The Office: Heavy Competition, 5.24

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The Office Heavy Competition

Writer: Ryan Koh, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Dwight’s loyalty to Michael is tested when he finds a new hero in Charles (guest star Idris Elba). Meanwhile, Andy tries to provide for all of Jim’s emotional needs.

The Office Heavy Competition rating

In a poll conducted April 16-20, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.66/10

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The Office Heavy Competition quotes

Pam: Turns out there’s no limit to the number of cheese puffs you can throw at someone’s face.

Pam: The timeline’s messy.

Jim: Now we are going bargain hunting in the haunted graveyard of their love.

Pam: Am I walking down the aisle to ‘You Can Call Me Al’?

Andy: Trust me, you will not be walking, you will be boogie-ing.

Dwight: Doesn’t Charles know he’s compromising my attack readiness? It’s not a dress code, it’s a death sentence.

Jim: I think she just didn’t want a crucifix cake.

Andy: I know a few things about love. Horrible, terrible, awful, awful things.

Pam: I’m here. I’m part of this now.

Dwight: I prefer to stand. Less blood clots.

Charles: I like your work ethic. You’re so … focused.

Michael: Is it Mose? Did you put the cover on that well?

Michael: You respect dibs, don’t you?

Michael: Is the cool new guy Charles? Is it Stanley?

Jim: I’m pretty emotionally needy.

Andy: Let me be your traveling pants.

Michael: I … understand … nothing.

Michael: I got hit in the face with a pee-filled water balloon.

Andy: Tuna, be nice to my friend, Jim, okay?

Andy: So what? Your body’s a ten.

Dwight: I think you have the wrong number, Michael.

Michael: I am going to steal all of your clients, and then I am going to kill them in front of you.

Dwight: Oh look, everyone, we’re all making observations!

Ryan: Look at that old dude and his Rolodex go.

Dwight: It’s not exactly like ‘Highlander,’ but still.

Michael: Dwight, not now, we’ve been robbed.

Dwight: Their meatball parm is their worst sandwich!

Dwight: How is Brenda, age four, ponytail, and Simon, age seven?

Dwight: And on the back, he wrote, “Great salesman, better friend.” “Tall” and “Beets.”

Michael: It is like you are buying software from Bill Gates.

Dwight: Spin move!

Dwight: I barge because I care.

Dwight: Notice my persistence and recall.

Michael: Orange means “orange you glad I didn’t bring it up?”

Dwight: How is Tom, the homosexual sophomore?

Michael: What purpose did that serve, apart from abolishing slavery?

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  1. My favorite episode in a long time. I want to know how long it took to shoot those cheeseball scenes! (No pun intended.)

  2. Felt like an old-school episode. Jim pranking Andy. Jim and Pam are actually planning a wedding! Dwight forced to wear long sleeves. No Jim and Charles tension!! And the cheese balls. Oh, the cheese balls. Best cold open and tag in a while.

  3. Really enjoyed this episode. Well-rounded and I love how the crew at MSPC is “bonding.”

  4. Funniest moment – the camera pans to Jim, grinning behind the window. Everyone watching burst out laughing! So good.

  5. Fantastic episode. Dwight doing a spin move before going into the office was a hilarious. Jim’s prank was awesome. #1 holly-gram, I totally agree with you. That was the best line of the night. The whole episode was amazing.

  6. This show is starting to feel fresh with the whole michael scott paper company thing. Good episode

  7. Wow…

    They actually ended the episode with Dwight and Michael pitted against each other (which shocks me, since things like this usually get resolved). But honestly… Michael and Dwight make AWESOME enemies. Also, Jim and Andy? Great stuff. A beyond-solid episode of Office, probably one of my top 10 for the season.

  8. I have to say that Andy’s Here Comes Treble demo is one of my all time favorite moments of The Office ever. Well done episode! (Spin move!)

  9. “Tuna, be nice to my friend Jim.”

    That line cracked me up. I knew when I read the summary that Jim would be screwing with Andy. Loved the episode!

