The Office Season 8 premieres September 22

NBC has announced that The Office Season 8 premieres on September 22, 2011.

The Thursday night lineup includes:

  • 8:00 Community
  • 8:30: Parks and Recreation
  • 9:00 The Office
  • 9:30 Whitney (new)
  • 10:00 Prime Suspect (new)


  1. Cool, on my birthday! Too bad they’re once again delaying 30 Rock for another sure-to-be-awful-and-canceled-halfway-through-the-season sitcom in Whitney.

  2. From what I hear (and I don’t watch 30 Rock so keep your grain of salt handy) they’re holding back 30 Rock because Tina Fey’s pregnant. Just glad to have a premiere date to keep in mind.

  3. Don’t worry about “30 Rock”. Anyone who has seen any of the “Whitney” clips knows it will be cancelled after 2-3 episodes. The acting is atrocious. The laugh track is as bad as there ever has been. The jokes are recycled from the 70’s. NBC can’t afford to have “Whitney” killing their new show “Prime Suspect”. They will have a fast trigger to pull it off the air. “30 Rock” will be on at 9:30 by mid October.

  4. 30 rock will be back after Christmas, similar to Parks &Rec. The reason they are returning late is because Tina Fey is pregnant and is having her baby during the fall months. Isn’t this the final season of 30Rock? I heard Alec Badlwin talking about the show ending soon.

  5. the previews of whitney make me want to cry…. oh well at least the office retained its spot

  6. @8, Alec Baldwin’s contract is up after this upcoming season of 30 Rock and he is most likely going to leave. There’s been no confirmation whether or not the show will go on without him.

  7. i read 30 rock is coming back mid season, which makes sense since Tina fey is having a baby

  8. Being as huge of a 30 Rock fan as I am The Office, the show is coming back mid-season for Tina Fey is pregnant. As for the show ending, Alec Baldwin has said that season 6 may very well be the last season for all of the cast’s contracts are up and most of them do not plan to renew them. I hope that clears things up.

  9. Not looking forward to either of the new shows… but very glad to see that Community and P&R are both before the office :D

  10. 30 rock’s new season will being in January 2012 due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy, but it definitely is returning

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