1. Hi, Tanster!

    If I can shamelessly plug the alltheclovers.com t-shirt shop (www.cafepress.com/alltheclovers)…all Office-inspired tees, including a new “Lazy Scranton” design.

    Thanks for the NBC discount and Happy Holidays!

  2. One of my favorite sayings these days is “Ain’t no party like a Scranton party, ’cause a Scranton party don’t stop!” Now, I can deliver the line while wearing the official Dunder-Mifflin polo shirt that Michael and Dwight wore during ”
    The Convention.” The party got even better!

  3. Anyone in canada who would like the calendar, you can get it @ HMV, Walmart also sells it and so does the calendar club stores

  4. AHH! I already placed an order a couple of days ago! A well. That’s a nice thing for the peeps here at Office Tally.

  5. Sweet, thanks for the great 10% off code. I linked all my readers to this story.

    Well, if you don’t mind I’m off to get my Dwight Bobblehead. I’ve been wanting one for a long long time, and now it’s finally come down in price thanks to you guys.


  6. Ooh Word., yes, Canadians can order throughout the website because I just did. I’m so excited! There are only a few items that the NBC website cannot ship but I wouldn’t worry about it – it’s only DVDs, music and books – nothing that we can’t get here. Thank you NBC and thank you tanster! I love your site until no end. =)

  7. Figures! I placed my order with NBC this morning, then saw this later in the morning. Oh well…glad so many other Office flans will get to take advantage.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  8. anyone know what phrases are on the talking pen besides “this is an environment of welcoming…”

  9. The voice on the keychain isn’t Michael or Dwight. And the volume is really loud and there’s no way to lower it.

  10. The other phrases are:
    -Oh discipline, kinky!
    -The Shrutes produce very thursty babies.
    -These are my party planning biotches.
    -This is an environment of welcoming so you should get the hell out of here.
    -I have a dream that you’ll really let the sparks fly. Get er done!

  11. I’m trying to order the hoodie for myself (merry xmas to me!) and I guess since it is a new item, they don’t accept the code for it. I may try calling them…

  12. Oooh, new items!

    I will check with my NBC contact to see if the OfficeTally discount can apply to the new stuff. Thanks for the heads-up Sam.

  13. Thanks for the update, I noticed a couple things though. First, the Dwight bobblehead looks as though it has been raised to $18.00 now, luckily I bought 3 as gifts last week at the original price. Second, the hoodie says it’s for those chilly mornings in Stamford,CT. Hello NBC! It’s Scranton (what) The Electric City!

  14. As much as i love this show to death, I have to be honest that most of these items look like as little thought was put into them as possible, just the DM logo slapped on some stuff. Given how many memorable lines of dialogue and good looking actors they have to work with you’d think something better could have been designed.

    I like the dundies cups though, that’s the right sort of thing.

    Not trying to be hateful or negative, just tough love. :)

  15. Oh I completely agree with you DrunkBiking, I think these things are really basic and uncreative–which really is not like the Office at all.

    They should have cool things that really represent the show–like something along the lines of “World’s Best Boss” mug. Stuff with “volunteer sherrif blahblahblah” or maybe like a framed pic of Michael’s photoshopped photo of the gang. Okay maybe these aren’t the best examples, but you know…just more interesting things than these.

  16. I too agree. My favorite stuff thus far have been the show-inspired items, such as the bobblehead and the polo. Though I did recently order the “Dundie Award Winner” shirt because something about it simply screams bland awesomeness to me.

    So here’s hoping for more things along these lines, such as the oft-requested Dundie award.

    Ooh, and I’d also love some Office-themed ties. “Bring a little of The Office to YOUR office.”

  17. I found the calendar — the LAST ONE LEFT — at FYE for 9.99 and I bought it!! Even though I was Christmas shopping for my family, I couldn’t resist that one thing for myself :)

  18. My Dunder Mifflin snowglobe was just delivered to me and all is right with the world! It is a thing of beauty. I’ve been looking forward to having one since the webisodes in the summer and now it’s all mine!

  19. Just used my OT discount to buy my Jim Halpert t-shirt…I guess it’s the only way I’m going to get Halpert in bed with me. LOL

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