The Office: Couples Discount, 9.15

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The Office: Couples Discount

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Troy Miller

Summary (NBC): Erin is nervous for Andy’s return — the office pairs off into pretend couples to take advantage of a Valentine’s Day discount at a local mini-mall. Erin assures Pete she will break up with Andy when he returns, but he has good reason to doubt her. Jim and Pam share a meal with Brian, the documentary’s sound man.

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In a poll conducted February 7-11, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.35/10

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The Office Couples Discount quotes

Pam: And poof, he disappears.

Erin: I really want to have fun today, because tomorrow is going to be a nightmare.

Erin: I’m breaking up with him. Bam, Andy! How ya like me now?

Dwight: I really like Andy these days. He’s pretend, and he does exactly as I tell him to. All that will change when Real Andy comes back tomorrow. Unless he comes back as Pretend Dwight. In which case, we’re in for an epic, confusing showdown.

Kevin: I guess it’s goodbye chunky lemon milk.

Meredith: Let’s get some booze and some cocaine and just blow it out. No consequences.

Phyllis: You could probably just bring whoever it is you use to kill your loneliness.

Stanley: I’ll pretend to be your husband. I’m already sick of you so it’ll seem realistic.

Angela: They have a nail salon there, where I get my feet detailed. They use a watch repair kit.

Kevin: I’ll be your foot buddy!

Nellie: Clark, you will be my fake boyfriend so I can get the discount.
Clark: That’s what I do.

Nail salon lady: Your boyfriend, he look like a pretty girl.

Nellie: Now that you are developing, we should go and get you a training bra.

Nellie: Turns out, I can’t even be in a pretend relationship.

Pam: My dad can’t hear a thing, you could boom his whole life for him.

Dwight: You’re back. And you’re disgusting.

Andy: I guess I can cancel my order from, because the loafers have arrived!

Erin: I am really, really bad at breakups. Technically, I’m still dating my first grade boyfriend.

Dwight: Hey Burning Man, if it’s not selling out too much, you might want to throw on a tie.

Erin: He only emailed me four times.

Andy: Coolio? Are. We. Coolio?

Dwight: Two seconds of the Turd Dog, and he loses the biggest sale this branch has ever seen.

Clark: Do you have any idea what I had to do to get that sale from Jan?

Kevin: He just waltzes back in here like he owns the chunky lemon milk!

Dwight: And instead of a wolf, I cried, genetically engineered monster wolf.

Meredith: Meredith Palmer ain’t never been called no narc. Floozy, yes. Alky, check. Einstein sarcastically, you bet. But never, no narc. Vomit Mop, sure. Floor Meat, that’s me. Flesh Hoover, aye.

Pete: Why does no one stop her?

Andy: Let’s get back to busting some paper rhymes.

Jim: Who knows less about his marriage than the sound guy?

Phyllis: We started selling balloons.

Clark: Kathy Ireland signed on as the official spokesbabe of Dunder Mifflin.

Andy: Go, Kathy! She’s like 50.

Erin: You retweeted me a lot, to be fair.

Andy: If you fake it, I won’t be able to tell the difference. So I’ll feel good.

Pam: I think that you should stay and I think we should fight.

Jim: Alright, put your dukes up, Beesly.

Erin: And just so you know, I was worried you were dead. You were gone for three months!

David: Hey, Andy. Still here. What was that about three months?

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  1. Anyone know what happened to the episode that Zap2it was predicting that was called “Andy’s Return”. Did they rename it?

  2. Awkward, so Erin’s now definitely breaking up with Andy..? Well guess Team Andy’s out.

  3. I don’t think Erin is gonna break-up with Andy, because I hate to see him miserable without her love. I always want him to be happy. Besides, she’s just hesitating.

  4. What if Brian the sound guy was the one who was fired for “interfering” with production?

  5. Hi Tanster:
    Just wanted to let you know you have two eps listed on “upcoming episodes” for Jan 31st. Are they planning a back-to-back ?

  6. I hated the Brian thing to begin with, and now he’s going to have more than one appearance? Ugh.
    If ANYTHING is even implied between him and Pam, I’m done.

  7. My guess is that Brian is going to act as some kind of mediator, saying something along the lines of that he’s seen Jim and Pam go through so much all these years and that he knows they can make it through.

  8. I think Andy is the one who gets fired in this episode and that is why Erin can’t break up with him. I mean, the guy has hardly been at work the past two seasons.

  9. Andy is not getting fired. But somebody else is. We have to watch the episode to find out who.

  10. Everyone is assuming so much. It probably just means he’s gonna start discussing ending the documentary. He’s gonna be like with you leaving the company soon Jim, we think it’s probably time to start wrapping it all up.
    I mean Jim is the most reasonable person to talk to about it since Michael is gone.

  11. Has it officially been revealed that the person who gets fired isn’t Andy though?

    I wasn’t guessing it would be Andy, but Pete’s “good reason to doubt her” has me curious.

    Also, since the 15th episode was originally going by the name “Andy’s Return,” I’m wondering if this is still Andy’s first episode back, with him showing up at the end maybe?

  12. Aw, poor Andy. Perhaps he comes back from his voyage a changed man, hence Erin’s doubts? And who breaks up with someone on Valentine’s Day?!

  13. So because there are two episodes going out next week, the Valentine’s episode falls a week early, with the next episode going out on Valentine’s night? That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I can’t imagine any scenario in which Jim and Pam would share a meal with Brian on Valentine’s Day, and the documentary crew film it unless things are so bad between them at this point that it’s easier to have someone else there as a buffer, and for the film crew’s point of view, they are so worried about them that they get Brian to stage an intervention. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense after all these years to suddenly have a member of their crew being part of the documentary.

  14. Again, do not forget the documentary is coming to an end this season. They might be discussing it on air ( since he already appeared on Cam) to close the documentary. Who are the best most sane people to talk that over with? Jim and Pam.