  10. All of the gags with Michael’s rolex, especially when Dwight misused them, made me laugh SOOOO hard tonight.

    “Spin move!”

    I will pray to Thor himself that this quote gets onto the Tally-banner.

  11. Laughed more tonight than I have in long time. The timing was perfect for every scene and the writing was awesome – too many lines to quote. Two thumbs up, Gold Star and 10 points!

    So excited for the rest of the season…

  12. I, too, was wondering how many takes they had to do for those cheeseballs-in-the-mouth scenes! (That’ll be a good questions if the writers do a Q&A.)

    Loved when the cheeseball landed in Pam’s hair!

  13. Although I know Jim Halpert is not real, I would like to thank him (and therefore the writers who put words in his mouth and JKras for his brilliant portrayal) for saying exactly what I needed to hear from someone, ANYONE tonight. I’m not in Andy’s situation by any means, but I did have doors slammed on both a possible living space and a possible relationship on the same day today, so when Jim told Andy to keep looking because he’d find what he was looking for, I almost lost it. This is why I love this show. It’s so genuine and human, and it never fails to connect with me for at least a moment every week. This time was just more overt and coincidental than usual, so I felt like sharing. Overall, great ep. Left me craving cheese balls. TWSS.

  14. Best episode of the season! The cheeseballs, Dwight’s long sleeves, Andy’s traveling pants quote, Dwight’s spin and the whole time he was in the car with the cellphone, and Jim kicking the lunch bag was pure Dunder Mifflin gold.

  15. Good episode. I agree with those who believe it felt like an old school episode.

    Nice to see the crew of the MSPC getting along, and yet still getting nowhere.

  16. Loved it! And we learned Michael’s secret to salesmanship — color coding! :)

  17. I just finished watching this episode a second time. Loved it! There are too many highlights to mention, but I must say: Rainn Wilson, you are one brave man! LOL :)

  18. My mom and I were in hysterics the entire time. I don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud that much during an Office episode. Lecture Circuit was the most recent amazingly well-written episode, but this was the funniest. Favorite moments:

    -The cheer. It doesn’t get much better.
    -Just the idea of Pam “boogie-ing” down the aisle was great.
    -“Let me be your travelling pants”
    -“Meet me 100 feet from the location in the direction of the sun at noon”
    -Jim crying on Andy’s shoulder
    -“I think Jim’s just messing with you” (I love Phyllis…she has great delivery)
    -“How is your gay son?”

  19. Wow, is Jim maturing to the point where his pranks actually have good intentions? I really liked that storyline, especially since the whole design of the prank was an unusual departure from Jim’s regular prop-filled masterpieces.
    As for the Dwight/Michael storyline, I’m having a hard time seeing where Dwight is coming from anymore. I can’t help pining for the days when he sacrificed his volunteer sheriff’s position (and urine) for Michael.

  20. I absofruitly luuurved this episode!! I think, best of the season! I laughed out loud several times that’s for sure! oh man one of my faves was definitely the “spin move!” hahaha and andy was just priceless. Also, I have to say, I’m sure I’m not the only who loved seeing phyllis again, even for just one line, “I think he’s just messing with you”. haha! best half hour of my for sho!

  21. Awesome episode! I wanna know how many takes they had to do of the shot where Michael, Pam and Ryan all caught cheeseballs in their mouth. Pure awesomeness! And I loved the song Here Comes Treble did for the wedding.

  22. The pee balloon made me laugh out loud! And then again when Dwight dropped his pants in the parking lot. Did you guys know that Ken Kwapis directed The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? I guess that’s a little shout out!

  23. I’ll have to watch it again (like I always do) but I’m pretty sure this is the best episode of the whole Charles Minor plot! Do I even need to explain?

  24. oh!oh! and also:
    I. Understand. Nothing.

    truer words have never been spoken by Michael Gary Scott!

  25. Best prank ever on Andy. I’m so glad that his immediate reaction is a combination of “I don’t really get it but I’m laughing anyways.” So classic. John played that brilliantly.

