The Office in NFL “Best Fans Ever” commercial

One of the coolest TV commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl was one for the NFL itself called “Best Fans Ever” — showcasing football fever in 20 of America’s favorite shows, along with all 32 NFL teams:

The Office makes its appearance at :14, with a scene from Season 4’s ‘Launch Party.’

Super Bowl Party Planning Committee

Andy’s whiteboard says “Super Bowl Party Planning Committee.” Niiiice.


  1. Think it’s weird, they have them in Steelers gear, when Scranton is Philly Country with a few NY Fans here and there.

  2. Wonder why they changed the color of Andy’s pants. And check out the wig on the Homer Simpson doll!

  3. It was awesome to see The Office in this commercial… and it was the Steeler’s scene too!?!?! EVEN BETTER! Loved it.

  4. That is freaky! They changed the entire scene! The outfits are all different and they have Steelers decorations, ties, shirts, etc. on when the show has already stated almost all of them are Eagles fans. And Eastern PA dispises the Steelers! That is very odd.

  5. Technology is so amazing nowadays! That is just so cool how they edited all those scenes!

  6. I was really weirded out by the Seinfeld clip at :18 – I’ve seen every episode and I definitely did not remember Newman ever wearing that outfit – before I realized it was all digitally edited. That’s incredible.

  7. I’m impressed! I’m also disturbed that I knew so many of those scenes. I watch too much TV…

  8. Decent commercial, but did the LA ad wizards making this thing think all PA small working-class towns root for the Steelers? Scranton’s Eagles Country! If they wanted Steelers jerseys in the ad they had to have been able to find some show out there from western pa or wva.

  9. I just heard someone say, “That’s What Cheese Head!!” The Office is infiltrating everything. :o)

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