The Office: Jury Duty, 8.13

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The Office: Jury Duty with Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin)

Writer: Aaron Shure, Director: Eric Appel

Summary (NBC): After Jim returns from jury duty, Dwight questions him on every detail of his case. Meanwhile, Angela and the senator (guest star Jack Coleman) welcome their new baby.

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In a poll conducted February 2-6, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.12/10

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The Office Jury Duty quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Andy: Oh yeah, Mayor Stress? Well watch this! And then? We dance. Oh how we dance.

Andy: Sex also works.

Andy: Tuna Wrap! Hand roll!

Dwight: Can’t believe they let someone like you serve on a jury. Makes me question the whole judicial system.

Erin: Oooh, the case of the hit and run. That’s exciting!

Dwight (as Jim): He apologized, and I just really want him to like me!
Jim: We’re best friends, actually. We’re going wine tasting next weekend if you want to come.

Erin: Angela had the baby!
Kevin: Is it black? ‘Cause that would be hilarious.

Kevin: Did I win the pool?
Erin: No. Right month, wrong year.

Kevin: Oscar’s the dad, I’m Oscar’s dad, and Angela’s my mom.

Gabe: I love maternity wards. It’s the perfect blend of love and horror. Things can go so wrong, or so right.

Meredith: Titillate us.

Stanley: My wife got to the TV first. Had to sit through damn Rizzoli and damn Isles.

Jim: I never considered that my week off would make everyone else’s job harder. Least I could do is give them a good story!

Toby: We used to recreate the various stranglings with empanadas from Ernesto’s.

Dwight: I was in Los Angeles last year. Jim tricked me into thinking I’d won a walk-on part on NCIS. But, that’s not important.

Dwight: I saw food trucks everywhere! Everyone in Los Angeles eats from them! And nobody calls them restaurants.

Kevin: Got that, bimbo?
Erin: Got it, bimbo.

Kevin: Philip is so fat!

Kevin: You didn’t prepare me for a big giant fat baby!

Erin: He’s more than substantial. He’s a monster!

Dwight: The fact is, you never said he was on a bicycle.

Dwight: You have the right to remain silent! You have the right to beg for mercy! You have the right to request judgement by combat! Dwight’s Rights!

Andy: What’s up, gangstas?

Dwight: He was lying the whole time, so he could go do yoga, or go canoeing, I don’t know what this pervert likes.

Andy: Dwight, not everything is a conspiracy theory.

Andy: Dwight, take a chill pill.

Andy: You ever heard of a Connecticut Cover Up?
Jim: No.
Andy: You know why you never heard of it? Covered it up.

Andy: They used to call me King Tut because I’m so good at keeping things under wraps.

Andy: My nickname was actually King Butt. Because I had a king-sized butt.

Dwight: He remembers Toby, the most forgettable man in the known world.

Creed: Usually I’m a burrito guy, but you won’t tell, I won’t. Wink, wink.

Andy: Hey, Murder She Wrote, how about we drop the whole Murder She Wrote thing. Okay?

Phyllis: I’m sorry, do you have any American Mexican food?

Andy: I’m not Rumplestiltskin, Jim. I can’t keep spinning gold out of your $#@!

Andy: I don’t even know what the truth is anymore.

Kevin: I’m going to call him Little Kevin.

Erin: Is he really five pounds? Because I squat with five pounds. This feels like more than that.

Angela: I was under so many drugs, I felt like I was at a James Taylor concert or something.

Senator Lipton: If it’s anything like that gorgeous wrapping paper, then you hit it out of the park.

Kevin: I got Little Kevin “Call of Duty.”

Oscar: I don’t even know which thread to follow.

Dwight: Oh, it’s happening. It’s really happening.

Dwight: Here we are. So long, clump mate.

Dwight: I always thought I was going to defeat you somehow. But you’ve defeated yourself.

Gabe: You’ve reached Gabe Lewis. I’m currently indisposed. Leave me a message. Ciao!

Dwight: Call me immediately. That means ASAP.

Dwight: I’m going to find Gabe, tell him what Jim did, and let the little stickler do what he does best. Stickle.

Angela: Pajamas aren’t supposed to be baggy, right? It’s not the barrio.

Oscar: The only premature baby in this room is the baby this baby ate.

Angela: We had just seen “Thor,” and there was way too much wine in my chicken piccata.
Oscar: Chicken marsala.