  15. @ 16 Limey – I am also curious as to what Andy has discovered during his time away, and remember the email he sent Erin many weeks back: “Going to stay away a bit longer and try to figure this whole life thing out”.
    Should be interesting to hear what he has to say and how (if) he explains leaving her behind. Maybe he’ll be the one initiating the official break-up, taking Erin by surprise when she was so flustered to find a way to break up with him.

  16. What if Andy comes back a nice guy? Did some soul-searching and understands his issues? Not sure anyone’s brought that theory up yet…

  17. I think it is a distinct possibility that sweet Andy will return. Either that or he will be such a mess that Erin can’t break up with him just yet! Andy has been through a lot of late: his family have lost their fortune, his super-cold parents have split, his father has disappeared and his brother has had drink problems. He is also still smarting from being fired last year after being ousted by Nellie, and probably also from his broken engagement to Angela. He has been through a lot and hasn’t received much support. No wonder he behaves so badly.

  18. Yeah, it’s really cool how they started bringing the documentary stuff back in.
    That’s been the plan since the very beginning. I believe that was Mindy’s idea, back in season 3, to have Pam cry and you reveal that guy [Brian], and you reveal that they’ve had a connection. -BJ Novak.

    This scares me.

  19. @Daniel G, I don’t know what role Brian will play in Jim and Pam’s story this season. I think it will be an important one, but it is Jim and Pam’s story, and even if Brian will become a wedge between them, he will only serve to increase the sense of jeopardy so that the audience will be even more invested in Jam staying together. But I can’t help thinking that Jim always seemed like he had a bond with the film crew, surely after 9 years of filming some of their most intimate moments, Brian must be really invested in their relationship too? And if he’s interested in Pam, then surely that would cause tension between Jim and the documentary crew, which would not allow Jim to be himself on camera. Anyway, I’m not too worried because NBC put a spoiler in the blurb for their YouTube channel. It’s a synopsis of the season which contains the line “Jim and Pam rediscover what brought them together in the first place”. Yay! I can’t wait for that!

  20. I think the crew will show the documentary which Jim and Pam see all their moments which cause them to not fight and just talk it out

  21. Someone on another site suggested Toby gets fired because his increasingly creepy behavior with Nellie prompts her to call sexual harrassment on him.

  22. Brian was very caring towards Pam in “Customer Loyalty”. Most likely he will be sitting down with Jim and Pam to have them see what the separation is really doing to them. They have always been so in tune with the needs of the other and this time, they seem to be out of sync and this seems to be pulling them apart. Maybe Brian does get somewhere with them because in the next episode Pam interviews in Philly. Sounds like JAM is planning on settling in the Philadelphia area. I am a sap for happy endings. I would love to think that when The Office ends, Jim and Pam will live happily ever after.

  23. Remember that the Producers stated that things begin to change starting with the episode of “Customer Loyalty” where we see members of the crew for the first time. Brian so far is the only one whose name we know, and maybe he is the one that is the central focus. My theory at this point is that Brian is connected to either Jim or Pam in some way – that perhaps Pam and Brian are related, or that Jim and Brian were responsible for planning the creation of the documentary. It seems likely that over the next two or three episodes that there will be tension between Jim and Pam,and that Brian is intervening. I don’t believe it will be romantic though, although I initially feared that. It seems more logical that this dinner between the three of them is about Brian healing the rift between Jim and Pam, and making it clear that it is time to wrap up the documentary. Why? Because either Jim or Pam were directly involved in getting it going. I can’t wait to see if I’m right.

  24. @28 Amy DeFronzo: I disagree. I honestly think that Jim and Pam (and hopefully, through separate circumstances, Michael and Holly as well) will realize that Scranton is where they belong, and will stay with Dunder-Mifflin. Otherwise, Oscar might finally snap if he’s the last one in the “Coalition for Reason”.

  25. Looks like I was right about Brian being the one who would be fired…… he needs to stay faaaaaaaaaaar away from Pam….

  26. I almost wonder if Brian is going to turn into a stalker. An anti-Jim, if you will, who knows her just as well, but not in a way Pam enjoys. Distance leaves Pam vulnerable and we find out the Scranton Strangler had his eyes on Pam, literally the whole time.

  27. I agree with Joey @10. The thing with Brian is annoying and stupid. If it ends the way it seems, they ruined the show.

  28. With Pam interviewing in Philly next episode, it seems she may get fired. Also, this was originally supposed to be the Valentine’s day episode because two aired last night so now it airs a week before Valentine’s day, correct? I can see a big Pam/Jim fight happening again soon with her relying on Brian to talk her through it, etc. And some season 2-esque stuff with Jim playing Roy and Brian playing Jim basically.

  29. I think Jim and Pam will be so thankful to Brian that since Pam got him fired they will take him out to lunch

  30. Okkkkay. There is no way that Greg Daniels is going to let Jim and Pam break up, but there are obviously going to be some issues. Brian is going to be used to rekindle that magic between Jim and Pam. I’m actually liking the Brian/Pam story a lot, not because I want them to end up together, but to make us fall in love with Jim and Pam all over again. It’s a great strategy. And Brian is a cutie!

  31. @32 DaOffice – The firing occurs during the airing of this episode we are commenting on; episode 15 “Couples Discount” which airs February 7th. Brian wasn’t an employee, he was a member of the documentary crew.

    @33 El Scotto – Oh wow, that would be an amazing storyline! One of the doc crew is the Scranton Strangler! From what Greg has said though it seems that they haven’t really come to a conclusion on the who, what & why of the Scranton Strangler, and that Creed has been asking Greg and the writers to be given a weird connection to him. But having him be one of the crew would have been ingenious!

  32. “but he has a good reason to doubt her”
    Maybe Andy changed on the boat trip and he is nice again making Erin like him again.

