The Office: Lotto deleted scenes

Three deleted scenes from The Office Season 8 episode, Lotto:

Phyllis, Toby, and Ryan reveal what they’d do if they hit the lotto.
[Video no longer available]

Human Bumper Shield: Dwight asks Kevin to take one for the team.
[Video no longer available]

Fresh Set of Eyes: The makeshift warehouse crew gets a crash course in productivity.
[Video no longer available]


    omg, jim’s signature line from back in the good ol days (:
    that second deleted scene should have been in the episode! it was hilarious!!

  2. So they had even more material of Jim being an idiot and they left it out? They should have played Wacky Sax in the background as those clips ran so the stupidity of that entire story would have been more obvious.

  3. @ blackballz

    Yeah I really wish they kept that second clip in there cause that was hilarious, would’ve made the episode 10 times better.

  4. Yes #4, what have they done with Kevin? I hope they tone him way back. Not finding that funny.

  5. Oh, I miss the element of realism in the writing, and wish the writers would consult a knowledgeable person before they write these scenes. Dwight, having grown up on a farm, would know how to operate any number of vehicles. He would not plow in to a wall with a forklift, nor would be maneuver the truck into the side of a building. The warehouse plot, in the series or these deleted scenes, make no sense in the context of the characters. Jim’s not that dumb, either.

  6. I do have to say I find it totally believable that Dwight is not a good driver. For one thing, forklifts are nothing like tractors and for another, his bad driving caused one of my favourite episodes – The Injury.

  7. @Roy’s Mugshot – Nicely done! The theme music from the Benny Hill Show would have fit the warehouse scenes perfectly.

    I don’t mind slapstick, even on this show, but NOT at the expense of the characters’ intelligence and/or common sense.

  8. @TobyFan: I think he crashed in that episode, because he was really rushing to help Michael.

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