1. I think the picture is accurate. Those of us in eastern PA generally root for whoever is playing against the Steelers – Pittsburgh isn’t that popular over here.

  2. As a Packers fan myself, I’m happy to see where Kevin and Dwight’s sympathies lie, but does anybody else wonder if they’re just telling Todd Packer and his family to leave immediately?

  3. Has anyone ever thought that maybe, since they’re in the warehouse, that they meen the PACKERS of the packages a.k.a the warehouse workers? Haha or yes, it’s just a warning to the Todd Packer family.

  4. Assuming they are Eagles fans like Jim, they’d be rooting for whoever played against the Steelers. I assume they would be Eagle fans being in eastern PA. Eagle fans hate the Steelers Go Packers!

  5. Interesting how the “S” in “Packers” isn’t underlined… Go Packer? Todd Packer?

  6. In one of the commercials (prob the best commercial) it was showing a lot of TV shows and they edited in football things to every scene..they had happy days, family guy, the brady bunch, a bunch of others…a part from launch party (90% sure) when dwight was about to face the computer..when he says “need to carb up” that was in the commercial…it was really cool. You should put that on here!

  7. I hope Kevin followed his instincts, wagered a huge amount of money on Green Bay, and is now free from the crushing debt-related problems that have been alluded to in the past!

  8. I know nothing about football and didn’t actually sit down to watch the game, but I was rooting for the Packers because Dwight & Kevin were, and I won two dollars. :)

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