New Office shirts at NBC store

Here are some new t-shirts available at the NBC Office Store:

dwight schrute the office shirt
Dwight Schrute:
Information is Power
jim halpert the office shirt
Jim Halpert:
If this were my career …
michael scott the office shirt
Michael Scott:
World’s Best Boss
michael scott the office shirt
The Office:
Season 1 DVD Cover

NBC says: “By this week’s end we’ll also have 2 Dunder Mifflin and 1 new Office logo t-shirts online as well — all from Roots. Plus an Office Christmas Tree ornament …” These items are currently available at the NBC store in New York.

Even more goodies are coming, just in time for the holidays. Can’t say much more than that right now, but at least one item is something that quite a few of you have been asking for! :)

Update: Yes, the snowglobe is coming! :)


  1. Those are awesome. And I want that Jim one ’cause it’s kinda true for me. And of course I want the ornament!

  2. I’m holding out for one of the Dunder-Mifflin shirts-I hope they look good! The World’s Best Boss is pretty funny, too.

  3. You’re not talking about the Dunder Mifflin snowglobe are you Tanster? I’ve been wanting one of those since the webisodes.

  4. I want an office christmas tree ornament on my tree this year :)

    So the mystery item is a snowglobe? I was kinda hoping it would be a dundie.

  5. I definitely want that Jim shirt. I love that pic and that quote is one of my favorites :)

  6. Of course I’m not hatin’ on the shirts, I think they’re great, but I feel like they could have made them a little wittier, maybe used different quotes. I dont know, I guess I just expected them to be funnier

  7. I wrote an email to them a few weeks ago, urging them to make more t-shirts!! Who knows if that tiny email was even read, but yay!!!!!

  8. I have that Jim Halpert shirt. I wear it EVERY Thursday whenever there’s a NEW Office. so yeah. =]
    ahh, i got the bobblehead too. i love itt. =]

  9. although i love the shirts, this has nothing to do with them…has everyone seen pam/jenna’s new halloween myspace pic?? creative, but a bit disturbing…

  10. Hey Jen, that is an image from the movie Slither, directed by her husband. She played a zombie in it.

  11. Oh wow, a Christmas ornament, snowglobe, AND a one hour episode?! SWEET! What a great Christmas present for us fans!

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