The Office Season 9 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 9 DVD

Release date: September 3, 2013

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Bonus Features on Blu-ray and DVD

  • 2003 Casting – Never before seen audition tapes featuring the cast of the show, plus a few surprise auditions from future comedy stars including Seth Rogen, Eric Stonestreet, Jon Cho and more! Sneak peek
  • Deleted Scenes – Over 2 hours of Deleted Scenes
  • The Office: A Look Back – Retrospective with the cast and their memories of the show
  • Finale Table Read – Hilarious cast read-through for “The Office” series finale
  • Blooper Reel
  • Autotune Andy – Autotune Music Video

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  1. Hope they include lots of deleted scenes! Think of that when we’re sad that it’s ending tonight, we still have some never before seen footage coming our way. Also hope they include the retrospective that’s airing tonight.

  2. Fitting that the cover art is shredded paper!! Still get to look forward to deleted scenes and the final blooper reel!

  3. Does anybody know if The Office Retrospective will be included in the DVD?

  4. I have been waiting very patiently to see the footage of Jim and Pam dancing down the aisle at their wedding. Heard about it. Now, it’s time to see it!:)

  5. Anyone know if NBC/Universal will be releasing the entire series in a Blu-ray or DVD boxset? I would hope so…

  6. I’m with Evan. I would LOVE a Blu-ray box set. Holding out on that before I pre-order the season 9 Blu-ray.

  7. I don’t own any of the DVDs, because of Netflix, but already told my husband that if they release a box set, I am buying it, no matter how much it costs! So, hopefully they do, lol.

  8. This is huge wishful thinking, but how cool would it be to have a box set with every possible deleted scene added back into the episodes? I’m talking 45-minute (or more) episodes. Even though I’ve got all the seasons, I’d buy that in a heartbeat, because it’d be almost like having new episodes. Wait, now I’m getting emotional about the finale again……

  9. I hope this has commentary tracks! Last season’s release was a disappointment.

  10. Like “phyllis*farm”, Evan, and Dean I would love it if they would release a complete series Blu-ray box set with a lot of goodies. Fingers crossed that we get it.

  11. Okay, it only just aired last night but I am desperate for this dvd set. I loved this series, and I am hoping for a lot of extras, including the celebrations from Scranton.

  12. In the retrospective, you can see that NBC doesn’t have HD sources for the episodes prior to season 5. They do exist, as we got a clip show and a bonus feature on the existing Blu-ray sets that used HD footage from season 1-4. But Universal might have some clean-up to do before they have video masters suitable for Blu-ray release.

    My greatest regrets on the previous seasons is that they stopped collecting webisodes for a while, so they could sell a separate “Digital Short Collection” and the absence of the original version of “Traveling Salesman”/”The Return”. I’m not sure they actually restored some of the footage that was cut from the new version in the deleted scenes.

  13. I’m hoping this DVD set is going to be jam packed with extras. Deleted scenes, commentaries, and bloopers, obviously, but also hoping for the retrospective, The Office Farewells that have been posted online, and lots of footage on the Scranton wrap party.

  14. Hoping for commentary tracks on this one. I still can’t believe season 8 didn’t have any.

  15. I’m not going to get this right away because I’m desperately hoping for a nice collector’s Blu Ray box set. I want to cuddle with it at night so I know everything will be okay.

  16. @Dwigt
    I haven’t bought the last few sets in the hopes of a complete series Blu-Ray. Agreed that they need to restore the original versions of “The Return” and “Traveling Salesman,” which featured footage not available on the S3 DVD. (The eps should be included in combo form as well.) Also, they need to restore the original Halloween open to “Koi Pond.” Tanster, if you have any contact with the powers that might be in charge of a release like this, please pass this along!