Erin: Angela will make you cut your fingernails. It’s not worth it!

Dwight: What a beautiful child. Prominent forehead, short arms, tiny nose. You will lead millions. Willingly. Or as slaves.

Dwight: That baby is a Schrute. And unless somebody taught Mose sex, that baby is mine.

Pam: Wow, I really thought I’d be more excited to be here.

Creed: Angela’s back with her baby!

Andy: He’s licking on my finger, just like my cat does.

Ryan: Why am I shorter than the table that I’m standing next to?

Angela: Every baby looks just like you. Your face kind of looks like a baby.

Dwight: I kissed you with the force of a thousand waterfalls.

Dwight: I just might be his father.

Darryl: I have a kid. Last week, Jim at home? That was no vacation.

Dwight: The office looks different now. Smaller. Maybe I just feel bigger.

Dwight: Kids drive us dads crazy. Sometimes I feel like they’re raising us. Am I right?

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. Pam having a baby doesn’t even get mentioned once while she is gone but Angela gets a episode? I don’t understand this show anymore.

  2. Interesting. Feels like the Scranton Strangler and Senator plots are finally going to come to fruition. Could the Office be tying up their plots to end the series? Don’t want to be a downer =p Hopefully not though.

  3. @HowTheTurnTables

    I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon, at least I hope. The season’s starting to gain some momentum as well.

  4. 1. Glad to see the Senator return. Angela’s baby definitely deserves an episode, and Pam’s baby will get his episode when Jenna returns, I presume.
    2. As funny as Andy and Robert are, it’s nice to see an episode with a Jim/Dwight A-story and less about Andy or Robert.
    3. Considering what Toby said in “Michael’s Last Dundies”, is this a new trial for the alleged Scranton Strangler?

  5. Paul L already said that they didn’t want to do another Pam baby episode since it’s already been done.

    Plus the senator plot is great and will bring the funnies.

  6. For Those who are thinking they are going to do an episode for pam’s baby , she returns in this episode.
    So they won’t do this , and i think they are right. They have already done this , and another episode with the same plot could be a little tiring.
    And like someone said in the top of the page , it would be really funny if the baby looked like dwight. And if the senator flirted with Ryan would be a lot of fun too. Can’t wait to see it!

  7. For god’s sake, this isn’t The Jim and Pam Show. I’m sick of it always being about them. I’m glad they’re giving Angela a baby episode!

  8. I was waiting for Angela’s pregnancy to be fake, lol. It would have be nice if the birth of Jam’s baby was even mentioned, even if it wasn’t getting its own episode.

  9. I understand not doing an episode revolving around the new Halpert baby. It’s been done so it would be somewhat repetitive. OTOH, I think it’s outrageous and unforgivable to not even mention the baby’s birth. It’s the baby of two of the most beloved characters and it’s treated like it never happened. I find that disrespectful to viewers who love Jim and Pam. I mean, a talking head, Jim on the phone with Pam even if we don’t hear her. I just talked to a friend who asked, is the baby ever going to be born? Most fans just/ watch the show on tv. Only announcing the birth online in the baby blog was insulting and wrong. I don’t get them though really I’ve mostly enjoyed the season. Like, Angela announces her pregnancy and… nothing. No explanation for her getting engaged and beginning to plan a large wedding on the season finale, The new season starts 4 months later, apparently already having her large wedding (how’d she pull that off that fast in the summer?) and she’s now several months pregnant. Delivering in Feb she would have gotten pregnant in May, so she was pregnant when she got engaged then?!

  10. I think what some of us are forgetting is that Jim has never been the type to talk about his personal life to the camera crew, so unless they ASK about Phillip, he probably won’t be mentioned too much until Pam returns.

  11. Omg, Jennifer – I was praying for it to be fake. If you cannot tell, I am a HUGE Dwangela fan and just a HUGE Dwight fan in general. I want them back together so badly….

  12. when i saw the title of the episode i thought to myself fffffffffffff this better not be a “the crew of the office go to court” episode. thank god the summary cleared that up, it actually seems pretty good. i can already see the potential pranks jim could pull on dwight lol

  13. I agree with the rest. Not mentioning Jim and Pam’s baby at all was weird. Even a cold open would have been enough for me. Although, I do not think giving them ANOTHER baby episode (after the last one being an hour long) would be a good idea. I’m glad we’re getting to hear about the Angela/Senator story again. Although Jim and Pam will be treasured by all of us, there isn’t much drama there anymore. With the exception of ‘Pam’s Replacement’, they rarely have problems, and none are serious. The spotlight is trying to be more fair to the other characters. They deserve further development.

