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The Office: Pool Party chicken fight

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: Charles McDougall

Summary (NBC): Robert’s last hurrah — after Robert decides to sell his mansion following his divorce, Kevin suggests that he have an office pool party. Erin tries to make Andy jealous by flirting with Dwight. Meanwhile, Robert gives everyone a tour of his massive home.

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In a poll conducted January 19-23, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.23/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Jim: It’s always more fun to mess with Dwight with an audience. That was usually Pam.

Jim: Turns out that Stanley is quite the comedy fan. But not everything makes him laugh. He has very specific tastes. Through a painstaking process of trial and error, I found out what he likes. And it’s really weird.

Stanley: You’ve been meatballed! Are ya ready for some meatball?

Stanley: What’s our haul?
Dwight: 32 meatballs.

Dwight: That idiot’s been feeding us for a week.
Stanley: We’ll never have to buy meatballs again.

Erin: I’m taking an Italian class. So far, I have learned tortellini, spaghettini, linguini… Well, it’s not so much a class as a restaurant.

Erin: You sound really pretty today.

Andy: Jessica, I love you. That’s a message from my mom.

Andy: Mom took the main diamond out. She thought that had more of my little brother kind of vibe to it.

Jim (looking at online photo of Robert’s house): Oh, it’s pretty nice. Got a little bit of The Shining vibe, though.

Dwight: Big. Stupid. Pure chump bait.

Robert: The 1% are suffering too, people.

Robert: This was hot on the heels of Eyes Wide Shut, mind you.

Robert: The ultimate insult? They’re calling my speakeasy lounge a rumpus room.

Robert: Does my turmoil amuse you, Jim?

Robert: How hilarious it is to laugh at clowns, the painted jesters of a dying circus industry.

Kevin: Yeah, all of us in the pool, saying hurrah. Maybe the last one who says hurrah is it.

Kevin: Hey, Oscar, was that you who just created a party out of thin air, or was it me.

Erin: It seems like you shouldn’t drive, maybe ever.

Erin: Andy’s such a weird stalker. I should get a restraining order.

Jim: DJ Pam Halpert is spinning some serious Radio Disney tonight.

Jim: You’re looking at the master of leaving parties early. The key is you have to make a strong impression, so you want to have a picture taken, you want to say some peculiar non sequitur that people remember, you want to note something unique, a talking point for later. I don’t mean to brag but, New Year’s Eve? I was home by nine.

Jessica: What are you doing.
Andy: Flicking a bug off my weiner.
Jessica: Gross!

Erin: Funny, how we can be surrounded by people and still feel so lonely.

Erin: How about this weekend we take that sucker to a duck pond or something. Maybe get caught in rain.

Erin: He told me he was a ride I wouldn’t survive. And I believe him.

Darryl: Red plastic cup, red plastic cup. How about that?
Val: You know, you are just as dumb at night.

Stanley: Pants only need a chair if there’s a person in them.

Robert: Here we have the parlor. I imagined people would set down their coats, and symbolically, their inhibitions. You enter this room a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a judge. But beyond it, you’re simply a penis, a vagina, a hunger, an ache. Susan used it as a Pilates studio.

Oscar: Toby, Chateau Margaux 95. You know your wine.

Gabe: And Gabey makes three.

Dwight: Why would you choose me? Because I’m mighty? Cause I’m the manliest man in the office? I’ll do it.

Robert: I pictured myself here every night, eating a leg of mutton, the juices dripping down my bare chest, wiping my fingers on the walls. Then I met a vegan.

Oscar: Toby, what’s compelling about this is the note of persimmon. Right?
Toby: Note? It’s a symphony!

Toby: Toby, you are playing a dangerous game. I guess I’m through the gateway now, right?

Meredith: No top scum, no band aids, this thing is choice.

Darryl: I’ve been working out. But the problem is, I’ve been building muscle underneath. And the top layer hasn’t burned off yet. It’s an awkward stage.

Erin: I think sexy eating is a dead end.

Erin: What is the most romantic thing.
Dwight: We can get some chicken fights going in the pool.

Erin: Dwight, our chemistry is really clicking. We work so well together.
Dwight: I know, I could just bang you right now.

Robert: When I put in this screening room, I bought three movies: Caligula, Last Tango in Paris, and Emmanuelle II. Last two movies I actually watched in here were Marley and Me and On Golden Fucking Pond.

Gabe: I got a Korean film on my iPod. If you want to just, if you have the cables.

