The Office Lolcat Contest winners 2010


The Delivery Lolcat by Stephanie

From The Delivery:

Jim: I am a diapering master. I have done little else in the past two months. There is nothing I cannot diaper. Go ahead. Try to think of something. I dare you.


The Delivery Lolcat by Josh

From The Delivery:

Erin: Did you grow up around here?
Kevin: No.
Erin: So, you must have grown up around somewhere else?
Kevin: Yes.


  1. Well done! These are my favorites, especially Andy doing the banana split. :-) Congratulations!

  2. Thanks everyone who voted for The Nard Dog!! I will definitely be playing “Officeopoly” with the “Here Comes Treble” crew. Broccoli Rob is going down!
    Thanks again!!

  3. Love the winners! Great job everyone!
    Although I have to give props to Derek, I could not stop laughing at that one!

  4. Thanks OfficeTally! And thanks to everybody who voted for “Scuba Cat”, me and Creed are going to play this and go to the quarry and throw things down there.

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