    And MY GOODNESS. That was a cheese puff three way with Michael, Pam, and Ryan. That’s what she said.

  26. To be 100%, completely honest, I could find barely anything to laugh at in this episode. I don’t know. It’s like suddenly we’re speaking a different comedic language. If the rest of the season doesn’t change my mind, maybe this show just isn’t for me anymore.

    I’ll still watch every episode, of course.

  27. Best episode in weeks. I’ll be interested to see how Michael and Dwight hug this one out.

  28. I LOVED IT. L.O.V.E.D. IT! One of the best episodes in a while. And I definitely agree with #4 – that was the best cold open in a long time. And, I am so excited to see some JAM wedding action going on!

  29. Tanster, the episode was written by Ryan Koh, and, I’m pretty sure, directed by Ken Wittingham (sp?).

  30. I really liked this one, finally an episode that had stories that were self-contained, the Jim/Andy storyline was great, Michael and his successful way of selling paper was great, Pam and Ryan actually getting along and finally Charles not focused on making Jim’s life miserable!

  31. Ryan Koh wrote this episode. Can’t remember the director’s name, though I don’t think he’s directed before. Josh Gordon, or something along the lines of that.

  32. Ahaha, nevermind. Ken Whittingham directed. Where did I get Josh Gordon from then? I think Gordon was the name of this week’s P&R director.

  33. Ahaha, nevermind. Ken Whittingham directed this episode. Where did I get Josh Gordon from? I think Gordon was the name of the P&R director this week.

  34. I laughed! I cringed a bit! I was hoping Dwight would get his comeuppance!

    Ah, what a great episode. Michael’s colour-coding system for his Rolodex was awesome; Dwight’s early frustration with the dress code was hilarious and overall it was just a great episode.

    My only complaint is soon this season will be over. :-/

  35. Well this episode totally rocked! I’m really loving the Pam, Michael, and Ryan dynamic. I am calling them the cheesepuff trio now.

  36. I thought that was Madge who walked by! Love the awesome little touches like that…tidbits only a true fan would not only pick up on, but would get excited about!

  37. I LOVED this episode! It’s the best one I’ve seen in a while. It seemed like every time Dwight opened his mouth, I was laughing.

  38. Oddly enough, I’m left mostly with questions about the cheese puff scenes of all things. I’m dying to know how many takes were done, and at the end when Michael, Ryan, and Pam had mouths full of cheese balls, was it Pam laughing at Michael, or Jenna laughing at Steve?

  39. “…and you’re coming at it with almost no knowledge, so of course, I trust your opinion on this.”

  40. Loved this episode!!

    As soon as I saw Dwight in that long-sleeve white shirt I started laughing and still haven’t stopped. And when he had that trusty yellow short-sleeve to change into…sooooo funny!

    And who doesn’t love cheese balls, Jim kicking his lunchbag (and stomping on it), and Michael wondering how you fill a balloon with pee!

    And I can’t believe the Jim and Pam wedding was even mentioned (it’s about time!)… it’s been total taboo to speak of ever since they got engaged. I was beginning to wonder if I just dreamed it all!

  41. I liked this episode a lot because it reminded me of the older episodes of the show. I loved Jim’s prank on Andy, but how he was still nice about it at the end, telling Andy that he’d find somebody one day. I also liked Dwight’s sabotage, and the whole bit with the cheese balls was classic.

  42. I loved that Madge was back! I loved that these cheese balls have made an appearance several times now. I LOVED it all!

  43. Absolutely loved this week’s episode!! The cheese balls opening was CLASSIC!!! Also, the part about Here Comes Treble and the “You Can Call Me Al/Pachelbel Canon” tune was really cool.

    Oh, and for the record, I thought Jim was being serious. Boy, do I feel like an IDIOT!!! At least Andy played it cool and just went “he got me good”.

    Overall, really enjoyable!!

  44. I believe that the cheese balls were edited in via special effects.

    Anyways great episode loved it!