Val: Does Darryl not swim?
Kevin: That’s racist!

Kelly: You’ve broken up your last couple, you evil ring.

Dwight: That Erin. She’s sure a ripe little tiger, isn’t she. And to think, I always thought of her as a second Meredith.

Andy: I like to get my monag on. It’s monagomy for my hog in me.

Dwight: You’re an idiot.

Erin: The Bernard family seal. Duh.
Andy: Duh.

Andy: Honestly, Erin, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Erin: Andy’s confused. That’s not what I was hoping for, but it’s not so bad, either. I can live with confused. I get confused. I totally get confused.

Robert: And of course the pool — ultimate lubricant for any wild evening. And it was here that my parties would have crescendoed into true madness.

Oscar: I am Bacchus, god of wine!
Toby: I am Bacchus’ friend!

Robert: This is no get together. This is a party.

Jim: And there’s my talking point.

Robert: It’s not a party if you don’t do something that scares you.

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  1. Ben, my thought is that ‘last hurrah’ is between Robert and his house, not Robert and the show. But I could be wrong.
    I wonder if Dwight will give the house a thorough checking, as he had done in a previous season lol

  2. A pool party in January sounds ridiculous, but this is the show that gave us a booze cruise in January

  3. An office pool party and Robert giving a tour of his home, sounds a little like Dinner Party to me. Which is my favorite episode. But as someone said above, a pool party in winter?

  4. to those of you freaking out about the improbability of having a pool party in january… he probably has an indoor pool.

  5. Since Robert owns a mansion perhaps it is an indoor pool…if not, only members of the Polar Bear Club would have a pool party in Scranton during the month of January? Of course it was Kevin who made the suggestion…consider the source.

  6. It was Kevin that suggested he have the pool party, so it being in January isn’t that absurd since an idiot was the one who came up with idea.

  7. 1. I’m pretty sure they mean billiards.

    2. James Spader is signed for at least 15 episodes. This is his 11th or 12th, depending on if he is in Trivia or not.

  8. I don’t think they should drop the erin and andy thing.
    In fact the drama between them in the christmas episode was great and ALMOST jim and pam like.

    Obviously no one will match that chemistry but Erin is an adorable character and anything that plays with that fact shouldn’t be abandoned.

  9. So the guy who originally applied and was hired for Regional Manager somehow owns a mansion?

  10. 15. Remember to call, James Spader wasn’t in ‘Lotto’, so this would be the 10th or 11th episode.

  11. i’m really looking forward to this episode. I can’t wait to see it.

  12. I’m hoping that by Erin flirting with Dwight, Angela will see it and realize that she still has feelings for Dwight. This is what I’m praying for.

  13. I think it is a billiards party because I doubt big boy Kevin would want to take his shirt off in public. Also, Kevin is a fan of the cards/casino/bar scene, so it makes sense that he would be good at billiards.

  14. I guess the recently posted photos settle the outdoor pool/indoor pool/billiards debate…

    I think it looks like it’ll be a good one. Thanks for posting, Tanster! :)

    [ from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

  15. @Mose wannabe –
    It is kind of odd that Jim hasn’t been mentioning Phillip or interacting with Pam, but I definitely wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Other than in “Pam’s Replacement,” I don’t even know that Jim and Kathy have spoken to each other. I don’t think that Kathy poses a threat to Jim/Pam whatsoever.
    Don’t hate the office!

  16. @ him jalpert –

    I agree regarding Kathy not posing a threat to J/P – especially since in the Christmas episode, Kathy seemed more ticked off with Jim and Dwight than anything else. It’s refreshing that the writers don’t seem to be going with the usual dynamic that the hot girl finds Jim and his antics cute and charming.

  17. Just saw a promo of the Thursday night shows during Law & Order: SVU and they look great!

  18. This episode was really.. weird. And not in the good Office way I’m used to. Really uncomfortable. I mean, it had it’s funny moments, but overall just kinda dark almost.

  19. I felt like this episode was off…not necessarily in a bad way, it just felt different from the rest of The Office.
    It seemed like there wasn’t much going on in this episode. It felt like an episode where we just watched what was going on, and enjoyed!
    Not a ton of LOL moments, but overall, a nice episode. I think Kathy and Jessica both got a bit more to do in this episode, and the cold open was pretty great!

  20. What song is playing in the background during the skinny-dipping scene at the end of the Pool Party episode?

  21. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I originally expected. I laughed quite a bit throughout the whole thing and I especially liked that the writers kept everyone in character. And as for Cathy…do I sense a little drama once Pam returns?

