1. The Emmy’s mean nothing to me after Steve Carell never got the proper recognition for being one of the greatest comedy characters of all time.

  2. Honestly, that sounds about right. Wasn’t their most stellar season and there’s a lot of quality competition out there.

  3. I’m sad, but not totally surprised. I am more shocked at what did get nominated – yikes! Let’s face it, The Office may have had an off-year, but the Emmys haven’t been relevant for a long time. I quit watching years ago.

  4. Boo! Not surprising since it didn’t seem like the cast ever got many noms. I was hoping JK would get a nom – I thought this was one of his better years and he was funny in lots of different ways.

  5. Can’t say I’m surprised. There was nothing particularly notable about this season. Hopefully everyone understands why there was no Emmy recognition.

  6. does it really surprise anyone? i mean they never gave Steve one……

    At the same time I don’t think they deserved one, the season felt very inconsistent, like it was obviously trying to get it’s flow the WHOLE time.

  7. Not surprising, look how long Steve was snubbed for. Screw the Emmys, The Office is still my favourite show on TV.

  8. Maybe it’s because we’re a veteran show and last season was probably the worst season in Office history.

    Just going to watch the Emmys now to root for Breaking Bad!

  9. Perhaps if they promote Ellie Kemper to the main cast it will have a chance next year. I have been most impressed by her performance this season.

  10. Let’s be honest. This wasn’t a surprise. I still enjoy The Office, but Season 8 wasn’t up to The Office’s high standards. Hopefully this is a wake up call for the show.

  11. I would have been more surprised if they had been nominated for last season. Season 8 was not very strong.
    Steve not winning will go down as one of the biggest travesties of all time.

  12. I wasn’t expecting any. There were only three good episodes this entire season

  13. Sorry, but I would have been shocked if The Office had received any nominations. This show has always been one of my all-time favorites, but it is time to hang it up.

  14. Not surprising. I was more disappointed that Parks & Rec wasn’t nominated for Best Comedy.

  15. The eigth season topped the seventh season in terms of mediocrity, so it’s really not surprising. There are other (better) 2012 shows that are much more deserving of the nominations.

  16. This doesn’t surprise me. I fell in love with the office all the way back in season 2 for its subtle humor and witty dialogue – now it’s all loud and cringe-worthy comedy that lost its sparkle earlier in the series. I doubt they can ever get that back… i personally believed that they should have ended the show when Steve left.

  17. You know, Season 8…Well…It sucked. But the one good thing about it, and the show Is Rainn Wilson (Dwight) He always gives stellar performances and he deserves at least a nomination

  18. I’m not ALL that surprised either…but I do have to say I have never understood the Emmy’s love for 30 Rock. I do like 30 Rock and all but I’ve never considered it the greatest television in the world.

  19. It doesn’t shock me as much as “Parks & Rec” getting snubbed for Best Comedy. I loved “The Office” for a long time but since Michael Scott walked away it’s on death row waiting to die.

  20. I totally agree with Comment #1 — I’m still bummed that Steve Carell did not get an Emmy last year — so the Emmys don’t mean much to me.

  21. Not shocked at all it wasn’t nominated. More surprised that Parks & Rec wasn’t nominated.

  22. I lost a lot of respect for the Emmys after Steve Carell went 7 years without receiving an award for his superb portrayal of the Michael Scott. How can one of the best shows not get a nomination? What’s the criteria? Perhaps a more transparent system is in order.

  23. That was to be expected following a weak year and considering Steve Carell never got one when he SO deserved it. More sad this year is Parks not being nominated. That show has gotten better and better. And all 4 Modern Family guys get nominated, but not Nick Offerman??? That’s ridiculous. Clearly, the Emmys are biased.

  24. @#26 Nobody said Parks & Rec didn’t get any nominations. We’re talking about the “Best Comedy” nomination.

  25. I wish for more of the season 2 episodes…. Michael at his best, Dwight being awesome, and the cute tension between Jim and Pam. It’s a totally different show now, and I am sorry to say, not worthy of an emmy…at all…

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