The Office: January 31 clips

Here are two sneak peeks and a promo of The Office episodes airing January 31.

Sneak peek #1:
[Video no longer available]

Sneak peek #2:
[Video no longer available]


Still from the promo:
The Office: Junior Salesman
Do we know all these people?


  1. Wow. Never thought I’d see Eric Wareheim on an episode of The Office…
    Also pretty sure that’s Badger!

  2. so we have Rolf, not sure on the second guy, Trevor, Mose, Zeke (Dwight’s cousin and brother of Mose? I mean, the beard…), Not sure on the sixth guy, Hide, and Dwight’s babysitter/lover.

    Sounds awesome! I love Trevor! He better bring more receipts.

  3. I’m pretty sure I saw Troy (played by Noel Potek) in there, too, sitting next to Dwight’s babysitter.

  4. I think that Clark will get the sales job, but wouldn’t it be great if David Wallace hired Todd Packer instead!

  5. Really, no Nate? And no, I don’t think we know ALL those people. This is quite obviously the episode where we first meet the extended Schrute clan: Mose is there, along with a look-alike (Mose’s brother, I presume), as well as a couple of Dwight’s friends who we have met, and some (maybe even relatives?) who we haven’t.

    Just as Greg Daniels was hoping would happen this year, we just have to wait and see.

  6. I know it’s dangerous to assume from such a short clip, but the only scenario I can picture in which Jim is jumping on a SINGLE bed like that and showing off a room would be that he has moved out on Pam. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. They might be pushing The romance down The stairs. If it is their goal to make us think that, they are achieving it.

  8. Stuart – don’t worry, the description of the “Vandalism” ep says that Darryl & Jim are sharing an apt. in Philly while working for Athlead. I’m guessing that’s what it is. And he sure wouldn’t be smiling if it was a break-up w/ Pam.

  9. Okay. Who on the cast likes to xerox their butt? Kevin. Remember the Christmas party he did that at? Maybe he’s the vandal???

  10. Are we suppose to get that Pam’s mural really isn’t that great – not bad, but not great. Like it shows potential but she followed Nellie’s ideas too closely.

    Pam’s been playing everything safe, and it’s costing her. Someone vandalizing her generic mural could push her towards more expressive work. A little righteous anger beats a ton of self-doubt. Throw on a coat or two of primer, Pam, and start fresh!

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