1. It looks like Andy has a black eye. Why is it embarrassing, how did he get it? And what the hell are he and the rest of the Scranton people doing?! Is it t’ai chi?

  2. This episode (specifically the store) looks like the culmination of what happens when you lock the office’s prop people in a room for 7 days with unlimited supplies, AWESOMENESS!!!!!

    Seriously Stanley, way to use the pyramid holder bag thing as your pizza holder.

  3. Seems obvious to me that Andy gets mugged or assaulted and makes the office do self-defense class or something.

  4. I’m loving the team that got sent to Florida arc, and will be sad to see that end in a few weeks.

  5. Jim doing the sign-twirling thing looks hilarious! Season 8 is getting better and better! I hope Ryan gets a larger role in this ep. He’s been short changed in the last 3 seasons… good chance to redeem him here

  6. i can’t imagine the outtakes from the “look at this face!” bit! if it makes it onto the dvd, who wants to bet john does his man-squeal?

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