  45. Who knew the giant jar of cheese balls that Michael stole would be put to such a great use? I loved this action packed episode! Jim’s prank on Andy and its resolution was both hilarious and really sweet. I don’t know what Michael, Pam and Ryan do at the start of their day (a cheer? a fight song?) but I’m still laughing at Pam’s “I’m part of this now.” line. The struggle between Dwight and Michael played out beautifully (thank goodness Ryan and Pam found that fish in the ceiling). Loved the Madge cameo too!
    Ryan Koh, you’re awesome!


    Reminded me of the equally dramatic and Shakespearean episode, “The Coup.”

    After “The Surplus” and “Lecture Circuit Part 1,” this is my favorite episode of the season. They’re tied, those three.

  47. This was an amazing episode! One of my favorites of the series! The Michael/Dwight espionage tension was one of the coolest ideas The Office writers have come up with. It was like The Coup on steroids.

  48. I’ve been a big critic of this season and the last one, but I really enjoyed this episode. Best of this season and probably the best of the last two seasons. Other episodes may have had funnier moments, but this one was consistently great and reminded me of classic Office. The characters’ actions felt more genuine, and their screen time was used much more efficiently than in other episodes.

  49. The last few episodes have been great but brutal. Usually I rewatch them two or three times but they’ve been just too hard to watch. Charles is so … awful.

    This one was comedy gold. Woohoo!

  50. I love where they’ve taken The Office this season! I was doubtful at first, but not any more!!!

  51. Nobody mentioned this exchange, and it made me crack up:

    “I have this meatball parm sandwich, and I’m going to eat it right in front of you”
    “I knew you’d do that, and thats why I had you order their worst sandwich!”

    And Michael grimacing from the sandwich was priceless.

  52. Was it me, or did anyone else catch the greatest sleeper scene of the episode:

    Michael: “I am going to steal all of your clients, and then I am going to kill all of them in front of you.”

    Pam: “Michael!”

    Michael: “I’m just getting hardcore with him.”

    Ryan: “Finally!”

  53. Awesome episode. Feels like things are back to how they used to be. Go Michael Scott Paper Company though!

  54. Who else was laughing when Dwight said “I think you have the wrong number, Michael”?

  55. One of the best episodes of the season. I can’t wait to watch it again after work today.

    “I will be your traveling pants.” Ha! And Charles left Jim alone, for once. Finally.

  56. I’m 98.2% sure that there was a different fish in Michael’s fish bowl. Anybody else see that?

  57. It was fantastic! Best episode of the season since Stress Relief. I about died when I saw Dwight putting the fish in the air vent. One complaint: the JAM scene at the very beginning had me excited that this episode would have more scenes of them together. It’s for that reason alone that I dislike the MSPC storyline. However, this episode made an Office fan out of my mother!! YES!

  58. Ever since “New Boss”, I’ve just been wanting things to get back to normal, but if I’m ever going to come to fully accept the new MSPC stuff, this is the episode that will help me get there. It really legitimated the new format/configuration of things for me. It gave me hope that MSPC can remain intact and episodes can still come close to having the feel of the classics.

    It was a truly enjoyable episode. My favorite parts:
    -cheeseball in Pam’s hair
    -Kelly walking by Jim crying w/ Andy and saying “Hey” without thinking a thing of it
    -pee balloon
    -the tag

  59. It was great to be laughing through most of the entire episode. There was too much that was great about this episode to even begin commenting on. A+

  60. Wow, what an amazing episode! I’ve been laughing all morning, thinking of the cheer, the cheeseballs, “spin move!” So funny, so well done.

  61. Some good stuff, but…I don’t know. It felt a little disjointed and, to quote Trey Parker, it felt like a “you’re either on for the ride or you’re not” episode. Well, I don’t think I was. The quick cuts between Michael and Dwight feuding felt way too sitcom-y (sitcomie? sitcomey?) and stretched the realms of documentarial believability (sorry I keep making up words). There was enough to keep me interested and laugh out loud more than once, but it was far, far from the best this year.