  17. I finally got around to buying the S8 DVD when Amazon had it for $12 last week. Jesucristo, that was a terrible effort from them. No commentaries, no strong extras of any sort…so bizarre. Could they find no pride in themselves for that season? :(

    So S9 really can’t be any worse than that. I would love to see commentary on every episode, with it being the last hurrah and all, but I realize that might not be realistic. Also, we clearly need the full crew panel from Scranton!

    Think they’d do a writers/producers/crew track for “Finale” and a separate one for actors? I liked it when they did that for big episodes in the past. It was fun to see both perspectives get their own time.

  18. I said it before but thought I would add it here in case anyone from NBC happens to be listening – I would love to see the one-hour director’s cut of The Farm – what the episode would have been if Paul Lieberstein had been given the green light on the spin-off.

  19. I hope that means more Bonus features, especially commentaries by the main actors.

  20. Really!? It got pushed back a month!! We better get some nice extras and extended episodes!!

  21. Okay, so I’m loving the full-cast photo, but….why push back to September 3rd?? I know that’s about their usual release date, but I always felt it was too late!!

  22. The first thing I thought when I saw this DVD cover art was: “Man they must really hate Ed Helms”. lol But in all seriousness; I hope this DVD is jam-packed with all the extras we’re hoping it does.

  23. Here’s hoping the later release date means more commentaries and the wrap party footage?!?!

  24. So excited about the cast auditions portion of the DVD – what a fantastic idea!

  25. I hope every episode has a commentary. the other nbc show I buy dvds of ,Community, does commentaries on each and every episode and it makes them worth the money. So hopefuly The Office does too.

  26. Same comment as many others….they’d better have some decent commentaries (not just with random crew members, no offense to them, but no craft service!). I’m watching S5 of Mad Men on DVD and they have TWO commentaries on each of at least the first 6 eps, and that’s a longer program!

  27. just a thought but wouldn’t it be nice to get a 1-9 collected box set that comes in……the Dunder/Mifflin building?

  28. Curious what’s missing or different from the original Traveling Salesman/The Return – can someone describe? I know some episodes that aired first run had product placement things that were obligated to be shown only in the first airing, such as the Staples Shredder Kevin uses to make a salad with. I believe the Koi Pond Halloween cold open was cut due to it being deemed insensitive and offensive to suicide prevention and mental health groups. It would be great to get a box set of Blurays and I think the packaging idea of it being the building would be really cool. But the economics involved with remastering the older seasons combined with the drop off of sales of all tv shows and even movies due to Netflix and other download sources, would probably work against it happening anytime soon. Even commentaries have dropped off a lot of DVDs due to cost and people not being so enamored with them anymore…

  29. I’d love to hear commentary particularly from some of the guest directors and writers (I love the cast too, but to me it’s great to hear why certain creative choices were made and how the scenes developed). Or Greg Daniels could just do the commentary for the entire season – I know he won’t, but a girl can wish.

  30. There will be commentaries! Angela Kinsey posted a picture of her in a recording studio (it looked like) saying it was her “last ADR” for The Office which is commentary over a video track. So no worries people. :)

  31. Sorry to be a complete newbie, but this website is the only one where people are in the loop about these sorts of things. Is there going to be a box set? I’d be so disappointed if there wasn’t one!

  32. I always go to the deleted scenes first, but I can’t wait to see the 2003 casting.

  33. I do hope they have commentaries with the final season DVD. I am really hoping John Krasinski and/or Jenna Fischer will do a commentary for A.A.R.M. episode. I was disappointed they never were able to do one for the Niagara episode. Plus I want to hear their comments on the teapot note.

  34. @37

    The only bit I remember being cut from Travelling Salesman/The Return, when they made it one episode for the DVD, was the cold open from the second episode. But that made it into the deleted scenes. It’s the talking computer scene.

    I really hope to see some commentaries!

  35. I’m a little disappointed that it appears that all of The Office: Farewells that were on leading up to the finale are not apparently included in the set.

  36. @51, reading the little bit on EW’s website, it does appear to be the retrospective that NBC aired, which is a nice bonus feature.

