The Office Season 4 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 4 DVD Buying Guide

This post contains news about ‘The Office’ Season 4 DVD, which was released on September 2nd. Official site

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  1. Can’t wait! Usually, my favorite part of the videos is the commentaries, because I just love all the behind-the-scenes stories. But I don’t think any commentary is going to be as good as what we’ve been spoiled with here at OT these last few weeks! Still, a 30-minute blooper reel would be RAD!

  2. Yea I love the commentaries from the last season DVDs. I can’t wait to get season 4 on DVD.

  3. AWESOME! I think I can handle that – not too late in Sept. I want a 30 min gag reel (breaking/laughing) AND a 30 min blooper reel (making mistakes) !!!

    Here’s hoping there are lots of commentaries by Jenna, Mindy, John, Steve & BJ! :)

  4. I hope it doesn’t cost as much as the past two seasons since we’ve had fewer episodes.

  5. I really hope they include extra bonus features, maybe a making of documentary, that would be awesome. I think they should add more extras as this season was cut down alot.

  6. :::: marks calendar while drooling over the thought of a full disc of bloopers::::::

  7. I think it would be great if the Season 4 DVD included the original broadcast version of Traveling Salesmen and the producer’s cut version of The Return since the Season 3 DVD only included the combined newpeat version. It would be a nice bonus for those who prefer the original versions, and would give the set some additional content to help make up for the lower number of Season 4 episodes. Of course, I’ll be buying this regardless!

  8. I am so excited! That will be great to add to my collection. BTW, #9, love your name. ;)

  9. Yay! Fun times! I agree with Happy Smile Patrol that the original Producer Cuts of The Return and Traveling Salesman would be an excellent bonus.
    Also, remembering the blooper reel that they had so far from Convention… it’s going to be pretty awesome. Especially the office going wild after Steve announced the pizza place. :D
    Speaking of Steve, rumor is going around that commentary has started and he was seen among the rest of the cast. Hopefully, John, who’s in CT, can get in on the action.

  10. I think they should include the script from the Christmas episode that never happened lol.

    Still upset there was no X-MAS episode this year.

  11. I hope that insanely funny & really long blooper having to do with pizza that was shown at The Convention is on there!!

  12. I would love a 30-minute blooper reel! I hope this set is really packed with extras. They should add the ‘What the Office Did on Summer Vacation” clips from I would also like to see interviews (which after 3 seasons on DVD we haven’t gotten yet) and behind the scenes footage. The deleted scenes are always awesome and so are the commentaries. Hopeful there will be larger group commentaries like on season 2 for this set. What do you guys think the cover art will look like? Beside the EW article there haven’t been any photoshoots that I know of and the characters (Pam and Ryan especially) look different this season. I’m a bit worried they’ll use a season 3 pic.

  13. A large blooper scene or cut scenes from earlier shows would be great too. Something to fill out what we missed from the strike. Something JAM-related with Valentine’s Day/Xmas would be great.

  14. Only 4 more months! I hope some of the stores have the special packages again.
    Oh, and I would love to see a whole disc of gag and blooper reels–that would be amazing!

  15. Seeing as the season was so short, a 30 minute blooper reel is the least they could do. It would be nice if they include a lot of stuff from the convention too.

  16. Um … I’m hoping for an entire disc of bloopers.

    Just kidding. Kinda. But seriously – I agree, they definitely need to include a massive blooper reel! That’s always my favorite part of the DVD. I can’t wait!

  17. There weren’t that many less episodes this season If you count each hour long episode as two episodes there were 19 episodes. Only a few less than season two.

  18. the cover of the DVD should just be Kevin displaying his “Kool-Aid Man” face. I just wanted to throw that out there.

  19. An hour blooper reel would be! nice! haha! I wish they’d put every scene ever recorded, but unfortunately, that would take up too many dvds. But, at least a 30 min blooper reel please!

  20. I agree, TONS of bonus features would make this DVD just as awesome as the other ones!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I want a video of John doing impressions. For hours.

  21. Usually, doesn’t the DVD release a few days before the season premiere? Might this mean that our season premiere is not at the very end of September!?

  22. Tanster, if you’re going to request an extra long blooper reel, set your goals higher… like 24 hours of strictly blooper footage. lol. One full day of nothing but Office joy. ;)

  23. Can’t wait to get my little mitts on it! :o) Since we’re discussing DVD’s- I’m not sure where to look for this info: Does anyone know of any easter eggs on Seasons 1, 2 or 3??? Or a link to that info if it exists?

  24. Yes! We deserve a HUGE blooper reel this season…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! At least 30 min! I think some extra/new bonus features are in order too…maybe some scenes that would fill in the gaps caused by the strike. It is fun to dream about the possibilities! :-)

  25. I hope they have all of Angela’s Adventures on the DVD’s. A lot of those little clips made me laugh hysterically!!

  26. Since it was a short season, maybe they should call it “Season 3.5”? Extra commentary or a behind the scenes would be nice.

  27. Agreed!

    And let’s schedule the commentary for when the main characters AREN’T working on a movie.

  28. Will not be buying season 4 unless they fill it up enough to make up for the episodes we were cheated out of because of the strike.

  29. You know what sucks? We still haven’t even received Season 3 on DVD here in Oz.
    Tan-Monster you have to use your Office connections and get NBC to get new Office to us!!!

  30. Hey Tanster, I think in every post you should state that you’re hoping for a 30-minute blooper reel on the DVD, regardless what the subject of the post is. They listen to you!

  31. I wholeheartedly agree with the majority of posts. As devout Office fans, we are entitled to bonus features equivalent- if not longer than- the time that was missed due to the strike. If not, then the price must be much cheaper than seasons 2 or 3 cost. Thanks as always to Tanster for keeping us in the know.

  32. What I’d like to see just once is a video of a script read-through, when they first read through the upcoming episode together.

    That might not be a good idea for them to film it every week, but as a one-time thing for the dvd set it would be fun.

    Probably too late for this year. We’ll settle for more commentaries. :)

  33. I’d like to echo the sentiments for many commentaries and a LONG blooper reel. At least longer than an episode. Me and my roommates actually quote and laugh at the blooper reel just as much as the episodes! Please, Office people (Greg Daniels, NBC, etc.) give us more bloopers!

  34. I really hope that the bloopers are longer! That’s my favorite part!

    Is it just me, or does it seem that this is super late to release the show? It gives me zero time to prepare for the season opener…

    I’m crossing my fingers that some butt-kicking extras will be on the DVDs – especially since our season was so short. I have complete faith that we will be compensated for the shorter season with some sweet featurettes!

  35. I’ve got a brilliant idea! Office staff: Just give me all the season 4 footage (bloopers, deleted scenes, stuff, etc) and I’ll make the dvd set for ya :)

  36. Any idea about when it will be released for region 2? I live in the UK and i cannot wait for it. My collection must grow!

  37. I think we should get a little bit of a minisode to sum up what happened during the strike. The vague mention of Jim’s comments to David Wallace really don’t cut if for me. I’d love to know what he said.

    If at all possible, I think it’d be incredibly amazing to have a DVD exclusive Christmas episode, for the fans. Wouldn’t it be the perfect incentive (aside from bloopers) for the DVD release?

  38. Yes, a long blooper reel would be amazing…as would commentaries and special features galore! Season 4 was short so if they are going to make the ridiculously overpriced DVD worth it…load on those extras ;)

  39. I’ll say it again…. Please give fans the season four DVD set with the option for deleted scenes to be integrated into the original episodes. Too much comedy gold has been left on the cutting room floor. I want my “super-sized” Office!!!!

  40. My request is director’s cut episodes. I want them to include the deleted scenes as part of the episode. I don’t enjoy watching an episode, then having to go back and watch the deleted scenes. They should allow the option to play the episode, with deleted scenes, in chronological order.

  41. I agree with previous posts…the bloopers are the best. Hopefully, we’ll also get more deleted scenes than what’s been posted so far!

  42. Re: #44 Han – yeah – we haven’t even got Season 3 on DVD over here in the UK yet! Any idea of release date for that one first? Spare a thought for us UK tallyheads. We’re the last to get everything and we Brits came up with the original idea! Season 3 is just being shown on TV here – at 11.30 or sometimes 12.30 on Thursday nights. Friday mornings I look like an extra from Dawn of the Dead! Here endeth the rant.

  43. I agree with everyone that I would love for there to be a ton of commentaries, especially since this season got cut short. Either way, I can’t wait! :)

  44. Cool! This is my girlfriend’s birthday. No need to stress off of a gift this year! With Dinner and Season 4, I’m sure she’ll be satisfied. (that’s what she said or rather will say).

    BTW Tan Monster, a 30 minute blooper reel is not long enough. They should just add a whole other dvd that is nothing but bloopers. That would be great!

  45. Question…

    Any word on a lower price for this collection as there are fewer episodes due to the strike?

  46. It would be cool if they included a whole bunch of the Office Convention footage. Also the Christmas script would be an amazing bonus (maybe in DVD-Rom form?).

    I have high hopes for this set and I can’t wait till Universal announces the bonus features!


    Ahh, I wish it would come earlier, though! I NEED to see those bloopers!

  48. I second (third? fourtieth?) the call for an uber-long blooper reel, especially given the reduced episodic content this year. The real value in buying The Office on DVD is for that and the deleted scenes, so here’s hoping our voices are heard!

  49. DrunkBiking – I totally agree. I’d love to see a read-through on the DVD!

    I also agree with those who have requested director’s cut episodes. It would be a good way of filling up the time we lost.


    Also, September is a long way away…

    I don’t know if I can wait that long.

    Jim sure is hot.

  51. I’m glad they’re putting out the DVD before Season 5 starts. I’m sure many of us will do an Office marathon before the Season 5 premiere.

  52. 54–I agree. It should be cheaper since there are lots fewer episodes. Or there should be lots of extras to make up for them! Think I’ll hold out till the price goes down closer to Christmas and keep watching my old school VHS taped episodes!

  53. $50 for a shortened season? I’ll probably end up buying it, but that’s a lot. There better be some good bonus features.

  54. It won’t be selling for that price listed when it is first released. It is always lower at Best Buy, Target, etc.

    Here’s to hoping for lots of extras and maybe some special edition DVDs like last time. I love my Nifty Gifty version!

  55. I know it will be on sale for cheaper at first, but that’s an awful lot of money for a broadcast network show in a shortened season. That’s along the lines of HBO shows…

  56. People keep complaining about the strike shortened season, but there are 19 half hours. That’s not really much shorter than season 2…

    Still, there better be loads of extras!! :)

  57. There has to be a mistake… $50 for a total of 19 episodes, while the Season 3 DVD was $35 when released, and with 25 episodes. I don’t get it.

  58. That price is ridiculous. They’re never going to do a full disc of bloopers and outtakes, and even if they did it still wouldn’t be worth $50, no matter how much the big box stores discount it.

    The viewers continue to pay for the writers strike. Thanks, writers.

  59. $49.98? Pretty steep for a shortened season…I’ll certainly be buying it, but the cost should be at least $10 less in my opinion.

  60. 50 dollars for a short season?!? that’s a tad expensive…
    these dvds better be loaded with extras…

  61. That price (if true) is ridiculous.

    For that price Steve Carell better be on the commentaries.

    If he’s not…it’s a ripoff.

  62. The price is suggested retail price. The DVDs will not cost that much money. The initially reported price of the DVDs is always in the $50 dollar range. It was the same last season but they did not cost $50.

  63. Man, that is pricey…this is a way shorter season, they should reconsider that price, especially for people who like the show and would consider buying the seasons if they aren’t super pricey…and that is super pricey.

  64. It would be very nice of NBC Universal to include the different versions of the one hour episodes as they were originally shown, and also include the 30 minute versions aired later in the season. They were interesting because they were re-edited with deleted scenes and outtakes not used in the original airing.

    And I have to agree with most on here. For that money, we should have Carell in the commentaries. And I want a blooper reel to end all blooper reels. And if a blooper includes Krasinski walking on set with his trousers around his ankles again, that is A-OK with me.

  65. “The viewers continue to pay for the writers strike. Thanks, writers”
    um…. why blame the writers? blame the studios who, by the way, are also responsible for the price of the dvd. pretty sure mindy and greg didn’t decide what to charge us.

  66. Most likely the dvd price will be lower during its first week, but honestly I’ll pay whatever they want. :) I wonder what the theme of the packaging will be and if they’ll sell a special edition version the way they usually do.

  67. With so few episodes, I’m hoping for a commentary on every single one. And of course, my fave part of any dvd- the bloopers! How bout, like, a half-hour’s worth?

  68. Steve Carell is not in any of the commentaries because he is always out making movies and other working on other projects.

  69. I will only buy it if it comes with bonus goodies cause 50 bucks is expensive for a mediocre season.

  70. What? This should be around $30 because it only had 14 episodes. Although I am a big fan of this show there is no way I am paying $50 for this.

  71. $49.98 is a lot, but consider that the cost of transportation (fuel) is sky high, and that it affects retailers. At the store I work at, we haven’t been ordering much new product because the added transportation costs due to the price of oil is adding considerably to the purchase price, which we are sure the consumer will not pay. That’s my guess, anyhow. Let’s not worry, everything goes on sale towards Christmas!

  72. Wow! Last year it was on my bday, now this year two days ahead. Somebody at Universal must like me. But, any word on a blu-ray release?

  73. Why is it so much? There’s roughly half the episodes in Season 4 as in Season 3. They’re asking a little too much for that…

  74. Wow, 50 bucks for a season with half the episodes of the others, sounds like a rip-off, who do you guys think you are, LOST? :)

    Who am I kidding, I’ll end up getting it anyway.

  75. $49.98 for 14 episodes? I don’t think so! I’ll wait for this until it’s on sale before Xmas. :)

  76. 67 – 19 half hours is a nice way of saying 14 episodes. There were going to be around 25 whole episodes total (30 were planned, but 5 slots were resorbed Dwight style into the hour-long episodes). So yeah, we got hosed.

    That $50 price tag ought to include a free back massage and/or dinner with Rashida Jones. ;-)

  77. It says $49.99, but it will be on sale at most places for like $34.99 like most new DVDs are.

  78. That’s a crazy price…even 35 bucks is a little much for how short the season was. I’ll get it, but with how busy John and Steve were this year, probably can’t expect them to be on the commentaries…:(

  79. There aren’t half the number of episodes of season 3 in season 4.

    There are 19 half-hour episodes in season 4. There are 25 half hours in season 3. It just feels like there are a lot less episodes in season 4 b/c of the 5 hour long episodes and the long wait because of the strike.

    The price SHOULD be $39.99, but seasons 2&3 also went for $50. When it first comes out it will probably be about $35. I’m surprised at how many people are shocked at the price for this set. If they load it with special features then I’m sure it will be worth it.

  80. 91- You have very good points, and I have to agree. Also, I’m sure Amazon will have this for less than $50 new – don’t forget that any orders of in stock items at Amazon generally qualify for free shipping. There’s also bound to be a release week sale at major media stores like with Season 3.

  81. It’s a shame the price is so high. Everyone has a point, though, about it usually is much less in the stores. Most will probably have it on sale for around $35. But doesn’t matter to me – I’ll be getting it for my birthday (the day before, Sept 1st!).

  82. 50 bucks is a lot of money. But it will be living in my DVD player for quite a while, so I guess that’s okay.

