The Office Highest Rated Episodes (old a la Votio)

  1. 3.07: Branch Closing (Avg Rating: 9.33 Votes: 679)
  2. 2.22: Casino Night (Avg Rating: 9.32 Votes: 1225)
  3. 2.01: The Dundies (Avg Rating: 8.98 Votes: 541)
  4. 2.10: Christmas Party (Avg Rating: 8.97 Votes: 560)
  5. 2.11: Booze Cruise (Avg Rating: 8.91 Votes: 661)
  6. 3.10-11: A Benihana Christmas (Avg Rating: 8.9 Votes: 293)
  7. 2.04: The Fire (Avg Rating: 8.88 Votes: 414)
  8. 2.12: The Injury (Avg Rating: 8.87 Votes: 362)
  9. 2.02: Sexual Harassment (Avg Rating: 8.82 Votes: 528)
  10. 1.02: Diversity Day (Avg Rating: 8.67 Votes: 518)
  11. 3.08: The Merger (Avg Rating: 8.66 Votes: 573)
  12. 3.02: The Convention (Avg Rating: 8.65 Votes: 360)
  13. 2.09: Email Surveillance (Avg Rating: 8.64 Votes: 469)
  14. 2.03: Office Olympics (Avg Rating: 8.62 Votes: 403)
  15. 2.21: Conflict Resolution (Avg Rating: 8.6 Votes: 412)
  16. 3.05: Initiation (Avg Rating: 8.6 Votes: 458)
  17. 1.04: The Alliance (Avg Rating: 8.6 Votes: 518)
  18. 3.09: The Convict (Avg Rating: 8.57 Votes: 374)
  19. 3.04: Grief Counseling (Avg Rating: 8.51 Votes: 390)
  20. 1.05: Basketball (Avg Rating: 8.46 Votes: 471)
  21. 2.06: The Fight (Avg Rating: 8.45 Votes: 396)
  22. 3.03: The Coup (Avg Rating: 8.4 Votes: 474)
  23. 2.07: The Client (Avg Rating: 8.35 Votes: 391)
  24. 1.03: Health Care (Avg Rating: 8.31 Votes: 470)
  25. 2.13: The Secret (Avg Rating: 8.31 Votes: 645)
  26. 2.19: Michael’s Birthday (Avg Rating: 8.3 Votes: 430)
  27. 2.05: Halloween (Avg Rating: 8.27 Votes: 374)
  28. 3.06: Diwali (Avg Rating: 8.23 Votes: 363)
  29. 2.20: Drug Testing (Avg Rating: 8.18 Votes: 349)
  30. 2.18: Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Avg Rating: 8.17 Votes: 502)
  31. 2.08: Performance Review (Avg Rating: 8.16 Votes: 372)
  32. 1.06: Hot Girl (Avg Rating: 8.13 Votes: 623)
  33. 2.15: Boys and Girls (Avg Rating: 8.13 Votes: 754)
  34. 2.16: Valentine’s Day (Avg Rating: 8.12 Votes: 672)
  35. 3.01: Gay Witch Hunt (Avg Rating: 8.09 Votes: 437)
  36. 2.14: The Carpet (Avg Rating: 8.07 Votes: 843)
  37. 2.17: Dwight’s Speech (Avg Rating: 7.7 Votes: 646)
  38. 1.01: Pilot (Avg Rating: 7.3 Votes: 442)


  1. I thought it would be interesting to add a comment form to the Highest Rated list…. :)

    Please feel free to post your thoughts — are you surprised at how low (or high) a certain episode rated?

  2. Booze Cruise is my all time favorite episode, glad to see it in the Top 3! Although it really should be #1. Nothings beats that scene with the long silence between Jim and Pam.

  3. I don’t want to start anything – but I have to disagree. I thought that the Booze Cruise was a weak way to come back after the Christmas break.

  4. David, I have to agree with you. I wouldn’t count Booze Cruise as one of my favorites. (Although the Jim/Pam scene on the deck was…stupendous.)

    Hey, I just noticed that Valentine’s Day has finally moved up a notch!

  5. I really think “Performance Review” is the most underrated episode. There aren’t many “stand out” scenes people remember but its so solid start to finish.

  6. This is so cool. I’ve been hanging out on this page for the past hour and it’s been sooo exciting to see “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” soar to the top of the list!

  7. This is kinda going back a bit, but I just had to make a comment re: Booze Cruise. My love for that episode springs entirely from one scene. And it’s between Jim and a girl. And it’s hilarious. Jim’s voice and expression when he breaks up with Katy was too good.

    The episode rankings though: Gotta say that Basketball’s a little low for my liking. But the big surprise is Boys and Girls. Top 3 are right on though.

  8. I feel The Injury is way too low on this list.

    * The initial phone call from Michael
    * Dwight crashing and puking on his car
    * Michael and Dwight fighting in the van
    * Michael asking the doctor to rate their two injuries.

    So many good parts…

  9. David, something is definitely wrong with the number of votes for “The Injury.” My web host moved me to a new server this weekend, and I’m wondering if something didn’t carry over….

  10. I’m not a big fan of the top 4 being that high, and “the carpet” being that low, other than that everything seems to be in order. Taking into account “the injury” had some technical difficulties.

  11. No no, don’t worry, “Basketball”, “the injury”, “the fight” and “sexual harassment” are 8,9,10 and 11. Seems about right… For me, that’s my top four.

  12. I so thought Valentine’s Day would be rated higher. I think it’s my favorite ep. Though that changes daily.

    The Christmas Party and Booze Cruise are pretty great though.

  13. Yikes! How did *that* happen? Will have to go investigate … thanks for the heads-up, Adam!

  14. It boggles my mind that Drug Testing is ahead of VDay and Take your Daughter.

  15. …and now Halloween.

    Judging by the vote totals, I assume a lot of voters haven’t seen Halloween and are new fans to the show.

    Probably the best Michael-pathetic moment. Slightly better than Sasha summing up his life in one phrase.

  16. I love Health Care…I’m sad it’s so low. Spontaneousdentohydraplosion has to be my favorite word in the whole series.

  17. Take Your Daughter to Work Day is by far the most underrated here. Definitely one of the most quotable episodes and easily showcases one of the best Michael moments of the season, Sasha’s insight into Michael’s life. Obviously not a great Jim and Pam episode, but should definitely be higher on this list.

  18. I think the carpet is easily the most underrated up here, or rather, down there. Such a great Michael episode.
    “Go get yourself a monkey kidney.”

  19. I also agree that The Secret is good, but does it really need two spots? But I do agree with the first “The secret” being better.

  20. Adam, can I hire you as my quality assurance engineer? ;)

    You are the best. Thanks!

  21. Episodes are currently closed to new ratings. Thanks for your patience!

  22. Thanks, Adam! The db has definitely been acting wonky lately … thank goodness for backups! :)

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