  62. I’m so happy to see that other people got excited when Madge showed up. When she walked by I yelled, “MADGE!” This was a great episode! Love the cheeseball scenes, the JAM wedding planning, and Pam writing notes to Michael when he was being clueless. I don’t want this season to end!

  63. I laughed until my stomach hurt when Jim started throwing and kicking his lunch around the kitchen. SO great. And coincidentally, I have a long-running joke with a friend about those giant tubs of cheeseballs, so the fact that Michael’s keeps reappearing makes me ridiculously happy.

    I can’t believe we only have five episodes left for the season! :(

  64. #55 –

    Check out the first deleted scene for the episode on the Office website. I don’t think you need to worry about any Pam/Ryan stuff.

  65. great episode!

    Dwight’s spin move on nobody while actually saying “spin move” is one of the funniest things he’s ever done.

    Another great quote: “But your body is a 10” LOL

  66. Omg that was SO GREAT! From the cold open to the end cheeseball scene. I haven’t really laughed through an entire episode since Stress Relief. What great writing. Dwight was hysterical. I felt bad for Michael midway through because he just looked so hurt and defeated, but I’m glad he came out on top in the end! Brilliant!

    And I just love Jim. He’s so precious and so sweet. :)

  67. I loved this episode. I laughed and winced the whole time. Michael Scott was in great form. I love to watch him when he is actually serious and making a sale. I can’t wait for Charles to leave. He is so negative.

  68. This was a great episode. Finally! I was starting to get concerned. I am so glad they remembered Jim and Pam are supposed to get married. Andy was so sweet in his own way, and I love it when Michael shows competence.

  69. My 2 favorite moments:

    Michael using the Bill Cosby quote about bringing someone into this world and being able to take them out.

    Jim smiling through the blinds after his temper tantrum and crying spell. He made me realize how gullible I am.

  70. Great episode, even if Dwight was being weird. What am I saying, he was just being Dwight.

    I looooved the look on Jim’s face after Andy’s talk with the others. So cute!

  71. Delightful. Do we think Dwight will start working for Michael? I do. Dunder-Mifflin is going down, Long live MSPC!

  72. I love the michael/dwight bit
    but i’m wondering why Jim has become…so…lame?
    my boyfriend and I are wondering what happened to the cool Jim? when will he redeem himself?

    i’m predicting that bulk cheeseball sales will slightly increase :) overall, great episode. though weird when compared to season 1/2

    ah, jim. why?

  73. My favorite things of this fantastic episode were
    1)Jim’s face(through the blinds) after everyone told Andy that Jim was messing with him.
    2)Michael’s color coding method. Green means go..Orange is for orange-you-glad I didn’t say that (oh so funny)

  74. Have not commented in a really long time. . . but I just loved this episode! Funny with some sweet, poignant touches mixed in. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  75. i understand nothing…

    best episode in a long time. and finally some talk of the wedding…it only took 20 something episodes. i noticed idris’s accent coming through when he was talking to michael, i found that really funny for some reason. and i don’t really get jim nowadays…

  76. I am still surprised at how much I am loving this new dynamic. I thought it wouldn’t work at all, but it does. I think I just love the evolution of Pam. The Office could be called “The Pam” as far as I’m concerned. And I love her relationship with Michael. It’s so familial.

  77. I think the fact that quotes are coming on Saturday is judgment enough that this episode was gold. Tanster is just having so many quotes to pull haha.

    “How’s your gay son?”

  78. This episode was hilarious! Michael and Dwight are spectacular as always, and yay Jim and Pam are planning a wedding! It was nice to see Jim back to his normal fun self! It was a great episode, classic golden Office. Can’t wait to watch it again this weekend!

  79. Congratulations on a great episode!It was lively, creative, and had great timing. And the Jim/Pam scenes were great — it was nice to hear Jim affirm their relationship. The Michael/Dwight feud was golden!!

