The Office Season 8 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 8 DVD

Release date: September 4, 2012

Synopsis: Andy takes over as manager of Dunder Mifflin and finds the job to be more than he bargained for. He wants to win the respect of his employees, while going toe-to-toe with Robert California, the enigmatic new CEO, who wants to turn the office into his personal playground. Dwight makes his own grab for power when he leads a team to Florida to work under Nellie Bertram, who may be slightly out of her mind. Jim and Pam’s relationship is put to the test when Pam goes on maternity leave and her replacement has eyes for Jim. Meanwhile, Erin harbors lingering feelings for Andy; Angela’s relationship deepens with her dashing (state) senator; and Darryl looks for love in the warehouse. Developed for American Television by Primetime Emmy┬« Award winner Greg Daniels (Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons), watch all 24 episodes back-to-back in this 5-disc set, with outstanding bonus features including extended episodes, deleted scenes, webisodes, Football Championship promos and more!

P.S. This post will eventually contain all the information you need to know about The Office Season 8 DVDs, just like The Office Season 7 DVD Buying Guide from last year.


  1. I agree, I really like it! Better than the awkwardly posed cover from last year.

  2. There are way too many folks on that cover. If they were going to put everyone on it, I’m surprised Cathy didn’t make the cut.

  3. I don’t care for it. Too busy and seems pretty photoshopped. I’m not a huge fan of Andy always being the focal point of this show now.

  4. “Nellie Bertram, who may be slightly out of her mind”…


    Great cover, though.

  5. Great Cover! I love how everyone is included. It kind of goes along that motif of “everyone is a star” that was quite relevant this season. However, I feel as though most of the cast members pictures here are recycled images haha.

  6. @4 Nick

    I doubt that will be on the actual cover. Pictures of the Season 7 artwork had the same thing but it wasn’t on the actual DVD. I think it’s just for promotional purposes.

  7. Andy was clearly the focal point of this season…whether you agree with THAT decision or not is a whole different discussion but given the way the season went I see no reason why he would not be the focal point of the cover

  8. Way too crowded and badly Photoshopped cover. It’s not original, clever, or even well designed. I don’t care for it.

  9. LOL, shadows from all directions and perspective not matching all over the place.


  10. I agree with this cover being busy and badly photoshopped. Which makes me believe that those pictures are actually the ones from the nbc website and put on the cover for promo purposes.I would not want that cover on my shelf! sorry.

  11. All of the outfits that the regular cast has on(other than Andy) are the same outfits used for the Season 7 promo poster. Toby is even the exact same shot, so I highly doubt this is the actual cover that is going to be used for the Season 8 DVD Release.

  12. The DVD covers have always been cheap, tacky photoshop, and I had zero expectations that S8’s would be different. This one is the worst of all, it’s way too cluttered and much as some might not like to admit it, NBC PR included, there are very clear stars of this show (Rainn, Ed, Jenna, John) with a large secondary cast making up the ensemble.

  13. I was reading about the season 8 Blu-Ray release, and it sounds like they’re using flipper discs. One side will be the Blu versions, the other side DVD. I think this will be the first season I won’t purchase, as it probably means they’re sacrificing picture quality so they can squeeze in the DVD without extra discs. However, specs haven’t been released (25GB-50GB disc, etc) so I might be wrong.

  14. I really love this cover, to be quite honest. Photoshopped it may be, but it really shows the full ensemble cast and how lovely the show is when the whole cast is involved.
    @Lori M.-Actually, the last photoshoot that the show had since Season 8 was season 5, and Toby was much heavier.

    I personally liked the Season 5 cover the best.

  15. Now of course, once again, everyone goes crazy about the DVD cover. It’s a DVD cover.

    But, of course, once again, this is not the finished cover. Check out Amazon:

    The Office: Season Eight

    Not sure if the shady is perfect for some of you…
    But i sure love it!

  16. Seems like they’ve just thrown everyone in to fill in the void that used to be Steve ~tear~

  17. I do like the way they show the whole ensemble cast on this DVD cover. However, I have to agree that that they did a poor Photoshop job, especially with Nellie and Jim/Pam.

  18. Still no news on the bonus features? It comes out in less than a month…

  19. Tanster,I always look forward to tidbits you share with us the weekend before the release. Anything this season you want to share?

  20. Hey! First day of school! And The Office season 8 DVD is released today!

    I am doing online courses for college so I was able to leave after first block and go to BESTBUY!!

    I got there at 9:30 but apparently they aren’t open until 10. But they found me The Office season 8! and I love it!!! Nothing special.. no commentary. But who cares. It is THE OFFICE! And next season will be the best!

  21. I bought the DVDs the day they came out. Gag Reel is actually still very funny. The lack of commentaries make me wish I had netflix instead.

    John Krasinski imitating the Bedbug was the best part of the gag reel for sure.

  22. Have to agree about the bedbug comment. When you see them break out laughing as they try to act that out, you realize just how ridiculous those lines were. Definitely one of the most memorable parts of the gag reel.

    I don’t know about you guys but I loved season 8 for the most part. I’m not the normal Office fan though, I actually loved Robert California and Gabe, I didn’t loathe Nelly to the same level as others. She wasn’t essential, but I still laughed…if you want to know who I truly hated, it was Charles Minor. And think Andy is a great boss. Don’t see the Michael Scott Jr. criticism, he is still very much Andy.

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