  14. Just a thought…but maybe Jim doesn’t actually have jury duty? What if he had to go to court because he made some poor decisions whilst leaving Robert California’s party…

  15. @Jeff I don’t think Jim was actually drunk or even drinking at Robert’s party. We’ve seen him drunk in PDA, he was not at all like that at the pool party.

  16. I agree with Jeff, maybe he is trying to cover it up by lying and saying he was on jury duty

  17. The episode description on NBC’s site totally creates it into a whole other story: “Jim comes under fire when the office realizes he skipped work by faking jury duty to spend time with Pam and the new baby.” Was not expecting that at all!

  18. Angela’s baby — a giant head and beet stains on its teeth! Glad to see the senator story coming back to life.

  19. So no Robert in this episode? I feel like we need more non-Robert episodes, apart from Lotto, he’s been in every one of them!!

  20. So.. According to the dates, Angela must have gotten pregnant weeks before the season finale. Dare I hope the child is Dwight’s?

  21. It would be a huge twist if Dwight was the father. I think that Jim did the right thing, even though it wasn’t. I haven’t seen Pam in ages :<

  22. I’m so happy Angela is gonna have a baby. It could get the same name Pam’s new baby has (Angela names him Philip, after her cat, but Pam names her baby Philip, too, but after her grandpa, just as revealed on “Garden Party”). And I hope she doesn’t feel miserable again, like she did after being dumped by Dwight and Andy before, but this time, if her husband the senator would tell her whether he’s gay or not. It’s obvious he was married once, before meeting Angela, and has a kid. Some mystery man.

  23. For any of the Canadians on the list, my TV listings show Jury Duty being aired tonight (Feb. 1) on Global here – on all the Globals (Newfoundland to the West). Sometimes we get U.S. shows a day early here in Canada – don’t ask me why – but this is the first time for The Office to be aired a day early.

  24. I live in Canada and the episode aired last night! (Feb. 1). I thought it was a typo, but watched it anyways. I really don’t understand how/why that happened. The same thing with the show Whitney. Odd. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight! Lots of LOL moments :)

  25. I know this comment won’t make it on until after the episode airs in america.

    But this episode was brilliant!! I loved the stuff between Dwight and Angela, especially how Dwight fills in the gap in Dwangela’s history. So funny!

    Andy dancing at the start like something out of footloose was hilarious as well!

  26. Absolutely one of my favorite S8 episodes. Very funny! And ABOUT TIME for more Dwight and less (no) Robert California! *round of applause*

  27. LOVED IT! Best of the season hands down. I’m so glad they threw Dwight into the mix back with Angela. I can’t wait to see where that goes, it’s hilarious already. And no Robert California! That was great.

  28. Loved this episode! It was so great seeing the beginning of a Dwight/Angela story as well as the whole Halpert family together. So many good moments I can’t even name them all!

  29. Best episode of the season, hands down! Though I’m worried that’s not Dwight’s baby due to the idea of the spinoff.

  30. I have one problem with the show.
    Jim, he has lost all the heart he originally had.
    He’s just dull and gets in trouble now. I miss the helpless romantic aspect of his character. Woo Pam some more, show the good side of him more. He’s so one dimensional now.

  31. THIS is what I have been waiting for all season: an episode centered on the original Dunder Mifflinites. And my favorite ones, too! I watch this show for Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Angela, and this was a fantastic episode. Loved everything. Excited to see where the Dwight/Angela thing goes and so happy to have gotten to see Cece and Philip! YAY!

  32. Really? I thought this cold open was just flat out weird…and the rest of the episode didn’t have a ton of LOL moments, it felt..meh

  33. Loved it! First episode all season I can say that about. More Jim and Pam, please! Cece was too adorable and I love that they have kept the same little girls in the role of Cece. Also, a revisit to Dwangela was overdue. That giant baby made me laugh. It will be nice to see them follow-through on a storyline for a change.

  34. Now THAT was an amazing episode! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! Awesome, awesome and awesome! Every single thing about it was pure golden perfection.

  35. Outstanding – I loved everything about the episode! Dwangela baby and Pam coming back with CeCe and Philip and seeing everyone feel pity on Jim – so fantastic on all levels.