  80. Dwight’s discomfort with his sleeves KILLED me!

    “These sleeves are cutting off my circulation. Not enough blood getting into my hands.” (Messes with sleeves)

    “Doesn’t Charles know that he’s compromising my attack readiness? It’s not a dress code; it’s a death sentence.”

    “It’s a STRAITJACKET!” (knocks down coffee stuff) “Okay.”


  81. Wow! I must have been too mentally distracted by other things because this episode barely held my interest, and most people seemed to have loved it. I’ll have to watch it again soon to see if I liked it any better.

  82. I almost forgot…Andy’s wedding music demo was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on this show.

  83. LOVED THIS EPISODE!! I can’t believe Dwight turned on Michael. I mean, he gave up his Volunteer Sheriff Deputy position to pee in a cup for Michael. Amazing how much he has changed.
    I was totally rooting for Michael to take his biggest client too!
    I am SOO GLAD there was NOTHING in this episode with the Charles/Jim relationship. That got old, fast.
    My favorite part had to be Andy at the beginning and his “solo” hahahaa..I loooove Andy.

  84. Maybe I’m just reacting from this comedy high…but…I think this may be my favorite episode of all time.

    Jim’s temper tantrum was so perfect.
    Dwight’s “really” to Charles invite to drinks.
    Michael saying “bastard” with food stuffed in his mouth.

    I could go on and on, but, I won’t. You all saw the episode, so you know.

  85. i’ve really liked the last few episodes since ”new boss”. it seems like they’re shaking things up & keeping the show interesting, but i find myself feeling very nostalgic during the opening credits.

  86. Officially my favorite episode of the season! So hilarious! :) I love how well Michael and Dwight know each other and how they were able to use that to their advantage. Also the cold open is one of my new favorites as well, classic!

  87. #64 – Yes!!!! My husband and I died laughing!

    Wonderful episode. I wonder how many takes Steve, Jenna and BJ did of catching the cheeseballs in their mouths?

  88. yes there was a different fish in the fish bowl. I was glad as it was more active and swimmy than the other one. I was very happy with this episode. I didn’t think the season was going that well, but this episode definitely redeemed the writers for me. Loved it!

  89. I was on my feet jumping up and down screaming when
    I saw Dwight in Michael’s new office stealing things!!
    I was so freaked out!!!! LOL
    This episode was a freaking classic beginning to end.
    Loved the cheesy poofs.

  90. I found it weird that Charles would leave Michael alone, but I guess once he got settled into “his” office, he hasn’t really come out of it, and what with all the stuff going on, I don’t think Charles is presenting his A-game here. And, I’m not exactly sure, but, did Michael successfully poach Dwight’s client?

  91. AWESOME episode! Ryan Koh is amazing — first, the Business Ethics episode and now this one. Pure gold!

    BTW — Sherbert, I did notice that too! Did you watch Parks and Rec? I think Mr. Robert Dunder aka actor John Ingle was in it.

  92. Solid episode. Although I was a bit disappointed at Michael’s rolodex cards…. I guess I liked to think that he just had all this information about his client’s children and favourite sports teams in his head. It cheered me considerably though, when he talked about his colour-coding system!

  93. This was a much better episode than they’ve been lately. I laughed a lot and there were great moments. The cheeseball tossing was great, especially when it was caught in Pam’s hair and Dwight was truly the star.

  94. Loved the Scott/Shrute war!!! Great episode, but give me more (real) wedding planning!

  95. Fantastic episode! Hilarious from start to finish.
    I haven’t been completely onboard with the MSPC story arc so far, but this was great. Loved seeing Michael in full salesman mode, and it was even better to see him beat Dwight. It’s easy to forget why Michael was put in charge of DM Scranton, but this episode showed us what a fantastic salesman he is, and that Dwight’s people skills can’t hold a candle to Michael’s.
    The Jim and Andy story line was funny too, and it was nice to see that Jim didn’t take the prank too far.

