1. Picture #3 is why last night was a stab to my heart. The look of Pam’s face is priceless.

  2. I am still worried that Brian isn’t out of the picture still… I hope Jimmy and Pam pull through, it would be a taste of reality though if Brian comes into the picture.

  3. Ya think it might be Pam that gets fired? She is interviewing for a job in Philly in an upcoming episode.

  4. Lets think about this. Someone gets fired because of drama…. Jim, Pam, and Brian drama in Couple’s discount possibly? Jim might be fired, and Pam might want to be in philly with him since that happens.

  5. I just had a horrible thought. What if she is interviewing for Athlead and doesn’t get the job? What kinds of extra tension would that cause between her and Jim?

  6. @Jessie- oh wow hope that isn’t the case. I am guessing since Pam is already down in Philly for an interview that she just stopped by at Athlead afterwards, but with no intention of interviewing there.

  7. @Jessie. Here’s another horrible thought. What if Pam interviews with Isaac (played by Ben Silverman, Jenna Fischer’s former NBC boss, which would be deja vu)for a job at Athlead? What if Jim pulls a Robert California on Pam (from the episode Mrs. California)? He wouldn’t, would he?

  8. @lynn, No, he wouldn’t, definitely not! Jim always loved working with Pam. Remember his speech to Robert in Mrs California? I was thinking more along the lines of The List/Inner Circle type scenario where Pam feels rejected while Jim is in demand. I always think that kind of tension between them is so interesting and relatable – Pam is always so proud of him, but she feels so bad about herself in comparison, whereas Jim feels so guilty and bad for his wife, and it creates a distance between them. Only, if that happened this time, I’d like to see it compelling her to pursue her own passion instead of it taking Jim doing something sweet to make her feel better about herself (as much as I always love those scenes!)

  9. @Jessie. I really like your explanation. It reminds me of one of my favorite scenes/episodes. Jim teaches Pam to skate (Michael’s Birthday) and by the end, she’s gliding along on her own. Hopefully, she has an interview with a different company.

  10. So are the camera and crew in shots 5 & 6 part of the episode, or are we just seeing behind the scenes?

    [ from tanster: i wondered that myself. i’m not 100% sure, but i think that is behind the scenes. ]

  11. Thank you Tanster! These are looking like all is right with JAM. I can sleep once again.:)

  12. my heart is warm with these pictures <3 and pam with her hair down, i missed that!!! so beautiful!

  13. Omg, so excited for this episode now! I don’t even want to do anything on Valentine’s Day with my own husband now, I just want to stay in and watch Jim and Pam instead!

  14. @25 I could not agree more! Watching this (what appears to be) sweet scene of Jim and Pam on Valentines day will be a great way to celebrate with my own husband! Haha :)

  15. #18 – Excellent question!! If Jim and Pam break up, there is no meaning to life :)

    I can’t stop smiling at picture #3 . . .

  16. After the last episode, I think that it’s Andy who is getting fired, not Pam. I think that Pam and Jim are ready to move on to Philly for good and together.

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