  33. @39 I’m starting to wonder if the dual firing of the warehouse vandal and Brian the Boom Guy with Feelings was the one we were supposed to get. Yeah, last week was episode 14 but The Farm was held back from the fall so technically, Vandalism was the fifteenth episode in production.

    They have set up a couple of possible firings/dismissals. I’m just hoping that this lunch thing ends the Jim/Pam/Brian angle by putting PB&J back together with Pam quitting Dunder Mifflin to be in Philly with Jim. If it goes past this week, I’m going to really dread the last few episodes.

  34. Andy is the Scranton Strangler. He left the country to hang low since Toby is convinced they sentenced the wrong person. He has anger issues. Jim and Pam will never break up. I do see Pam being fired for her vandalism.

  35. So glad to see Andy back!!! This show desperately needs the presence of a non-stop humorous character like Michael or the Nard Dog. I’m starting to get tired of all the drama-based episodes about Jim in Philly. Bring back the laughs!

  36. Well, I’m disappointed that this episode reveals that my favorite pet theory about the documentary crew is wrong. But one saving grace is that this episode gives us a great Kevin comment: “Goodbye chunky lemon milk” (after he tells us he’s been secretly drinking Andy’s milk over the past three months and can’t drink it anymore now that Andy has returned) Oh, and strangely was this the Valentine’s episode rather than next Thursday which happens to actually BE Valentine’s Day. What’s up with that?

  37. Really loved this one! Favorite part: Pete and Erin in the parking lot! Second favorite, “Beesly”

  38. Did not see that coming, but the episodes without Andy were pretty great, not to mention him getting fired is all on Erin now. Can’t wait for next week.

  39. I was pleasantly surprised by tonight’s episode. Even though the Pam and Brian thing was annoying, it made me care about the show like I hadn’t in a while. The drama of everyone hating Andy as soon as he got back from his trip made it more interesting as well. I think my opinion of this episode would’ve been far more negative if it hadn’t been for the resolution that occurred in the last couple of minutes. Hopefully the last 10 or so episodes will send the show out with a bang.

  40. JIM AND PAM ARE FINE! thank goodness. no one even understands how much anguish i felt during that episode haha. i mean, obviously pb&j aren’t going to break up. let’s get real here. but i just don’t like it when they fight. long live jam ;)

    also.. peace out nard-dog. yay for pete and erin! :)
    i feel bad for andy, but his character has changed so much this season. i’m going to ignore past andy and only think about andy as he is right now. sooo pete and erin are as close to new jim and pam as we’ll get, i guess!

  41. I think it’s Andy that gets fired and will persue his broadway dreams after that. I personally am hating the whole Jim/Pam drama. Didn’t want to spend the last few episodes watching them fight. I was hoping for just a little romance from the Valentine’s day episode. Didn’t deliver.

  42. Such a good episode tonight. Sucks for Andy but he deserves to get fired and it looks like Jam will be fine thanks to Pam.

  43. Pretty intense episode. The writers have really turned up the dislike factor where Andy’s concerned. For some reason, I don’t think the victory for Team Pete is quite in hand. Methinks that arc doesn’t end that way… If there is another firing coming, I believe it’s Andy. Jim’s no dummy; he saw the way Brian was speaking as if only he and Pam were there; that’s why he’s upset that she didn’t share the breakdown with him; he’s seen her do as much with him when Roy was still in the picture. He’s worried he’s now Roy. I wish there would’ve been a shot of Toby’s reaction when Nellie immediately asked Clark to be her faux boyfriend. I think they missed a moment on that one. No cold open, but then again, we’re now down to single digit episodes left; no time for mucking about. All in all, a very solid one, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  44. I loved Pete’s remark to Meredith. And then: “Seriously why don’t you guys ever stop her?”. That dinner with Brian was incredibly awkward, and not nearly as interesting to the plot as I thought it would be. A bit of a disappointing episode, but even if they’re fighting, I feel like JAM is going to pull through.

  45. Dwight’s impersonation of Andy was hilarious !

    Andy looked like Tom Hanks in Cast Away and the trip didn’t change his obnoxious attitude one bit. He was so Michael Scott coming back from Sandals.

    Proud, proud, proud of Erin !

    Super awkward lunch with Jim, Pam, Brian. Did not like the way Brian brought up that Pam had cried with him, leaving Jim in the dark. Looked like he wanted to deliberately plant a seed of tension between them.

  46. @46 Nard-Dog – It’s not necessarily a given that Andy will be fired. He’s very good at getting himself out of jams. Of course we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week, but I also hope that Erin and Andy end up together, or bare minimum that Erin and Pete do NOT end up together.

  47. I thought this episode was really great. It had the perfect amount of Drama & Comedy without over doing it. Relieved to see Jim & Pam are slowly but surely getting better. The best part about this episode for me was the sense of community/warmth between the ensemble cast when they all decided to stick up to Andy. Really liking the Pete/Erin relationship developing, most guys would usually pressure Erin to break up with Andy had they been in Pete’s situation, but it’s obvious he really cares for her and supports her. Erin was easily the best character in this episode, I feel like she is now more mature and wise to know what she wants (whilst also being funny!) Dwight, Clark, Meredith, Oscar, Darryl & Kevin were also very funny. Where was Creed in this episode by the way?? Was it just me who didn’t notice him or am I just being stupid?? I missed his one-liners :(.

  48. I found myself liking “pretend” Andy a lot more than the real one lol. So happy Jam is going to fight to save their marriage. Way to go, Erin, for finally telling Andy off!!

  49. Easily the most awkward episode of the season, mostly for the dramatic factor. I’m actually guessing that this will be the last we see of Brian…at least I’m hoping for this. After taking a peek at some of the photos for the next episode, I still remain optimistic for JAM. I seriously doubt the writers would have us come all this way only to have JAM disintegrate in the last season.

    I did think that was a rewarding scene with Erin at the end…and I’m not much of an Erin fan.

