1. Erin’s TH makes the whole Andy/Erin sound even stupider than I remember. Probably a good idea that they cut it. You don’t want to remind too many people of the backstory.

  2. So I assume that Angela, by the pool, has already had her baby if she’s bent over like that?…

  3. Why did they cut the pool scene? Now it confirms my suspicion. Andy is dating the Jessica to please his parents. He is a loser and an idiot. Frankly he does not deserve Erin. But let’s hope that he come to his senses because I am still cautiously optimistic about the couple.

    They really should have left the scene it. It is better than Jim’s DWI.

  4. Agreed, Roy’s Mugshot. It’s ridiculous. Also, Jim’s still drinking that wine, huh? Did no one think it was wrong to show him drinking and then have him hop behind the wheel of a car?

  5. Agreed about the Erin TH. It was amusing in a stupid kind of way, but it would have detracted from the feel of the episode if were left in. The scoliosis part was funny though. Dangerous curves indeed.

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