  36. I am so jealous of everyone that got to see it! I have to wait till tomorrow! Sounds like an amazing episode, I can’t wait!

  37. That episode was awesome! I really, really enjoyed it! Best one of the new season, hands down. AND WE GOT SOME CREED MOMENTS! YES! :) I loved:
    1) The fact that they focused on a cool plot and not just “Oh no, I’m the boss,” “I need to impress my co-workers/Robert” or “Erin and Andy.”
    2) A story that featured a Dwight Schrute investigation. Kinda reminded me of “Drug Testing” back in season two.
    3) Kevin was on the ball. “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the baby was black!” “I’ll call him little Kevin!”
    4) I liked that Andy understood and wanted to help Jim. That was cool. His character has really matured since he debuted.
    5) “Dwight.. Take a chill pill.” “I don’t want to take a chill pill.”
    6) CREED FTW!

  38. Hmmm….I might have to watch this one again because although I liked it…I didn’t LOL once, not one single time. :(

  39. Best episode of the season! I have been waiting for Dwangela to reunite! Glad to see Angela finally get a storyline. She has been relegated to one-line puritan caricature for the last few seasons. Andy got the right amount of screen time, he does not need to dominate every episode as Michael did. Thankfully, the Andy/Erin romance was not advanced. I wish the writers would just let that one die and cut Erin’s screen time. Let’s see more of Creed, Meredith,etc instead. I agree with the poster that said that Jim, Pam, Dwight, Angela are the core of the show.

  40. Daniel G – I agree with you about Jim losing his heart. I miss the Jim that loved Pam more than anything…even though they have had a few Jam moments this season, it always feels like they are just going through the motions…I miss the season 4 Jim and Pam that actually seemed to enjoy one another.

    That being said I did love this episode! I didn’t necessarily laugh a lot but it was exponentially better than other episodes this season.

  41. Loved the episode! I have a question about Stanley though. Is he still married to Terri or did he marry Cynthia? I know he took Cynthia to Jim and Pam’s wedding but I haven’t seen her since. I was just wondering since he mentioned a wife in this episode.

  42. That was good….Seriously good. C’mon Office keep it going. We want more like this!

  43. I got to watch it last night, but didn’t want to comment until everyone had a chance to see it. But I was bursting to tell everyone – a great episode. I love the cold open (my husband’s friend actually did the Footloose dance in the parking lot of their factory one night!). Oscar was awesome in this episode too.

  44. Really liked this episode, definitely my favorite of this season so far. A refreshing lack of James Spader was most enjoyable.

  45. I really enjoyed this ep! Love the cold open, and loved the fact that there was no Robert California in it!

  46. I really liked the episode and I laughed quite a lot. I keep expecting the show to go down hill now that Michael has gone, yet it looks like I’ve been proven wrong again! Witty, quick jokes, great lines, and always great characters. The show ends well, leaving us to assume that many a good more offices are sure to come. Well done!

    On a side note, how I so dearly love Dwight :)

  47. Have to agree this one was really good. We need more episodes concentrated on Jim/Pam/Dwight. They always seem to have the perfect balance of crazy, funny and heart. It was so great to have Pam(Jenna) back. I have really missed her. I did not miss RC at all.

  48. I enjoyed this episode a lot! It was a great ensemble episode and showing Pam and Jim’s lives with their babies was so welcome after weeks of solo Jim. I loved that the babies all started crying and everyone forgave Jim’s untruth just to get them out of the Office. As for Dwight — Daddy Dwight is a force to be reckoned with!

  49. I like how in the episode quotes you quoted “Paul” instead of “Toby”. :)

    [ from tanster: oops! Thanks for the catch! ]

  50. Angela was a vegetarian in seasons past, when did she stop? did she change for the senator? she said that her chicken marsala had too much wine, but in previous seasons she has stated several times that she doesn’t eat meat or chicken.

  51. I really enjoyed this episode, but isn’t Angela a vegetarian? Why would she be eating chicken piccata/marsala?

  52. Wow! Great episode this week! The Office is finally picking up steam! Loved the interaction between Dwight and Angela for the first time in… forever. And, there were so many quotable lines from this episode! My favorite one being:

    “Actually my nickname was King Butt because I had a king-sized butt” – Andy


    Rating: 9/10

  53. Why would Angela swear Oscar to secrecy about the baby being born out of wedlock while the documentary crew was filming the conversation? I guess I’m picking at nits.