  83. 50 bucks is a lot of green (as Michael Scott once said), but won’t online services like Amazon or even bargain retailers like Target sell them at a discount price? Amazon especially does this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DVD will be sold for $35.99 on that site, although delivery costs could pump it up anyway.

  84. It’s ridiculous to charge 40 to 50 bucks when I can get the whole series of Arrested Development on DVD for that price.

    I don’t care how many goodies they pack with it, I cannot justify spending that much money for basically 14 episodes.

  85. I’m not sure I’m willing to pay that price…but September 2 is my birthday so maybe I can convince my mom to get it for me!

  86. Wow, 50 bucks. Well, if the extra $$$ is going to prevent any more writers’ strikes then I’m all for it.

  87. 50 Dollars? Better be chock-full o’ bonus features. Stupid NBC, taking advantage of my addiction. :p

  88. Guys, retail price =/= price you pay at the store, just to let you know. I would be shocked if anybody had to actually pay $50 for this.

    I’d say it’ll be about $30 / $35.

  89. They just better have an entire dvd dedicated to the Adventures with Angela, ’cause I’ll never get tired of watching those.

  90. The price is the same as list price for seasons 2 and 3. Any and every major retailer will have it below list price. (Example: the new National Treasure movie is 29.99 list price, but 19.99 at Best Buy, or 14.99 at Circuit City or Walmart.) No one pays list price for popular media anymore. :-)

  91. This may sound terrible, but for the first time since season 1 came out, I’m actually going to wait for it to go on sale (and for one of the big-box stores to have a much-reduced price) instead of pre-ordering and paying the premium for overnight shipping. I just can’t justify paying the full price for so few episodes. I hope it’s loaded down with extras.

  92. eh, who am I kidding? I’m still gonna leave work early the day it comes out, hop to Target, and thank God that seemingly no one else in my corner of Chicago cares much about the special box set.
    Last year I didn’t get there until 4pm and there were still tons of Nifty Gifty’s! (Best Buy was out of it’s special box thingy though)
    Thankfully there’s always mucho bonus features on Office DVD’s (thanks NBC) So I’m fine with paying for it.
    Also, the DVD’s were rrp’d at $49.99 last year, but there were retail wars between Best Buy, Target, and Amazon, so I’m sure it’ll be $34.99 tops.

  93. That’s the point – the season consisted of half the episodes of seasons 2 or 3, so how can they justify charging the same price? It’s not like people have a lot of money to blow on stuff like this these days, either. I’ll rent it from the library. ;)

  94. Even though it will be more like 39.99, it doesn’t seem worth it since it’s about half the episodes of the previous seasons, and all the deleted scenes are available online at NBC for free anyway.

  95. Well, looking at the lengths of them, season 2 was almost 8 hours and this season was about 6 1/2 hours. So it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

  96. Oh my god! There’s no way I could afford that. :( There are barely any episodes that are going to be on it!

  97. Please tell me that there will be more commentaries — I really want to hear the actors’ & writers’ comments on Fun Run, Dinner Party, & Goodbye Toby.

  98. Only 4 commentaries? Have all of the deleted scenes been shown on or will there be more on the DVDs? I’m trying to determine if it’s worth the price to get it has soon as it comes out.

  99. Awww, man.

    No commentaries with Steve or John?


    The price is ridiculous, but like many have said– Major retailers will have it for less than the announced $50.

    It will be really interesting to see a read through, though.

    Can’t wait for all of the bonus features! =]

  100. Those extras look pretty promising. I love that they are including a read through and stuff from the convention.

    I’m a bit disappointed in the commentaries. Those are good episodes, but when there’s that many people on a commentary, they tend to be not so good. I’m happy to see Creed and Craig Robinson on “Local Ad,” but it will also have Leslie David Baker. It’s sort of a “double fudge/Angela” situation for me.

  101. I would much rather have commentaries over Fun Run, Dinner Party, Chair Model, Night Out, and Goodbye Toby. How do they pick those?

  102. Awesome extras! Can’t wait!

    Also, you’re all forgetting that the writers now get more residuals for DVD sales as well so of course they’re going to charge more now. Not just for the Office, but if you look at the cost of all the other tv shows being released on dvd it’s around the same price and they were all shortened seasons. So I think these are just going to be standard prices from now on.

  103. I honestly don’t think that the price of DVDs is going to go up from the Writer’s Residuals, especially since it is only like .04 a DVD per writer.

  104. I’m so excited to finally see a table read!!

    And, once again, they have WAY too many people commenting on the episodes. Love them all, but they’ve never really taken the commentaries that seriously and it’s rare that they provide new information. They just spend a lot of time laughing and talking over each other. It’s kinda annoying actually.

  105. Still overpriced :/
    And only 4 commentaries? That’s less than Season 3…which was less than Season 2…

  106. Is this a joke? Four commentaries? Really? Wow. That’s pretty disappointing. I’m not gonna stop complaining until I hear the bloopers are an hour :)

  107. I’m excited to see the read through for “Did I Stutter?”, that is something we’ve never seen before. I hope they go above and beyond on the extras this year to make up for the lack of episodes. If the extras are awesome I won’t mind paying the price. At least Jenna is in 3 of the 4 commentaries, she’s the queen of commentaries.

  108. wow, the read-through is exciting news, as is the second life footage.
    The commentaries seem a bit lackluster (not the people on them, just the amount of episodes with commentaries).
    I would have liked to have seen some John Krasinski and Steve Carell commentaries too.
    And no commentary on Goodbye Toby?
    The outtakes better be 45 minutes minimum!

  109. It says “Desposition” up there in the list of episodes with commentaries…ha ha ha!

    I’m excited for this but (like a lot of folks, I’m sure) I sure wish there was more. I’m counting on that “outtakes” segment to be at LEAST an hour this time around…

  110. I have mixed feelings on the commentary front . . . I’m excited to see more writers doing commentaries, but I also sort of miss the Season 1 commentaries, when it seemed like everyone showed up — Steve, John, Jenna, Rainn and everyone else.

  111. I’m really shocked that there’s no Dinner Party commentary, I mean they seemed to love to talk about it.. hmmm? Oh well I guess, it will still be awesome. Wish we could see the infamous Dinner Party table read now THAT would have been awesome.

  112. The Writer’s Block was one of my favorite things at the convention so I’m excited I can see it again.

  113. I’m so excited we get to see a read-through! And more 2nd Life footage, how amazing is that? I, too, wish we got a lot more commentary though. And I wish instead of Melora (I love Jan, but Melora is SO annoying when she does the commentaries!), we got Steve or JK!

  114. I am excited to see the read through, but like most of the other commenters here, I am a bit disappointed about the commentaries. Can we PLEASE get Steve on one of them?? Seriously, he’s the star of the show and hasn’t been on a commentary since Season 1. I am, however, glad that they have Jenna on a lot of them. She always has great and insightful things to say.

  115. Oh, I always wanted to see a read-through from The Office! I love ‘the making behind the episode’ stuff!

  116. On the site it does say “The extras will include…” so maybe those are just the ones they can confirm, so hopefully more commentaries!

  117. The commentaries have never been a draw for me…I haven’t even watched all of the ones from the previous seasons. There are simply too many commentators involved and no one can finish a story to save their life without being interrupted. It’s nice that they try to get the supporting players involved and all, but I really think they should just stick with one or two main actors (depending on the ep) and the writer.

  118. I’m glad we’re getting some of the convention stuff as well as a read-through, but so few commentaries? And couldn’t Steve and John do at least one commentary? I know Steve’s a busy guy, but he is the star. And John, I think, was only in 2 commentaries last season and he didn’t really comment that much.
    (Maybe I’m not being fair–I might just be taking my bad day out on the DVD extras)

  119. I can’t wait until this comes out! DVD commentaries are my favorites especially with Rainn and Jenna.

    We get a read-through! OMG. I have always wanted to watch one of them.

  120. It’s nice to see the read through on there but I’m very surprised at no Goodbye Toby commentary.

  121. I hope this is only some of the extras on the DVDs and not everything. Otherwise, it is woefully short on commentaries. I agree with others that I thought a “Dinner Party” commentary was a given. And I as well would hope for at least one commentary with Steve and John. What about the cast panel at the convention? No Ed Helms singing “Rainbow Connection” or his gay Al Gore impression? Those were hilarious.

  122. Read through? This is going to be awesome! Too bad no JKras in the commentary…but Jenna’s will be great. Can’t wait!!

  123. Season 2 & 3 RETAIL for $49.99.
    Suggested Retail prices are different from actual retail
    This will sell for $29.99-39.99 depending on the retailer.
    This season will cost the exact same as season 2 & 3.
    There are still 4 discs, and it’s still an awesome season, and the extras will be great if a little slim.
    Be reasonable people, there was a strike, remember…these people that produce these discs were out of work for months!

  124. Ok, maybe the lack of Steve and John is a bummer, but I am psyched to see the read through of “Did I Stutter”. That’s pretty cool.

  125. I’m surprised they didn’t do a Dinner Party commentary, it sounded like the cast/crew/creative team were really proud of that episode.

  126. Ooh, I can’t wait to see the read through! They must’ve known it would be funny for them to record it.

  127. I’m so excited for these extras! The only thing I wish they had are the Adventures with Angela videos. Those would be the icing on the already delicious Fudgie the Whale cake ;)

  128. Aw, too bad none of the commentaries include John Krasinski. That makes me sad. I’ll still buy it, obviously. But I love the ones with him and Jenna where they talk behind-the-scenes JAM.

  129. they better have A LOT of extra’s for this seasons DVD. If they’re still having 4 discs they’re gonna have to have a lot of extra’s because spreading 14 episodes alone within 4 discs is ridiculous.

  130. WOW, no commentary on “Goodbye Toby” what a ripoff. I was expecting more commentaries.

  131. I’m excited about seeing the read through. However, this set does cost the same price without having as much episodes, so you think they’d record more commentaries. Why no commentary for Fun Run, Dinner Party, or Goodbye Toby?!

  132. I’m disappointed that there’s no commentary with JKras in it. But he is obviously filming his new movie…

  133. I just realized that John K. is not going to be in any of the commentaries. I am so disappointed especially since Jim and Pam were together this season. Oh well. I am still going to there to buy it as soon as Target opens.

  134. It does not sound that good. i think we should get more out of it but what ever.

  135. I like that they’re going to have a read-through on there. I, too, will miss John Krasinski in the commentaries. I know he’s busy, though!

  136. I guess I’m not that upset because the writers were nice enough to answer a ton of fan questions on this site, so we already got lot of behind the scenes info (for free!). And if the missing DVD commentaries would have been the kind where people just say how great someone is in a scene, I honestly won’t miss those because I mostly skip them anyway. I don’t get why the DVD costs so much, but maybe it’ll become clearer when more information about the contents is released. Either that, or NBC is trying to get back some of the money it lost during the writer’s strike by taking advantage of fan loyalty. Seems like that could backfire, though.

  137. No John or Mindy on any of the commentaries? grr.
    ehh I will obviously still be buying them, and take what I can get. read-through! yay!

  138. Everyone, it won’t be $50 in stores or online unless you’re buying it from Borders or NBC’s site. Every store will have it for cheaper than that.

  139. read-through=yay! But as others pointed out, there is still so much more out there. I wonder how long the blooper reel is…

  140. Have they forgotten the season finale commentary? And what about John and Steve? Oh well. They’re busy promoting and filming (Get Smart and Farlanders, respectively) so we have even more of them to come!

  141. I am disappointed that John isn’t on any of the commentaries, and also that Angela won’t be on any of them either. She always has so much to say that’s hilarious. Darn them for having lives outside DVD extras.

  142. The extras have got consistently worse each season. Weakest commentaries yet it seems. I guess John is too ‘big-time’ now to sit in on them. Coupled with the hefty price tag, this will be one set I am not going to buy.

  143. It isn’t that John or Steve are ‘too big’ to do commentaries. Both are busy.

    I think it’s just that we were so spoiled with the s2 dvds. But I’m pretty happy. I just want more commentaries.

  144. I wish Greg Daniels would have done some commentary. He always gives the best behind-the-scenes information and he seems to keep the conversation on track.

    And seriously how can you not do a commentary for the finale?

  145. love that creed’s in there….and i guess we’ll never hear steve on those anymore anyway. john may be getting up to that level, too.

    and where are the webisodes?

    i am really hoping for a long blooper reel, too.

  146. I think that this is just a sample of what’s going to be on the dvd’s. I highly doubt they would leave out the season finale commentary. I’ll wait a few months and then make some judgements.

  147. Now don’t get me wrong, I worship this show. But it’s more expensive, and there were only 14 episodes. And only four commentaries? C’mon. I thought they were supposed to include webisodes too. I must say; I’m a bit disappointed. I’ll still buy though.

  148. Where are the “What the Office Did on Summer Vacation” promos?

  149. Well, if you look at the actual link it says, “extras include”. So it’s possible that’s not the definitive list. Let’s be optimistic! =)

  150. I will add my largely redundant opinion to those already posted. I honestly am going to think twice before buying this one for the price-to-value ratio is not that great given the short season, the lack of season finale commentary, and no Jkras commentary. They are going to have to sweeten the pot or else this fangirl is going to wait until it’s on the remainder table.

  151. This all looks awesome (especially the Did I Stutter Read-through…OMG!), but with so few episodes, I can’t help but hope we get a little more!

  152. Extras seem kinda weak. Less episodes, less commentary. We better get the webisodes and the Summer Promo.
    If they are going to keep the same price and give us less (this will probably only be 2 or 3 discs) I might just shoplift this one.

  153. 40-minute blooper reel? I hope that’s not a pre-edit version, cos that friggin fraggin ROCKS~!

  154. Argh! I was hoping that there would be a picture of the cover. Maybe next time.

  155. We like the show enough to come on to and talk to each other about it. So, we all have to buy the dvd no matter what. This is our show!

  156. The minimal commentaries suck.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the DVD cover. I really hope Ryan has his a-hole beard!

  157. 40 minute blooper reel! I hope this is true! I’m sure Officetally and Tallyheads had something to do with this blooper reel expansion. 40 minutes is great and hopefully it’ll get longer (that’s what she said).

  158. If we preorder on Amazon, do we get the DVD on September 2, or is it shipped on September 2? I’ve never pre ordered anything before…please help!

  159. Malaz85:

    I pre-ordered it on Amazon last year, and I’m pretty sure I received it in the mail on the release date.

    I’m tempted to pre-order again, but I’m going to hold out to see if Target or Best Buy has some kind of “nifty gifties” edition.

  160. I’ve preordered from Walmart and amazon many times, (as a Nintendo Wii fan) and I can assure you that they do get the item out fast, but you are much more likely to receive it on or immediately after the launch date from amazon. If you get the best shipping option (which negates much of the savings) you will definitely get it that day or the next. The free super saver shipping is standard, 3-5 day shipping but it often comes earlier as they sometimes send a day or two early to get it to you on street date.

  161. I pre-ordered on Amazon last year and it shipped on the release date. It was kinda torturesome to have to wait several days to receive it, plus, I missed out on the special gifties with the Target or Best Buy offers. I’m definitely going to hold out to see what different retailers are offering before I buy.

  162. I also pre-ordered from Amazon last year. I believe the DVD came out on a Tuesday, and I didn’t get it till that Saturday. It was torture! It is actually confusing that this price is more expensive than the Season 3 DVD, even though that was a longer season. I think I will wait for other announcements/special offers as well.

