Got ‘Delivery’ questions for Danny and Charlie?

I love doing these Q&As so much. I’m a complete geek for behind-the-scenes details.

‘The Delivery’ writers Danny Chun and Charlie Grandy have graciously agreed to feed the addiction this time around.

Because for such a big milestone episode like this one, I figured y’all might have a few things you want to ask about. :)

Post your questions here about ‘The Delivery’ by 11pm PT today, March 5th. Thanks!

The Office ‘Murder’ Q&A with Danny Chun

What mystery game locale did they almost use instead of Savannah? Which line did Steve Carell improvise? What were Meredith’s brain chunks made of? And most importantly, what was the hamster’s name?

These questions and many, many more are answered by The Office’s Danny Chun, writer for the episode Murder. Thank you, Danny!

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Got a ‘Murder’ question for Danny Chun?

Danny Chun is one of the newest members of The Office writing team and penned last night’s episode, ‘Murder.’

I’m excited that he’s agreed to do a Q&A with us! (I actually told him it was a requirement for new writers. Shhh.)

If you have a question for Danny about ‘Murder,’ please post it in a comment below.

This post will close at 11pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

P.S. You can follow Danny on Twitter at @dannychun.