1. AW!!!!! I hate you. On the set. Geez. What I would give. Actually….I know what I’d give. I bid $3500 on the last on set charity auction and LOST! Well, you keep us all informed and for that, I thank you. And please, if any word comes down to visit the set even minus the cast, share share share.

  2. Tears in my eyes. Thank you putting the icing on the cake that is The Office.

  3. Nice! They certainly are an incredible group of people. Feeling so sentimental these days. I’m really looking forward to these last eps–I just know great things are in store–but I’m so sad to see my favorite show end :'(

  4. Looking forward to hearing the details. We were on set a few weeks ago and everyone was saying it was really starting to hit them. I can’t even imagine the emotions happening there this week!

  5. I seriously have to stop getting on Officetally at work! How do I explain welling up with tears just sitting at my cubicle out of nowhere? LOL, such a great pic. U deserve the love from the cast & crew for all the time and effort you put into the best fan page ever Tanster! “I love so much about the thing you chose to create”! Tallyheads are going to miss you.

    [ from tanster: awww, thank you! you guys have to know, i heard time and time again yesterday how much your comments mean to the office staff. they completely take to heart what you guys think about the show, about each episode, etc. so keep ’em coming! ]

  6. It wouldn’t be an “Office” Series Finale without their biggest fan and proponent there to cheer them on and build them up.

    Hugs and love to ya, Tanster.

    [ from tanster: mattttttyyy! Jim Mosby mentioned awhile ago that we should get the ol’ moderating gang back together for a finale chat. what do you say? xo ]

  7. Oh you look beautiful! So glad you got to spend one last day on the set, and that you’ll share it with us! Can’t imagine how emotional that must have been. I will miss this show and this awesome, great site. Thanks for all you do for us Office fans. I’m so sad this wonderful, quality, awkward, heartfelt, hilarious comedy is coming to an end.

  8. PhillyJam, I completely relate and agree with everything you said! If someone would’ve told me 10 years ago that a television show (and it’s incredible actors and staff) would be “personal” to me, I’m sure I would not have believed it. As fans of The Office, we have been so ridiculously fortunate to have had countless opportunities to get to know those involved with the show – the Convention, appearances, chats, blogs, posts, and on and on and on. They really do feel like “family” – and the void will be huge when it’s all done. Have a wonderful last visit, Jennie, and thanks again for everything you do!

  9. Thanks so much for your continued dedication to Office tally, tanster! I’m going to miss coming here after every episode. Question…do you get personal invitations from the cast/crew to visit every season?

  10. I agree with @2 Roy’s Mugshot (and I haven’t always agreed with him in the past). This is a well deserved honor. Congratulations, Tanster!

  11. Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity with us, Tanster. Office staff, we love you and appreciate all you do!

  12. Wow~ that was great!!
    if I could visit there, it will be the BEST moment in my life. Great Pic!

  13. What a great photo of you two! And Tanster, you deserve to be a part of the finale — just to be there for all of us. I look forward to any tidbits you have to offer. You have kept us so well-informed about my favorite show. Thank you for your gentle spirit! :-)

  14. Thank you for all the sweet comments! It’s been a privilege sharing OfficeTally with you for the past seven years. It wouldn’t be what it is without you. :)

  15. The mere thought of a two-hour finale makes me so happy! Where do I sign?! :D

  16. Where do I sign to get the 2 hour finale? :)

    Congratulations, Tanster. This is well deserved. You’ve done a fantastic job over the years. I’m happy to hear that officetally will live on!

    Does anybody know when they wrap up the show?

  17. If things like American Idol get 2 hour episodes basically every week (who care about that show anymore anyway (; ), why shouldn’t The Office get 2 hours for the series finale! Let’s make it happen!

    It’s awesome that you’ve gotten to be on set this week. Thanks for the updates through the years!

  18. I’m taking my friend and driving by the set so he can see the parking lot and the production offices and everything today. We’ll keep an eye out for you!!

  19. Keep the updates coming, Tanster! We are all so jealous, but really glad you are there to give us the scoop. I’m trying to be excited instead of sad & the details you give are so interesting, it helps!

  20. If you make a letter to Send to NBC I’ll sign it. I’d love to see 2 hour final. Thanks for all the work.

  21. Oh, I can’t quite believe it’s really the end. It doesn’t seem real. I can’t even begin to imagine how surreal it must feel on the set.

    Glad you are getting to see the finale being filmed, Tanster. :-)

  22. Thanks Tanster, for filling us in on your set visit. All the details you provide result in a deeper appreciation for everything that goes into putting a show together. It changes the whole viewing experience now !

  23. Are you still on set today? If so I bet it’s hard for you to keep it together.:(

    [from tanster: it’s been a very emotional week!]

  24. Question

    Jenn barely tweeted the final week…was she busy in the scenes or very upset?
    My guess she was the most emotional one.

    We love you Jenna !!!!!!!

    Thanks Tanster

  25. @LovesItalianFood, if you look at the tweets about the finale from the cast, you’ll see that Jenna tweeted an apology for not tweeting more, and said it was because she was sad and was trying to pretend that The Office wasn’t ending. Aw!

  26. Awwww Jenna! So warm. She’s too good to be true! You’re a lucky girl, tanster. Shared these unique moments with such special people. It’s so sad and beautiful saying good-bye.

    [from tanster: i’m a totally lucky girl. i love jenna!]

  27. Beautiful picture!! It’s only fitting that you would be there for the finale, Tanster! :-)

  28. What a beautiful picture of the two of you. You both look as beautiful as ever, and Jenna just has the best smile. I’m glad you had that experience Tanster, I’m sure it was phenomenal.

  29. so happy for you. really. i hope you’ll keep on sharing more bits from your visit ^^

    you’ll call me crazy, but last night i dreamt i was on set, and that i got to say goodbye and thanks to each character xD

    i feel sad, really sad. as a viewer but i also imagine how hard it must be for them, knowing that in a few months from now they won’t be together at a table read, at the set, etc.

    one last thing Tanster, was Creed on set yesterday? what about the wrap party, please tell me he was there :P

    cheers and thanks

    [from tanster: yes, creed was there!]

  30. I was so hoping you would be there for the final week. I’m at a loss for words. The Office has brought me years of entertainment and I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Tanster for bringing all of us OfficeTally. Thank you so so much Jennie. We all adore you and your hard work is much appreciated.

    [from tanster: awww, thank you! it’s been my pleasure.]

  31. Tanster, thanks so much for all you’ve done over the years for us fans. You may be the last of a unique group: an outsider in control of a show website with full access to the cast and crew. Shows these days want complete control of the content, which was barely a consideration back in 2006. I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything like Office Tally again.

    [from tanster: it’s been a thrill and an honor to be a part of The Office journey!]

  32. What an amazing photo of you and Jenna, Tanster! I’m so glad you got to take part in the finale – you so deserve it!

  33. Lucky you! I know it must have been emotional, but I hope it was fun on set and at the wrap party!
    And thanks, Tanster, for all you’ve done and what’s to come =)

  34. You are a treasure Tanster!! Thank you so much for what you have done for us Office fans over the years! This must have been a bittersweet set visit for you! What memories you have and thank you so much for sharing them with us!!! : )

    [from tanster: awww, thank you!]

  35. I went to undergraduate film school with Ken Kwapis – nicest guy EVER. I am so glad to hear that he’s returned to shoot the finale!

    [from tanster: agree! i love ken.]

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