  22. The cold open was the best! I certainly couldn’t have predicted how that was going to end. Over the past episodes, there were just a couple of jokes here and there and then you would just have to wait for the laughs but tonight I could not stop laughing. Everybody was on their A game tonight and overall, it was a good ensemble episode. The Office has really been picking up its stride the second half of the season! 9/10

  23. What? Did Jim seriously just drive home drunk? That’s worse than Kathy trying to hit on him all night.

  24. @Shay I see where you’re coming from with Cathy, but Jim did not seem interested in anything other than getting home to Pam. When Cathy said “Hey, late guy” Jim basically ignored her and focused on bailing on the party. Even when Jim was drunk at the end, the one time when he might have done something stupid and everyone else was getting crazy, he bailed to get home to Pam.

  25. 35. DB Thu. Jan. 19, 2012 | 7:40pm
    What song is playing in the background during the skinny-dipping scene at the end of the Pool Party episode?


  26. Best Office Episode this season! Show has been picking up since the Christmas Episode! Robert California has grown on me, The Office is different now, more like Parks and Rec (How it’s filmed), with the old office characters and set. To survive the show needed to change it can’t stay the same forever, Live On Office!!!

  27. is there any way jim could have gotten into an accident? looked like there was headlights coming from the other direction and it had a quick cut to black? hmm…

  28. So, “The Office” now thinks that drinking and driving is something to make light of? As someone who has lost somebody to drinking and driving, I am deeply disturbed.

    I hope everyone involved with the show is severely chastised for these irresponsible actions.

  29. Andy/Erin is way more interesting to watch.

    I do want to see a real Jim/Pam/Cathy triangle. Comedy is not funny without sin. :-)

    So… Jim/Pam + Andy/Dwight/Angela will become Andy/Erin + Jim/Pam/Cathy. History repeats. Just a little different every time.

  30. Jim didn’t seem drunk when he drove off – just really desperate to get out of there. And because Meredith had boxed him in, he had to drive over the lawn to escape.

    Segueing to another topic… what’s up with Kathy calling for Jim to play chicken? Do the writers really have to go down this road and make her Cody 2? Contrived, cliched drama as yet another pretty woman crushes on Jim, possibly leading to some tension with Pam when she returns – ugh!

  31. It was yet another ok episode. I don’t think Jim was drunk. We saw him drunk in PDA (yes I still hate that one). He wasn’t acting like he did in that one. He wasn’t acting like Oscar. How much he drank I don’t know. He seemed to be making the toasts almsot defeated so I doubt he was pounding the wine. I also didn’t pick up on the Cathy vibe. But that’s largely because she’s been so ignored since her one episode that I couldn’t keep her and Andy’s girlfriend (who’s name I also can’t keep in my head) straight. Any episode where most of my pathos goes to Erin…well that’s all I need to say. Yeah I laughed. I still hold out that we’ll get a great episode again.

  32. Whoops – I said Cody 2 and meant Jordan 2! Blah – all the pretty faces that come and go around the office… :P

  33. I thought Jim was only pretending to drink, like he’d put the bottle up to his lips, but not drink it.

  34. Hah I find it really funny that when most people like the episode I hate it, and vice versa, like tonight.

    I’m sure some of you are aware of my pessimistic views on this season. But I was so happy with this episode! It had all things that used to make up a good office episode(minus Pam of course):
    -LEGITIMATE HUMOR, not the obvious jokes of the past episodes in this season. I loved the cold open, Dwight and Erin, and the usual hilarious weirdness of Robert.
    -A PLOT THANK GOD! Finally. Some relationship development! We FINALLY see Jessica. I loved Dwight’s comment to Andy and Andy’s resulting cuteness with Erin. Finally some Cathy development, subtle as it was she obviously has a crush on Jim.
    -JIM AND PAM: Jim finally mentions his family in the perfect way, tries to get home the whole night and doesn’t even notice the Cathy stuff, just as Jim would.

    Is the office back? We’ll see. But I admit I’m impressed and I actually laughed tonight, cared about the characters and enjoyed the ride. Can’t wait for Pam to come back now! I hope she notices Cathy.

  35. & to the drunk driving people: I don’t think Jim was; I didn’t get that impression at all. I think he was trying to get the hell out when he had the chance, especially after the nude debacle xD we have to remember this is a comedic show, not a drama.