  163. I got my season 3 on the release date – I forgot about it actually and the package came and I was like “WHEEE!!!”

    Although ditto on the ‘nifty gifties’ 180 – I’m hoping for a dunder mifflin lunchbox :)

  164. I think the non-commentary extras are awesome: a table read! The convention writers panel! Even though I was at the convention and you can watch it online, I’m still ecstatic that it’s on the DVD.

    The commentaries are still going to be great. I hope there’s a Dinner Party one too because of the hype surrounding the episode. And now that I actually have a Best Buy in my town, I’m looking forward to the extra goodies they include.

  165. I’m more impressed with this dvd package than I used to be. 4 commentaries might sound like not much but 2 of them are for double length episodes so it is really like 6 commentaries.

    The table read is great. I mentioned wanting one of those a few weeks ago – it must have already been part of the plan.

    As to the price, if it is too high market pressures will force it to drop, we’ll see. Personally I’m holding off to see if there’s a special best buy or target set.

  166. People keep saying “less episodes, less episodes, less episodes”, but Season 4 is only about an hour shorter than Season 2. 14 episodes = 19 regular length episodes v. the 22 of Season 2. So it’s more like an hour & 10 minutes, since Casino Night was supersized.

  167. not sure if this was said or not (didn’t read all the comments) but is it so hard to get john krasinski or steve carell to stop by for a commentary track or two?

    while i don’t want the tracks to be the big 4 actors every time, i think they should have a better variety. i love melora hardin and all, but i think the woman has been in 13 commentary tracks already!

  168. I pre-order from Amazon all the time. The last thing I ordered was Mario Kart for the Wii and it actually showed up at my house the day it was released. That was pretty cool. =)

    My order is currently placed.

  169. 34.99 is better than 50. Actually it is really not that much more than the other seasons. I really don’t care what the price is, I am obsessed with the show.

  170. It’s very hard for *I*, Metro Matty, to pass up an online shopping experience, especially one having to do with my favorite television show. But I don’t think I can risk ordering it and not receiving it the day-of. Especially when some stores will probably offer some special packages. But yay for new news!

  171. Hmmm, I don’t know whether to pre-order now for a lower price or see if any other places have nifty gifties!

  172. Being a Target employee and seeing their new release pricing every week, I expect this to street date at $29.99 and sell at $35.00 regular price starting the next week.

    [from tanster: keep us posted about any Target deals. thanks!]

  173. I wonder if Target and Best Buy will release their own editions like last season. I hope they do yet I hope that they don’t. It’s cool that there are different editions with different features but it sucks at the same time because that means I’d have to pull out the wallet twice. My little sis works at Best Buy so maybe she can get me an early copy or at least a camera phone picture of it what it looks like. Hey September! Hurry up and get here!

  174. 197, UNSHUN-

    Thank you, kind sir/madame. I was afraid I was the only one with two copies of each season.

  175. I want these so bad. But with less price. Cool bonus though!

  176. the table read is a really amazing bonus feature. honestly i remember when you couldn’t get any shows on dvd and extra footage, commentaries all of that was not available. i am of the opinion that we should be thankful to have this access and to be able to enjoy our show in all of these extra ways and remember that we really aren’t “entitled” to anything.

  177. Is it me, or would it be awesome if you could see the deleted scenes in the episode where they were supposed to be. Like a director’s cut type deal. I think that would make me the happiest person in the world….

  178. I can’t see the picture that well, but I’m pretty sure Pam has never worn anything like that and probably never will wear anything like that, ever.

  179. The cover of the DVD package looks fantastic. I wasn’t a fan of the first draft of the Season three box (where Michael was wearing the Prison Mike bandana) so I’m thrilled the first sample looks great.

  180. I was kinda hoping Andy would be on the Season 4 cover, but no biggie. I’m a little biased anyway, since personally he’s my favorite character. :) Cannot freakin’ WAIT for that 40-minute blooper reel!!

  181. The picture is kind of blurry but it does look like Jenna is her hotter hair and wardrobe this season and Ryan has his new corporate a-hole beard!

  182. Looking good! I kind of wish they had kept up with the old format with more of the “staff” on the cover. Oh well. Is John Krasinski on the cover…then I love it!

  183. The cover art is ehhh. It sort of looked like they photoshopped their heads onto different bodies, and I am kind of missing the rest of the cast :(

  184. I kind of like the cover, but they almost look like they are in Second Life

  185. i think it is a sweater, a black sweater over a white camisole. i don’t think that is a suit.

  186. Love! One of my favorite websites! After, of course. :)

  187. I don’t care much for that cover. But maybe Universal will change it at some point like they did with the others. I hope so anyway.

  188. I am okay with this because all of the seasons have had the main five and when you take the cover off the whole cast is there.

  189. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks their heads look awkward on their bodies. But, I don’t care what the outside looks like, I just want the episodes and extras on the inside. :)

  190. I’m a bit put off by the cover but like that will stop me from buying it on day one! I’m just a bit confused on why the main five is still the main five. I like BJ but I always felt storyline wise and even fan favorite wise, Angela, Andy and Kevin were before Ryan.

  191. Why do they think they can get away with a $50 SRP when they screwed us out of … wait, I forget, how many episodes did the strike eat..? Gross! Still excited.

  192. I guess I must be in the minority cos I really like this cover. It just seems, I dunno, soothing.

  193. Thank you Tanster for this info!

    But I think I like the Season 3 cover better. I love when the whole cast is on there. They all are a very important part of the show!

  194. When people say they love the Season 3 cover are they referring to the inside one on the front of the actual case with the entire cast in a room?

  195. I guess I’m one of the few that likes this cover. The blue sky is so bright! And I like Pam’s outfit. I think it represents FNB.

  196. I’m not too concerned over the cover. It’s exciting to see it, but what I’m really looking forward to is the long blooper reel and the commentaries! :)

  197. I like the cover. Pam isn’t wearing a suit, just a black sweater, it should be a colored sweater though.

  198. do we know if the 4 in 1 offer has any special extras? like the lunchbag offer?

  199. I so need to buy that. I can’t wait. Not a huge fan of the cover art but all the deleted scenes and outtakes should make this awesome!

  200. I really can’t get over Pam’s feet in the cover art. They’re just not…feet-ish.

  201. Definitely not a fan of the cover art…But I’m really excited about the DVD itself.

  202. the cover’s so cool! pam doesn’t exactly look like she does on the show though.. either way, i can’t wait!!!

  203. Why is Pamster wearing such a dark outfit??! Looks like she’s headed to a funeral. NOT fashion show at lunch worthy.

  204. I can’t wait to see the table read! I’m so excited for this DVD release!
    I also hope that they have deleted scenes that are in addition to the ones that had.

  205. I really like the outfit on Pam before I thought she was wearing suit but i actually like it now.

  206. Thanks for all the info.

    I love that there are outtakes on each disc. I’ve never heard of anything like that, so it will be nice to see.

    I’m excited about seeing the read-through the most. I hope it’s long too (that’s what she said). I’ll take anything they give us, but it would be nice to see as much as we can (again, twss). :)

  207. I must say, I really like this box art. It’s much better than the last three seasons. Tanster – do you (or anyone) know if it’s going to be a pull-off (vertical) paperboard cover like Seasons 2 and 3?

    [from tanster: no, i have no idea …]

  208. Also, there are only FOURTEEN episodes in Season 3. Does anyone know why there are four discs? That’s only 4 episodes to two of the discs and 3 to the other two…Seems like a waste.

  209. what no webisodes? otherwise this looks amazing! I can’t wait for all the outtakes.

  210. Can’t wait to find out if there are any retailer-exclusive content (like last year’s Target goodies)so that I can decide where to purchase it from.

  211. Pam is… going to a funeral?

    Ryan makes me LOL.

    That said, it’s box art. The past three box arts were really terrible too. At least Michael doesn’t look hideously, ridiculously PhotoShopped.

  212. 255- I’m with you on that one. This is actually one of the better cover arts.

  213. Pam’s feet don’t look feet-ish. 238, you’re right. it’s starting to bother me…

  214. For the Canadians, Season 4 is now available for pre-order on Amazon Canada (for $51.99 – does that seem like a lot compared to previous seasons?).

  215. What’s up with Pam’s shrunken head? And the messed-up proportions on the obviously computer-generated building sign? And the fact that the actors don’t cast shadows on each other?

    This is a pretty bad photoshop job.

  216. Love the little bouncing box in the first screen! And Rabies: The More You Know!

    But where are the commentaries?

  217. Yessss. The bouncing DVD box symbol thing!
    That makes me really happy. That and Andy’s desk of course :)

  218. It’s the DVD box from my favorite cold open ever. When my DVD player goes into that mode, my lady and I actually wait for it to hit the corner. Horrible I know.

  219. Shouldn’t there be an Outtakes section on disc one’s bonus menu? Is that what the Rabies:The More You Know feature is?

  220. Wow, the DVD’s sound like they’re done. Can I have mine now, please? Thank you.

  221. This season suffered because of the strike and I’m just grateful to get what was delivered from this past season.

  222. Only 4 commentaries? How disappointing. I thought the season 3 dvd lacked commentaries, season 4 barely has any.

  223. No Did I Stutter Read-through? I was really looking forward to that!

    To avoid this kind of disappointment next year, I think NBC should have a fan panel next year to help decide what bonus features go on the DVD. Anyone with me?

  224. Looks like that changed the “extras” on the DVD. No “Did I Stutter?” Read-Through, Second Life Footage, “Good-bye, Toby” Music Video… Instead it’s “Rabies: the More You Know” and the “Summer Vacation Promo.” Well, that kind-of stinks… I (and lots of others) were looking forward to the Read-Through.


  225. sorano, maybe they have those come in the Target package or the Best Buy package. Last year, the Target dvd came with an extra dvd with the Paley fest footage. Maybe they’re doing something similar this year. Thank Thor, I saved my Best Buy and target bday giftcards so I can get both again this year.

  226. I was really looking forward to the table reading of “Did I Stutter”. I wish that NBC Universal would not leak out information about what a DVD will contain unless they are absolutely sure. So many people were looking forward to this.

  227. No read-through?! I was really looking forward to that.

    I wish Best Buy will hurry up and put the details of the package, so I know whether or not to cancel my Amazon order!

  228. wait where are you guys getting this no read-thru information from? i am confused.

  229. Tuna – I got the impression that the DVD will no longer have the read through because it appears that the list has been updated, and it’s void of the “Did I Stutter” table reading.

    This reminds me of the Season three DVDs. The crew created a wonderful behind the scenes look into how the production staff at The Office works. It was on the internet briefly, and it was originally done for the season three DVDs. Dave the PA lead the way, showing what an average day on set was like. (Even Jenna got in on it by switching places with Dave for a few hours). It was such a fun insight into their behind the scenes world The Office studios, but it was axed long before they even had a first pass on the DVD package. Perhaps they don’t want the viewers to see what goes on behind that curtain?

  230. lemoñadé, it’s not the first time that NBC/Universal DVD peeps released a list of extras that never appeared on the actual DVD. For instance, for the S2 DVD set, there was suppose to be an extra commentary; go look back in the OT S2 DVD archives. I would love for the read-through and everything else to be in the special DVD sets but those are limited and more expensive so it kind-of sucks for those who aren’t able to get them right away/can’t afford them/pre-ordered them elsewhere than Best Buy and/or Target.

  231. I’m hoping the Target version will have another exclusive disc of material…

  232. thanks for responding #274
    but all of the postings up there have the read-thru listed as a feature, including the link posted on july 15th. i am still confused about everyone’s source. where are you seeing the list of extras without the read-thru?

  233. Wait – I thought I saw an updated list earlier today on Season Four DVD’s that did not have the read through. Now I don’t see it.

  234. Target has it listed for $31.99. No mention of a gift set so far, but I’m not sure if they do those on-line much. I still expect the initial street date week price to be $29.99.

    Here’s the link

  235. That’s what i was wondering Erin. Does anyone know of any movies he’s filming… He was probably really busy. But he did have time to do the NBC “Chime In” promo… Hmmm…

  236. Does anyone know why they are not making The Office on Blu Ray? For that matter why there isn’t any TV shows on Blu Ray yet?

  237. 283 – Lost and Heroes are on Blu Ray. I would assume that eventually The Office will be too.

  238. Wow only four commentaries and no john krasinski or angela kinsey on them either, that kinda sucks. I was really excited for the dvd and i’ll still buy it but the season 3 extras were better. I thought season 4 was great but I wouldn’t pay 50 bucks for the dvd if this is all i get.

  239. To #285:

    The reason John and Angela are not on the commentaries is most likely due to the fact that John was away most of the summer filming a movie and Angela was on maternity leave. So it’s understandable.

    The rest of the features look great to me! If I recall correctly the gag real for this one is supposed to be super long! (That’s what she said).

  240. Why were the extras taken off???

    There was no further work required eg. the read through and Goodbye Toby video – that was just footage, it was already taped and done!

    I am so upset :O(

  241. I hope that Target will have another exclusive only disc. I have a feeling I’ll be buying one from Best Buy as well :

  242. This is just a guess, but could the features that were removed be the exclusive at Target this year?

  243. 280 JK probably filmed the chimed in thing recently or during season 4.

  244. 287, you’re right, I forgot that Angela was on maternity leave. Oh well, she’ll be missed on the commentaries. Obviously he’s not on there this year, but I wonder if Steve Carell will ever do one of the commentaries. That would be awesome. It wouldn’t have been that hard to just leave all of the extras on the DVD. But, I mean why would they want to give the fans what they want?

  245. tanster, we need you to use your superpowers to find out if there is going to be a special target set or not. It’s getting relatively close to release date.

  246. I can´t believe they took out the read-through. That was going to be really cool to see. Why did they do that?

  247. 294, sorano-

    I’m gonna assume the Dinner Party script is party of Target’s as yet unannounced set, not Best Buy’s.

  248. 299, it seems, though, that the reviewer saw the regular DVD set not any special one. So, maybe, the script might by in the regular DVD set…? Then, again, I got my hopes up for the read-through so I’m not going to really get my hopes up for a script.

  249. hey tanster, even jenna said there would be a read-thru. can we find out what the deal is? it seems so weird that they would release that info and then not include it. weird and really really disappointing.

  250. Are all 13 discs in “The Office Ultimate Package” suitable for “All regions”? And do all of them contain english subtitles?
    Thank you :)

  251. i can’t waiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!! i do wish there was a commentary on dinner party, though.

  252. Things I would like to see with the Target or Best Buy exclusive sets:

    1. Fun Run T-shirt/ Support the Rabid bracelet
    2. A bonus disc with the read through and interviews
    3. Hunter’s CD
    4. A Serenity by Jan candle
    5. A script
    6. Michael’s journal from The Deposition

  253. My brother works at blockbuster and brought home disc one of season 4 last night. so i guess you can say i’m uber excited!

    [from tanster: that’s awesome! please report back!]

  254. Okay, so after watching disc one, I have to say that I already can’t wait for disc two! The deleted scenes (esp. for Fun Run) are absolutely hilarious, and the rabies PSA by Steve is short and classic. Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks!

  255. Just preordered the best buy package! I was pretty disappointed when we didn’t get anything special last year so this makes me extra excited.