    I liked the episode except for the opening

  54. Poor Jim, caught in his Jury Duty lies…he would have done better to say nothing and pull out the big guns of fake crying. No one would expect that. :)

  55. I wasn’t impressed with this episode. I did like the fact that Pam is back, they had the babies, and that Angela’s baby is more than likely Dwight’s.

    And the thing about Angela and the chicken, perhaps she was just using that as a cover story.

  56. I don’t know why everyone complains about Jim and Pam not being as “flirty” in The Office. They’ve grown, matured, they’re married, and they have kids. Jim doesn’t have to pine for her anymore because he has her. And having two babies is stressful. I think it’s perfectly normal for Jim not be as “Jim-my”. Plus you don’t see every aspect of their lives on the “documentary” and the show has been focused towards Andy more recently.

  57. pretty good… i just felt disappointed that jim didn’t came up with some idea to get out of that situation… and pam’s visit was so awkward.

  58. Every S1-S2 episode > Every S3 episode > Every S4 episode > “Jury Duty” > Every other S5-S8 episode.

    In other words, I think this was the best in the last 4 years and am very pleasantly surprised. KEEP ROBERT CALIFORNIA AWAY FROM THIS SHOW, he is unbearable! If it weren’t for the Andy dance scene and the annoying warehouse guy this would have been an A episode.

  59. I loved last night’s episode! Watched it 3 times and I haven’t done that since Michael left. This season has been a real letdown for me. I hate Robert California and Andy has always annoyed me, so I’m not crazy about him being the boss. Dwight would be so much more entertaining as the boss. And they should have kept Kathy Bates a CEO. Again this is just my opinion.

    But last night’s show was fantastic! It felt like the old Office again, except with no Michael. :( And I really hope the baby is Dwight’s cause I miss Dwangela and Dwight is already hysterical being a father.

    Also loved JAM & kids. So cute! I missed my JAM moments so much!

    But the best part of all, No Robert California! :)

  60. Great Episode. The best of this season. I totally agree with ‘MarieD’ when she says: ‘Andy got the right amount of screen time, he does not need to dominate every episode as Michael did’
    I really like the andy character but he doesn’t need to be the center of the episode(at least not every time) just because he is the boss . He is no Michael Scott.
    Oh and I also liked the fact that we didn’t have Robert California in this episode. The characters work better without his presence , I think. Looking forward to the next episode!

  61. I love ‘The Office’ more than ever this season. I don’t miss Michael at all, his character was too silly and unbelievable, to me. I have gone back to watching ‘The Office’ and laughing at every episode. Dwight is fabulously funny, the whole office is funny. Good job, writers.

  62. OK ,you might be enjoying this season , but be glad that he’s gone? That just insane. haha!

    I Didn’t think that any office fan would have this opinion

  63. @Daniel

    The point is they’ve turned him into an unlikable character. Pam for the most part is still likable. She’s still her old sweet self. Jim is devoid of any heart he used to have. He’s left with his sarcastic core now, and without that old heart he’s kind of lost his coolness. His Dwight interactions aren’t as good anymore because he lost that duo working with pam to get Dwight. Now he’s just no emotion Jim.

  64. I also wanted to say Pam was extremely likable in this episode.

    I’m really glad she’s back. She really brings the heart into the show.

  65. Does it upset anyone else that this episode has like the lowest ratings ever for the office. ( at least near the lowest)…

    It was quite a good episode and less people watched it. Always seems to be the case.

  66. Love it! Felt realistic, felt believable. Felt like classic Office!

    Shure and Appel, never heard of them before, but keep them, because they got it down right!

  67. I hated RobCal at first and he still hasn’t grown on me much, but I do cut him some slack. The reason being is that every annoying character over the progression of the show has eventually redeemed themselves. Both comedically and heart-wise. Michael being the obvious, glaring example; then Dwight, Andy, Gabe, and Jo Bennett to a lesser extent.

  68. However, in regard to my previous comment, I forgot to mention that Kathica & Jessathy are completely superfluous.

  69. @#80 You found Michael “too silly and unbelievable”, but you love this season? I would say that “silly and unbelievable” sums up Season 8 perfectly.

  70. Did anyone else think that, possibly, Jim and Pam bringing their kids to the office ended exactly how they wanted it to? They have shown themselves to be pretty clever in the past…I was kind of expecting a final talking head of them that confirmed this.