  96. Is it just me or is Dwight’s hair look incredibly weird this season? This episode especially. It looked like a wig.

  97. I loved this episode! It was amazing. First episode in a while that I loved from beginning to end, no questions asked. But no one mentioned one of my favorite lines!

    Jim: When I look in the mirror I don’t like the face that looks back!
    Andy Well, so what? Your body’s a 10.

  98. “I’m going to steal all your clients and then kill them in front of you.” LMFAO!! Best line of the night, I laughed SO hard at that. i LOVE Michael & Dwight at battle and i love that Michael was the one to outsmart Dwight in the end. Michael really is a great salesman. LOVED Michael’s colour coded system, and how it totally works for him and makes sense.

  99. I’m not really sure how I feel about the new MSPC storyline, but this episode was hilarious and it reminded me of older episodes.

  100. Ah yes. Just goes to show that the Michael truly is the boss for a reason! Go MSPC!

  101. 3 Wire references in 1 episode!!

    1) IE, of course!
    2) Randy’s “piss balloons”
    3) Bodie’s “mic check” for Stringer

    Hilarious episode!! It reminded me of the IHOP one from seasons ago.

  102. My prediction? Since Charles has formed a positive opinion of Dwight and seemingly no one else in the office, AND since we haven’t seen more job interviews for outside hires for the branch’s regional manager position, Charles will probably make Dwight RM before he leaves for NY again. We know Idris Elba has to leave Scranton soon because of his contract’s expiration. And maybe in the finale (or premiere of season 6) Michael somehow gets his position as regional manager back.

    Dwight might have picked up on the possibility of his own promition under Charles too. That may be why he’s being friendly to Charles in return.

  103. I hadn’t really been enjoying the MSPC storyline – until now. This episode was ridiculously funny. The Michael/Dwight battle was HILARIOUS, Jim’s temper tantrum was too funny, and the cheese puffs just killed me. The little bits of this episode really made it (this is often true with The Office) – Pam and Ryan writing the notes to Michael and pulling the fish out of the ceiling, Dwight ordering the meatball Parmesan for Michael because it was the worst thing on the menu…just fabulous. I loved it.

    “I….understand…nothing.” Steve Carell, you are my hero.

  104. I’m not sure if anyone else has commented on this yet but i found myself laughing hysterically when Dwight says “it’s firm” as he’s shaking Charles’ hand. I really think this was one of the best episodes of the season. I’d love to put it in my top 3 (Stress Relief, Golden Ticket, and Customer Survey) but the fact that Michael is not the Dunder-Mifflin boss gets a point taken away. Still not a fan of that storyline although I loved the Michael-Pam-Ryan dynamic in this one.

  105. “Green means go, so I know to go ahead and shut up about it. Orange means “orange you glad you didn’t bring it up?


  106. I LOVED how Ed Helms plays Andy, the enthusiasm on his face when he showed JAM his “solo”…so awesome.

    Spin Move, I understand nothing, their worst sandwich, of course I trust you, your black wife, I guess I could be nicer to him, I can get there, messy divorce…AWESOME!, balloon full of pee, is that for a movie script you’re writing…so many hilarious tiny lines.

    I’m probably one of the few that really could care less about JAM wedding planning unless it has pure comedic value. This is not a drama, it’s a comedy. For those waiting for any news of the wedding, let me say I’m still waiting for any acknowledgement that Jim ever went on his trip to Australia.

    Like maybe a photo on his desk or something. Best would be if Andy brought in a didgeridoo to work and Jim mentions how he saw them when he was on his trip cause then we’d get a scene with Andy playing a didgeridoo…OMG, Andy would SO play the didgeridoo.

  107. “two of their (DM) branches have closed within the last year, MSPC however, has opened a new branch this very month.”
    i laughed so hard to this.

  108. FANTASTIC episode. The Michael/Dwight showdown was particularly brilliant, but everything worked. 10.

  109. SPIN MOVE!

    that was clearly the most hilarious scene so far and i can’t wait the final few episodes.

    the office FTW!

