The Office: Stairmageddon clips

Video clips from The Office episode, Stairmageddon, airing April 11, 2013.

A promo of Stairmageddon:

Sneak peek #1: Inspired by feedback from the online promos for the upcoming documentary, Andy decides to pursue a career in Hollywood.
[ video no longer available]

Sneak peek #2: While meeting with his new agent, Andy brushes shoulders with a small-time celebrity.
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Interview #1: Ed Helms talks about working with Roseanne Barr in Stairmageddon.

Interview #2: Roseanne Barr talks about her guest starring role and working with Ed Helms.

Interview #3: Paul Feig talks about his guest starring role in “Stairmageddon.”
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  1. Am I the only one who think that Andy may leave to pursue an entertainment career, leaving open the possibility that Jim takes over the office? Jim taking over has sort of been foreshadowed throughout the entire series.

  2. @Michael’s Second Head

    I don’t know, it seems more likely that Dwight would take over. Jim tried when he and Michael were co-managers and it didn’t work out. Dwight was briefly manager after Michael left and that was a disaster, but I think one of the themes of Season 9 is that Dwight has matured a lot since then.

  3. @1&2
    I don’t think either Jim or Dwight will be manager.

    Jim is too engulfed in Athlead and he refused to take the manager’s position near the end of Season 7.

    As for Dwight, he has always wanted to be manager, but I think he will eventually leave the office to tend to his now enlarged farm.

    With that said, I have no idea who will take over as manager at the end, or if I’m even right about Jim and Dwight, but it will be interesting to find out.

  4. I think Jim will leave Athlead because he realizes Pam is more important. He will become manager and make Dwight his right hand man ( feeling he deserves it)..
    I think the end of the show will be Jim realizes all his memories are in scranton, no sense building new ones elsewhere.

  5. Anyone else think that Jim shouldn’t have to leave Athlead?? He’s so passionate about it, he was so bored with his old job. This is just what people do. They change jobs, have to move, it’s just part of life! I realize it’s always tough to move after you’ve been somewhere for a long time, but I think Pam needs to get over herself a little bit :/ #amitheonlyone?

  6. I have never liked the fact that Pam sacrificed her career dreams for Jim (I know she said she didn’t like graphic design, but…). So I would hate it if Pam had to make all these sacrifices for Jim’s Athlead dream, not sure what kind of message that sends out, but it sure ain’t a feminist one!

  7. @7 you are not the only one. Pam went to New York to further her dream job, Jim was 100% behind her.

    Pam while engaged, strapped for money and planning a wedding quit her job because she was bored and wanted more out of her career (rightfully so) but did so with no notice, no discussion and again, Jim was supportive.

    Jim finally wants to make more out of himself and Pam boo hoo’s it.

    They both handled the situation bad. Difference is Jim was supportive, Pam not so much

  8. Actually, Nazy, Jim was fully supportive of Pam’s dream to become an artist, and pushed her to chase her deepest aspiration. Remember season five? Pam spent the first part of that year at an art school in NYC, it isn’t Jim’s fault that she ended up failing her classes… (I was never huge on how that storyarc concluded, it felt as if the writers didn’t know what to do with Pam’s artistic ambition)

  9. I agree with @7 but would add for @10 that by proposing to Pam in Weight Loss because “he just couldn’t wait,” way before she failed her class, Jim reinforced that big part of Pam that wanted to run back to Scranton and settle down (and not work through the hard stuff).

    If she finds something art related to do in Philadelphia, like go back to school to become an art teacher (someone else’s idea, not mine), then she could find happiness in Philly while Jim continues to work long hours at his startup company. No reason why they can’t both be happy.

  10. I think both Pam and Jim are at fault in this situation and that they could both be a bit more understanding of the other person’s point of view. However, I do feel compelled to defend Pam a little here. When she went to New York, it was not a permanent move and she and Jim didn’t have any kids. When she quit her job she wasn’t working out of town, Jim didn’t have to look after two kids on his own all week or leave his job, his home, friends and family and move to another city. Pam has tried to be supportive of Jim, but she needed to express her feelings as well. Jim took a job in another city without telling Pam, and he invested money without telling her – two huge no-nos in a marriage, if you ask me. What I want is for them both to compromise here – for Pam to make the move to Philadelphia, but for Jim to ask himself if he’s really been the best husband he could be since he started working at Athlead.

  11. I don’t really think Pam’s three month summer seminar in graphic design meant she was launching her new career. I think graphic designers might be surprised to hear that’s all it took. Her failure to continue working towards that goal is something the show has never really explained unless her explanation that she really didn’t like it was the true one. And while Jim did take the job after they had discussed it and decided against it, they both agreed to invest the money in Athlead. It was the amount that Pam was upset about.

    All in all both have reasons for their positions, but the amount of time it is taking for them to figure this out is beginning to get ridiculous. It’s been almost six months since Jim took the job. Shouldn’t they have managed to work out the details by now?

  12. I completely agree with @13. Both are at fault and need to compromise not just Pam who I feel has been supportive. She is hesitant, of course, but I’ve never seen her as being unsupportive. Perhaps if they didn’t have two young kids and a home in Scranton she might be 100% on board in a ‘let’s put it all in right now’ kind of way. Maybe everyone just interprets what they watch differently but I haven’t seen this overwhelming disapproval and being 100% against Jim’s career change in Pam that others are seeing. I just see a hesitant, struggling Pam.

  13. Paul Feig, in front of the camera, behind the camera, always wearing a suit. #PaulFeigInventedSwagger

    [from tanster: word.]

  14. For some odd reason I think Stanley should be manager! Throughout the seasons he’s somewhat competed for the job just so he wouldn’t have to listen to anyone else. I can see him at the end of the series eating a pretzel in the office.

    As for the JAM situation, I’m not too concerned. I feel like the writers will work out something creative and beautiful for us, like they always do. I do feel like Jim has to snap out of it a bit, but I’ve been wanting to see his character find something he loves since the office Olympics episode when Pam talked about how he could do amazing things when he enjoyed what he was doing. Maybe they’ll see a clip of the Olympics and she’ll realize how unhappy he was at the office or vice versa.

  15. @7 I totally agree. Jim has put his dreams on hold for Pam for YEARS. Why did he stay at Dunder Mifflin? Why did he not get “The Job,” which, really, I think he would have gotten? He set aside so much for Pam, and ALWAYS supported her dreams. He’s the one who told her that she should stay in art school. Now that Jim is finally pursuing the thing he’s passionate about, I think it’s a bit selfish of Pam to not want to move to Philly.

    @8 Pam sacrificing her dreams for Jim? If you ask me, Jim’s been sacrificing his dreams for Pam. He didn’t have to stay at Dunder Mifflin for so long. And he certainly didn’t have to support her when she expanded her career at Michael Scott Paper Company, or when she moved to New York for art. Meanwhile, Jim’s been in the same old job for years… And what exactly is Pam giving up? She can pursue art again in Philly… and she can find a job. That one job interview isn’t the only job in Philly.

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