The Office Seasons 1-5 DVD set on sale

Today’s Amazon’s Gold Box deal features The Office Seasons 1-5 DVD for only $199.98 $71.99! That is a mere $14.40 a season!

This 18-disc set contains the first 100 episodes of the show along with deleted scenes, blooper reels, episode commentaries, and more.

Link: The Office: Seasons 1-5 (sale today only)

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  1. It always bugs me when shows come out on DVD, and as a loyal fan you pay whatever you need to in order to get them right away. Then down the road they come out with the big box set or just lower the price on the individual seasons! This deal from Amazon is great if you’re a new fan and want to catch up.

    FRIENDS did that – once the show ended you could buy all ten seasons as a set…in a nice display box/cabinet, for a relatively low price. The only good thing there was that they did have a form in the 10th season package where you could order the little cabinet for only $10.

  2. I took advantage of this deal, because I started watching The Office about two years ago and LOVE IT. I did see that in the reviews for it there have been a lot of complaints about the packaging scratching the discs and what not. I’m hoping that if that happens to me, that Amazon will replace whatever discs are scratched.

  3. I find this offer amusing considering that you can find this box set on eBay for $40 brand new.

  4. @Stapler: I understand what you mean. However, it’s not really limited to DVD seasons, it’s also with everything else new. Apple lowers the price of all of their new stuff a year or so after it’s released. It’s how the world works I’m afraid and there’s a price to pay to have the newest item. Anyway, I own all of the seasons but this is still a great deal!

  5. @2: The people complaining about the scratching probably didn’t get the actual new set from Amazon but instead bought from a random sellers. The boxed set is literally the normal S1-5 boxes placed into a larger box, so it’s no different than just buying those individual sets.

    I’d also be careful with those $40 deals on ebay.

  6. @5: I hope so, but people’s reviews seemed to lead me to think that they did in fact buy it straight from Amazon. But then again with your description, there shouldn’t be a reason that it is screwed up since they’re in typical DVD cases just put into a larger box.

    I guess I’ll find out in a couple of days and I’ll post back my findings!

  7. @chalon: I actually purchased the box set on eBay for $40 and all the discs work perfectly.

  8. Ugh, I bought the first two seasons not too long ago and ordered seasons three and four just last night from Amazon. So disappointed to see I could have bought this set instead.

  9. I got my box set yesterday, and I looked at every disc and found that two discs contained a scratch on each, but they play just fine! I ran them all through my Nero ScanDisc, which reads every quadrant of the disc to see if it’s readable, and they’re all fine! So those other people who said that they were all scratched must have boughten them from 3rd party vendors at Amazon.

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