  110. THAT is what I’m talking about. That was funny. Really funny. Loved Dwight’s shirtsleeves, oh my gawd and when he proved he wasn’t secretly wire tapped? I cried.

  111. One word…perfection. I cannot think of one thing that I didn’t absolutely love. The comparisons between Dwight and Michael always have me laughing. Dwight has no people skills whatsoever and Michael can be a complete idiot, but they are both successful salesmen. I am excited to see how the fate of both DM and the MSPC play out in the next few episodes.

  112. #122 – I busted out laughing at your line about still waiting for Jim to acknowledge his trip to Australia!

    LOL!! This is why I am not surprised we have heard zilch for wedding plans since they got engaged in the first episode this season. Hmm, a pretty major thing and it took 22 more episodes to finally hear something (for those of us that really are counting!)

  113. Great episodes. Ed Helms continues to prove he is amazingly funny.
    And… “I’m going to steal all your clients and kill them in front of you”. SO funny.

  114. This was one of my favs this season…for so many of the reasons already related.

    I especially loved the open phone call from Michael to Dwight! Paper is the manure…

    I love anything about JAM! I just loved loved loved it!

  115. This episode is awesome, it is been a long time since we had a funny one. I love it whenever Dwight turns on Michael and Michael doesn’t catch on quickly. Michael’s threat was hysterically funny. so many great moments. I hope the rest is as good as this.

  116. First time poster on this site. Been visiting for a few months, though. I haven’t been an Office fan for long. I got into it in late August via the Season 4 reruns and have been catching every episode on TBS so I feel I’ve been a fan since the beginning. Totally addicted!

    Anyway, this episode was definitely top notch in my book. This cast is excellent and it’s a blast watching them play their characters on a weekly basis.

    I LOVED the cold open with the cheese puffs. Probably one of my all time faves.

    There were so many great lines. Some of my faves was “I am going to steal all of your clients and then I am going to kill them in front of you” and “I brought you into this world and I can take you out. Bill Cosby.” The Michael/Dwight thing definitely seemed like The Coup, part 2.

    And Jim’s line about not liking the face that looks back at him was hilarious as well as his little tantrum. I could not stop laughing!

    One of the best eps this season, hands down!

  117. this was by far the best episode.. i’m sure everyone was sick of hearing that lol.

    I don’t watch the episode for necessarily laughs but I watch it for just plot twists and I guess I got attached to the characters and now I wonder how their lives would take turns here and there. Maybe it’s just me.

  118. “U!G!L!Y! You ain’t go no alibi! You UGLY! You momma say you UGLY!”

    That part made me laugh so hard.

  119. Michael’s response after taking a huge bite of the hoagie *yes, hoagie* he purchased for Dwight.

    LOL! OMG, so funny… WOW.

  120. For me, the humour in season 5 is found even more in the subtleties. Sometimes just the smallest little jokes kill me, for example, Dwight telling Michael there were some “good kitchen ideas” in the Bed and Breakfast magazine. Of course most of these lines i only catch watching it the second time around. It sucks though because when i watch an episode for the first time, its not nearly as good as when i see it again. Such a great episode though, always love when Dwight betrays Michael.

  121. The best episode of the season…possibly the best episode since season 3!

  122. Loved it…the writing was brilliant. You can take Michael, Pam and Ryan out of DM, but you can’t take DM out of them. The characters just shined.

  123. Welcome to the community, Vicky87! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you around more!

  124. I feel like it had been a long time since an episode of The Office made me really and truly laugh out loud. This episode definitely did that, though. I have a good feeling about the last few episodes of the season!

  125. Great Episode. Still not sure about new MSPC but i still loved the episode. Cannot wait 4 Michael 2 be back as RM at DM

  126. Am I the only person who LOVED the scene at the very end of the episode when Michael answers the phone with a mouth full of cheese-puffs?? It’s hysterical!! But why can’t I find clips of it on youtube or nbc???

  127. michael does know how to stick up for himself. “i brought you into this world and i can take you out. bill cosby”.

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