  50. My favorite part, “put up your dukes, Beesly!”

    I loved that Pam said no to Jim leaving. Reminding him she’d rather spend the night fighting with him than living without him.
    It felt like Brian intentionally wanted to make Jim feel bad for Pam crying. I loved tonight’s episode! The whole part with Angela’s baby feet and the woman telling Oscar and Darryl “it don’t work that way” was HILARIOUS!

  51. It was stupid how Andy made Dwight lose the white pages account. And I like when Erin mentioned Andy being gone for 3 months when Wallace was on the phone. That was perfect. Cliffhanger ending but I think Andy will be fired in the next episode. The branch did really well during the time Andy was gone and Wallace will realize that and make Dwight manager for the final episodes.

  52. Also, has anyone else noticed that Stephen Merchant & Ricky Gervais has been directing a few episodes lately? Could this mean a cameo from David Brent?? I can only pray.

  53. It did seem like Brian was speaking only to Pam… I was worried when Jim realized the closeness between them. I feel good with where they’re leading/have led Jim and Pam. I think they had a choice to make tonight – let Jim leave and the tension continue, or have Pam speak up and let them fight (literally and figuratively). They picked the right one. :o)

  54. @Rene 60 –It was from a *deleted scene* a couple seasons ago when Pam was showing Jim her sketches. Which is weird because not everyone has seen that scene, so it wouldn’t really make sense to anyone except for the people who’ve seen it….

    And I wish I could remember which season… It’s between 4 & 5.

  55. Brian, you little rat!!!!! I mean c’mon. You’ve helped film this beautifully legendary couple for nine years and you think you can split them up??? Really? I am so proud of Pam for sticking up and wanting to fight for their relationship. –Literally.

  56. Thank you Jim and Pam. Those of us who have been through tough times in a marriage know that crossroads. I know a lot of people were worried that Brian the soundguy would turn out to be some cliched temptation, but I think tonight was one of the most honest portrayals of marriage I’ve ever seen.

  57. Ugh the episodes have been boring and frustrating, then a few weeks ago they started to get better…but this one brought it back to frustrating!!! I get it, they want to show us Jim and Pam have problems too, but come on…pushing it aren’t they? I am glad Pam spoke up to Jim, am glad Erin spoke up at the end, but listening to Andy’s stupidity and Jim’s selfishness to get to the 5 seconds of funny. Ugh…did I mention how frustrating this show is??

  58. Man oh man. This Jim and Pam stuff just keeps getting grittier. I always said the first three seasons presented the most authentic unrequited relationship ever. Well, these past four episodes have given us the most compelling, realistic, struggling couple I think I’ve ever seen on TV. There’s just so many little moments John and Jenna are doing that are striking numerous chords within me. Maybe it’s my current head space, but it’s very difficult to watch; brilliant and fantastic, but difficult nonetheless.

  59. I had originally thought that this documentary would end when Dunder Mifflin finally went out of business (they’ve been struggling since episode 1). Then they landed the White Pages.. and I thought I was wrong.

    BUT WAIT… they just lost the White Pages!!

    Could the end of Dunder Mifflin be near?

  60. @60 it was a drawing Pam did that was shown in a deleted scene for the season 5 premiere “Weight Loss.” I’m such a nerd for knowing that. Woops. I’m surprised they did a call back that not many people would pick up on!

    Anyway, I loved tonight’s episode. One of my favorites this season for sure. Jim was being a pansy at the end of the episode, but Pam’s “I think you should stay and I think we should fight” was fantastic- she was forcing him to face the conflict instead of leaving without it being taken care of. Great job on this one, writers. I think JAM fans are quite satisfied.

    I feel like all in all this episode is setting up great stories for the next episode and the remainder of the series. The finale is going to be one tearful day, that’s one thing I know for sure.

  61. No, real marriages don’t come close to collapse or get “tempted” by Brians because one partner is spending half the weeks a couple of hours away in order to help the entire family leave a dead end pathetic job.

    At least not healthy marriages like Pam and Jim.

    All of a sudden they’re vulnerable? What a weak foundation then. Jim goes half a week and watch out, Pam will be snapped?

    How do i miss the office of season 1-3

  62. Missed a bunch of lines. Um, Tanster, transcribe soon?? :)

    I’d never had such long and serious discussions with people over a TV show’s episodes before the last 2 episodes of Office!! And now it does seem like Brian is done. So overall kinda feeling tricked here…

  63. Anybody else feel uncomfortable when Darryl pulled that weird “gay” stunt with Oscar? I will truly be upset if NBC makes Mitah Roggas go homo… (no offence intended to gays, just never thought Darryl would be like that)

  64. I thought this was a pretty good episode. Andy’s comeback was ridiculous, in a good way; also, I didn’t think that he was a good match with Erin, so I’m not too sad that she likes Pete more now.

    A highlight of the mall discount subplot was the one with Nellie and “Dwight Jr.” The only thing is that I felt that the Jim-Pam-Brian plot didn’t fit in with the rest of the episode, and had a completely different tone. I was really looking forward to that story-line, but it seemed like watching one of those more ‘drama-driven’ episodes (which this episode wasn’t, for the most part).

  65. Brian’s not done. Did you see how manipulative he was during that V-Day lunch? He’s gonna keep coming after Pam. Creeper status = engaged.

  66. I can’t believe they are doing this to Andy! Pete is a jerk trying to steal Erin. And now he will be fired and everyone hates him. Way to ruin the show for the fans. :(

  67. @66 BEESLY & @60 Rene, it was from the season 5 episode “Business Trip,” not “Weight Loss.” (I’m correcting my previous comment)-
    @66 I agree, it is odd that they’d put that in there when, to be honest, not all of the viewers watch the deleted scenes- and therefore, have no idea why that moment tonight was significant.
    I, however, squealed and jumped off of the couch at that scene with John and Jenna. So great.

