The Office’s Biggest Flan Contest

The Office's Biggest Flan Contest
Photo credit: The Way The Cookie Crumbles

UPDATE: winners have been announced!

The task

Record a video explaining why you’re The Office’s Biggest Flan (er, Fan) for a chance to win a VIP package courtesy of The Office Wrap Party in Scranton!

The prize

One winner will be selected to receive this stupendous prize package:

  • 2 VIP weekend passes to The Office Wrap Party in Scranton on May 4, 2013, including: tickets to the Bloggers’ Breakfast and Writers’ Block events, special seating for the Parade & Street Festival, transportation to/from PNC Field and really sweet seats at the Farewell Celebration!
  • 2 nights lodging at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in Scranton (Fri May 3 & Sat May 4).
  • $500 — to help with travel costs, drinks at Poor Richard’s, whatever you like!
  • And maybe a few other goodies to be announced soon…
  • Note that airfare to/from Scranton is not included.

How to submit an entry

  1. Record a video explaining why you are The Office’s Biggest Fan.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube. Make sure to set the Privacy Setting to Public!
  3. Add a comment to this post with a link to your YouTube masterpiece.
  4. Include a valid email address in the Email address field.
  5. You’ll see [from tanster: received] in your comment when your entry is officially received. Please allow up to 24 hours for this to happen.


  • No video or audio recording from “The Office” show, or any other show or artist, allowed.
  • No captioning, opening/closing credits, product/website pimpage, etc. allowed.
  • Keep it G-rated.
  • 1-minute maximum length per entry. Not one second over!
  • Aside from those restrictions, anything goes — a talking head, a song, a love poem, be creative, go crazy!
  • One entry per person.

How the winner will be selected

The judging team (OfficeTally, Wrap Party organizers, and The Office’s Angela Kinsey) will select one favorite entry to be the winner!


  • Mon, April 8, 10am PT: Contest announced and open.
  • Sun, April 14, 9am PT: Deadline to submit entries. (This is a fast contest!)
  • Mon, April 15, 9am PT: Prizewinner announced.


  • The rules, prizes, and schedule are all subject to change without notice. (Although we will do our best to not let that happen.)
  • All decisions are final.


  1. THANK YOU for changing this rule!!! You made my day!!! Along with that of many other Canadians!!!

    [ from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

  2. Would be amazing to enter into this contest, sadly I am going with 3 other people so I’ll just have to wait until tickets go on sale.

    Good Luck to everyone that enters!

  3. To clarify one point, we’ve changed:
    ‘No copyrighted audio, photos, video, etc. from The Office allowed.’

    ‘No video or audio recording from “The Office” show, or any other show or artist, allowed.’


  4. I uploaded my video to Youtube, and when you see the thumbnail it says it’s 1:01, but in reality it’s only 1:00. When you click on the video it shows that it is only 1:00. I just wanted to post this in case this happened to others as well. My video came out to be 59 seconds, and then Youtube added two seconds onto it (only in the thumbnail of course). Just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t be put off by the thumbnail. It’s on time, you’ll see it when you click on the video. I just don’t want people’s videos not to be viewed because of a Youtube error. Thank you! :)

    [from tanster: thank for the tip! to clarify, in the midst of an entry playing, the youtube counter should say the total time is 1:00.]

  5. This contest is now closed.

    Now comes the very difficult task of the judging team to pick a winner…

    Thanks to everybody who submitted an entry. They’re all uh-MAZE-ing!

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