The Office Holiday Gift Guide

Tanster’s picks

Here are some other cool gift ideas…

The Office teapotPam’s teapot
It only comes in white, but you can still fit it with special bonus gifts for that special someone.

Bed Bath and Beyond. More info

cdFree MP3 downloads
Making a mix CD? Don’t forget to include‘The Office’ extended version theme song, Creed Bratton’s single Rubber Tree, The Office Lil Wayne Mashup, and Hunter’s ode to Jan That One Night — all free downloads! If you don’t mind paying a little, most songs from the Cafe Disco playlist are available, too!

Currently unavailable

These items were part of tanster’s picks, until they became unavailable. :(

dunder-mifflin-badge-holderDunder Mifflin Badge Holder
I wear this every day at work. Do I get compliments on it?
Absolutely I do.

NBC Store. Buy here (no longer available)

dundie-mugDunder Mifflin Dundie Award Winner Mug
I’ve owned this mug since 2006! I love it for its all-the-way-around design (Dunder Mifflin logo on the back) and ginormous capacity.

NBC Store. Buy here (no longer available)

candy-dispenserCandy dispenser
I don’t own this, but I think it’s adorkable. Plus, it’s absolutely authentic — see this photo that I took during my 2007 set visit!

NBC Store. Buy here (no longer available)

elf-earsDwight’s elf ears
I’m pretty sure these are the same ears Dwight wore in the Season 2 and Season 6 holiday episodes.

Amazon. Buy here


  1. Ok, so this probably isn’t really connected to this post…but I was at walgreens and i saw this baby shirt that simply stated “That’s what she said.” It was amazing!

  2. @ Nick C.

    i got it last year for Christmas and played it w/ my Uncle on Thanksgiving. It is pretty fun. I like it b/c i like clue. It is a good game.

  3. Great gift ideas! Also, I love the graphic you used! Rainn, Steve, and Angela all look like they are about to laugh haha

    [from tanster: thanks! i love that photo, too. looks like they just broke. :) ]

  4. I found a short edition of Struwwelpeter in a bookstore and i am giving it to my friend for Christmas. I hope she’ll like it, she is after all a true Dwight fan. By the way, it is by far the most disturbing children’s book i’ve ever read.

  5. Just found some Bonfire scented candles on Etsy. I will be getting those for the office superfans in my life!

    [from tanster: nice!]

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