  68. WOW! Amazing freaking episode! It seems like they set up good episodes with poor ones… Just the way the plot is moving that requires this I guess.

  69. Notice that Erin kissed Pete, and that Pete didn’t force her to do anything. He’s not being a jerk, just a nice guy. And I don’t think the Andy-Erin-Pete arc is done yet. Andy’s character might change for the better after realizing how he lost Erin. Who knows, though.

    I definitely liked Erin being more confident with herself and being honest with Andy and Pete. Kind of like Pam 2.0 at the Beach Games episode.

    And hopefully Jam works everything out!

  70. I’m so glad that Pam came to her senses and realized that she and Jim needed to talk out this crisis in their marriage. They never have been good at communication. Sometimes in a marriage you just have to fight it out — and since Jim avoids confrontations and reactions, Pam has to be the one to ask him to stay. Jim wants to stay when he tells her to “bring it on.” Beautifully written.
    Dwight is great being Andy.

  71. I get the impression that the writers really hate Andy this season. I know he’s always been cocky, but he used to be friendly. New Andy is nothing like the old Andy who usually got along with most of his co-workers. As a fan of the old Andy, it’s really hard to watch this season, but I still have hope that he’ll return to being the same sweet Nard-dog that he was before. I think Erin deserves much better than this, but I’m not a fan of Pete. He’s has no personality and his only purpose in the story is for the sake of Erin leaving Andy.

  72. Jim & Pam have a very loving and strong relationship which developed over the course of the show. It’s clear they are soulmates (as Pam said in “Stress Relief”), and I highly doubt they will be anything but happily married by the finale.


    Do remember that Pam technically cheated on Roy, and Jim encouraged it. Obviously Roy was a jerk and Jim & Pam were in love, but Pam intended on marrying Roy still even after kissing Jim (at first). That being said, it’s not like they are SO morally upright that it’s impossible for Pam to entertain the idea of going with Brian, especially if he’s there for her in her fragile state.

    BUT (again)

    I don’t think she will fall to temptation, if it even exists in this case.

    As far as Andy/Erin, they were both my favorite characters and although (WOW) look how much Andy has changed since season 3, and he may be a jerk this season, I still like him. But I’m fine with Peterin too.

  73. Is it just me or is Andy the most inconsistent character ever? He started out as the annoying, anger-management going co-worker in The Office, turned into a relatively likable guy who was cheated on, dismissed by his family and fought for his love, and then again, turns into a completely selfish person.

    I’m loving Pete.

  74. I can only pray that Brian is gone for good. He was an unnecessary addition that brought nothing to the story.

  75. In the first episode Pete was going to help Clark. He has been making passes at Erin since arriving despite her having a boyfriend. He is far from a nice guy. It is interesting to see the double standard with him and Brian. They are both doing the same thing.

    Hopefully the arc isn’t over, but I’m losing faith at this point.

  76. This Brian guy needs to go back to hosting Survivor and leave the JAM alone before Little Jimmy Halpert takes him out like he did that bear.

  77. Some comments.
    1. I finally understand why Andy is so annoying.
    2. I personally do not ship, but I can see why some people might start shipping Darryl/Oscar, if not as partners, as friends.
    3. I thought Andy would fly into a rage and fire Erin.
    4. Stanley’s line to Phyllis- HILARIOUS!
    Now, I’ve forgotten the rest of the things I’m going to say. I will only say that I’m sad about there only being 9 episodes left to air.
    Zarion Kreena

  78. We still need Michael Scott for the series finale! It’s unfair that he’s not doing it at all! If he were still manager of the company, he’d have fired Andy for leaving for three months.

  79. Jim’s unwrapped Valentine’s Day present to Pam is important. When Pam bombed out of graphic design, that drawing was the one piece from her sketchbook that Jim pointed out to her was awesome. It best reflects her talent, if she’d trust herself to do more work like that, and he cherished the piece. Giving it back to her framed, unwrapped, is a real gift of love.

    Pam’s gift to Jim? Love worth fighting for. She says yes to a fight on Valentine’s Day. She’s saying yes to their marriage, and working things out, even if things get a bit ugly. Pam’s asking him to fight with her. You can tell he gets it, too.

    Jim looked dejected about the prospect of a big fight (like his days with Karen), but there was relief there, too. A smile and even a small tear welling up. For the first time in a long time, we hear Jim use the endearment Beesly.

  80. Was Ed Helms wearing a wig or was it just overly long? Were the writers annoyed Ed left the final season to film The Hangover 3?

    Really liked the episode though!

  81. Anyone care to over-analyze the look Brian gave to the camera as JAM walked into restaurant? I think there is more to come from him.

  82. As we’ve seen in previous episodes, the actors have a knack for imitating each other’s characters. Somewhere, someone must be compiling a video of Jim being Stanley, Jim being Dwight, Dwight being Jim, and now Dwight being Andy.

  83. Is it just me or does it seem like Brian may have made up his wife?

    NO MORE JAM DRAMA PLEASE! I am hoping everything turns out okay, but it seems to be increasing more and more until it turns into a full out war.

    Loved Dwight’s Andy impression.

  84. I know I said I liked the Jim & Pam drama, but this episode broke my heart a little bit. I’m still really enjoying the show and I know they’ll end up being a-okay, but that conflict was so real and it touched some nerves for me. That is the reality of how absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder. It only creates a strain. I’m so glad Pam spoke up and said they needed to have a fight (which I’m sure will be more like a heavy talk rather than a screaming match). Otherwise, terrific performances by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer. Very real. I’m loving this season.

  85. Wow, this episode was awesome! The pace was great, jokes throughout, some good tension between JAM, Andy vs the Office. Felt like good old office to me.

