The Office ‘Secretary’s Day’ Q&A with Mindy Kaling

what’s the dealio?: I loved the derivative/organic commentary between Kelly and Ryan — was that included because it’s kind of reminiscent of conversation in the writers room about a certain bit or line?

Mindy: What’s the dealio, we meet again. How are you, guy? What’s your dealio?

Yes, the derivative/organic run between Ryan and Kelly was a little too much like a conversation between BJ and Mindy, but I loved that even when Kelly is uncharacteristically smart, Ryan still manages to rain on her parade.

Meredith B: Pam’s heart-to-heart with Erin reminded me of Jim’s stairwell conversation with Dwight in Money. Was that intentional?

Mindy: Money was terrible and I would never copy anything from that episode. I think they copied the heart-to-heart in THIS episode, somehow.

AB: What made this your favorite episode that you’ve written?

Mindy: I love episodes where Michael is the right one, the normal one, the put-upon one. It so rarely happens.

We are so used to seeing Michael be the source of all problems and a huge comedy engine, that we don’t get to see him as the straight man, which Steve is excellent at playing.

In his dealings with Erin (I mean, who sighs better than Steve as Michael with her) and trying to make things go smoothly in the party, he is just so great.

Hanley: Do the writers have a penchant/hate for The Count? First, Erin mentions The Count in “The Mentor,” and now Kevin uses it in his viral video to Oscar.

Mindy: I love The Count, man. He’s probably the only Sesame character who is arguably not cute at all. I knew we were going to get to the “why didn’t you use Oscar the Grouch” joke, but basically I only picked the Count because I wanted to hear Jenna do the accent.

Jenna is unbelievably cute when she does accents. Her Kevin/Cookie Monster impression that gets her suspended was a highlight of the episode. Some of you might remember her Forrest Gump impression from Lecture Circuit Part 2, another shining moment from Jenna.

When she gets married this year, I’m going to try to convince her to do her vows in a goofy accent. It would be awesome and adorable and memorable for all, especially her husband.


  1. Aww, I would’ve gone out and bought a color tv too.

    Great questions, great answers. Thanks Mindy!

  2. Loved the Big Bird story! I can imagine Mindy’s little face saying those words. What father wouldn’t be touched?

    Can’t wait to see everybody’s impressions on the season 6 DVD! They must include those!

    [from tanster: they seriously must include those!]

  3. Um, Yeah, I think I heard something about Mindy’s character also being named Kelly:) Thanks Mindy!

  4. I absolutely love these Q&A’s. Thank you so much Mindy and Tanster! Reading this made what’s been a bad day so much better.

  5. I really enjoy these Q&As. Although I must say I loved Money, I think I’ll find it in my heart to forgive Mindy. :)

  6. As with #4 ontheflippityflop, my bad day was also made much better with this Q & A. Thanks Mindy & Tanster!

  7. I hate to reiterate what everyone else has said, but thank you so much Mindy and Tanster. I really look forward to reading these Q & A’s.

  8. Absolutely, those impressions must be on the DVD! I’m dying to see them.

    Great Q&A, as always! Thank you, Mindy and tanster!

  9. I think Jenna should do a British accent and a Southern accent at the same time like Tina Fey

  10. Thanks Mindy and Tanster, great questions everyone and awesome answers. Secretary’s Day is a great episode with use of all the characters.

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