  36. Best Episode of the season! And guys, Jim was not driving drunk, he was just desperate to get the heck out of there!

  37. Does anyone know the song that’s playing about 7 minutes into the episode, while Andy is standing next to the pool playing with his family ring and his girlfriend walks up. It’s still playing when erin walks up and starts talking to him… It’s stuck in my head!

  38. Ever since the Gettysburg episode The Office has been on a great run, and this episode is no different. Unique enough to set itself apart from other episodes, but consistent enough that it’s still the same great show it always has been. Enjoyed it!

  39. Weird episode. Stanley and Dwight working together is out of character for both of them. Jim sitting at home on the couch with Pam at 9pm on NYE isn’t cool or funny. I keep forgetting Cathy exists – I thought Jessica was the one who said “hey late guy” to Jim, and asked about Jim for the chicken fight.

  40. I did NOT enjoy this episode..not even a little (mostly bc my birthday was Weds the 18..) Anyway…DO NOT mess with JAM. :( Jenna I miss you!

  41. As Charles Barkley would say: turribul. Just way too many stories going on without any focus. Why was Jim even there? There was no reason for him to show up.

  42. Thanks Jon and Kevin!!! Fab song to round out a very fun episode of an overall fantastic show, except for one part… just say no to drinking and driving folks!

  43. Yeah, Jim was far from drunk. And the people at The Office don’t make light of drunk driving. Two examples: Andy played the designated driver in “Christmas Wishes” and Jim and Pam took a taxi back to the office instead of driving drunk in “PDA”.

    Jim just made a crazy exit because he was desperate to get out and Meredith’s van had blocked the exit.

  44. Meh. Better than they have been, but no where near as good as they once were. Also, I reallyyyy hope NBC didn’t have Jim driving drunk. :(

  45. I thought this was a very funny episode – I loved Jim’s endless efforts to ditch the party and get back home to Pam. And he didn’t seem the slightest bit drunk to me. Just annoyed!

  46. I thought this was a very good episode from start to finish. It has taken a while, but RobCal is finally being put to good use. Now I know why in last year’s finale he said, “everything is sex.” I wonder if Jim was remembering that comment as well…no wonder he drove through California’s yard rather than wait for Meredith to get back her keys. He probably expected a Roman orgy to follow the skinny dipping!

    Jim wasn’t drunk he just wanted to get the heck out of there as quickly as he could; his entrance to the driveway was blocked so what else could a weirded out guy do but take the only route of escape available.

  47. Well, Dwight found a liquor bottle under the backseat of Meredith’s van – a known alcoholic who slurps up hand sanitizer – she goes home drunk all the time to see her troublemaking son!

  48. Hahahaha awesome!
    I haven’t laughed so much with an “Office” episode in a while. Especially the part when Robert stripped and the other two dimwits followed!! Classic! I gave this a 10 because I have tears in my eyes from the laughter

  49. I absolutely LOVED Dwight in this episode! I mean I have always liked the Jim/Dwight shenanigans but this was a whole new level. It’s right up there with his concussion. He was so likable in this episode, I wanted to be playing chicken with him, he was being the nice guy and I think that’s a good side to see once in a while. Oh and best episode since Michael left.

  50. Good episode. It’s so much fun to see how Erin’s desire to make Andy jealous with Dwight turned out to be a pool fight between her with Dwight and Andy with Jessica, until we noticed both Andy and Erin are extremely confused, as she was saying. I loved Darryl’s cannonball scene, and the other scene with Robert, Gabe and Ryan jumping on the pool naked, was funny, too. Jim didn’t seem to be drunk, though. Still, I miss Pam. The cold open was awesome, with all the pranks on Dwight by Jim, and Stanley, with the meatballs.

  51. Best episode in a long long time! Actually had some storyline! That’s what season 2 did, it had storyline that drove the meaning of the episodes and this will be remembered! I can’t believe how negative fans are of this show lately, if we want it to keep going we have to keep an open mind!!!

  52. @53 Taylor – you’re not alone in finding yourself often at odds with the popular opinions. I finally enjoyed an Office ep this season! Almost every other one has been painful, yet people have been saying they’re great :/ I’d actually gotten to the point this week that I forgot the new ep was even going to air. In the past I looked forward to it so much, but of late I’ve been dreading feeling let down every week. Maybe things are turning a corner :)

  53. i can see both sides of the was he/ wasn’t he driving drunk issue. I’m going to assume he wasn’t BUT i think that they should have made it more clear that he wasn’t drinking instead of it being so ambiguous.