  86. Season 9 is blowing my mind! One of the very best!! John and Jenna are amazing.. I really wish NBC would consider a spin off for them with a new cast in Philly and guest appearances from original Office cast! I think it could work! :)

  87. Has the Office given up any sense of characterization? The whole Andy/Erin plot line makes zero sense, that Andy who pined for Erin when she was with Gabe and drove to Florida to win back Erin would leave her and have essentially zero contact with her for three months makes no sense, there’s been no character development or plot explanation for this behavior. The Pam-Jim-Brian plot line is so out of left field and Jim’s response of anger is so out of character, clearly the writers have given up on the characterizations they took years to develop. I love the office but I think I’m glad this is the last season.

    -Never say die

  88. They better not end the show with Erin dating Pete. Erin should understand that Andy is being a jerk because of how confident he was after getting the job back from Nellie. And another reason she broke up with him was because of the boat trip. He was helping his family get back money, he’s not just going to let his family go broke! He punched a hole in the wall! Twice! What does Erin expect?

  89. While I do hope that Brian won’t be appearing on any more episodes, it’d be a pretty stupid way to get rid of him.
    They brought Brian in and made it very clear that he was in love with Pam when they introduced him, and they made it even more clear when they had him use the line about him and Pam breaking down in front of each other. It was pretty obvious to me that he was saying that in an attempt to get to Jim. If we’re thinking logically, Brian clearly loves Pam, but now it looks like the writers are going to get rid of him as if he only ever wanted to be friends with her and his presence didn’t really mean anything. I want Brian to leave, but the writers are being inconsistent.

  90. So let’s figure this out. Jim is the new Roy, Brian is the new Jim, and Pam is still Pam.

    Andy is also the new Roy but he’s also the new Michael. Erin is the new Pam and Pete is the new Jim. Dwight is still Dwight.

    Give credit to NBC; they’ve always been big on recycling.

  91. The framed sketch that Jim pulled out of his bag, for me, was a very touching call-back to the yogurt lid medal he pulled out of his file back in The Job. A symbol of good things to come for JAM. God, I’m so gonna miss them.

  92. Jim is not the new Roy. Brian is not the new Jim. Andy is not a new Roy. Pete is not a new Jim. Pam is still Pam and loves being married to Jim. She always had doubts about Roy so Jim is not a new Roy.

    After last nite I’m kinda starting to feel sorry for Andy.

  93. Just watched a second time. Some interesting observations….

    1) Subtle signs of JAM’s strained relationship. As they walk into the restaurant Jim is on the phone while Pam tries to hold his hand. Brilliant! When Brian drops the breakdown bomb at lunch, and Jim pulls his arm back from Pam. Subtle!

    2) Pete’s reactions while in the background, especially when Andy comes back.

    3) I wish this season’s Nellie had been the Nellie in Season 8.

    4) It seems like Andy has reverted back to the character when he first appeared on the show. It seems like this is what Andy would have been like without anger management. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an angry outburst at some point. Maybe another hole in the wall coming up?

    5) Where was Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration? Phyllis didn’t even mention him….hrmm…

  94. This was a weird one for me. The Jim and Pam story was nice, but I wish they could have given the whole fighting story a break, and let us have a cute nice final office Val’s Day. I really hated seeing Erin break up with Andy, I’ve been rooting for them since season 5! I like Pete, but he’s not right for Erin. I kind of do feel that they ruined Andy this season. It’s a shame…

  95. Andy is a chameleon, isn’t he? Does anyone seriously know, it seems possible that the terrible Andy he’s become and may likely remain is due to problems with Ed Helms the actor? Are the Office producers and/or writers angry enough with him for leaving the show in the mid-season lurch that they wanted to sabotage his character (for basically the same issue?) It’s one thing for a character to be a wonderfully diabolical villain who’s popular with fans, one of those we love to hate. Those can be fun for actors, and great for their careers, too. It’s another thing for the character just to be an irritating but not fascinating jerk that all of the rest of the office (and many fans) would simply rather get rid of. I certainly don’t see Andy rehabilitating himself this time. But then, we have seen about 10 Andys on this series. It will be odd if it plays out this way, though, because some of those Andys were quite likeable.

  96. I think they are taking the whole Jim & Pam thing too far. I understand what they are trying to do — show that two people who were once desperately in love and whom we rooted for excitedly for so long are just like the rest of us. And in showing that they are a very real couple who experience very real issues, they will eventually bring us back to where they began as a couple and remind us of why we love them so desperately and why we continue to champion for them. HOWEVER, they have dragged out the fighting for way to long and have made Jim into this selfish, rude man out of left field. Where did this attitude and disrespect for Pam come from? It’s irritating to see fighting every single week, and the tension is unnecessary – not to mention not at all FUNNY for a show that’s supposed to be a comedy! I will continue to watch and root for them but I hope it changes direction soon!

  97. This episode was full on character and relational development and didn’t even try to be funny often. The Jim/Pam subtleties already mentioned here were very good. The last scene Jim seems trying to put on a pleasant face but shaky and it’s pulled off to perfection.

    Just to add fuel to the fire when talking about needing a job Brian looks at Pam for just a second when he says “I’m fully available”

  98. I’ve been reading Office Tally comments for a long time, and an Office fan even longer. Right now, I’ve been going through Seasons 1-5 to make up for the past few sub-par seasons. Watching when Jam first gets together, when they’re engaged, etc. really makes me wonder, “what happened?” The Jim/Pam from seasons 1-5 is so different from season 9. Still undecided on the strain in their marriage- the writers would be on crack if the show ends with Jam disintegrating. They’ll turn out better than ever, but still. I want more funny! I want the Office I’m re-watching now!

  99. @112, I don’t believe the writers wanted to sabotage Ed Helms. I think the change in Andy’s character may actually have been Ed’s idea. He said in an interview last year that he thought Andy was too nice in Season 8, and felt Andy was funnier and more fun to play when his flaws were at the forefront rather than his good side. It’s also my theory that John Krasinski may have had something to do with the change in Jim this season. I have a vague memory of him previously saying in an interview that Jim was maybe a bit too perfect. Maybe I’m wrong, but both actors are producers this season and have more of a say in their character arcs, so they could veto Andy and Jim’s uncharacteristic behaviour if they wanted.

