The Office: Tallahassee videos

Here are four clips of The Office episode Tallahassee, airing February 16.

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool Dwight Schrute.
[ video no longer available]

The Tallahassee team tries some brainstorming.
[ video no longer available]

Dwight fights through intense pain to prove a point.
[ video no longer available]

Someone’s got news for the team: her penis is not where you’d expect it.
[ video no longer available]


  1. “So stop looking at my breasts and start looking at my penis.” Oh, dear. And what is Packer doing here!?

  2. Hmm, I thought Packer only showed up in After Hours? This is a (pleasant/unpleasant?) surprise…

    But Catherine Tate still comes across as a nutjob.

  3. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about Catherine Tate, but I just about lost it laughing when she said “stop looking at my breasts and start looking at my penis”…and poor Ryan, looking like a little boy :-) I can’t wait to see this episode now

  4. As I thought, Catherine Tate seems hilarious to me. SHe would have been the perfect Michael replacement, I can see why she was loved by the writers/producers.

    She has the clueless nature of Michael with the cockiness of Rickey’s Office character.

  5. In this picture of the video , Ryan looks exactly what he looked like in season 2 and 3.

  6. I like how Ryan’s starting to get screen time again. I mean, the opening lists him as a main character, and yet he’s almost as rare as Creed!

    Not gonna like Nellie, or Packer, I guarantee it. I just hope that those two scenes are the only ones with them in the episode.

  7. I have to admit that clip with Catherine is pretty funny. If they wanted a female Michael, she would be perfect.

  8. Very nervous about this one. Why must they ruin our beloved show with painfully intrusive characters like Robert California and Tate??? Let Dwight, Jim and Ryan shine without the added annoyances of Packer and others!

  9. Is Ellie Kemper breaking a lot while Dwight climbs the pyramid? As to the rest, meh Tate but yay Packer.

  10. Anybody wonder if Ms. Tate is Jim’s unwelcome visitor? I wondered after hearing her refer to him as a “big, strong, man.”

  11. The cringe-worthiness is back in full force! It hurts, but this is why I fell in love with the office.

  12. Why does everyone think it’s anybody but Cathy?…Does anyone remember the last scene of the last episode?

  13. YES! The last 3 episodes have made me LOVE the Office again. They have been hilarious and mostly because they have put main focus on Dwight, Jim and (to a lesser extent) Pam. Great moments. Funny. And awkward in the way the show used to be. More!

  14. When I read the caption Nellie’s got news for the team: her penis is not where you’d expect it. I thought – She’s a hermaphrodite?

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