    Loved the episode! So much to like, not much to complain about. This is what I knew The Office could be, even after Michael left.

  71. At last we get to enjoy Jim and Pam (and their babies) again! So good to have everyone in the office. Don’t know why Andy was channeling Fred Astaire in the warehouse and won’t speculate. Other than that, I enjoyed this episode; it felt like The Office again.

  72. For my comment at #87 I should have written: Michael being the obnoxious, I mean oblivious, I mean obvious, glaring example…

    I thought it was funny that Philip looked bigger than Philip :) Also, Angela is right, Dwight’s face does look like a baby. Which ironically is completely different than having a baby face. Either way I think that Dwight/Rainn is totally babelicious! Ooops, that wasn’t meant to be a pun, no really.

  73. I really enjoyed this episode, but contrary to most I’ve actually liked Robert California for most of the season. I’m not saying he should have been in this episode, but he isn’t terrible.

  74. I think it really says something about Pam and Jim’s relationship that she’s willing to draw over a dozen pictures in the style of a two year-old child in the space of a couple of hours in order to bring them over to her husband’s co-workers to cover up his lie, even if it would have been much easier just to bake cookies.

  75. I agree with Daniel, who wrote: “I don’t know why everyone complains about Jim and Pam not being as ‘flirty’ in The Office. They’ve grown, matured, they’re married, and they have kids.” I say it’s nice to see what happens with Jim and Pam after ‘and they lived happily ever after,’ and I think it’s important to show that even though they’re true soulmates, there will inevitably be rough patches in the marriage, and to see how they deal with them as they arise.

  76. I love the “once a cheater, always a cheater” Angela! Makes perfect sense she would have cheated with Dwight because the senator obviously could never have done anything with her. He can’t even be in the same room with her when she breastfeeds haha!

    To those questioning her vegetarianism – she was just making up a story about her food having too much wine, causing her to get drunk or whatever. That’s why Oscar had to correct her – chicken piccata doesn’t have wine in it, chicken marsala does.

    I love Dwight’s car sticker in the end!

    The opening was bad – if he would have stuck to dancing to Footloose it would have been ok, but destroying the warehouse was dumb.

  77. I loved how Pam drew pictures for everyone “from Cece!” And Cece was really crying (what a good actress!). I don’t like it when a TV baby is supposed to be crying and they just shoot the scene from behind and insert crying sounds…you can tell the kid’s not really crying.

  78. @ Kyle

    That’s just silly, I hate the argument that recent seasons have been ridiculous when a huge majority of things that happened in the past were also ridiculous.
    Don’t be in denial that the old seasons didn’t have ridiculous moments too because they did. At the end of the day it’s still a comedy and ridiculous things will happen to generate laughs. Season 8 is no different. It’s much more grounded this season because Michael is gone. He was the wackiest of the bunch.

  79. Best episode this season :D

    I know I say pretty much every episode is good, but this was really great. I hope it continues like this.

    It is a pity it didn’t get a good amount of viewers, Might have had something to do with there being no episode last week?

  80. Did anyone see the dry erase board in Angela’s room showing the name of the nurse on duty as Ruth Shure? Is this a shout out from Aaron Shure writer of this episode?

    I wonder what will become of Dwight and Angela’s “alleged” child-rearing contract. Dwight said to a passing nurse to cancel the baby Philip circumcision. Thank goodness the kid won’t have to perform his own circumcision like Dwight did.

  81. I don’t know how many more episodes the writers have left to ink, but I hope they are reading our comments. It is pretty obvious since day one the episodes that ring true to the fans are those who have Jim,Pam and Dwight highlighted. When ever that happens the rest of the cast seems to flow so naturally with the stories. Please give us what we want.

  82. I think the fact that the episode premiered in Canada a day before America really hurt the ratings.
    People were downloading it rather than watching it on the television and I think this is why the ratings were the lowest they’ve been all season.

  83. An interesting episode from the Dwight POV.
    The good:
    -Dwight and Angela, though I do feel that relationship is broken beyond repair.
    -Kevin’s baby comments.
    -Dwight catching Jim out. Yes!
    -Pam is back.

    The bad:
    -After this, enough baby stories please! For a workplace comedy it sure has a lot. Another Pam birth episode would have been superfluous.
    -Stupid warehouse guy. The warehouse guys were a lot more effective when they were just realistic working guys and acted as a foil to the Office crew. Now everyone has to be “silly”. The show needs a grounding in reality or it gets a silly sitcom feel.
    -Erin not in a swimsuit this week. But I guess that was to be expected.
    -The cold open was kind of weak.