  100. @Jason Actually the Andy/Erin dynamic makes PERFECT sense: He wants her when he can’t have her and takes her for granted when he can.

    -He pines for her when she’s with Gabe
    -She dumps Gabe and asks him out with a puppet, he turns her down.
    -She decides to stay in Florida, he drives down to win her back.
    -He get her back, then leaves her to go on a 3-month long trip.

    Erin’s finally had enough. It’s time for her to go with someone a bit more considerate and easygoing.

    In other words: Pete! :)

  101. You know what’s funny? For all the hate on Brian, he saved Jim and Pam.

    When he talks about his failed marriage, he says something to the effect of “When we stopped fighting, that’s when it was over.”

    Flash towards the end of the episode, Jim was ready to retreat, but Pam wanted to fight it out, because if they had stopped fighting…

    (That sound is your mind being blown)

    [ from tanster: excellent! ]

  102. @98, I think that was just Brian realizing that ‘Oh, yeah, there’s still a documentary.’ Maybe it was a bit awkward for him since those are the people he worked with for 9 years and now that’s where he is. Maybe he was anticipating just a normal conversation with Jim and Pam, but when he saw the crew he was like, ‘Oh yeah.’

  103. Overall a pretty grim episode. Didn’t have many laughs. Oh well, I hope they find a way to get Andy back to normal. But the cliffhanger at the end makes me wonder if it is Andy who gets fired before the end of the season, paving the way for Erin-Pete.

  104. @119 Actually, the Andy/Erin relationship has been written with no real consistency. In the finale of S6 it appeared that Erin had forgiven Andy for the Angela mess and it looked like S7 would bring them together. Somehow, during the hiatus, she suddenly started dating Gabe and Andy spent S7 pining for her. At the end of that season, she broke up with Gabe, but Andy refused to date her. She spent most of S8 pining for him as he dated Jessica. Her move to Florida inspired him to skip out on the office (again for weeks) to bring her back. And now he treats her like crap. None of this makes sense. Why did Erin start dating Gabe? No explanation given. Why wouldn’t Andy date her after the Gabe breakup? The reason given was that he didn’t want to offend Gabe or some such bogus explanation. It’s all just poorly done all the way around.

  105. I love the scene when Erin kissed Pete! So sweet!
    And I think upcoming episodes will focus on Dwight and Angela.

  106. I thought it was a strong episode, even though I’m still bothered by how much Andy’s character has changed.

    I guess it makes sense due to his circumstances, but I miss season 8 Andy. It’s almost like everything that Andy did right last year is for naught, since he’s apparently hated by everyone in the office now.

  107. The writing in this episode was on target for Jim and Pam. Neither one of them like confrontations, but I was glad to see Pam take the initiative to make things right this time. I’m tired of the fighting between them. It’s not funny and it’s not JAM. Please just let Pam get a job at Jim’s new company as a designer for their clients and keep them working together. That’s what they’re missing, each other. I, as a fan who have followed Jim and Pam since Season 1, can’t relate to what the writers are doing with these characters. There’s no romance, no pranks, no fun. Stop it!!! Also, I’d like to see more Dwight and Angela. They’ve always been fun to watch together. I don’t know what’s going on with Andy. He’s not Michael and he’s not Robert California (thank goodness). Make him consistent.

  108. Exactly what Post #126 said, I miss Season 8 Andy. That Andy was sweet, well-meaning. A bit of a Michael Scott clone, but you could root for him. If this is his two-season character arc, then his mindset has been perverted by power, by people trusting him. It started going downhill when he starting battling Nellie last year, and he’s never been the same. Obviously, we all want Jim & Pam to be happy. We’re rooting for Dwight. But I hope these last 9 episodes find Andy redeeming himself. He was never right for Erin, but he was a character we sympathized with (once he returned from anger management.)

  109. @112 Larry. Ed Helms only signed up for a partial season as he was already commited to The Hangover when he negotiated his season 9 contract. The show’s producers always knew he was going to be missing a big chunk of episodes. The ruination of Andy does feel a bit like Ed is being punished for seemingly putting the Hangover first though. I hope there is enough time left for Andy to redeem himself. He has always been my favourite character and I really don’t like what is going on now. He deserves a better ending to his Office story than this.

  110. Once again, Kevin and Angela are going to end up together. I’ve been onto this since the Christmas episode. Surprised no one else sees it.

  111. Andy’s personality has changed about 4 times throughout the show. What’s up with that?

  112. Why all the fuss about Jim and Pam, you know they will end up together happy. I loved this episode because it was the first episode that I am desperately waiting for the next one since season 3. This episode had David Wallace, Jan and characters acting like themselves with no antics. 10/10

  113. Actually, I think, above all, I’m sad Nellie is finally becoming likable (to me) and I’ll only get to see a few more half-hours of her.

    I wish she’d turned into an actual character rather than a plot device LAST season!

  114. @134 I am pretty sure it is one of the sketches Pam does while she is in New York at Art school. She shows Jim in the break room when she returns.

  115. The Jim and Pam tension feels like it comes 2 seasons too late, but it’s so great to see them talk about THEM again. Even if they are fighting, I still find it much more interesting than the cardboard talking heads of the past 2 seasons. As always, John and Jenna keep it real. I don’t think I need to add anything to the ridiculousness that is the Andy-Erin-Pete storyline.

  116. Personally, I was never a huge fan of Andy. He’s always been annoying and he’s always been capable of being mean like this (sure, it’s been funny). Come on, people. Last season everyone was complaining about how the writers were making him into a Michael clone, and now everyone’s complaining that he isn’t S8 Andy anymore.
    Jim and Pam were great, as was Erin, and Darryl sticking up for Oscar was awesome. Overall: was it the funniest episode? No. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing. The Office is more than just a comedy.