  256. Wow! I want it even though I already have the wristband!

    I have a question for anyone who may already have the t-shirt and water bottle. In the Best-Buy ad the t-shirt color seems to match what we saw on tv, however, on the NBC Store the t-shirt looks like a regular blue shirt! Here is my question: Has anyone bought the t-shirt from the NBC Store, and if so is the color the same as seen on TV?

  257. Here’s another review of the DVD set.
    Main things:
    – 133 minutes of deleted scenes
    – More “The more you know” ads
    – 22 + minutes of bloopers
    – 53 minutes of the Convention Writer’s Block
    – 40 page booklet of the “Dinner Party” script


  258. I hope Best Buy updates soon so I know whether or not to cancel my Amazon order. Sept. 2nd is right around the corner!

  259. I’m really curious as to what Target will put out. But I do wonder if Best Buy U.S. will have the same thing as Canada’s. Oh well. I already have the Fun Run t-shirt anyway. :)

  260. YESSS! I am so stoked for this and we JUST got a best buy in town so I don’t even have to pay for shipping! and it’s in Canada! now I’m really excited! that is the same day as back to school, and I’ll just say, this is the only year, ever, that I’ve been this excited for the day after labour day!

  261. Does anyone know if the “U.S.” version of Best Buy’s exclusive set will be the same as the canadian version?

    If so, I want to pre-order it, but I’m afraid it might include things I already have.

  262. Finally! Canada gets some extra office goodies!

    This dvd set looks great. And it’s an awesome deal. The DVD set alone is retailing on Amazon for $38 CAD.

    Thanks for the heads up Tanster!

  263. if anyone is interested, i sent an email to [email protected] expressing MY personal disappointment that they removed the one bonus feature i was most looking forward to (aka the table read). i asked why and expressed that they shouldn’t advertise something if it is not a sure thing and implored they reconsider (not likely) or consider releasing a bonus disc. anyway i thought i would pass along the email in case anyone else wanted to express how they feel (in a format that will probably never be read but oh well!)

  264. 309, houston, the NBC ones are just regular blue, I have the one from Kohls and the one from the NBC store and they are the same color, not the really cool lighter blue seen in the show. The NBC store one is really soft but yeah it’s regular blue. I will be really surprised if the one in the package is the same color as in the episode, and if it is, I will own 3. haha.
    and did they really take out the table read?! if so, I will be really sad!

  265. 304 Thirsty Schrute Baby – LOL on your suggestion to include Michael’s journal and Hunter’s CD in the DVD extras. By the way, I don’t think we ever got the full length version of “That One Night” that was mentioned after Dinner Party aired.

    I can’t say I’m disappointed about the 22 minute gag-reel, but it is a little bit of a letdown after there was talk of it being 40 minutes.

  266. Aw! I was really looking forward to the read-through! Why would they take that out? :(

  267. It seems like in years past the Target editions have been better than the Best Buy sets. If you don’t care about knicknacks and such and more about bonus features then the Target edition is the way to go.

  268. I work for Blockbuster and I’ve checked out all 4 discs tonight. I’m on my break and using my iPhone…will post more thoughts and give info tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to watch them. It’s too bad they aren’t on Blu-ray.

  269. This is all well and good…but where is the Target info, Target!? I don’t know if this is possible, I feel like I have Office t-shirts and drinking vessels covered, so I think I’ll stick with whatever Target puts on the shelf. Just wish I knew what their is offer is going to be :)

  270. The blooper reel is a little over 20 minutes long, and consists of a lot of the cast in hysterics. My personal favorite is the last one with Stanley yelling something that causes the whole cast to burst into tears.
    For the most part I’m pleased…the insane amount of Deleted Scenes help. (40 minutes of deleted scenes for the first two episodes alone!) It would be nice if the bonus features were enhanced for 16×9 televisions. But what still disappoints me the most is that there is no “Making of” type bonus feature. And the table read is nowhere to be found…(Target Exclusive Maybe?) The one substantial extra is the writer’s panel, which is great but a little long and not filmed very well.

  271. I just tried calling about the shirt size and they said “i have no idea and no way of finding that out”


  272. I would bet a billion Stanley nickels that the t-shirt size is Large. That’s what the few other shirts that I’ve gotten as DVD exclusives have been.

    A guy at DVDTalk gets the ads early so when he posts the Best Buy, Circuit City and Target ad, I’ll post here with what the exclusives are at each store. Hopefully, it’ll be in the next few days so I can take advantage of the 25% off Best Buy sale if they end up being the best exclusive. I already have the shirt, but wouldn’t mind getting the water bottle, wristband and box!

    [from tanster: that would be awesome. thanks, zac!]

  273. tanster- you misspelled “price”. It says “prize”. And I’m getting the Target one! Yay!

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  274. Target it is!!! Any amount of extra cast footage will prompt me to be at Target when it opens Sept. 2

  275. Personally, I’m disappointed to hear the Target edition has its own bonus features, as it were, as I’m Canadian and we don’t have Target stores here. :( Plus, I already ordered mine from Oh well — I’ll be happy to have the deleted scenes and the blooper reel. :)

  276. Hooray for Target! They usually price new releases as high as they can, but my friend’s got an employee discount which saves…about 200 pennies. But it’ll be worth it.

  277. do we have to go to the target store to get the deluxe edition or can we pre-order it? because i can’t find it on their website..

  278. Does anyone know if Best Buy adjusts their billing when the price drops? I placed my order before the details were announced and then the price dropped significantly.

  279. WOW, I’m even more upset now. I pre-ordered from Amazon months ago under false pretenses. Extras that were listed have now been removed and are only available through Target as ‘bonus material.’

    Us poor Aussies wont even be given the option of purchasing the bonus material.

    Seriously WTF????

    False. Advertising. They have totally Shruted it up!

  280. Circuit city is going to be giving away “Stapler in Jello keychains”. My vote is Best Buy!

    [from tanster: seth, do you have a URL for this information? thanks!]

  281. Definitely getting the target one if it has extra footage! Do you think the 60 mins is the table read?! I will be waiting outside the door when it opens!

  282. Sixty minutes of bonus cast footage?! Target edition it is! This is going to be a long 9 days…

  283. ooh, tough choice. I want a stapler in jello keychain (but obviously if that is the only bonus thing will not get it). and I would love extra footage (although what will it be of?) but the Best Buy package is still really tempting to me because I love nifty gifty type stuff and hadn’t gotten around to buying any Fun Run merchandise.

    Downloaded the deleted scene. The clip itself is about 17 seconds, and seems like it could be from “Did I Stutter?” I don’t know much about iphones though so I don’t have any suggestions other than maybe having someone message it to you tanster!

  284. I already got the Fun Run t-shirt at Kohl’s for $10. This is going to be a tough decision between Circuit City or Target. These options are flan-tastic.

  285. 339 Rachel-

    I had a price issue with Best Buy on an online purchase–they didn’t remove the tax on the Sales Tax Holiday, and they fixed it for me right away when I brought it to their attention.

    So I’d recommend contacting them. They’ve seemed pretty helpful so far.

  286. Target: definitely.
    Best Buy: maybe.
    Circuit City: I won’t pay $30-$40 for the keychain. Although I do want it badly. (that’s what she said)

  287. Man! I wish I had been able to get the shirt at Kohls! I guess I’ll just have to check online so I can still get both the Target DVD and the shirt.

  288. the cellphone deleted scene is a talking head of Michael. Not terribly funny, but cool to have an Office clip on my cell phone.

  289. Oh San Francisco, why must you not have a Target? I guess I’ll trek it down to Daly City. Hopefully the table read is on there.

    Also, for those who are wondering, I think they still have all the Save The Rabid stuff at

  290. I just preordered from BestBuy. That seems like a pretty good deal, I just hope the shirt isn’t too big! =]

  291. SWAG! Stuff we all get. I basically decorated my condo for free with all of my Office DVD SWAG.

  292. The S4 DVD website has deleted scenes on it… all of which we have already seen. :)

  293. Looks like I’m getting the Target version! Very nice bonus, but sheesh, that’s a bit unfair since our Canadian friends don’t have Target stores! :(

  294. For those who couldn’t get the deleted scene it is a (very short) Michael talking head. Here is what he says:

    “You know, I don’t ask very much of my employees. I let them goof off. I let them come in late. I never put my foot down. I let them walk all over me. And what do I ask in return? Nothing, but their respect.”

  295. yeaa, the deleted scene isn’t incredibly funny. but i got a little chuckle out of it. Its always nice to have a little something of michael on your phone. haha

  296. oh man, that first screenshot menu is great!
    one of my favorite cold opens ever. :)

  297. I wanted to Pre-Order the deluxe edition from Target online but they didn’t have it. Has anyone else tried to pre-order it from Target’s website? Thanks.

  298. that1guypictures-

    During the convention, they did show one hilarious blooper that I’m really hoping is included on the dvd. The one where Michael tells the gang he ordered from the wrong pizza place and they all start flipping out hardcore! Please tell me that is on there?! It was the funniest thing I’ve even seen on The Office.

    [from tanster: yes, that is on the blooper reel! very funny. :) ]

  299. 363, Andi-

    Last year, Target’s special was in-store only. I assume the case is the same this year.

  300. That first menu is the perfect menu for a hidden easter egg: If you wait for the square to reach the corner, it opens a menu with secret footage. That would rock.

  301. #364, Lila: I completely agree – that Pizza by Alfredo gag was the funniest Office-related thing I’ve ever seen. I laughed until tears were streaming down my face. The blooper reel is definitely going to be the first thing I watch when I finally get my hands on these DVDs! Only one more week!

  302. 364, Lila:

    The best part of the whole blooper is when Andy pretends to punch Phyllis in the face and she falls to the ground!

  303. Office Tally gets a shout out in the DVD commentary for “Did I Stutter?”. Rainn talks about Dwight’s excellent chart, and he mentions that it’s available at Office Tally.

    [from tanster: that was awesome!]

  304. Fellow Canadians: Did you have your orders cancelled for the exclusive Best Buy package? I’m trying to find out if anyone was able to get this, as I ordered it a week ago and had my order cancelled today and I talked to someone else, and his was cancelled even though he ordered his very early. :(

    I wonder if it was never available up here to start and it was posted accidentally.

    I hope we will still get it in-store…

  305. 373,
    I ordered on the 21st and my order has not been canceled. I really hope everything goes through!

  306. Can’t wait for season 4 on dvd! I’m not gonna watch anything else for months. Well, except for season 5, obviously :)

  307. Hey, Tanster – Question: which DVD package did you receive that had the sticker attached and script included? Was it from one of the stores you have listed (many thanks, by the way!) or was that a special “Tanster-edition”?

    [from tanster: hi gabriella. i received the advanced press version of the dvd. i know, it’s confusing, right? because the sticker and script have never been mentioned in any of the publicity materials. i guess just know that it exists, and that if you see the sticker on your package, you’ll know you will definitely get the script.]

  308. Is the script with Dinner Party part of the Target bundle?

    [from tanster: not sure. i know it’s confusing. as soon as the Target bundle is out, i’ll take pics of the package.]

  309. I found the Season 4 DVD at Target (online) for 19.99. I believe that’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far for just the DVD. (no extras)


    [from tanster: i think it says $29.99, not $19.99.]

  310. I can’t see the photos here at work, and I’m already excited at the idea of Dwight’s chart being on the dvd. Thanks Matt!!!

  311. I’m kinda confused. I get the Nifty Gifty package at Target right? Where ever I get it, when is it available?

    Thank you muchly.

  312. 378, Marc-

    It might be cheaper in store upon first release.

    381, D-

    The Target special is only available in-store, starting this Tuesday.

    Tanster, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, cos I didn’t receive the advance press copy. Please advise.


    [from tanster: what?! that’s an outrage! :) ]

  313. 82 | phyllis*farm – that’s what I’d think too but I was going to pre-order it the other day online and it was the $33 price, maybe when I go to pick it up in the store I’ll get refunded the difference, because I pre-ordered it online but I chose the pick-up store option

  314. 383, Marc-

    Did you already pay for it? Has your card been charged already? If so, you shouldn’t have to pay more. I did the same last year and just went to the store, had my ID verified, and left (I remember cos I tried to use a $5 coupon but the lady said I would have had to enter it online at the time my card was charged).

    By the by, this year I just told work I’d be coming in late, cos I wanna get to Target early (last year they only had two Nifty Gifty sets left when I got there).

  315. How long is the blooper reel?

    [from tanster: it’s a little over 22 minutes long.]

  316. Apparently, Bob Slydell and the other Bob “fixed the glitch” at Best Buy’s website. :)

    I pre-ordered it a few days ago and the transaction is sitting in Pending Transactions in my bank account at $35.76 ($33.74 + 6% sale tax). If it goes through, then I know that they honored the glitch. If not, then I’ll fight them for it.

    Tuesday can’t get here fast enough! The only downside is that I have to work Tuesday night. Boo!

  317. dang it dang it dang it I just got my schedule and I work tuesday night. aw man! haha whatever I have the rest of my life to watch season 4 ;)

  318. I am little confused with all the options, here. Are there some that don’t even come with any extras at all? or some with less than others? I want to know which ones to stay away from…I guess I’ll read more :)

    [from tanster: click the “Where to buy” link above.]

  319. Thanks for thoses clips, I can’t wait. I know you don’t want to give too much away but could you share if there are alot of JAM deleted scenes? I’m getting very impatient.

    [from tanster: i have actually not had time to watch the deleted scenes yet! i’ve only watched the four commentaries and the blooper reel.]

  320. I’m sorry … I missed the rundown of what’s in the Target and Best Buy exclusive sets … can someone post both again here? Thanks!

    [from tanster: click the “Where to buy” link above.]

  321. Strike that last request — I see them listed on the “Buyers Guide” section. Thanks!

  322. OK, thanks Tanster. Do I dare ask if we have alot of JAM bloopers?

    [from tanster: no JAM bloopers like last year’s “I love you.”]

  323. So what’s the scuttlebutt on the blooper reel Tan Monster? Will we be pleased?

    [from tanster: i will post a review tonight. hang on til then. :) ]

  324. I gotta be honest, I am not all that impressed with that box art. It looks kinda weird.

  325. Wow, that DMI deleted scene is BRUTAL!!!! I almost forgot how dark season 4 was. Poor Michael.

  326. 395 – I totally agree with you. My friends don’t understand how I can have so much compassion for Michael (especially when you watch eps like Phyllis’ Wedding) but it’s these scenes that make my heart break for him! Steve plays these moments so well that you can almost forget about the other stuff Michael says and does. Almost.

  327. Where the *BLEEP* are my ‘Grape Nuts?’

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

    I am so there Tuesday. If I have to leave work early.

  328. Kinda makes me mad that they charge full price for what amounts to 1/2 a season…

  329. The Target Deluxe Edition has “60 minutes of bonus cast footage.” Does anyone know anything about this extra footage?

  330. Thanks for the additional info, tanster! Now if they would only sell the advance press version to the public… or at least through OfficeTally ;) I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the sticker though.


  331. Not that big of a deal, but I will say that Amazon raised their price by a dollar. I think we’re all buying the SE though.

  332. The DVD boxes are so beautiful! And I hope I get the Dinner Party script! Is it at Target?

  333. The Dinner Party script is included with the regular set in EVERY STORE. It is NOT an in-store exclusive, it is included in every “regular” version of the DVD (just make sure it has the sticker on it). The scripts WON’T be around forever since they are limited edition. As long as you buy the set within the first 3 months that it is out, you will probably get a script.