    I sort of liked it storywise, but agree with the comments that it wasn’t a particularly funny episode. It had the same ‘not quite The Office’ feel that has plagued many episodes this season.

  84. I think this was the best episode this season! Whoo hoo welcome back Jenna!!! Anyway, was that Jenna’s real baby playing her new baby in the show?

  85. Jennie, I don’t know exactly where to post this, but I just wanted to tell you “Happy Belated Birthday to Office Tally!”

    [ from tanster: thank you! officetally is six years old! :) ]

  86. It wasn’t until I was done watching the episode when I thought, “Why did I love that so much? Maybe finally, they’re getting better…” And almost instanly I realized James Spader was nowhere to be seen.

  87. I disagree, that warehouse guy while ridiculous is absolutely hilarious to me. I’m glad he’s part of the cast and would love for him to do more bits.

    I loved that the guy made a no gesture and he HAD to say no as if they needed a translation.

  88. I thought this was a great episode. In fact, by far the best of season 8. So far, this season has been too repetitive and unoriginal, but if the rest of the episodes turn out like this, it could easily rank among the best seasons of the show.

  89. Watching Andy dancing was slightly painful, but that is exactly why I watch The Office. To paraphrase RobCal, It’s not The Office if you don’t see something that scares you.

    [ from tanster: lol, love it! ]

  90. On a weird note, when Kevin asked, “Is it black?” it totally rocked my world. Sometimes when I know if a white couple is having a baby I will say something along the lines of, “Wouldn’t it be cool if the baby was black?” Then I go on to explain about the cases of white couples who have black babies (not due to any infidelity of course) who are 100% the genetic offspring of both parents. Also there is a case of a black couple who had a white baby that is their biological child (of both mother & father, no hospital mix-ups either). Okay, I know I’m a little different/weird and I also have more than a passing interest in DNA & genetics.

  91. It made me so happy hearing Dwight saying the baby is his. That alone made this the best episode of season 8.
    Also, poor Mose! Has no one taught him sex?

  92. I really liked this episode and I like it even better every time I watch it. That is something that hasn’t happened much of S8. This episode is tightly written as they say, no dropping in a plot point only to just as quickly forget about it.

    Okay, now I gotta do some gushing. I loved that this was truly an ensemble episode. A little bit of Val in the warehouse, a little bit of bi-lingual Nate, a little bit of the Senator grossed out by Angela’s breasts. A little bit of Pam, Cece, & Philip in the office. A little bit of Gabe being slightly weird. A little bit of Creed & Kevin being Creed & Kevin. – Sung to the tune of Mambo #5, of course!

  93. Hands down. The best episode since “Goodbye Michael” This was the only one i’ve wanted to watch again! i have seen it four or five times since thursday!

    it was so natural. i was expecting Michael to walk out!
    I hate to say it, but i think Robert California has run his course, the best episodes of season 8 are the ones where he is not or barely in them.

    i just hope they don’t push the Cathy Jim thing. that was just dumb.

  94. I remember feeling really bad for Dwight back when the first Angela split happened, back when even Jim felt sorry for him. But after they piled on cheating, more cheating, duels, ridiculous sex contracts and liaisons, a status marriage to a gay senator etc. I just stopped caring a while back and the last few seasons I’ve had far more interest in the Andy/Erin stuff (and really glad they didn’t get treated the same way).
    I’m still interested in whether Dwight pushes things, or is he just content in the knowledge of his son? I’m hoping they resolve all these relationship subplots before the show ends (likely this season) or RW or EH leave.
    Potential plot twist: given Angela’s habits, the baby actually IS Mose’s.

  95. I really enjoyed this episode. Loved the “I kissed you with the force of a thousand waterfalls.” And I LOVE seeing Jim in the dad role…

  96. I liked the episode. The cold open of Andy dancing ala “Flashdance” was great. It’s so good to see Angela’s baby being born; still, it was obvious the baby was conceived with Dwight, although she married the senator. I’m impressed to see Pam’s babies in the office, but, it was sad to see them crying after her co-workers hated Cece’s drawings (that were Pam’s). Dwight is kinda stalker to Jim as he figures out he lied about the jury duty. Still, I don’t really know what to say.

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