context freaked me out.

  4. ah it’s not loading on my computer.. does anyone know where i can get it besides youtube?

  5. They made our lovable goofy Michael into a scary person! Now that’s talent in editing!

  6. Oh wow, that was very good editing. I think Greg Daniels and co. will get a huge laugh out of that.

  7. WOW! That rocked! I can’t imagine how much time it took to do that.

  8. Unbelievable job. I am without believe. I am believeless. Great job by the editor.

  9. Ok, that was actually kinda scary…or creepy. Whatever, it was slightly unnerving. Fantastic editing job. Thanks for sharing! Amazing…

  10. Ab-so-fruitly INCREDIBLE! Wow…what talent!

    Reminds me of how deceiving movie/TV trailers can be…

  11. Coolest thing I’ve EVER seen on youtube, very nicely edited, so out of context, THAT’s the scary part!

  12. Dwight with the LIAR sign actually freaked me out in the original episode! Hah! Thanks so much for sharing this. I actually hadn’t seen it before! It’s a good one!

  13. Dwight and the Liar sign did it for me too. Some serious goosebumps there! If i could trade in every horror film in the past year for a full length version of this, i would.

  14. I love horror movies and this was awesome. The voiceover really added to it and the many scenes with Michael making faces was awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

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