    -ALL REGULAR versions will have the script, just be sure that it has the sticker mentioning that it is inside.

    -I don’t know if it will be included in the deluxe edition at Target because they use different packaging.

    -The Best Buy exclusive version will probably have it because it is the “regular” set inside of a large box with the T-shirt and other stuff.

    I hope this helps because a lot of people seem confused about the script.

  334. I’m really hoping that this 60 minutes of bonus footage is legitimate! Because I was initially torn between Best Buy and Target, but when Best Buy’s price went up… hmmm. And I still want a Dinner Party script and the keychain! I guess I’ll have to pick eventually.

    This is all pretty confusing right now, but I guess we’ll all see what happens on Tuesday!

  335. Best actually has its set for 32.99, not 42.99. i just pre-ordered it to pick-up in store.

  336. Scratch that, the sale is already over… or, maybe i caught the website in a glitch, cause i definitely got the gift set for the regular DVD price.

  337. We got our exclusives in at the Best Buy where I work. Can’t wait, the box looks a bit smaller than I expected, but seems impressive (that’s what she said). Can’t wait till Tuesday to pick it up!

  338. I’m really excited now after reading the review. I love Money, Mose, and behind the scenes stories.

  339. Can’t wait for the blooper reel! Any really hilarious ones, Tanster?

    [from tanster: check out my notes on page 10. :) ]

  340. Just a word of warning. I work at one of the biggest, highest volume Targets in Ohio and we only have three deluxe editions to sell on Tuesday. We usually only get one or two shipments of this kind of stuff, so I’d be surprised if we get replenished. If you’re going to a Target for the deluxe, get there early!

    [from tanster: wow, that sounds brutal. thanks for the heads-up!]

  341. I’m telling work I have an early appointment on Tuesday morning so I can stop by Target on my way in. I did this lie last year, too, and had to sit in agony all day long knowing the dvds were sitting on my car seat!
    I am so bummed they’re not out a few days earlier what with this being a 3-day weekend.

  342. Thanks for the heads up on the officetally shout out – if i was sitting watching that by myself and heard them talk about officetally i would freak out and not know what to do with myself i think. but you know – in a good way.

    also – great. now i’m stressing about getting to target early enough.

  343. What’s the difference between the “exclusive” Target edition and the regular one? I really want all the extras, but I have no idea what makes the deluxe edition special and not regular?

  344. Wait until you guys see the blooper from fun run when pam tells michael that it’s 50 miles not 5000

  345. Does anyone know if the Target deluxe edition will still have the regular cover? Last year, the deluxe edition’s (from Target) cover was different from the regular one, and it was kind of lame. And you couldn’t tell if the cover was different because of that “nifty gifty” slip they put over it.

    I would rather have the extra footage than all the Best Buy goodies… because I already own most of the goodies. lol.

  346. Just a positive note from So. California. My Target has 22 copies of the deluxe edition. The boy who checked for me knew what he was looking for. I am very excited!

  347. Mine left Kansas City today at noon-ish and is on its way to me in Wichita, KS…that’s only about a 3 hour drive…so it’s not shipping far. But according to Amazon, the estimated delivery date is September 9! That seems like a long time…has anyone encountered something like that? Will it really take 10 days?

  348. 430: it depends on the type of shipping you signed up for. amazon free shipping typically is 5-10 days

  349. I would be very excited if the bonus footage was from the Convention Q & A. That was such a fun event! I took the day off and plan to be the first person at my local SuperTarget. :)

  350. My Amazon order doesn’t ship until the 8th. So that’ll give me time to see if I can grab one from Target and cancel the Amazon one.

    Schrutastic–I hope that’s not my Target.

  351. Does anyone know if the deluxe package from Target comes with the Dinner Party script? I’m a little confused…

  352. 430 – My mom got Season 3 from Amazon last year and it didn’t arive until 3 weeks after the release date! It was so aggravating!!!!

  353. Unfortunately, all the Targets and Best Buys will be closed on Tuesday in Baton Rouge Louisiana because of Hurricane Gustav. No Office for me for awhile.

  354. To 430: As someone who has spent an ‘obscene amount of money’ on Amazon, I have found that they always overestimate their delivery dates. For example, my Season 4 DVD email arrived an hour ago that said my order had shipped and the delivery date was estimated to be September 8th. BUT, when I checked the status of my package (TWSS) it has already arrived at a warehouse 30 minutes away from me. From previous experience, it’s almost always 3-4 days between confirmation email and doorstep arrival. And that’s for the free shipping option – I always spend enough to qualify!

    And to 435: Sorry about your mom’s bad experience with Amazon – I hope that’s a rare exception. They’ve always left me satisfied and smiling – TWSS again :-)

  355. Wouldn’t the extra bonus footage be of the Writers Q&A at the Office Convention…the cast Q&A was shown on nbc. Hmmm…I want to see that writers Q&A

  356. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the Vancouver area to pick up a good deal? I’m going in about a weeks time and the only place I know of is Best Buy and I’m pretty sure their gift set will be sold out!

  357. I have a question!
    Did season one or season two ever have an exclusive package like these? If so, what was included in the packages?

  358. Best Buy sent me an email saying I need to reschedule delivery and gave me a # to call. I chose in-store pickup. Anybody else get it?

  359. Canadians! Any word on the best price north of the border?

    So far I’ve found:

    Future Shop: $39.99
    Best Buy: $36.99/$39.99 bonus set $36.99

    I never got my paper with all the flyers this week, so I’m just going by what I can find online. Looks like I’ll be heading to Best Buy after work…

  360. Target inventory update: We did get a bigger shipment in. Columbus, OH stores average about 10 deluxe editions. Apparently they’re expecting huge sales from college students because the store by Ohio State has 66 copies.

    Also, the notepad book that comes with it is really cool, it has a couple different kinds of post-its. The 60-minute bonus DVD is the Q&A from the convention. There is also mention on the back sticker of a script, but it’s not mentioned on the front at all, so I’m not sure if it’s in there or not.

  361. Not sure if this was mentioned here or not but Entertainment Weekly named the S4 DVD as the “Letdown of the Week” saying the extras are not very “bonus worthy.” Thoughts?

  362. Oh man, my Amazon order already shipped but I really wanted to get the Target one (esp. b/c of the script)!

  363. rats…the target package WOULD come out after I already purchased by copy from

    ah well, you tallyheads with the Target bonus disc must inform me of what I’m missing

  364. The cast q&a from the convention will be fun to watch, but I was really hoping for something with the whole cast like the read-through they said would be on there awhile back!!

  365. Okay, I have a question (sorry if it’s been asked before)– the bonus footage that’s included with the deluxe one at target, is that footage like, the forty minute blooper reel, or is that type of stuff on all of them?

    I don’t have a target near me, and online they don’t have the deluxe edition. I really want the blooper reel and the table read, so would it be okay if I just got the regular dvd package?

  366. I’m SO excited that the Q&A from the convention is on the bonus disc! I was just telling a friend the other day about how the Writers Block is a bonus feature, and how I really wished the Q&A was included too. It will be priceless to have such amazing memories on DVD!

    I will be at Target when the doors open tomorrow, and I’ll be planted in front of the TV for the rest of the day! Cannot wait.

  367. Is the script only in the Target one or is it in all the packages because I work at CC so I have to buy from there (which I’m excited about cuz I really want that keychain!).

  368. I am so excited for this,
    I’m waking up to get to Best Buy tomorrow when the doors open! :D

  369. I will be at Target. Thanks so much for posting all of the info on each of the sets! :o)

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! thanks to all the tallyheads who sent in tips! :) ]

  370. ThirstySchruteBaby, thanks!

    wow that really helped me.

    I was so worried that I would get my copy, and it wouldn’t have the script in it.


  371. Sometimes I don’t know what I would do without OfficeTally! Thanks for keeping us up to the minute on the different options we have :-)

  372. I have the Target Edition. There is a mini sticky pad with The Office imprinted on it. The script is shrunken, so it doesn’t look like it is included, but it is.

    Wherever you buy, I am currently watching disc 1 of 40 minutes of deleted scenes for the first three episodes. I can’t wait to move to the commentary and other deleted scenes. This will hold me off till September 25th.

    There is a deleted scene of JAM with Fun Run.

  373. Just got the Target version. It includes the Season 4 dvd in normal packaging- with an extra slot for the bonus disc. The bonus disc is the Q&A from the convention. They did cut quite a bit out and the sound/video isn’t the best, but it’s still cool to have.

    The sticky book is a little book (maybe 3×3 in) with the Dunder Mifflin logo on the outside, and has various post-it notes inside that say Dunder Mifflin or The Office. The Dinner Party script IS included also.

    I got to my target at 8am and they only had 2 of the bonus sets, so get there early!

  374. Just bought the Target Deluxe Package, the Dinner Party script is indeed included. The sticky book is also seriously awesome.

  375. Yep, the script is Dinner Party. I’m so excited about the cast Q&A being the bonus DVD. I was there for it and am so excited that I can see it all again! Thank You Target!! And Tanster for the DVD buying guide. You rule!

  376. I got to Target at 8:12am and there was only one Deluxe dvd left and a women and her bf looking at it. The second she put it down I grabbed it and hid in the toy aisle.

    (There wasn’t any regular ones left. Also my friend said that Walmart was out of 20 copies last night by 1am.)

    I sent the kids back to school and I plan to enjoy my day with The Office!

  377. Was the Target extra disc w/ Q&A stuff just a pre-order thing? Or can I cross my fingers and hope that if I walk in to Target today, they may have this?

  378. Just got back from Best Buy. I got the special set and it does include the dinner party script.

  379. Got to my SuperTarget around 8:15 (15 minutes after they opened), and I got the last special edition box! However, I walked by again a minute or so later and stock guy put 2 more out. The end cap that it was on can only hold 2 or 3 because of how thick the box is, so make sure to ask if you don’t see it out when you go. Now I just have to sit at work all day knowing it’s in my car, taunting me!!

  380. I just purchased the Best Buy exclusive in Canada. It was the t-shirt that had me sold on the package, however I am a very particular body size.

    Does anyone know what size the t-shirt is?

  381. I just came back from Circuit City. The key chain is really cute. The Dinner Party script is my set also. It says on the package but I didn’t even notice until I came home.

    Also watch the price!!! Mine came up regular price I had to show the girl the ad.

  382. The script I believe is included with every edition of Season 4. Personally, I got lucky with a price error at Target this morning. They had the deluxe edition for the same price as the basic $29.99. Yay for saving a few bucks and having lots of television to watch tonight! ;)

  383. I went to Circuit City to get the free stapler/jello keychain, and it contained the Dinner Party script inside as well. I was happily surprised!

  384. I got mine today from Target!!! Actually my fiance got up and bought it for me this morning but still. And Yes the script and the bonus disc was there so it wasn’t a pre-order thing Jim, hope you got it as well!

  385. Yay! got mine from Target this morning! I always expect there to be a mad rush for the DVD’s based on Officetally. For some reason no-one cares at my Target. Last year I got there at 5pm and got the Nifty Gifty season 3, this year I got there at 8:30am and there were tons of the special editions left. I was run-walking my way to the DVD section like a fool, trying to out-maneuver the hoards of Office fans, and there were only a couple of Target employees giving me weird looks. Granted, I did go to the Target near my work in Chicago, I get the feeling there aren’t many Office fans around here. (Ha ha suckers! They don’t know what we know!)

  386. My Best Buy Canada pre-order hasn’t shipped yet. I’m not familiar with their shipping routines but it has me slightly worried that I won’t be getting the package any time soon!

  387. I just got the Best Buy edition – no script! The Fun Run t’shirt is an adult large. Water bottle, wristband and dvd set – everything came in a really nice printed box. Wish the script would have been in there too – bummer. oh well.

  388. My Best Buy edition does have the script! Just watched the bloopers….laughed my head off! Very good stuff, I’m excited to hear the commentaries

  389. Just bought it from my Target in San Jose! They also had the whole Office collection for only $99.99.

  390. I just got mine at Costco. $30.29 (odd, huh?) for the DVDs, a Dunder Mifflin business card holder and the Dinner Party script. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

  391. I got to my Target early this morning… ended up sitting in the parking lot for about 30 minutes until they opened up. During that time 8 other people lined up to get in! I’ve never seen a line up outside of Target like that on a random Tuesday. Only about 4 people ended up in the dvd section like me, but still.
    Actually on my way to the dvd section I felt this woman running after me and I was actually thankful when her kid threw a tantrum on the floor and she had to stop running. hahaha….. good thing I ran too – they only had 4 special editions out. I didn’t ask if that was all they had or not, but it looked like it.

    Meanwhile – thanks OT buying guide! I knew exactly which one I wanted and grabbed and ran out :) My boss thanks you for helping me get to work on time!

    [from tanster: lol. you’re welcome. it’s been an exciting day, i can feelz it! :) ]

  392. moomintroll – I was in the same way! haha. I was at my Target when it opened, because when I called on the phone yesterday to try and get an idea of how many special editions they’d have, the girl on the phone just said “probably a lot,” but I didn’t want to take chances.

    I saw about 3 on a shelf, and grabbed one, and there were about 4 more in a cart next to it (haha, bet an employee came back and was surprised one was already gone), but they probably had more in the back.

  393. Can anyone tell me if the Best Buy or Circuit City packages have the Dinner Party script?
    I really didn’t want the Target one, I wanted Best Buy’s or Circuit City’s but only if they come with the script. Thanks! :)

  394. Got to Target at 8:05 (and there were several people there ahead of me for everyday stuff…what losers). They only had one of the special editions but I assume they do stock more. Got it. Went to Best Buy just after 10 to get their set too (yeah, geek, I know). Both included the script.

  395. LOL #480 moomintroll- I think the same thing. I freaked out because I woke up later than I wanted to and didn’t get to Circuit City until 10 minutes after it opened and though I wouldn’t get one. I think I was the first person to purchase the dvd and there was like 30 still there!!!

  396. Hey Phyllis Farm #488 – I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that buys both the Target and Best Buy sets! I came to work but at 10 am I told my colleagues I had to “run to the store.” Went to Target first and got their deluxe edition (the only one I saw on the shelf) then down the street to Best Buy for the special edition set there too!

    I keep one DVD set in my bedroom to watch on that TV, and the other set down in the living room to watch when I’m in that room. Makes life so much easier! :)

  397. Tanster- I ordered mine from Amazon. I don’t think there’s a script along with it. I’ll be getting it in the mail sometime this week…so if one does come with it I’ll let you know.

  398. i went to target at 8 this morning and got a deluxe edition and it did include the script, aling with the notpad and the 5th cd with the writers convention stuff on it! very cool

  399. Cheers, tanster, for fixing my “there” to “their.” I saw it after I posted and thought, “And I call myself a geek.” You indubitably rock.

  400. I got mine today from Target. I went to the Scranton (technically Dickson City) Target 20 minutes early thinking there would be a few others in line for the DVD. To my surprise there was no one else there! Only 3 on the shelf but I am assuming that there are more in the back.

    Watched the blooper reel and I think it is the funniest of all the seasons so far!

    Thanks Tanster for the DVD Buying Guide!!!

  401. Our Target only had four. I got there and there were two left. I took one, and then the two people behind me fought over the last one. I live in a COLLEGE town that is HUGE and our biggest target had four copies. Sold out by 9:10…. and everyone gave me grief about skipping class!