    Also of note- the Behind-the-Scenes panel discussion (possibly the one from the Wrap Party in Scranton?) is only available on the Blu-Ray version, not the DVD.

  37. Why is the Behind-the-Scenes Panel only on Blu-Ray?! I spent all that time and money to go to Scranton — which I don’t regret, obviously — only to find out that I now have to buy a special player to see the one extra from it? That is such a downer. Guess I’ll be missing out on that one.

  38. I’m bummed that the Office Wrap Party Q&A panel is on Blu-Ray only. The navigation on Blu-Ray isn’t as nice for accessing the deleted scenes. The DVD navigation is much better. I’m bummed that they aren’t including more from The Office Wrap party, too. It was such a great weekend!

    [ from tanster: i’m bummed, too! i don’t own blu-ray. ]

  39. I wonder how much the deleted scenes will focus on the panel from the Finale. Whenever they do a reunion show for a reality show, everyone is mad because they can see all the nasty stuff said about them. The finale was a bit too “we all love each other” considering how downright mean they were to each other in earlier seasons.

  40. Have you received a copy of the DVD yet and if so do you have any tidbits you can share? I know in the past I have looked forward to your “previews”.:)Especially any John/Jenna bloopers.

  41. Not a single commentary!?!?!?!? I’ve been kicked in the griefbone. I was really hoping to hear Jenna’s take on some of those late season episodes.

  42. Tanster- is the retrospective that aired on NBC before the finale included? I didn’t see that listed in your notes.

    [from tanster: i didn’t originally add it because i didn’t consider it ‘new material,’ but i’ve now added it for completeness. thanks!]

  43. For someone who attended the wrap party in Scranton, do you think it’s worth it to get the blu-ray version?

    [from tanster: if you like having the complete set of everything about The Office, then yes, i would recommend the bluray version. i wish they hadn’t made that bluray-only, though!]

  44. So I take it you got a Blu-Ray player with your set. :) Thanks for the details!

    I am hoping they might make the panel available for purchase on-line. Some of the extras in the past have been available for a small amount on Amazon Instant Video.

    [from tanster: actually, nbc normally sends me the DVD version; this was the first year they sent me the bluray version (they didn’t send out any DVD versions this year for some reason), and i don’t own a bluray player! so i had to go buy one.]

  45. Dang.. No Commentaries? That’s a huge bummer. Honestly, I’m not even interested in owning this DVD now.

  46. Thank you tanster for all of the details and notes. While I think it’s a little disappointing that they couldn’t include the entire retrospective as it aired (hopefully they kept in the scenes from the Wrap Party in Scranton at least!) I’m pretty happy they are adding in clips from The Office Farewells.

    I was disappointed when they announced the extras and those were not on the list.

  47. Wow, great extra features ! Think I will enjoy the table read the most. Thanks for filling us in.

  48. Are there any extended episodes?! I thought for sure they’d extend the finale since they were going for it when it originally aired.

  49. I really wanted/needed commentaries. Now I’m curious what Angela said she was recording a couple months ago (via twitter). I have a suspicious feeling that the “long lost commentary” will show up on a boxed set in a couple years. Don’t wanna wait.

  50. Sorry to hear you had to go invest in a Blu-Ray player, transfer! :(

    I hadn’t even noticed the lack of commentaries yet…that’s such a disappointment. Hadn’t Angela Kinsey tweeted at some point that she was off to record one? I had really been looking forward to commentary on “Finale” in particular.

    I’ll ask Santa for the set (and a Blu-Ray player, I guess), but I don’t think I’ll be spending my own money. Sad. :(

  51. To answer a couple of questions- they ended up getting the extended finale when it originally aired, so there was not going to be an “extended” extended finale on the DVD.

    Also- I can’t remember the exact timing of Angela saying she was ADR’ing some lines, but that very well could have been her re-recording some lines for the finale before it aired.

