1. Jim and Dwight Shrupert! I love it! I imagine this is a flashback montage of Jim and Dwight pretending to be brothers to sell paper, which leads to Dwight having the idea of him and Clark posing as father and son.

  2. This just seems silly now. Dwight and Jim on a motorcycle dressed up in leather. I remember when this show was more on the believable side eg. an average american office.

    I’ll still watch it but I’m happy the show is ending this season.

  3. I agree Rich…every episode Dwight seems to be some sort of character in costume. What happened to good old Dwight? He was interesting enough as a regular person.

  4. I’m with you both, Rich and Mint Chocolate Chip, but I’m hoping this is just the standard NBC promo kinda thing where the network chooses some obscure scene out of context. Either way, I love The Office overall and I’ve very much enjoyed the last several episodes!

  5. @Daniel G. Yes, that is true but dressing up as warehouse guys definitely seemed a lot more believable.

  6. @Daniel G – Was my argument that Dwight has never dressed up in costume before or that doing so has never been funny in the past? No, it was that it has become overused this season.

  7. I don’t think a big part of it will be Dwight dressing up, besides in maybe a suit.

    I think it just shows Jim and Dwight in flashbacks of what they used to do in sales calls. The reason I think this is one, because in the synopsis of this episode Pam is supposed to be visiting Jim in Philly. And two, because it looks like Jim’s old hair in the thumbnail of the video.

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