  402. Got mine at Best Buy. Didn’t get the gift set, but just the DVD was $33, and it came with the Dinner Party Script. It’s awesome!

  403. 7:50am – Pulled into Target. The competition still in their cars. “I need an edge…”, I thought. So I got out and stood at the crack of the automatic doors. The others quickly followed suit. Their numbers were about 10. There was no polite conversation, just a cold, covetous silence.

    7:59am – The pimply geek in the red shirt waited on the other side of the magic gates with a shimmering brass key. I have only once seen so little power go to a man’s head.

    8:00am – The boy let loose the hounds, who all bolted, in an unspoken speed-walking race toward the DVD section. I was in the lead, followed some-what closely by the unlikely 50ish grandmother, with her hips ba-donking from side-to-side.

    8:03am – LUCK FAVORS THE BOLD! Of the three clerks working the DVD section this day, I asked the only one who knew that these precious-es had been moved, last minute, to the end cap of Aisle 4 ,ushered me directly and I clasped my fingers upon the first of only three, while the others, gazed upon me with awe, and dismay. In that moment, I must admit, I felt… rather pathetic.

    [from tanster: fantastic! loved the ending. :) ]

  404. Woohoo! Got my Target edition. Luckily I had a “doctor’s appointment” this morning.

    FYI, for Bay Area Tallyheads, of the two Targets across the street from each other in Daly City, the one in the mall area had 3 left around 9:30 AM and the other one had none.

  405. Made it to Target in Mansfield, Texas, at lunch and got mine. Now, I’m in my cubicle at work eagerly waiting for 5 p.m. Central time to arrive.

  406. Got the Best Buy Edition. Comes with Dinner Party Script…they had a whole display stand full of the special edition.

  407. I think I have some new information – apologies if this has already been noted.

    I got a copy of the season 4 DVD at Costco this morning. This version includes the “Dinner Party” script and a business card holder that says “Dunder Mifflin”, but does not include the bonus 5th disc. It cost me $30.29.

  408. I arrived at Best Buy (Canada) around 9:55. It opens at ten. I looked through the glass and there they were, six boxes on the shelf right in front. When it opened I grabbed one right away then did a little shopping. The X-Files seasons were on sale. When I got to the register 20 minutes later only two were left! They should really have more of these. I feel bad for those who can’t get one.

  409. Got mine in the mail today from amazon and it did indeed include the Dinner Party script.

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  410. I went to Fry’s Electronics, and they had it for $28.99 and it included the dinner party script.

  411. I’m not sure when my target opens, but when i got there at 10 oclock, there was only ONE copy left. After i snatched it, i shopped around for a few minutes, and then when i walked by it again, there was a guy there in hysterics because they were all gone.
    Yay for me!

  412. I got a Dinner Party script in the Best Buy gift pack, along with the rest of the goodies.

  413. I caved! I didn’t want to risk a screw up on Best Buy’s part so I braved the 30min. bike ride (one way) to Best Buy in 27 Degrees Celsius weather (That’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit for you Americans) to see if they still had the special edition.. and they had like 10 piled up right by the front door! Now I need to decide whether I should shower or watch.. Shower, watch.. Angela, double fudge..

  414. Anyone know what size the shirt is in the BB gift set? I read through most of the comments and couldn’t find it.

  415. Noticed that at Target they have a box set of 1-4 on sale for $99.99 not a bad price if you don’t have all 4 seasons!

  416. I got mine at Wal-Mart and it came with the Dinner Party script. It came with the yellow sticker that’s on page 6. But it was $39.96. Way too expensive. I wish I had gotten it somewhere else.

  417. YAY! just got mine! If you go to circuit city, it comes with a mini jello stapler keychain (along with the Dinner Party script, or course).

  418. 514, Dwight-

    The shirt is large. Not the medium I’d like but better than the XL that usually come for free.


  419. 491 – Mine is backordered too. I ordered it last Sunday (Aug. 24). I really hope the order doesn’t get canceled.

  420. After deciding NOT to trek out to the Brooklyn Target sleepy-eyed before work I was trying to figure out where the closest, most likely place would be to have the DVD in stock.

    Thought I was a genius when I realized how close Rock Center/the NBC store was to my office and figured I could stop there when it opened at 8am (I cared more about the DVD itself then any of the extra goodies). Walk in and the only people in the store are clerks. I went over to The Office section…nothing.

    I asked one of the clerks and he tells me they only have season 1-3. I reply, “isn’t Season 4 released today?” Response, “I have no idea.”

    Great. Thanks. Seriously, NBC?

    I resigned myself to going on a wild goose chase after work until a co-worker told me there is a Best Buy nearby that I didn’t know about. Awesome. Went there at lunch and it was fast, easy, and they had tons of DVDs in stock.

    Great. Thanks, Best Buy. Seriously.

  421. Ugh! My t-shirt is a large, too! I asked the salesman at best buy yesterday and he assured me it would be a medium.

  422. 518 phyllis*farm –

    Thanks. I think a large will suffice, we’ll see. I often find myself sometimes wearing them, so who knows. Hopefully Best Buy will have my pre-order when I go in a few hours, the email says they do! Can’t wait!

  423. 491, I pre-ordered mine on the 24th, and yet my order status from Best Buy still shows that my discs are backordered. I called customer service, but they were no help.

    Can someone please let me know if this has happened to them also?

  424. i just got mine from Best Buy here in Minnesota. I preordered it on their website sunday using the pick up in store option and I got the email last night that I could pick it up today.

    I like all the goodies. I really wanted the t shirt so that is why i got the best buy one

  425. Ah man! Since I had school today I couldn’t go to Target til later on, and they’re out of them :[.

    I guess I’ll try Circuit City.

  426. Hi Jennie! Just wanted to let you know that although it’s not advertised on the packaging, the Best Buy set does include the script from “Dinner Party”.

  427. I pre-ordered the Best Buy special edition for my birthday, which just happens to be today! I got the notification email yesterday, and my husband is picking it up at our Best Buy after work. So tonight I get to eat my favorite dinner and watch my favorite TV show while wearing my Fun Run t-shirt and drinking wine out of my Fun Run water bottle. BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

  428. I feel like it’s Black Friday for us Office Fans!! I almost wish I hadn’t pre-ordered by Best Buy set… I am laughing hysterically at some of your stories – luckily for you all I won’t be throwing elbows today. The only thing I’ll be doing with my arms is some kind of Dwight happy dance in the car (out of the public eye) after I pick up my copy…

  429. Just got mine @ the Circuit City in Bellingham, WA. It rang up as $39.99, even though the price on the store display said $32.99. If you’re headed to Circuit City, make sure they give you the right price! The stapler/jell-o keychain is super fun! Dinner Party script included too.

  430. Loads of boxes at the Best Buy in Paramus/Fashion Center. Picked up two at lunch. Can’t wait to check out the nifty gifties tonight.

  431. I just got my pre-ordered copy from, and the Dinner Party script IS included!

  432. I picked up the best buy box edition this morning!
    My friend and her mom tried to freak me out by saying there was a long, long line coming out of the store because everyone was buying it, and with me being in the backseat, I flipped out and screamed “WHAT?! WHERE?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” but ha ha ha, there were plenty to go around when we ran inside. I spent today wearing my t-shirt and bracelet and also drinking out of my water bottle :)

    best. day. ever.
    I am just really passionate about The Office.

  433. I’m in the Colorado Springs area. I went to the Target at Union/Briargate and got their LAST copy of the limited edition (with awesome note pad). I of course opened it immediately and made out with it in the car. (Joke) The notepad is awesome and I can’t wait to watch all the extras tonight.

  434. I, too, ordered mine on and picked it up today…it’s awesome! I was surprised to see that it contained the script, since I thought only Target had that. I can’t wait to start watching it!

  435. Got mine today at Target and it is awesome! I Had to take a break from it after watching it for 4 hours.

  436. Just spent the last few hours driving around to Targets in Chicago. Visited 4 in all, and all of them sold out of the deluxe package. Decided to make the drive all the way out to Highland Park- 2 left there! And now, only 1. I am so relieved, I would’ve gone nutty if I was unsuccessful! Hooray for season 4!

  437. Ordered the gift set from when they had that momentary price slip-up (so I ordered it for $34). Best Buy has an In-Store Pick-Up guarantee that if it takes them longer than 1 minute to bring your order to the counter then you get $10 off. I went in the store and they brought out the regular Season 4 instead of the gift set so it ended up taking MUCH more than 1 minute and I got the gift set for $24! Yay!

  438. Just had to mention this — in your excitement to pick up S4, don’t forget that The Promotion is out on DVD today as well! I’m so excited to *finally* get to see this. I guess I’ll be spending a lot of time in front of the TV this week!

  439. I didn’t speedwalk through Target this morning, but I did keep an eye on the fella ahead of me. He was roughly my age and dressed like he just got out of bed to come here (while I, on the other hand, was decked out, appropriately enough, in my shirt and tie). He was a good 100 feet in front of me and I breathed a sigh of relief as he turned the corner.

    All that was left between me and the promised land was an elderly couple with a shopping cart who paused long enough at the groceries for me to scoot past em.

    I felt like Gollum tracking the Fellowship.

    [from tanster: these stories are just totally cracking me up!]

  440. Note to fellow Canadians: The Best Buy exclusive IS the American version with the script and everything. The problem with it though is that the actual DVD is different and actually slightly wider, and shorter (but like a 1/4 inch if not less). so it doesn’t look exactly right, but it’s nice.

  441. To the person that asked if anyone else’s best buy pre-order is being listed as backordered the answer is yes. I thought it was strange as well because I wasn’t given any kind of notification when I placed the order.

  442. Maybe I’m being too picky, but did anyone else that got the Best Buy set notice a difference in blue colors? In the pic on BB’s website and in the ep, the t-shirt and water bottle are a bright turquoise color, but in the Best Buy package they’re a royal blue. Does have the script, so yay! But wondering if anyone else noticed this.

  443. I actually sent my sister to Best Buy right when it opened to buy a box set for me. I was stuck at work! She was (extra) awesome to get it!! Woo-Hoo!

  444. I, too, did a total speed-walk through my local Target at 8 am today, straight to the DVD section. I felt like an idiot, but I wasn’t going to let anything stand between me and my deluxe edition! Turns out there was no need to rush, because the entire area was empty and I ended up taking the first set off the fully-stocked shelf. Of course, I then felt even more idiotic for practically running to get there. ;)

    I’ve already watched all the excellent bonus features and am now making my way through the episodes. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day off!

  445. After threatening the stock boy with bodily harm, I received my copy of The Office. The conversation went.

    “They are SOLD OUT?!?!?” – Me

    “Do you know when the next shipment of The Office Season 4 will be coming in?” -Me
    “I’m going to check the back room – I think we have extra copies.” – Stock boy as he eyes me suspiciously.
    “I would seriously kill someone for a copy of The Office.” – Me

    “Here. Now you won’t have to kill anyone.” – Stock boy
    “I have to make it out of here alive – then we’ll see if it comes to that.” – Me

    I’m officially insane.

  446. Ok, the commentary on Did I Stutter they mention possibly having a contest where an Office fan would be able to do an episode commentary with the cast.

    Not going to lie, I geeked out when I heard that and hopes that comes about because that would be way too awesome.

    And with the commentary, I agree with Tanster as Money being the best commentary out of the four.

  447. 535 – Good to know. Am in the UK and pre-ordered from Amazon. I hope I get a script too, as it sucks being in the UK and missing out on so much of the Office goodness.

  448. Classic stories today. I am kind of mad that I ordered it through, and have to wait until Thursday for it to get here.

  449. the dinner party script is a very cool bonus, it is fun to read through what the original full script was and try to imagine it playing out. i had to buy the target one too (i already pre-ordered the one from best buy) cause of that bonus disc!

  450. I checked online and saw that Walmart was advertising Season 4 for $30.86. It said that it was available online and in selected stores. So, I went my nearby Walmart to see if it was available there. When I got there, there were quite a few on the shelf, but the price was marked at $39.95. I told the clerk about the price on the website, and she verified it. As it turns out, the $30.86 price advertised on the website was not available at that Walmart. However, if I wanted to order it online, wait 7-10 days, then return to pick it up at the store, I could have it for $30.86. Otherwise, it would be $39.95. Good grief! How utterly silly! I went to Target and found it for the $29.95.

  451. YAY!! I got the Best Buy deal and am sooo happy with the dinner party script!! I’m glad I got this one, since I can’t get Target here in Canada! too bad I have to work tonight…and have school tomorrow…haha but I watched the bloopers and they are AWESOME!!! :)

  452. I bought mine at lunch in St. Charles, IL at Target. I put the cast Q&A disc in my computer right away to see if my question for Creed was included and it was. Whoo! (It was “how much Creed is in the character Creed”).

  453. I purchased the keychain gift pack from Circuit City. The keychain seems a bit flimsy and is filled with a thin yellow liquid, not gelatin. With this in mind, take care not to break the keychain over your lap, for embarrassment is sure to ensue.

  454. got mine at Best Buy. for whatever reason, they didn’t have mine (or this other girl’s). I was about to freak out!!! But the script made my day.

  455. Thank you, Target, for not including disc 3 in my deluxe edition, I really appreciate it! Ugh.

    Wow, this thing is thick.

  456. Just a heads up to fellow Canadians: my husband picked up the “Fun Run Kit” version today at Best Buy, which included the water bottle, t-shirt, and wristband. It even had the Dinner Party script inside! Yay! I didn’t think it would be available in Canada!

  457. To 566, that’s what she said.

    I got to Best Buy 15 minutes before they opened. There were already about 10 people there and I was worried they wouldn’t have enough copies of the deluxe edition. When it was time for the store to open, the gate at the front of the store wouldn’t unlock. After about 5 minutes, they just let us in through the exit. I rushed towards the DVDs, expecting everyone else to rush to them, but everyone else went to other sections of the store. Either I was the only one who spotted the DVDs, or I was the only one that wanted it.

  458. I’m so happy! I got the DVD from Target today! Love the Dinner Party script. Nice to see what it would have looked like pre-strike.

  459. does anyone know if any of the dvds have extra footage from the convention (besides the Q and A)…like the people or the Office Games, etc??

  460. Went to both Targets in Fort Wayne, Indiana and both were sold out of the deluxe edition. Of course I didn’t make it there until 7pm (darn work). I plan on stalking/obsessively calling both for the rest of the week to see if they get any more in.

  461. I work 8-5, so I convinced my wife to get a copy of the deluxe edition from Target this morning. She was there at 8:11am and someone else was looking at the last copy. Thankfully, he put it down, and my wife snatched it! I got lucky!

  462. Got the Target s/e on my way to work today and impressed my coworkers with the use of my neon sticky flags. Also picked up some 100 calorie pack snacks to enjoy while watching.

  463. I have a question for anyone who went to the Office Convention:
    Did it seem like the Pizza by Alfredo blooper was longer during the bloopers shown at the Cast Q&A? It feels like it was cut for the dvd. :(

  464. I pre-ordered the Best Buy package of the Office and I was wondering if anyone else has received their copy yet or even received an e-mail saying it has been shipped.

  465. Someone who works at Target: give us your estimate on how likely it is that they’ll have more Deluxe DVDs stocked by tomorrow morning at opening time. If they won’t be stocked until later in the day, I suppose I shouldn’t bother.