  54. Are we still supposed to believe this is a documentary? Even with the underwater shots from this episode? I guarantee the camera crew was not in the pool filming from underwater. Huge misstep IMO.

  55. The show has broken its documentary way of filming as early as S2. On the Booze Cruise, they did a whole 360 shot around the ship when Dwight was pretending to be the captain. I just wanted to point that out because I find people nitpick so much now that the Office is past its ‘glory days’. You may find it more enjoying if you’re not over-analyzing every scene. For what the Office has to work with, being in S8 and without Steve, I think they’ve done a fine job of continuing the show and this episode is a very good example of that.

  56. Even if the rest of S8 is all static, it is already my favorite season. Still can’t decide if I like this one or Spooked better. The Christmas episode was also one of the best.

    Andy needs to stand up to his parents.

  57. I liked this episode a lot because everyone was very much in character. I was glad to finally see Robert following through with his hilarious “everything is sex” mentality from last season’s finale. Dwight, Jim, Andy, and more were definitely hilarious and in-character. The “you’ve been meatballed!” cold open was also brilliant. A great first effort for this new writer, and a director whose been with the show since S2 didn’t hurt either. However, and I’m not one to nitpick, I also noticed that even though they have stretched the “mockumentary” style in the past, this really pushed it. The underwater shot and some other little things just bothered me for some reason. Other than that, this continues the Office’s good midseason run. 8/10.

  58. I really liked this episode, but I have a few questions and comments:
    1) Where did Creed get the crown at the end?
    2) I really hope that Dwight and Stanley didn’t eat the meatball that was on Dwight’s chair.
    3) What happened to Dog Dwight? Is he the new Halpert family pet, or was he borrowed for the occasion?
    4) Is anybody else disturbed by the fact that Robert keeps stressing about how erotic and wild he wanted his mansion to be, even though his young son lives there?

  59. I don’t know, I can believe that the documentary crew knew they’d be filming a pool party and got their hands on some water-proof cameras.

  60. There were times during the episode when I thought Kathy was Jessica and vice versa – makes me wish Jordan had stayed on longer.

  61. I don’t care about Andy and Erin’s (non-)relationship, especially considering Erin’s overtures to Andy are way too far over the top, and Andy’s new girlfriend is nowhere near Rashida Jones’ turn as Pam’s foil earlier in the series. This is an extremely complacent show, and Spader is the only unpredictable energy on hand. Although maybe that’s not saying very much

  62. I thought this episode was awful. I really liked the Office back in the old days but now it’s just loaded with jokes about sex and such. I don’t ever find myself laughing at all when I watch The Office anymore.

  63. The underwater camera angle bothered me too, but if you look closely, even in season 1 they get angles that aren’t possible. it just wasn’t as blatant.

    And if you don’t like that then… the cameraman dropped the camera in the water in shock when dwight fell.

  64. I don’t understand all the hatred directed towards this season. I think the show has definitely improved over time. (IMO season 1 was not even as good as the BBC original.)

    Keep in mind that The Office follows a documentary style. It is NOT a real documentary. It certainly excels as a real-life cartoon and I feel greatly entertained.

  65. I haven’t been a fan of this season’s slack plots, lack of characterization etc. But I thought this was a very funny episode, made me care about the characters again and got a laugh at just about everything from Erin trying to be positive then clumsily ‘flirting'(???) with Andy and Dwight to Toby’s wines. We got to see the rare good side of Dwight and a humorous California. Had a lot of my favorites -Dwight,Andy and Erin. And an actual story. Last few episodes been looking up.

  66. My random thoughts…
    -Creed, in a black Speedo wearing a crown, totally caught me off guard and cracked me up!
    -Pam/Cathy conflict – isn’t Cathy just a temp till Pam comes back? Wouldn’t she be gone when Pam returns? Hope they won’t add yet another character!
    -The dog dressed as Dwight was hysterical!
    -When Gabe was undressing to skinny dip, it was so funny how he didn’t even get his pants all the way off and fell into the pool!

  67. I thought this episode was great, really funny. The last two, I’ve felt have been really good.

    Erin was really cute :3

  68. @ Christian 82: since when hasn’t the office been loaded with sex jokes, even in earlier seasons? Ex: That’s what she said Todd packer etc etc

  69. I liked the moment where Dwight called Andy an idiot and where Erin tried to explain that she understands confusion by saying “I totally get confused.” but beyond that this was one of my least favorite episodes ever. It was not funny and it didn’t even feel like I was watching the same show.

