The Office Lip Dub

The Office episode Nepotism kicked off Season 7 with a lip dub to the tune of Nobody but Me by Human Beinz.

Here are some awesome behind-the-scenes details in my Q&A with writer Danny Chun, along with a report from 1st AD Kelly Cantley. Thanks, Danny and Kelly!

Icons by pessimistreader.


  1. Thanks so much Danny and Tanster! The cold open was awesome! Great job on everyone’s part!

    love always-

  2. I’m so glad they went with a classic song, instead of using something current and popular. Not only does it fit the underlying dorkiness of The Office (you can totally imagine Andy rocking out to it in private), but it will age nicely throughout the years of syndication–always a plus!

  3. Love this interview. I have decided to start my day each morning by watching this cold open to really get me ready to face the day (at my office).

  4. Stuff like this makes really appreciate all the work Tanster does for us. Thanks to Mr. Danny Chun as well. It was the best cold open, ever.

    [from tanster: i’m just a big dork for this show. and always will be. :) ]

  5. I really loved Jim’s “Charlie Brown” dance in the background at the end. It seemed like a very “Jim” thing to do!

  6. @Amanda: I was wondering if anyone else caught Jim’s little dance at the end. I thought the exact same thing about it – it fits his character.