  466. So, I just watched all the special features, and the “Summer Vacation” preview was last year’s promo intercut with some of the deleted scenes from Season 4… there is NO new footage in this “preview”, which seems rather odd? Why would they reuse the commercial from last year (it even had KAREN on it!), and call it new?

    I was looking forward to this ‘summer vacation’ promo as a peak at season 5.. but nothing.. WTF nbc?

  467. I feel soo lame waking up at the crack of dawn to get to Target. I do this every Office DVD release September. But it was worth it.

    I felt like I was getting the staredown from 2 possible Tallyheads (2 women in their 30’s @ Allen Park, MI Target). Sorry I didn’t shower and dress the part for release morning. Btw who gets up that early only to buy the regular edition of the dvd?

    Sorry I’m rambling. The dvd is great.

  468. I wasn’t able to get the Deluxe Edition from Target :( I had school all day and just called them and they said they were sold out.

    I ordered it via Amazon so at least I will get the ‘Dinner Party’ script. I am excited to see what it was before the strike happened.

  469. So far, this DVD set hasn’t disappointed me at all! I loved all the bloopers, lengthy deleted scenes, & fun commentaries (though I’d always wish for more of them). As I’m listening (again) to the commentary for “Money”, though, I have to pout a little bit at Jenna’s mention of “the next Office Convention” – knowing that there isn’t one – at least this year (sniffle). Otherwise, I’m very happy today. :)

  470. Thanks to all the tipsters out there who helped make my shopping experience exciting, easy, and pleasant!!!

  471. Thankfully my parents were able to pick up the Deluxe Edition DVD from Target on their lunch break since I’m away at college. I’m hoping the edited Q & A from the convention has my basketball question geared towards Kevin!

  472. I got to my Target in Columbus, Ohio at 5:00 today and snagged the last deluxe edition on the shelf! I only had time to watch Fun Run today, but those deleted scenes were epic! So much good stuff!

  473. Hey Tanster! I pre-ordered mine from and picked it up on-site at a store near my house in LA.
    It came in a really cute cardboard box, decorated with all sorts of Fun Run related stuff. I paid 36$ total and it included a fun run t-shirt, a fun run water bottle, and a fun run wristband. I was also surprised to get the dinner party script!!

  474. I went to my nearest Target in Orem first thing when they opened and I got the Deluxe Edition. Apparently I was too excited to read the actual box that said that the script was included because I was that close to not buying it because it didn’t look like the script was inside. But luckily I was able to check OT through my phone and I saw all the comments that said that YES the script was indeed included in the box even though it didn’t look like it. So thanks OT!!

    [from tanster: nice! glad OT was helpful!]

  475. I got the Circuit City package today! The key chain is great, it’s pretty easy to tell what it is, if you know the show and the back has a nice “The Office” logo on it. It’s a good size, works nicely with my car keys big enough for the detail, but small enough not to be bulky in your pocket.

  476. Just got back from one of the busiest Targets on the peninsula and they had three deluxe editions left. I splurged and got that one (so two left!) even though I was pretty content with getting the regular one.

    Question for those who got the deluxe edition and I didn’t see it answered from all the posts today. When you open the bigger box that the DVD comes in with the sticky pad, is the DVD set itself in the same packaging as the regular DVD (aka that cover?) or it’s just the box inside?

  477. I got both the Target and Best Buy versions. There were only 2 deluxe editions at Target (at about 10:30 this morning) but Best Buy had like 20 Fun Run kits.

    BTW the Fun Run shirt in the Best Buy set is LARGE. I know a lot of people were curious about this.

    Tanster have you gotten a Best Buy and/or Target set?

    [from tanster: I bought the Target and Circuit City packages. I haven’t had time to open either one yet, but I will probably return the Circuit City one. The keychain isn’t what I expected … I was hoping it would be more Jello-y. :) ]

  478. What was the 60 minutes of bonus footage that came with the Target Deluxe Edition? My Target ran out of that edition before I got there. I’m loving the bonus features that I have though!

  479. Okay, I am seriously GEEKING OUT right now!!! I just bought my DVD at Target (it was the last one! heheheh). Let me just say that that Dinner Party script is now one of my most prized possessions. I haven’t actually watched the DVD yet, but I’m especially pumped for the blooper reel, commentaries, and “2 hours of deleted scenes”!
    this is the BEST show to be a fan of!

  480. I had to go to three Targets today to find a copy with all the extras. I should be happy that it’s selling well, but I’m pissed I had to drive to three Targets!

  481. Ok… seriously, this is all you need to know, blooper reel… pizza by alfredo. LOL!

  482. I have my season 4 DVD!

    I ran into Borders and went straight to the DVD/Videos section. I then proceeded to stare at the display of the DVDs of The Office. I swear…I think I almost cried. Not because I was so happy to see them, but because my knee was bleeding since I had tripped over the sidewalk missing a step as I entered Borders.

    Hmm… the things I do for this show…

  483. Just picked up my copy at the Santa Rosa, CA Costco. They had a few Business Card sets left, and a lot of regular season four sets. I paid $31.49 for mine (same price as the regular set). Very cool because I needed a business card case! Thanks Tallyheads!

  484. Yes, the Pizza by Alfredo blooper is ridiculously funny but being a HUGE Jim and Pam fan, I have to throw out the Fun Run deleted scene. That was insanely too cute for words. If I could download that little bit and load it onto my phone, I would do it in a heartbeat. Yes, I am that sad!

  485. My sister bought the Target gift set and gave me the goodies from it, so now I have a t-shirt, 2 copies of the script, water bottle, wristband, sticky notes and a bonus DVD as well as the cool packaging from the sets.

    On top of all that, I got to see the Stanley Cup today, so yea, it was a good day! :)

  486. Just went to Target… totally sold out. It only took a couple of hours. Excuse me, I am going to go cry now

  487. It’s a GOLDEN evening watching these continuous deleted scenes and enjoying my Target-exclusive DM stickybook. Much like pretzel day, new Office DVD day is only once a year.

    They’d best not include new never-before-seen special features if they ever release ’em on Blu-Ray. Grr.

  488. I got the Best Buy set but I’m having trouble understanding what the wristband means. “NHS60 Gloucestershire” is what is printed on the wristband. I assumed it was going to say “Support the Rabid”…did I just get a messed up fun run kit???

  489. I grabbed a regular DVD set this afternoon at the BestBuy and noticed right above it said the “exclusive BBy” edition. I turned around to the guys at the door and they were all…you look like you have a question. All innocently I was…what is this exclusive edition? I noticed there weren’t any there. Buddy was all…oh! they’re over here. They’re too big to fit there. (There were 2!!) He was all, this is cool, it has a water bottle, a t-shirt… Does it really, I say. ;) Sold!

  490. Went to BestBuy (Canada) right after work, obviously the deluxe sets were sold out.. quite a scam to advertise it all over our local flyer because the clerk said the store only received 3 deluxe sets!! I purchased the regular one, for 36.99 and, of course, it’s the Canadian box set – not the same inside packaging as the American version – and it doesn’t come with the script!! Only the BB deluxe version has the script. I’m wondering if WalMart, CircuitCity or Costco in Canada include the script?

  491. 602 – Anthony – I got the Best Buy gift set and the wristband did say “Support the Rabid.” It sounds like maybe yours was misprinted.

  492. 579 Chris-aka “The Penguin”:

    You felt lame going to Target first thing? I work at Target and they were having the “morning huddle” in entertainment for Tune in Tuesday, so I got to walk by all my co-workers who knew I was coming in to work at 2:30 in the afternoon but was going in that early to get my DVDs to watch in the six hours I had free today :-)

  493. 590- Jules My target deluxe edition was in the white packaging on the outside but the dvd itself looks exactly like the regular version. it has the outer sleeve and then the dvd set inside that. It was packaged with the script outside the dvd itself and the post it binder on the bottom of the box.

    also-602 Anthony – you totally got a limited edition mess up. :) Maybe you won something!

    my favorite blooper has got to be the three guys in the car coming back from utica and dwight complaining about cutting a chunk. Oh my god…. crying/laughter. Awesome. Awesome day.

  494. Picked up the Circuit City edition…I did the happy dance when I realized that my Writers’ Block question was immortalized on the dvd! It’s all thanks to Tanster’s providing the link ;)

    So glad the Pizza by Alfredo gag is on the blooper reel; I have never heard people laugh as hard as they did when it was played at the convention!

  495. I managed to get my Target version, but only after calling 7, count them 7 Chicago area Targets and doing some major sweet talking to the electronics guy to please please hold the second to last copy for me. Score! He did. And I laughed my butt off when I was in there and I saw 3 separate Target employees proceed to come over and check the shelves for the deluxe edition while I was perusing other DVDs…. aah sweet victory. :)

  496. Man that business card holder is cool! Does anyone know if that can be purchased online anywhere, like

  497. One good thing about working overnights. I can get to Target early in the morning! Picked up the deluxe edition, and it’s great. Too bad the strike cost us some no doubt excellent episodes.

  498. Question for online Best Buyers. Did anyone’s order get put on backordered? I pre-ordered not long ago when it said pre-ordered and got the confirmation email. Now today it says backordered.

    what’s up?

  499. Dear tallyhead friends who have acquired the one dvd to rule them all:

    Though I have thoroughly enjoyed reading of your epic journeys to Targets and Best buys, tales of fierce determination as you stare down store clerks, dodge infants and out-maneuver the elderly, I must admit to being envious of you all (except for Sad, who missed out – that sucks).
    You see, here in New Zealand the dvd won’t be released until next year, and even though I special-ordered it at a cost of NZ $120 it probably won’t arrive until next week. At least that’s what I thought… until I got a call 10 minutes ago. It’s here.
    I knew there had to be some advantage to living in Middle Earth, and now I’ve figured it out –
    super-speedy delivery:)

  500. Great day! I drove an hour after work to get to the nearest Target only to find the shelf empty. When I asked for help finding The Office Deluxe Edition they lead me to computers and showed me software!! Eventually though they found one in the back. Phew! I was happy to see they included my question to David Wallace (Andy Buckley) about his day job. Too bad they cut out our names, although I understand. Didn’t they show other bloopers at the convention, like with Meredith at the hospital etc.? Too bad they didn’t give us EVERYTHING!

  501. 568 – D’oh! How did I not see a TWSS coming? (And before anyone else gets to that one…that’s what she said)

    Does Target not know from last year how quickly the deluxe thing sold out and how many people missed out on it? I went back later tonight to exchange it and of course it’s completely sold out so I have to call two locations tomorrow to figure out if I can get a replacement. I mean, at least I have the bonus disc already, so if worst comes to worst, I’ll be able to pick up a copy of the regular season 4 and just take the disc 3, but I don’t wanna have to resort to that.

    577 – Target told me to call in the late afternoon (2-3) tomorrow since they’ll have everything unpacked by then. But of course there’s no guarantee that the deluxe DVD will be there.

  502. 614–I preordered mine from Best Buy online last week and today it said it was backordered. But thankfully the Best Buy near me wasn’t sold out, so I cancelled my online order and went and picked it up.

  503. I got the Target limited edition, but I’m sorry to report that the script inside was defective. It looks like a couple of the pages got messed up when they were put together so they’re shorter than the others and got cut off on the bottom. Fortunately, the script wasn’t the main reason I was getting the DVD, and everything else was fine, but it’s just kind of disappointing.

  504. 618 – that bugged me too. I keep looking at the left automatically and thinking “these episodes shouldn’t be on disc 1” and remembering that’s disc 3. it’s weird too because it’s different than the past dvd sets.

    My way of thinking of it though is that disc 3 & 4 end up on the right side when you open up the entire disc jacket since the whole outside forms a desk image, so that is pretty cool though. I still would prefer them to be switched.

    It was fun reading everyone’s stories today though, knowing that while I didn’t see others getting the edition when I was, Tallyheads across the nation (& world I guess!) were finding theirs too. =)

  505. I was a bit confused with the inside packaging of the Target edition. The listing for discs three and four are on the left flap, one and two on the right. It bugged me when I first saw it, but it sort of makes sense since you’re looking at those discs when the that flap is closed. (I am probably the only person this bugs.)

  506. For all of those that ordered this online at Best Buy, you won’t be getting it. I did this last year. It let me buy it online, but once they sold out in stores it was on permanent backorder. The best bet is to try to see if you can find it at a store and cancel your order.

    Having said that, I was working yesterday so I had my brother pick the package up from me at Best Buy. The tshirt isnt nearly as nice as the ones on the NBC store (which I didn’t figure it would be). From the reviews it looks like I’ll need to check my discs, wristband and script for defects.

  507. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon weeks ago. It says it shipped from Atlanta on 8/28 but still isn’t here (I’m only 50 miles south). So basically, my feeling of being one step ahead of the rest of The Office fan population has come to an end—so disappointing. Anyone else do the Amazon pre-order thing?

  508. This morning before work I went to the same Target that didn’t have any deluxe editions last night, and they had some on the shelf. So apparently that is worth a shot. (Obviously, I bought one.)

  509. #618 – You’re not the only one who thought that was messed up (Disc 1 & 2 on the right flap, disc 3 & 4 on the left). But, yeah, it sort of makes sense.

  510. I feel compelled to point out one last thing about the Target edition for those still deciding: the main DVD case (the counterpart to what you’d get in the non-Deluxe edition) is actually custom-made with an extra flap and disc tray for the fifth disc. It’s not just the regular set plus a disc in a sleeve, rattling around in the box. A minor thing, but I really appreciate it. It makes it feel more special, and more worth the trouble I went through to get it!

  511. I got my EW yesterday and they said that the Office season 4 DVD was a disappointment! They said that the deleted scenes were boring, and that no one should hear about Rainn’s onion bagel breath (I guess that’s a commentary bit).
    I have to admit, I preferred the Nifty Gifty packaging to Target’s season 4 package, and there could be more bonus features… but really? The deleted scenes are awesome. It’s like a whole new episode for each original episode!! They are so funny.
    I thought that maybe the deleted scenes wouldn’t be that exciting because they showed a lot on, but there’s so much more.

  512. The Best Buy Deluxe Gift Set includes the Dinner Party script! I thought it was only available in the Target edition, but it came right along with the t-shirt, water bottle and support the rabid wrist band!

  513. I bought the deluxe gift set from Best Buy, and did not receive the Dinner Party script. I’m from Long Island, NY. Has anyone else experienced this?

  514. Not sure how many people have watched it yet, but the commentary for Did I Stutter? mentions Office Tally. I think it was Rainn that said that a picture of the organization chart was posted here.
    I think it was that same commentary that someone says that they should have a contest or drawing for a fan to get to sit in on a commentary for next season’s DVDs which would be awesome!

    [from tanster: that was awesome!]

  515. I bought mine at Wal-Mart and I got the Dinner Party script. Nice little treat! :)

    The bloopers are hysterical…my favorites are when he’s talking about the pizza and everyone spazzes (look at Oscar, specifically) and the final one with Stanley…I couldn’t stop laughing!

  516. So I pre-ordered the show from…. I feel really jipped now because I want all the extra goodies!! I thought I was saving a few bucks but shipping ultimately made it $3 less then had I gone to Bestbuy for all the extra stuff


    oh well, I’ll still have it!