  70. I’m really loving Val and Darryl – she’s a great character (the normal person who strikes a comparison with everyone else’s crazy) and I almost cheered when Darryl finally jumped in the pool (plus Kevin’s “racist” comment was hilarious). Lots of great little moments in this one.

  71. @pete 84

    seems like it’s in vogue these days to nitpick every little detail about the show. Things that were either overlooked or cheered during the so called “golden years” are now looked at with disdain. I’m sure had Michael Scott and Dwight had a wrestling/martial arts match at lunch time during season 8 it would be looked at as unrealistic, lol

  72. @91 daoffice: Not to mention if they wrote an episode where, say, the boss somehow burnt his foot on a George Foreman grill, or a company was running a successful “booze cruise” boat in a cold January, now those plots would be unrealistic…

  73. Yes, there seems to be a tendency when a show is seen to have dropped quality overall to start nitpicking every little thing, when previously people didn’t worry about all the things that didn’t make sense. So there were a couple of minor picks – the episode was still funny, well written, with characters in character and some genuine feeling to it. Rather this than episodes like Incentive, Lotto, Gettysburg.

  74. Loved this episode!

    For some weird reason, I really want Dwight and Erin to start dating

  75. I so agree, for every absurdity that is being mentioned and nitpicked this season there are multiple examples from every other season that are equally as absurd! This show was NEVER about reality, but an absurd form of it. Plain and simple there are Michael Scott fans who will never accept the show without him, and will continue to tear it down just because he is no longer in the show. Unfortunately, it’s human nature when we love something to want to make that which replaces it seem to be of lesser quality than that which we loved…it is hard to openly accept change when our heart rules our brain.

  76. This episode kind of convinced me about Andy & Erin. They’ve had lots of small, funny scenes together over the years and a good chemistry between them, but they were put together too early the first time, and I was never quite sure if it was a good idea.
    But the scene where Erin’s hand brings him the ring out of the water (held like a proposal), and she is genuinely sorry when she thinks Andy’s proposal was ruined, despite her own feelings, made me think that the time is right to finally wrap it up, get them together, and give them both some new stories. Maybe that ring moment was a foreshadow of a proposal to come.

  77. I broke up with The Office in season 8, but I still wanted to remain friends. However Christmas Wishes & Pool Party has rekindled some of the magic I felt before Steve Carell left.

    I felt like there was a call back to a scene in season 3 during The Merger when Andy & Dwight are in the elevator calling each other idiots. Except this time around when Dwight says to Andy in regard to Erin, “You’re an idiot”, it touched my heart.

  78. I would like to say that with a toddler & new baby at home, as well as wife Pam, I doubt that Jim would risk pulling a Roy. Also, I liked the dynamic of Dwight & Stanley in cahoots pulling a prank on Jim.

    I hadn’t realized I was doing this until I read some of the other comments, but I too had been blending together Kathica & Jessathy.

  79. This is the second episode this season that I’ve wanted to watch more than once. So upon my second viewing it dawned on me that Phyllis snatched the ring away from Andy to buy more time for Erin. Seeing as how she feels motherly toward her & calling to mind when Andy asked Phyllis to find out if Erin & Gabe were being intimate.

    I’d mentioned liking Stanley & Dwight working together to trick Jim. In particular, I liked the idea of Jim & Dwight switching roles as prankster & prankee. What a rare treat! I’m starting to see the human moments, funny awkwardness, & call backs coming back to the show & these are some of the elements that caused me to fall in love with The Office in the first place.

    Speaking of call backs (no pun intended): a clip of Dwight’s examination of Erin’s spine as being “jacked” was yet another nice touch.

  80. I LOVED this episode… but I have a question.. what was up with Oscar and Toby?? Insights please :-)

    Favorite part– Gabe falling into the pool with his pants still on!!!

    I’m getting annoyed at Kathy and Jessica… they look too much alike and are both boring me to death. Take them out asap!

  81. Does anyone know the name of the music(BGM) at the last scene Gabe and Ryan dancing together?

  82. I kind of feel like Jim was indeed drunk when he drove and that makes me uncomfortable…love the Darryl/Val dynamic.

  83. Tonight is everyone’s chance to see if Jim was indeed drunk at the end. Let us know.:)

  84. There’s a song that plays for about 30 seconds as Erin comes out of the pool and shows the ring to Andy… It’s a little bit Doors, a little bit Dead and I have NO idea what it is…

    Anybody know?

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