  117. @137 Ridiculousness? Hardly. This storyline seemed perfectly consistent to me, for the reasons I listed above (118) and I’ve been waiting months for that kiss!

  118. Hey, wasn’t someone supposed to get fired in episode 15? Has this now been shunted into the hour-long Moving On? I was very jet lagged when I watched Couples Discount – did I miss something?!?

  119. Wow. The character assassination of Andy is complete. One of my favorite characters and they’ve made it that even I can’t stand him anymore! He’s an unlikeable outsider who doesn’t even belong in the show. I’d rather they wrote Helms out than go through this. Turning these characters into an second rate rehash of JAMRoy – what was the point?

    Erin was really good. She’s quite mature now and handling things well. Ellie Kemper has put in some good performances lately, though her character is not as outright funny as she was a few seasons ago. I’m not sure the likeable yet slightly creepy Pete is a good match for Erin either. He lacks any real depth and is almost like a toyboy type. Erin might eventually outgrow him too.

    Even JAM are showing some real cracks. The Brian stuff is bleh.

    I’ve been hesitating to purchase the season 8 set, but I think seasons 8 and 9 will be the first I don’t bother with. I don’t think I could sit through all that again.

  120. The last episodes without Andy were so much better and once he comes back the funny gets sucked right out of the episode. I hope Wallace demotes him back to salesman so I can like the character again. Dwight could head the office since he was basically doing it anyway with Andy gone and Jim in Philly most of the time. oh and I think Meredith’s wigs are just hilarious!!!!

  121. This might have just been me, but when Jim gives Pam his V Day present, as he starts to walk to get his coat, does anyone notice Pam look back at her desk? I thought she might have a present to give him and couldn’t decide if she wanted to or not.

    Any thoughts?

  122. I am kinda getting sick of Jam fighting, I know that they want to show them having growing pains but I didn’t want the whole last season to be of them fighting. On that note it seems like Pam is also sick of this disconnect that is between them and won’t let it get any worse. I never liked Brian but now I hate him, he was clearly trying to cause tension between Jim and Pam. Thankfully it sort of backfired for him, Pam clearly does not reciprocate any of those stupid looks he keeps giving her.

  123. I actually like the Brian character. He seems like a good guy. I don’t think he set out to make things bad for Jim and Pam…they did that to themselves. I do think he fell for her and made a couple of inappropriate decisions when Jim and Pam started fighting but hey he is only human and I don’t get the impression that he is seriously trying to interrupt Pam’s marriage.

  124. I’m not trying to make any real comparisons here, but when Andy was standing in the doorway to his office looking at Dwight, he kind of gave a similar look that Michael would have given. Just saying. But then Andy lost the White Pages account. Michael was always a bad boss, but also a really good salesman.

  125. There was so much packed into Couples Discount – so many different stories going on, an awesome Meredith wig (not to mention a great rant about what she’s been called), and Andy’s disgusting beaded beard! I could watch a whole hour of Darryl and Oscar pretending to be a couple – I loved that short scene and thumbs up to Darryl. Loved Erin asking Pete if he wanted to play catch right after he’d had a talking head about the family dog’s last day. And I’m SO glad Pam asked, and Jim agreed to go sort out differences (fight). Like Brian said, when there’s nothing worth fighting for, it’s over. I think Jim and Pam will be just fine. I’m going to be so sad when this show is over – it’s such top quality viewing.

  126. Re #105, this wouldn’t be the first time they bring in a character for a plot device and simply moved on from said character without any futher mention (see: Florida trip girl that hit on Jim who was so important thereafter that I can’t remember her name. Actually, it’s Kathy, but that’s besides the point….). I think the real reason the show isn’t QUITE what it once was is simple: at the start, the show’s talent were getting their prof. break b/c of THE OFFICE. They put their energy and creativity into it. Now, with guest writers galore, less cohesiveness all-around, and dividied professional interest, the talent has grown beyond the show. Plus, the loss of Michael Schur.

  127. @143 Actually all of Andy’s actions this season have been more like Michael Scott than himself. I wonder if this was originally written with Steve Carell in mind. Maybe it was supposed to be Pete and Holly.

  128. I wasn’t sure if Pam let Jim think that she cried about Frank the warehouse guy. Does Jim really get that Brian comforted Pam after her phone call with him? That he was the cause of her crying, and Brian was the good guy in all that?

  129. @130 I completely agree. This episode was a slam dunk. It saddens me that the characters rarely act like how they’ve been characterized through so many past seasons… (I can’t say up until now because it started changing even in parts of Season 7). I’ve lost all hope for Dwight though. He’s a completely different beast now-a-days.

  130. Brian tells Pam & Jim about his breakup with Alyssa that they “we were telling two different versions of the same story.”

    Did anyone else notice how pretty Pam looks when she sits down opposite Brian? How much thinner she appears as he watches her sit down, versus earlier in the show when she eats chocolates with Jim? Even how heavy Pam’s makeup has become lately. It’s unflattering and especially noticeable in scenes with Jim where she looks so tired. Is this deliberate to show how these two men are seeing Pam through very different eyes right now?

    Brian has a crush on Pam, and Jim is very much at odds with her. It reminds me of Season 3, Traveling Salesmen, when Karen wore that gaudy makeup to make a sale. It was the episode where she learned from Phyllis that Jim had had a crush on Pam. In the same episode, Jim lied to Karen and told her he was over his crush. Hasn’t Jim started treating Pam like he use to treat Karen? It’s hurtful.

  131. @149. Last thought on this idea. In Season 9, Pam’s heavy makeup (check out Work Bus, the final scene) is like a mask – she’s covering up her true feelings. In Traveling Salesmen, Karen’s gaudy makeup was like a clown – Jim’s lies made her feel like a fool.

  132. Jim’s behavior towards Pam in this episode and in the one before pisses me off more than Andy ever has.

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