  517. FYI…Received my pre-ordered-Amazon DVD this morning and it includes the Dinner Party script.

  518. I’m one of the obsessive fans that couldn’t decide between Target and Best Buy so I bought both! I got the Dinner Party script in both sets, plus the extras (the bonus disc and Post-Its in the Target set, and the T-shirt, water bottle and wrist band in the Best Buy set). I’m working long days all week except Thursday, so that’ll be my first chance to watch the deleted scenes and other bonus stuff. You’ve all got me so excited about seeing everything! And I, too, race-walked to the DVD section at Target and got the only deluxe set that was left on the shelf. Assume they had more in back. Best Buy had a whole special display of their special set – tons of them!

  519. 590, Jules-

    The Target set is actually slightly different. It’s essentially the same, but the case is expanded to hold the fifth disc. In addition, the box is a wee bit thicker and the layout of the pictures inside is different in some places to accommodate the extra disc space. It’s just like the Nifty Gifty set was last year in comparison to the “normal” set. Separate but equal.

  520. I’m so gutted! Best Buy in Vancouver says they still have the set in stock and I could reserve it to pick up in store but I don’t think I’ll be able to get my dad to go there in the next three days (he’s flying Saturday) – sucks living in the UK, we get none of the cool stuff!

    Guess I’m stuck buying the seasons 1-4 set, though I would have loved to have had the t-shirt!

  521. I live in Boston. I went to the Best Buy near my school and the office was gone. Almost every copy of all 4 seasons were gone. I went to a small store down the street called Newbury Comics and found season 4 with the Dinner Party script. I didn’t care that it was a few bucks more. I got it.

  522. 627, moomintroll-

    I’m with you – I don’t see how anyone could think this DVD set is a disappointment! Of course, I’m speaking from the POV of an obsessed fan, but I couldn’t be happier. I originally gave these DVDs an A+, but I completely forgot that there is an A++. ;)

    And 636, phyllis*farm-

    So THAT’S what that means…

  523. Thank you again Jennie for this. I only wish you’d been able to get part of my purchase, but it was at the local Target where I bought my 5-disc version.

    If you’re able in Seattle, dinner’s on me. The internet wouldn’t be the same without your site. I know I’m not the only one that’s so thankful for the time and care you put into this site.

    *big hugs*

    [from tanster: awwww, thanks Matthew! :) ]

  524. So my lovely fiance left during dinner last night because he was afraid the DVDs would be sold out at Target. One hour and two targets later, he came home with the second to last deluxe set.

    He later finished his dinner.

    But woo hoo, he got it!

  525. woooo!!!!!! my office came from today. i was a little worried when it didn’t come yesterday, but it came!! first stop, blooper reel…

  526. Anybody who bought 2 sets just for the nifty gifties wanna sell me one of the DVD parts for $20? Lol…..

    No, I’m serious…

  527. Anyone notice the volume on deleted scenes is lower than the actual episodes, I have to crank my surround sound just to hear Toby and Oscar have a conversation.

  528. I got an email today saying that my dvd set won’t be shipped from Best Buy for another 1-2 weeks. I guess that’s what I get for preordering a week before it comes out on dvd!

  529. Tanster, I cannot thank you enough for posting this guide! I’m sure all of the updates were a job in and of themselves!

    I know someone said if you were ever in Seattle they would buy you dinner, and I would like to expand that offer to Minneapolis, where dinner would be on me!

    [from tanster: awwww, thank you!]

  530. Meredith’s stunt where she trips on Michael’s face indent from “Did I Stutter?” is not in the deleted scenes! I was really looking forward to seeing it!

    Oh well, I LOVE the deleted Jam scene from “Did I Stutter?”, Jim tells Pam about how Ryan is out to get him and she flips out. It was hilarious.

  531. OH. MY. GOD. Did anyone watch the commentary for Did I Stutter? Jenna suggests that they have a contest for a fan to be able to do a commentary with them! Is that not the greatest idea of all time? I think I might stutter, though, if I actually won that.

  532. I got my set this morning at one of two Target’s in Lexington, KY. They were all out of the regular edition, on sale for 29.99. They did have 4 copies of the Target special edition, on sale for 36.99. I didn’t really care what set I got but I wasn’t coming home without a copy of Season 4. They also had the 4 season set for 99.99. Included in my set, the little sticky note book (which all the large yellow notes became unstuck) and the script for “Dinner Party”, and the fifth disc. So far I’ve watched just the first episode. Can’t wait to get to the rest!

  533. wait can we talk about the deleted scene from fun run with jim and pam in the conference room giggling and talking about how great it is to be together?! i rewound that like 6 times it was just so so cute.

  534. #644- i might be able to help you out there! i have more than one dvd, i bought the target one for the extra disc but i had already pre-ordered the best buy one which i am going to pick up tonight. i am not sure how we would work it out but i am happy to help!

  535. Tanster,
    Please help a girl out. I bought the DVD’s last night from Target and it came with the Dinner Party script. There’s only 4 discs though and I’ve been reading that people got 5 discs. Did I miss something? I thought getting the set with the script was the deluxe edition? I’m so confused! Thank you kindly in advance.

    [from tanster: the Target Deluxe Edition outside packaging looks like the photos shown here.]

  536. 654, Tuna, tuna, tuna–

    That deleted scene was so squeeworthy, my head nearly exploded. I wish so much that it was in the aired episode. I’m hoping for some YouTube savvy person to combine the aired scene (where they admit they’re dating) with the deleted scene, so we can see the whole thing all together. Jam forever!

    I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that there could be some extra Jammy goodness in the deleted scenes, but I really enjoyed seeing all of those extra Jam moments.

  537. I saw myself in the audience at the cast Q&A from The Office Convention!! I am so happy they added Convention footage to the DVDs–now I just wish they would’ve added the Saturday night concert. Good times.

  538. The blooper with Stanley at the very end is the best thing ever in blooper history. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  539. I was finally able to get mine! I had to wait a whole extra day! Stupid work…ha, ha. I got mine from Best Buy and everything came with it. I have been rolling on the couch with laughter since I got home. Of course, I had to break away for a moment to check out OfficeTally! Tanster, thank you so much for all of the dvd buying tips! You are always the best! I am praying for you to win that Bloggers Choice Award because no one deserves it more! Now, back to my season four…thanks!

  540. #654 & #656- I WAS SQUEEING SO MUCH I BUSTED MY EARDRUMS! the very end is the best part :)

  541. best buy had originally told me mine was backordered. i just got an e mail stating that they were sorry they had a shipping error, that they were crediting me a $5 coupon, and taking away tax and shipping. Not to mention it shipped today.


  542. 622-Meagan

    This Best Buy thing is so irritating. I had no problems ordering the limited editions online in 2006 and 2007. I order this one a week before the on-sale date and now it’s backordered. The nearest store is an hour away. I wonder if I should just suck it up and drive there to make sure I get the box.

    Did anybody who ordered online actually get their box shipped to them?

  543. How long does Best Buy usually sell the gift set for? I’m wondering if I should buy it there. But I kinda want to wait. . .

  544. In Australia season 4 has not aired yet, let alone the dvd’s coming out.
    I am ordering off ebay, and noticed there was someone selling the fun run kit on there who ships to Australia. I really want the dinner party script too so was wondering do all the sets with the t shirt and drink bottle etc come with the dinner party script?

  545. 662 | James – I ordered mine online but I chose the in-store pick up and had no problem, sorry to hear you are

  546. 661 – I got the same e-mail from Best Buy last night. Oh well…I gave up on BB and picked up the regular version (with the Dinner Party script) at Wal-Mart. Talk about being desperate…

  547. I watched the blooper reel and read the Dinner Party script last night. Very Funny. I’m really excited about watching the JAM deleted scenes from Fun Run tonight. Also the sticky notes thing is pretty cool. I got the Target special edition.

  548. Katherine – I went last night to pick up my pre-order at Best Buy and they had a bunch left. I think it’s just until they sell out. My store had a nice display right up front. It’s a great set and the box it comes in is very sturdy.

  549. I got mine from Amazon this morning, and the Dinner Party script was included, which I was very happy about. The gag reel is hilarious, but I have to admit that the deleted scenes have been the best thing about the set so far. There were so many deleted scenes from “Fun Run” that it was almost like an additional episode. Loved seeing Kevin trying to trick Jim by setting him up on a date!

  550. Surprised to see no one mention this yet, but I really liked the addition of the theme song playing over the credits.

    Oh, and Jim’s Second Life prank was brilliant.

  551. 665 | Marc Vibbert

    I changed my order to in-store pickup so I can be sure I get it. I’d probably recommend doing the same thing to anybody who ordered the Best Buy box. The woman I spoke to didn’t have a date in which the manufacturer would have more to ship.

  552. So I just watched the deleted scenes from Fun Run and I have one question: How did the “take a bite out of rabies” scene not make the cut? It was kiiiiind-of-amazing. It just proves how much great stuff has to be cut to fit the time slot. I predict, years from now, after the show is all said and done there will be dvd’s released with hours & hours of deleted scenes and bloopers. That would be awesome. It’s kind of like how 2pac is still putting out cd’s years after his death. That’s probably the first time The Office and 2pac were ever put in the same paragraph.

  553. I picked up my copy at a NYC target last night. When I got there on the shelf was only the copy of the 4 seasons boxed set, and they did not have season 4 regular or deluxe edition. I went to the guys behind the counter and they checked and said that they had both in stock. One of them went back to get it for me, and in 5 minutes he handed me the Season 4 deluxe edition. I can’t complain. I just started watching it, just they don’t seem to have the episode commentaries on the same disk as the episodes. Is kind of a pain in the neck.

    I also wish they would have in the set, the “missing episode” which was the Christmas Episode which never aired.

  554. tuna tuna tuna, Thank you so much, but I was thinking about it and it would probably be just as much as it is in the store for me to pay you shipping on top of the DVD’s! Unless you happen to live in SoCal…

    : )

    Also, I was thinking…..i have a little brother and sister who always borrow my seasons 1, 2, and 3….so I should make THEM buy this season for me! lol…..

  555. no, i live in norcal. close but no cigar! well if anyone wants to buy just the dvds and the script for less than retail price, let me know! i can ship cheap (maybe even free, we have a deal at work). i don’t need more than one copy and i am happy to help out my fellow tallyheads with a good deal!

    UNSHUN i agree that the cutest jim and pam scene ever should have been in the episode. i have a sneaking feeling that john and jenna were kind of breaking during it but the giggling really worked and made it more real. but maybe that is why it wasn’t included (i can’t think of any other good reason!)

  556. I think I just set the record for how many times you can remind and watch the excellent JAM scene from the Fun Run deleted scenes. SO SO SO SWEET.

    Also, great JAM moment in “Branch Wars” deleted footage when Michael asks Jim – “Was she worth it??”.

    Was it too much of a long shot to hope for a deleted scene in Goodbye Toby where they got engaged?? ;-)

  557. How do I get through the next three weeks now that I’ve devoured all of the bonus features? I guess I can go back rewatch Michael’s new use of lady products in The Deposition–I died laughing over that. Reading the Dinner Party script brought out how much the actors, directors and prop staff put their whole vision and heart into an episode. It’s great to read on its own, but so amazing to see what it looks like once it comes to life.

  558. My car’s been in the shop the past few days so I wasn’t able to buy the new season until today. When I got to my local Best Buy there was only one of the gift sets left. You should have seen how fast I snatched that thing off of the shelf! I’ve been wearing my “Support the Rabid” bracelet ever since : )

  559. I got mine today from Amazon (with the Dinner Party script). I watched all of the bonus features and the deleted scenes were great! However, I still wish they would have had the table read.

  560. I just bought my gift set from best buy today and the second disc is not working. The other three work fine, but the second disc tells me to check the country code. Anyone else having this problem?

    this sucks…now i have to return it!

  561. Yay! My dad picked up my BB version the day it came out, and even though I won’t get to open it up until I go home from college, I’m happy I secured mine xD
    My dad said BB screwed up and took 15 minutes to find it when my dad went to pick it up, and they took about ten bucks off.. w00t for getting the special set for regular price!

  562. Has anyone bought the “Ultimate Package” (seasons 1-4) from Amazon?? If so, was there a Dinner Party script tucked in there like the others??

  563. Got my Season 4 DVD from Amazon today, and was surprised and delighted to find the Dinner Party script included. I turned to my roommate and said, “Why is this DVD box so thick?”

    And then…

    “Holy crap! Dinner Party!”

  564. I just received a package from NBC, and I was selected as one of the prize winners from that Sierra Mist Walk-On Role contest!Unfortunately I wasn’t the grand prize winner, but I did receive the season 4 DVD! and now I have 2 of them! Thank you so much Tanster for informing us about the contest!

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

  565. I was happy to buy my set last night. It was the very last one at my local Wal*mart. I also picked up a copy of “The Promotion.” My husband and I have some fabulous viewing ahead of us for the weekend!

  566. Has anyone watched the deleted scenes for “Job Fair”? I really enjoyed the ones with Oscar and the high school girl. He tries to get her to intern, but soon he realizes that he is only leading her down the path he wishes he hadn’t taken so he makes the decision to not let her come aboard. Good good stuff!

  567. Did anyone notice on the disc 3 bonus materials menu(Meredith’s desk), that there’s a Lampshades flyer? I love it!

  568. For those who pre-ordered from Best Buy, did your order ship yet? I got an email saying it sold out, then two days later I get an email saying it shipped offering me a 5 dollar coupon. However, when I check on the status, it still says processing..?

  569. To 685, I’m glad to hear that someone besides me actually saw The Promotion (though I saw it in theaters). I hope you enjoyed it! And to 686, I also loved the Job Fair deleted scenes, but the one that really stood out for me was Pam passing by the case with Roy’s trophies. I really think that should have been left in.

  570. I was just wondering if anybody could tell me which disc the bloopers were on? I don’t own the set, I’m just renting it from netflix. I want to watch my favorite part first!

  571. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but I saw the The Office Ultimate Package at Target today for $99.99 if anyone wanted to save a couple bucks instead of buying from Amazon. It did not have the Dinner Party script, though.

  572. Wasn’t there supposed to be a table read bonus extra? Anyone know what happened to that?

  573. Julia,
    I ordered mine from bestbuy as well and my order still has not shipped yet. Hopefully something will change soon.

  574. My son picked up mine yesterday at BB! Script of Dinner Party included. The Bloopers are on the 4th disc…why?? Wish there were more Bloopers!! Would love to see a table read as well.

  575. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah so you guys probably remember the Sierra Mist contest during the summer with the office? right? I know you guys would! Well so thanks to my sister I was randomly chosen to win season four of the office on DVD. So…
    I would like to thank NBC for randomly picking my name and my sister for putting my name in the contest!!!!!!!!!! =)

  576. Was on holiday in NYC from the UK and was lucky to buy the last copy of the box set from Best Buy, man did I run to the checkout =) I wish there was a table read on it though, let’s bug them for season 5 :)

  577. I am very disappointed in the special features. Especially since I missed the memo that there is no longer a table read.
    I am however enjoying the script that is included.
    But still :(

  578. Like everyone who pre-ordered from, I had my Gift Set backordered on me and had lost just about all hope of it not being canceled. But miraculously I got my “Your shipment is on the way!” email today. I hope everyone else did too…

  579. I got a free copy of the Season 4 DVD in the mail just last week. Why? Because I won second place in the Sierra Mist contest earlier this year to be an extra on the show! Thank you very much Office Tally, I never would have entered as many times as I did (virtually every weekday of the contest) and thus never would have won a free copy of Season 4. I have probably watched everything included more than once already. Thanks again!

    [from tanster: that’s awesome! :) ]

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