  52. There are tons of great extras on this set. The blooper reel is the same caliber of hysterical fun and laughter that we’ve come to expect. There are deleted scenes for almost every episode and they contain much more than what was originally posted on, including Erin and Pete searching for her parents in Junior Salesman and a good chunk of deleted material from the Finale. Now as far as commentaries go, maybe we can petition the show-makers to do a supplemental track for iTunes or something? I’m guessing if they didn’t or don’t think there was a demand for it, they wouldn’t do it. Might be nice to hear them reflect on the Finale and the series as a whole a year after it’s aired. Give everybody time to grow and remember what working on the show was all about and knowing how satisfying the finale was to viewers to fans and themselves.

  53. Absolutely sucks that they didn’t include the full retrospective special. @Tanster – Is it pretty noticeable with the clips missing. :(

  54. My budget is tight so I’m on the fence about this right now. Would anyone be willing to share how much extra JAM stuff there is? I’m a sucker for them and am willing to throw the budget out the window if I can have some more JAM.:)

  55. Hey, has anyone gotten this and do you know if the Scranton wrap party footage is on there? I was there and would really just love to watch it over again.

  56. No, there are no additional Michael moments. But we find out why Clark wasn’t in the last scene! And the deleted scenes of the finale confirm my belief that Ryan and Kelly should have been cut entirely for Clark and Pete scenes. (Pete’s last talking head is really fitting!)
    And Work Bus should have totally been extended! Every deleted scene was great and could have been kept.

  57. @Karen- If money is tight, and you only want it for the Jam moments… you should wait a bit. There isn’t some huge thing you are missing.
    @Matt- There is an extra Michael moment, just not where you think.
    Tanster, I bought the blu-ray for solidarity :)

    [ from tanster: *fist bump* ]

  58. I just finished watching the table read and loved it! So many hilarious deliveries and laughs – as well as many touching moments which brought tears to my eyes. I thought it was especially great that Jenna clapped when your name was mentioned. Well-deserved, Jennie. :)

    [ from tanster: :) ]

  59. Sarakaya Komzin, thank you. I think I will wait. Sad we didn’t get any great JAM bonus though.:( That is who I am missing.

  60. To those on the fence about buying the DVD, I didn’t even watch it and I already was in love with it. I just watched it today and it’s so amazing. Do it. Worth it.

  61. Was on the fence about buying the DVD, but it was completely worth it. That table read was hilarious and amazing (and there are a couple of lines about Michael that aren’t in the actual show). I was tearing up at the end. The deleted scenes are also fantastic. So absolutely worth the money (and the four hours I just spent watching extras).

    And @Matt, I bought it at Target and there was nothing extra that came with it, but it was a little bit cheaper than I thought it was going to be if that helps :)

  62. Just got the Season 9 DVD set yesterday. I very much enjoyed the table read for the finale. It was like having a bunch of family and/or friends over for a visit. And what’s extra neat is that I’ve met five cast members: Kate, Steve, Mindy, Ed and Craig.

  63. Jake Lacy got the short end of the stick!! I just finished all the deleted scenes and he has stuff cut out in almost every episode!!

  64. Just got my Blu-ray version and watched all the extras, excellent! Well worth the money and moments. Tanster was at the table read! that must have been cool.

    [from tanster: no, i wasn’t there.]

  65. Finished watching the season 9 DVD. I loved all the extras especially the table reading of the finale. It is very interesting to see what an original script is like vs. what finally airs. I am glad they changed a couple of the TH’s with Andy and Jim. What made it to air was much better. I noticed during the table read that Jenna choked up when saying the line, “I’m sorry Jim Halpert doesn’t work here anymore” that John Krasinski looked over to her right after that. I will miss this show so much. This truly was a special show with an incredible cast & crew.

  66. Do we have any idea how long before a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack comes out? I know there’s one available for S8, so I’d assume they’d do the same with S9.

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