The Office Season 8 finale deleted scenes

Deleted scenes from The Office Season 8 finale, Free Family Portrait Studio.

Three-Way: Part 1
Robert can’t resist a loving couple, and Andy can’t resist a sandwich.
[Video no longer available]

Three-Way: Part 2
Jim and Pam wonder why Robert wants them to bring their 20-sided die from Scattergories to his dinner party.
[Video no longer available]

Three-Way: Part 3
Pam and Jim debate Robert’s intentions.
[Video no longer available]

Three-Way: Part 4
Robert has to disinvite the Halperts from his Saturday night plans.
[Video no longer available]


  1. I don’t think they can afford to cut Pam/Jim storylines from the show! I’m scratching my head in disbelief!

  2. I would give anything for them to put more stuff like that back in the show. They just have this undeniable magic in every scene they do.

  3. You and me both, Karen! More Jim and Pam, less Andy and Erin in S9!

  4. Omg, this storyline was amazing, why did they leave this out?! Robert’s being so casual about it, and Jim and Pam so awkwardly trying to find out if that’s what he meant, and thinking that couldn’t possibly be what he meant, and them pretending at the end after he cancelled to be really casual about it too when really they were horrified…the whole thing was just genius!

  5. Yes! i know they have to realize that every Jim and Pam scene no matter how small is extremely important… especially now… Hope there is more next year!

  6. The gag with Robert and the “three-way” was funny, but in my opinion, they should NOT have given it away in that last deleted scene. It was funnier as a mystery. And they are beginning to overuse the “bleeped-out F-bomb” bit.

  7. This storyline was funnier than almost anything they left in the finale! This was great: instead we get a long drawn out montage of Angela chasing after a soiled diaper and Robert’s long explanation of the “charitable cause” he was pursuing…pathetically sad. Loved Jim and Pam’s expressions throughout the clips in response to Robert’s not totally clear invitation.

  8. Not relegating Jim and Pam scenes to the deleted file – that’s my wish for Season 9!

  9. I agree with Bob; should’ve kept it all except for the revealing of Robert’s exact intentions… hiding that would maintain the hilarity of his mysteriousness as well as keep awkward and/or offensive material just suppressed enough to please most. So funny.

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